tagRomanceA Soldier's Cookies

A Soldier's Cookies

byB.B. Monroe©

Cookie smoothed down her best gray pleated skirt and adjusted the hem of her pink sweater. She giggled as a brown curl slipped out of her bun and down her forehead when she bent over to slip on her black heels. She was going to see her soldier who was away at training and treat him to a nice dinner after he'd had a week of being out in the field with no civilized contact. She smiled just thinking about him and her brown eyes twinkled with excitement.

One of his roommates signed her onto the base and she hung out in the room with them until Ben came in from the day's work, covered head-to-toe in mud. She wrinkled her nose at him and pointed to the shower and he just smiled at her. The guys finished up their card game and then 'had something to do somewhere else' and winked at her as they left. She heard the water cut off as she was picking out a nice shirt for him to wear that matched her sweater.

He came out and gave her a quick kiss before turning to put on his pants. He reached for his shirt and she noticed numerous cuts, scrapes, and bruises all across his back. One of them was still raw so she stopped him and told him to sit down while she 'played nurse'. He gave in after a few weary protests and she began cleaning up the worst of the cuts on his back first. He winced with the pain but said nothing about it.

She moved to the front of him and leaned down to look at his face and chest. He could see the top lace of her thigh highs peeking out from under her skirt as she bent over him, doctoring a cut his shoulder, and he let out an involuntary groan. It had been so long since he'd had a break from training to see her. She cooed out in her soft voice, "Oh, I'm sorry. I'll be more careful next time" and finished what she was doing.

He waited a few minutes longer but when she put her fingers to his busted lip and reached for more alcohol, he'd had all he could stand. He covered her hand in his and kissed it as he stood up and looked down at her startled face. Her lips were slightly parted and her breath drew in quickly, her doe eyes looking innocently up at him. She was intoxicating and he lost himself. He put his arm behind her and pulled her to him. His opposite hand still holding hers, it fell to his chest as he dropped it to hold her in both arms.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. They were so soft, warm, and inviting and reminded him of all the reasons he missed her. When he was with her, the pain of the past week's training all seemed to disappear and just seemed worth it some how for this reward. A soft little sigh escaped Cookie's lips as her body relaxed into him. She had missed the feeling of being lost in his arms. She could feel his bare chest and smell his cologne. His hand lifted her chin up to him as he looked lovingly down at her and smiled. Her eyes were heavy lidded and she blushed as she looked away.

She glanced back at him with the most devilish smile and she started to pull away. He brought her in closer to him. "Come here you little minx," he said to her in a voice halfway between a whisper and a growl. His desire for her was so strong at that moment. He buried his face into her hair and noticed that it had gotten all wispy from their play. He felt her hands on his chest and she ever so slightly pushed him off balance to fall to a sitting position on the bed.

He looked up at her surprised and she just giggled as she licked her lips and came towards him. He pulled her with his hands on her bottom, to a straddle position above his legs. She ran her fingers through his hair and he kissed her stomach. His hands snaked up under the hem of her sweater and lifted it slowly up her torso, followed by a trail of little kisses. She aided the task by moving downwards until she was sitting on his lap and raised her arms above her head. The final movement of the sweater did her bun in and her hair fell to her shoulders. She shook her head from side to side and ran her fingers through her hair as he dropped the sweater to the floor, taking in the sight of her.

She moved her hands slowly down her torso and tilted her head ever so seductively at him. He felt like his erection would burst through his pants at any moment. She wasn't the prettiest girl in the world, but she was all his and he wasn't going to complain, by any means. She rocked her hips slowly back and forth and he pulled her in to kiss him. He pressed hard into her mouth and the kisses intensified. She titled her head back as small moan escaped her lips. One hand flew to trace her throat and the other went to her hair. He pressed a row of small kisses across her neck and blew cool air after each one to drive her sensations wild.

Her fingers flew back to his hair and he kissed on down to the apex of cleavage to leave a barrage of kisses there. His hands slid slowly up her stockings and stopped just at the top. He lifted the edges of her skirt and slid his hands underneath. He felt her smooth bottom and knew she was wearing one of her lace thongs. And, then he knew that he just had to have her.

