tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Small Punishment

A Small Punishment


Summary: A haughty elf is taught a little lesson about bigotry.

Anyone who is under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.

Author's Note -- Wow, I just want to say, thank everyone for the kind emails! If you have any suggestions, critiques, concerns, or comments, I'd absolutely love feedback; I'm very happy to be giving back to this nice site. Hope you enjoy!


"Will the accused stand? The Queen has reached her verdict."

I glowered at the tiny fairy flitting by my ear, then grudgingly rose to my feet. At least I hadn't been shackled or chained, but the fact that I was surrounded by so many of the awful little sprites made me feel a sick. Nevertheless, I stood and gazed up at the fairy queen relaxing in her throne.

Even though Titania appeared to as a fair skinned woman of average height and appearance, I knew better. She was a powerful creature, and could assume whatever form that pleased her. She gazed at me with an enigmatic expression, and it was all I could do to keep myself from shouting up at her. I knew that wouldn't help my case, though.

Titania quirked an eyebrow at me, as if she knew what I was thinking. With a crystalline voice, she spoke. "Nissa, you've been accused not only of coming into our sacred temple without permission looking to pilfer our cherished relics, but you subdued and imprisoned three of my people within cages, with intent to use them as hostages." She looked around the viridian courtroom, a bemused expression on her face. "I have to say, even for an elf, that behavior seems surprisingly immoral." Soft, tinkling laughter rose up from the various fairies flitting about the courtroom, and it took all of my willpower not to smack a few of them out of the air.

Titania leaned down towards me. "Well, elf? Do you have anything to say?"

I scowled back at her as my temper rose. "All I have to say is that you'll let me go if you know what's good for you. You have no right to keep me hear, and if my people hear about how you've treated me, they'll-"

She interrupted me with a bit of soft laughter. "How we've treated you? My dear, you've forfeited your rights the moment you engaged in theft and violence against us. And I highly doubt your 'oh-so-noble' people would be willing to consort with....hmm...what did you call us as we arrested you? 'Filthy, disease-ridden, perverted insects?' Yes, I don't think they'd be willing to consort with us for a common thief like you."

I banged my hand down on the table in front of me, nearly shaking with anger. "How dare you talk to me like that! I've already told you, I wasn't planning on stealing anything, and if I was they certainly wouldn't be worthless fae trinkets!"

A few of the floating motes of light around the room shook angrily, and I felt a surge of satisfaction as I watched a few of the tiny forms within give me rude gestures.

Titania sighed, shifting in her throne as she looked down at me. "Yes, yes, we've heard your story before; you were lost, and those three priests just flew into the cages on their own and we caught you as you were trying to let them out."

I nodded fervently, trying to look innocent and sweet, batting my eyes up at her and biting my lower lip a little. It had to be a woman judge, not a man, I thought bitterly to myself. Still, maybe she would buy it....for a powerful magical being, she didn't seem anything like the stories I had heard, and she certainly didn't seem as bright as I had heard..."It's the truth, ma'am, and I'm very sorry about my outburst earlier...I was, um, feeling really stressed and scared..."

Titania waved her hand as I finished talking, and I blinked my eyes a few times, yawning; it felt as though a weird pressure had fallen over me for a second, and I shivered a little as my body adjusted. She gave me a small smile, then spoke. "I'm sorry, but could I please ask you to tell the truth, Nissa?"

I opened my mouth to give her the same sob-story, maybe to work in a lie about being under a mind control spell, but what came out was, "Well, I knew your temple would be deserted at this time of year, and I had heard that you had priceless gems, as well as gold. I figured I could take it and escape before you'd be any wiser." My eyes widened, and I slapped my hands over my mouth in shock. I hadn't meant to say that stuff! I mean....it was the truth, but I hadn't meant to say that! I gazed up at the smirking queen in confusion.

She shrugged. "I was getting tired of your lies, and this seemed like an easy way to fix it. Anyways, my dear, the problem isn't that you were guilty; we already knew that. The problem is what to do with you....how should we punish a thief like you? I mean...it's clear you haven't learned your lesson, right Nissa?

