A Snowy Night in Texas


John wasn't as big as Marcus but he was drunker and more aggressive. John bunched up my hair into a handle and started choking me with his fat cock. Marcus got down on his elbow and kissed my nipple as he flicked and pinched the other. My breasts weren't very large, but he seemed satisfied just the same, working furiously as he moved his hand to my dripping pussy. His fingers were coated with liquid as he pushed his middle and index finger inside. I felt him tickling, that satisfying warmth spreading through my legs.

John released me and I kissed Marcus as he gently massaged my vagina with his two fingers. Taking off his socks, John laid on the bed as Marcus and I parted. I crawled between John's legs and pleasured his testicles, sucking each one before licking his dripping, throbbing shaft. I pushed him down my throat as Marcus slid his cock into me from behind. It was tight, the length of him traveling what felt like a long distance as ecstasy flooded through my heart and stomach. I gripped John's thighs tightly as Marcus pumped into me back and forth. He slapped my ass as I sucked John's cock like a straw with something stuck at the bottom.

Marcus skillfully continued plowing me as he bent over and rolled and squeezed my nipples between his fingers in his hands. John got up onto his knees and pushed back inside my mouth, this time holding my head in his forearms as he aggressively used my mouth for his pleasure. He grunted and pushed deep before I felt my throat and mouth fill with thick and creamy liquid. His grip softened as my sensations overloaded from the back. Marcus had not stopped and had been thrusting so passionately that I must have cum five or six times in the course of two minutes while John's cum dripped down my chin and neck.

John pulled out from between my lips and stroked himself while Marcus dominated me. He turned me on my back and spread my legs wide as his length made me fight to keep from screaming. Eventually John got up and tapped Marcus, who moved aside and I felt the slightly less satisfying motion of John standing inside me. He gripped my ass and hips, fucking me with rabbit-like thrusts as Marcus appeared in front of my eyes. I tasted another weird flavor as Marcus's cock that had been inside me a minute earlier ran up and down my tongue.

The surge of semen that poured from his cock into my mouth and on my face was shocking. My eyes were wide as Marcus finished in a victorious mess all over me, my hair, my shoulders, the pillow; the bed-sheets. I tried to wipe my mouth on my shoulder but I'd done that so many times I had to move down to my bicep. I felt wet all over. My face was sticky even after drying off on my arm.

Something they don't tell you about three-ways is just how uncomfortable they are. It is pleasurable and it's hot in so many psychological ways I can't even explain, especially if you're married--you'd have to try it for yourself to truly understand--but physically, being the piston between two driving forces, the mess, the sticky debauchery of two men going to town on your holes at their leisure: fun, yes, but... honestly, I wanted to be with Marcus. He was young, passionate, and sexy. I've had three-ways before in college and they're always the same. I enjoyed it a lot anyway because I was drunk and I really liked both of them. I felt John pull out and cum on my back, making me stickier still.

We all took a shower together, kissing, cocks still erect as I casually stroked them while the water dripped from their bodies. I enjoyed being the sexual center of attention, but as I came down and sobered up, I just wanted to sleep. The next morning, we all had eggs and pancakes. I'd hoped maybe I could get Marcus's number, but it turned out that he was with Courtney and I'd just have to let it drop. Besides, I had to be at a book signing in Austin by two-thirty that afternoon so I didn't have time to stick around to play the field. I little later, I received the phone call from the tire place that my car was ready and got a ride with John to pick it up.

"Had a lot of fun with you last night, Cindy." He grinned and I grinned back as we pulled up next to my white Altima with the four new tires that I were paid for by the insurance company.

"Me too, but shhhh." I put my finger to my mouth.

"Nothing happened." He cocked a brow as he ran his thumb and forefinger across his lips in a zipping motion, only to end with that signature twist of the fingers, figuratively sealing the secret to himself.

An hour later, I was sailing in my rental Altima between mounds of dirty white snow that had been plowed from the freeways as I continued to Austin for my next book signing.

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by Anonymous

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by KallMeTT12/13/17

Good job!

Very good story. Can't wait to read more of your work.

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Mmmmmm great story li ed all tje discription about cum so hot. And you got fucked right by my house Dentin ;) mmmmmmm i have to clean up and lick up my cum now ;)

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by cindylynn3412/05/17

Nice work. It felt easily natural for me to become Cindy, because of your details and settings. If you don't mind me confessing here... I got off twice before you got us to the book signing in Austin.

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by Anonymous12/05/17

Feels real

I like the style, with the female narrator. It takes a while to get going, but once it gets going ...! I like the narrator's ambiguous feelings--a nice break from the usual barely-believable "we all thoughtmore...

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