He lifted her up and set her onto the bed. He lifted one stocking covered legs and removed her high heel. He lifted the other leg and did the same as she giggled up at him and hid bashfully behind her hands. Her hair was all splayed out behind her like the angel she was to him and he slid his hands quickly down her legs to the tops of her thighs. He looped his thumbs underneath the small string on either side of her hips and slowly pulled the thong to the floor. She gasped and her breath quickened. He licked his lips and stared down at her. "Who says I can't have my Cookie and eat her too?" he remarked and bent down onto his knees.

He softly kissed the inside of each thigh and then moved further inward to the apex. She could feel his warm breath and then the flick of his tongue lightly tracing the outside of her sex. She let out a deep breath and felt her body clench up in anticipation. Her hands flew to his hair as he pressed harder into her and quickened his pace. He moved up to circle her clit with his tongue and she felt a two fingers trace the down the sides of her sex and then slowly sink into her. He hummed softly against her clit and started to move his fingers in and out slowly. She was shaking and then felt her whole body tingle and go numb. He could feel her clench up around his fingers and he quickened his pace. After a few moments of what seemed like eternity to her, she felt her body give release to orgasm and a soft scream escaped her lips.

He leaned back and then licked his fingers while looking down at her. She moaned and he moved to kiss his way up her stomach. He started to unlatch the clasp on her bra when she pushed him aside. He was taken aback as she straddled him. She held his hands down, her chest inches from his face, and whispered, "Don't think I'm going to let you get off that easily, Mr." And she settled her hips onto his. He felt her rock over his erection and giggle softly. She abruptly released his hands and kissed her way down his chest.

Her fingers found the top button to his pants and pulled the fly open. By the time she reached his hips, he had sprung to life out of the fabric. She licked her lips and shook her head at the sight of him. He was her soldier. So intelligent, charming, and amazingly built and she loved every last inch of him, including these 7... Her hands moved his pants down to the floor and her mouth blew warm air over the tip of his erection. He moaned softly and prayed that he could withstand the relentless teasing he knew he was in for.

Her tongue circled the top of him and then she plunged down his shaft so fast and quick that he nearly gave in right there. Her lips were so tight and warm and he felt her hand wrap around the coolness left behind as she moved slowly back up to the tip. She swirled her tongue around and then circled the top again. She did it a few more times before he put his hands in her hair and begged her to end it before he lost his mind. She pressed her lips tighter and slowly starting bobbing up and down. He could see her breasts bounce in the restraints of her bra and he ached to touch them. She quickened her pace and then just as he was about to lose it, she stopped and blew a trail of cold air up his shaft.

She giggled and started kissing her way up his chest and he grabbed her upper arms. He all but threw her onto her back. "Oh, no you don't." Her breath quickened with excitement at the animalistic gleam in his eyes. He nearly ripped open her bra and her breasts fell free. They were small but bouncy and he took one in each hand circling her nipples with his thumbs. She moaned softly and he leaned down to kiss between them. Her hands went to his hair and he felt her legs fall open underneath him. He settled between her thighs and moved up to kiss her lips.

Her hand went to his face and traced the outline of his jaw. Her cheeks glowed and she could see the perspiration gleaming on his forehead. He smiled at her and her heart warmed with love. She knew he was the only one who could make her feel this way. He pressed his lips softly into hers and they held that embrace to let the moment sink in. They were so lost in each other.

He raised his body slightly with his arms and slid himself into her. She was warm, tight, and wet and he could feel her opening to accept him. It was just what he needed. She felt him inside of her and sighed at how he seemed to fill an emptiness she didn't know she had. He rocked his hips slowly and she looked up at him, pressing back a lock of hair that had fallen into his eyes. She smiled and he winked at her as a mischievous smile crept across his face.

He lifted a leg up in each hand and started driving harder and faster into her. Her hands moved to her breasts and fondled them, tweaking the nipples. Her breath quickened and he felt her tighten up. He knew with all the teasing she'd done to him, he wouldn't last long but he never wanted it to end. He kept driving harder and faster while listening to her little moans. It seemed like forever before he felt her release and then he let himself go. He held himself up with what little strength he had left and kissed her with all the passion and desire that he felt for her.

Then he slowly collapsed onto her chest and tried to catch his breath while listening to the fast patter of her heart. She played with his hair and sighed as she tilted her head down to kiss the top of his. He circled his arms around her waist and just held her there, never wanting to let her go. He was lost in thought when she giggled. He looked down at her with question in his eyes and she said, "Weren't we supposed to dinner?" He just chuckled and shook his head.

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