I felt my mouth moving on it's own, and I couldn't bring my hands up to muffle my words. "That's right. I'll just steal from someplace else the next time I can. There were a number of places in your kingdom that I had heard were full of treasure, and poorly guarded; you wee folk are pathetically naive and stupid. At most, all I deserve is a small punishment." I felt myself blush furiously, but I didn't know what I could do....I glanced back over my shoulder at the door, but it was too far away to run for it, and there were far too many sprites flitting about around me.

Titania smiled wider, obviously enjoying this, the bitch. "Now we're getting somewhere. Nissa...why do you really hate fairies? Why?"

I felt my mouth move again, and this time I happily went along with it, putting more feeling into what I was saying. If this fae skank wanted the truth, that's what she would get. "That's right; you're all stupid savages! You have no morals, no brains...all you care about is pleasure, getting drunk and fucking anything that moves! You're disgusting little monsters!"

The court had fallen silent, but Titania laughed warmly. "Well, I have to say, it sounds like you are a little misinformed. We do enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and do indulge in spirits at times, but it sounds as though you're just looking for reasons to keep your hate going without reason. Yes...I think I've decided what to do with you." She waved her hand, and suddenly I felt more pressure like before...my skin tingled and I let out a soft moan of surprise, leaning down on the table in front of me for support.

"W...w-what did you do...?" I panted up at her.

She gave me a pleased grin, stretching her arms up lazily. "Well, I always hate to punish needlessly; I prefer to educate and teach. If you had truly felt remorse or had been coerced into your crime by necessity, things would be different. But you're a very hateful, ignorant little thing, Nissa...and I'd like to help you with that.

"H-help me...?" I panted a little harder, blinking...I was feeling really lightheaded all of a sudden...

Titania continued on, her voice carrying through the room. "Well, dear, I think you could do with a different perspective...and I'm happy to give one to you." She smiled warmly, but she was looking at something just over my head, it seemed. "And might I say, they look beautiful."

"Huh...? What are you talking abou...a...ah!? AH!?" I gazed over my shoulder, letting out a shriek as I saw what she was talking about. "WINGS?! WHY DO I HAVE WINGS?!" The horrible things looked like they belonged on a monarch butterfly, except they were nearly every color of the rainbow. They fluttered delicately, and I moaned in misery as I touched one lightly...it felt so alien...

I looked back up at Titania, ready to complain, instead letting out a confused whimper as her throne seemed to double in height, and...and so did the table that was now almost level with my chest, and my clothing began to feel loose and baggy. A cold feeling of fear went through my stomach I realized what was happening. "S-smaller?! Y...you're making me smaller?! No! No, I don't want to be a fairy!!! You can't do this to me!"

All the sprites in the room tittered with laughter, and Titania joined them. "But Nissa, you'll make such a wonderful little fae! And you did ask for a small punishment..."

I climbed on top of the table as I shrank faster and faster, not wanting to be on the ground...my whole body buzzed with energy, and my head was tingling. I gasp in surprise as I feel something heavy and soft fall onto my back, then moan in embarrassment as I realize what it is...my shirt, covering me like a blanket. I pushed up at it, my wings flapping uselessly, and I crawled out of the neck hole shaking with anger.

"You bitch! You can't do this to me!!!" I stamp my foot on the table, feeling my face heat up with anger. The realization that I'm naked sets in right after that, and I let out a shriek of embarrassment, bringing one hand over my sex and the other across my chest. "You fucking fairy perverts!"

Titania quirked an eyebrow at me, pursing her lips as if contemplating a problem. "You're certainly adorable enough, but that mouth of yours....hmmm, let's see how we can improve it...."

"What the fuck do you mea~nnn...nnnnnmmmm...? Ahhhhnnn..." I let out a moan as I felt my head tingle again, almost as if my brain is buzzing...I shake it a little, bringing my hands up to rub at my forehead. "My brain feels all funny, cutie...h-huh?" I would never call anyone cutie, certainly not this witch! "I...I mean...my head feels weird, sugarplum!" My mouth dropped as my face flushed with heat, and I glared daggers up at the laughing queen. "What the heck did you do to my voice, sweetie cake? I sound so darn cute!!!" I let out a frustrated growl, stamping my foot again...

