tagIncest/TabooA Sore Groin Leads to More

A Sore Groin Leads to More


I thought I would try a little different style of writing. This whole story is just speak between mother and son. No details or visuals, just pain speech. Let me know what you think...


Me- Fuck I can't believe my hami went! I hope I don't miss too many games.

Mom- Hey don't be using that kind of language. I am sure you will be fine for the next one

Me- Well I sure hope so. Coach said scouts from SC are supposed to be there. Man I would love to play in Cali.

Mom- I know you do.

Me- What's wrong Mom? Why are you saying it like that?

Mom- Well I just don't want my handsome boy to be leaving so soon. I wish you would get an offer from Michigan State or the Wolverines so you could stay here.

Me- I know Mom I will try. But if this groin doesn't get better I might be screwed for any shot.

Mom- Well let me see what I can do. Here lie down on your bed and let me get some baby oil.

Me- Okay.

Mom- Hey you are gonna have to take those shorts and underwear off if I am going to rub that groin of yours.

Me- Uhhh you sure Mom?

Mom- Jesus Johnny I am your mother. Besides you don't have anything I haven't seen before. I used to change your diapers all the time.

Me- I think I have changed quite a bit since those days Mom!

Mom- Whatever... do you want to get better or what?

Me- Ya....there you go.

Mom- Holly Shit! Opps sorry son didn't mean to say that out loud but you are right you have change!

Me- Okay Mom now you are embarrassing me!

Mom- I am sorry honey but you sure don't take after your father!

Me- Uhh what do you mean Mom?

Mom- Well let's just say he wouldn't measure up to half of you!

Me- Wow really? Cool! Oh your hands are cold Mom!

Mom- Sorry, they will only be that way for a few seconds. Here let me rub your legs a little.

Me- OOHH that feels good now. Keep rubbing right there. I can feel it loosening up.

Mom- Spread your legs a little wider I need to get right in there. Oh my, is my rubbing doing that to you?

Me- MOM! I am sorry; it just has a mind of its own sometimes.

Mom- Nothing to be sorry about, in fact I am flattered. Here let me check something here.

Me- Oh shit mom...oh god you are Jesus that feels good.

Mom- OOOHHH Johnny your cock is so thick and hot in my hand. You are going to make some girl happy with this!

Me- Well Ohhh Yesss ... you are making me happy right now. Yes that feels good when you stroke it like that mom. Much better than when I do it.

Mom- You like Mommy stroking your cock? Mmm I like doing it too. You know I rub my pussy all the time. Here let me get out of these clothes so I can rub myself while I rub you.

Me- Holy smokes mom you are hot! You complete shave your pussy! That is so awesome.

Mom- You know what would be more awesome?

Me- What?

Mom- If you would lick my pussy for me.

Me- Yes mom you taste so good. Your pussy is so wet.

Mom- Yessss Baby lick momma like that! Oh God You are gonna make me cum! Yes right fucking there. Lick your momma's pussy....IIII"MMMM CCCCUUMMMIIINGG!

Me- Wow that was hot Mom! My face is covered in your sweet juice.

Mom- Yes, Baby that was incredible. You must have been practicing for quite sometime to get that good. Who is the lucky girl?

Me- Mom I am actually a virgin and I have never eaten out a chick before you. That was a first for me.

Mom- My baby is a natural born pussy eater. Mmmm I like that. And you say you're a virgin too? Well we better do something about that quick! Mmm Baby get behind me while I get on my knees here and fuck me from behind. I want to feel every inch of your wonderful cock.

Me- Oh God Mom your pussy is so hot and wet on my cock I don't think I can last that long.

Mom- I don't care just fuck me as hard and fast as you can. Come on Baby fuck Momma's hot cunt. Let me feel all your warm cum shooting deep inside me.

Me- Oh God Mom here it cums. I am cumming right up your pussy. Yess, Yesssss, YEEESSSSS!!!!! Oh God I love you Mom.

Mom- I am cumming with you Baby, yes my baby boy is making me cummmmmmmm! Oh I love you too sweety.

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by Anonymous10/11/17

Unabashed sweet and erotic incest that all sissys love.

Love it when I am ready for a new experience in the world of the forbidden fruit and erotic feel of the mother fuckers I now. A must have for the sweet and erotic incest you are amenable to. I love beingmore...

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