Clearly enjoying the show, Titania rose from her throne with a soft laugh, walking up to my table. I flinched back reflexively, feeling vulnerable and exposed, but all she did was lean down to look at me. "Well, you'll get no disagreement from me, Nissa; you're the cutest little thing I've seen in a while. But....hmmm.....you sound a little ungrateful? I can help with that, though." Another wave of feeling went through my head like before, but stronger and warmer, drawing a confused moan from my lips....what was this wench doing to me?!

"Well, Nissa? How do you feel?"

"Ummm....m-me, like, feel funny, honeybunch...ahh...ahhh..?!" My voice...that wasn't my voice! That wasn't how I talked!! I had always had a light voice, but this one was breathy and bubbly, sounding like I had just woken up from a sexy dream. And I had always prided myself on grammar; why was I talking like a bimbo?! "W-what you do?!?!?! Why me talk like this?!!?"

"Why, that should be obvious, Nissa. We're making you an absolutely adorable fairy!" Titania beamed down at me; the damn witch was clearly enjoying watching me squirm, but before I could reply, she waved her hand again. Another wave of intense warmth forced me to my hands and knees, and I felt my horrible wings start to flutter helplessly. "Of course, even if you sound cute...well, for you'll need to really look the part for your new career."

I let out a tiny moan as I trembled on the table, unable to speak; whatever that psychotic queen was talking about would have to wait. My whole body felt like it was covered in pins and needles, the feeling so warm I could swear that parts of me felt as though they were swelling. I licked my lips, trying to calm myself down, and then with a startled squeak I licked them again. Oh Goddess, they had swollen up into plump, lush pillows! They didn't just grow larger, either; I shivered from simply tonguing them a little, and it was all I could do to keep myself from licking the embarrassing things more. My lip worries were quickly pushed out of mind by an even worse sensation, however. As I felt the warmth begin to grow, I shot a terrified glance up at Titania.

She rested a gentle finger on my back, as though I were some cute little pet to her, and I let out a weak little growl of defiance. "Such a fiery little sprite...maybe you're too big for your britches, sweetheart. Well, parts, of you, anyways..."

"Mmmmmmnnnnnngh! Ahhhhnnnngh!!!" I groaned in pure misery, my eyes growing wide as I ed down at my breasts...my swelling, ripening breasts...frantically, I pawed at them, trying to press against my growing boobs, whimpering as I tried to push them in. My blossoming tit flesh swelled past my fingers, though, and they quickly grew too large to hold. And they continued to expand, rubbing lightly against the ground as I wobbled on all fours. My nipples were humiliatingly hard, poking out as I squirmed; every little twitch I made sent lightning through me. And still, my boobs grew, jiggling and slapping lightly together as I groaned in misery.

Finally, the tingling feeling stopped, and I struggled to get my thoughts together. I was a tiny fairy, barely half a foot tall; my wings still fluttered and flapped against my back. My lips were swollen and pouty, and far more sensitive. Even worse, I was talking like a sugary bimbo airhead. I had massive breasts, downright ludicrous for how enormous they were on my miniscule frame, and incredibly heavy. They rubbed against the wooden tabletop, sending tiny flashes of heat through me, and I realized something; though they weighed too much for my body to handle, for some reason I was able to hold myself up by flapping my wings; the sensation was strange, not something that came naturally, but I was able to beat my wings and wiggle up to my feet. After a few seconds, however, I tumbled painfully onto my butt, with an embarrassingly sweet cry of, "Oh, goodness!!"

The whole court joined Titania in laughter as she picked up my squirming form, setting me in her palm. Even though my breasts must have seemed gargantuan to me, to her they must have been like holding two soft, jiggling clementines. Furious, I spat at her chest, glaring furiously up at her face. "Sugarpwum, why you do this to me? Me wook so darn stupid!!! Y-you make fix, honeybunch!" I gasped at my voice as fresh laughs rang out in the room...apparently, in addition to being far too sensitive, my lush lips had me lisping helplessly. I opened my mouth to berate the damn fae queen some more, but Titania hushed me by bringing her pinky to rest against my plump lips, and the sudden rush of sensation made me shiver and squeal.

"You know, you're so close to being perfect....what could be missing, Nissa...?" Titania frowned, then smiled down at me. "Ah, of course; Nissa, that's the problem. Certainly not a good name for a proper fae ambassador, such as yourself; I think Melonblossom would be a perfect name for you." She pulled her soft finger away from me, and after a few seconds of wiggling pleasure, I was ready to berate this witch again.

"Mewonbwossom hate that darn name, sweetie!" I blinked, trying again. "Um...w-wait...Mewonbwossom mean that...ah....w-wait, name no Mewonbwossom, it Mewonbwossom!!!" I tried to flutter back to my feet, shaking and quivering with fury, but all I managed to do was wiggle in Titania's palm. "Y-you no weave Mewonbwossom wike this, sweetiecake...y-you can't..."

The queen kept up her infuriating smile. "No, Mellonblossom, this isn't permanent, as long as you're willing to be good. So, will you calm down and hear what what you need to do to change back?"

I nodded frantically up at her, my tits jiggling lewdly.

"Good, I thought so. So, Mellonblossom, like I said earlier, I don't like to punish needlessly. Think about this as a lesson for you...and you should enjoy it, if you love elves as much as you claim." She paused, looking up at the court of still-giggling sprites. "I think Mellonblossom here would make an absolutely perfect peace ambassador to the elves. I'm sure they'll find her very....persuasive..."

I looked up at Titania in horror, my face heating up. "B-but, muffin, y-you no do that to Mewonbwossom!!! Mewonbwossom no want be seen!!!"

Titania leaned down, planting a kiss on my head, and the heat her lips gave off made me dizzy with pleasure. "Calm down, Melonblossom. Nobody will know that you were an elf...afterall, I'm sure you won't want to tell them. We'll send you to the elves as a gesture of peace, and I'm sure you'll be very accommodating to the when you hear what you need to do."

My eyes widened. "There mowe!?"

"Mhm, that's right," the queen nodded down at me. "You were a thief before, and I think it's only fair that the thing you'll be taking now is something that men will be eager to give. You'll be swallowing cum, my sweet little sprite, and you'll need to swallow as much as you previously weighed if you want to be changed back. Not all at once of course, dear! I'll send for you after a year; I'm sure that will be enough time for you to be a productive little peace emissary. And of course, all that cum has to be from different elves; you need to spread the love and give back to the people, Melonblossom!"

I gaped up at her, my mouth hanging open in shock as the damn witch read my fate. "B-but...but...how...?! How Mewonbwossum get aww the darn cum?! Me too smaww!!!"

"Why, that's what these are for, hun!" Titania gently rubbed the tops of my breasts, and I let out a soft moan as she caressed me. "Any elf would love to have these wrapped around their throbbing cocks, I'm sure. And I bet those lovely lips will feel heavenly on their nice, full balls...I wonder if they'll even be nice, and carry you around? It'll be hard no being able to walk, and even though I made your wings stronger, I don't think you'll be able to hold yourself up too long... but then, you ARE the perfect size for riding on a cock, after all..."

Laughing softly to herself, the queen set me back on the table, and a few fairies fluttered up next to me. They were a few inches taller than me, and they helped me to my feet, along with my hard-working wings. A few more fairies flitted down onto the table, carrying a small birdcage. Before I knew what was happening, I was pushed roughly inside, groaning as the cold metal rubbed against my aching nipples. "Ahh...w-wait...c-cuties, wait, pwease, me sowwy, Mewonbwossom sowwy, pwease no do this!!! Mewonbwossum wearn her wesson!!!"

Titania had glided back to her throne, and she gave me a small smile. "I'm sure you have, sweetie, but what's done is done. Maybe I'll stop by to visit in a few months...afterall, those lips look simply exquisite..." She shifted a bit in her throne, rubbing her thighs together. "But until then, I'm sure you'll be a good girl, honey; make me proud." She waved her hand at us, closing her eyes to rest.

I was carried out of the courtroom, flown by a few sprites. The fairies clearly couldn't carry all the weight very well, and I was jostled back and forth, driving tiny moans from my lips. As I was brought out of the building to a waiting wooden cart, I sulked to myself.

"Weww, at weast Mewonbwossum no ask for a big punishment..."

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