tagErotic HorrorA Soul to Take

A Soul to Take


"Holy shit!" the white winged angel thought to himself, repulsed by the sight of the most appalling demon standing next to him.

The whole span of his body was mottled red and green; reptilian bruised purple bumps and ridges were scattered about in clusters all over his skin. His devilish facade merged seamlessly into his neck, with black eyes that had no doubt been darkened by contact lenses. The atrocious highlight of his attire, however, was the snake draped around his neck- a very dangerous looking black viper. It lifted its head and stared at the angel through glowing yellow slits.

"Excuse me? I didn't see you there. Are you an angel or something?" he asked the angel disinterestedly.

"That obvious, is it?" the angel pouted.

"Well, something seems out of place. Turn around."

The arrogance in the devil's tone unnerved the angel, but he modestly turned his back toward him anyway.

"Like this? What is it?"

The chill of a cold stare scoping his spine made him even more uneasy.

"It's just that for an angel, you don't look especially innocent. At least not back there."

The angel shuddered at this observation, and the skin on his face and neck reddened hotly. Fortunately, a white half mask covered the upper portion of his face, and it helped to conceal his shame. He craned his neck around to gaze down on his back and then tripped on his words.

"Oops! It's slipped down again. I didn't mean for that to be a part of the look."

The angel was wishing he could hide somewhere.

"It's alright. You shouldn't feel too... embarrassed," the devil lingered on the last two syllables.

It was the most brutal pun. All night long the angel had been fumbling with the flowing lower section of his costume. He had wrapped white silk around the smooth skin of his waist and hips but it kept shimmying its way back down again. A deep triangular shadow at the base of his spine was now evident, and it narrowed into about two inches of visible crack. The angel reached back to pull the garment upwards, but became very flustered after several feeble attempts to fix the costume.

"Can I help you with that?" the devil then propositioned, and before the angel could interfere he felt cool fingertips on his lower back; hands tugging sharply upward and tightening the silky material around his waist.

"That's much better. Now you look truly angelic."

This time, there could be no denying the sarcasm in the devil's words. The angel turned around to face him again, and the black snake's eyes glowed orange at him.

"Thank you. Does the devil have a name?" Alan asked shyly.

"Alexus Monde. Alex is fine, though; how about the angel?"

"Sinsory," the angel answered softly.

"Sinsory. What an interesting name for an angel. Committed any sins lately?"

"No, and I have no plans to do so in the near future," the angel answered, perturbed at the devil's verbal calculation.

When he looked up again at Alex, he felt possessed to reach out and take one of the tiny horns protruding through his curly locks into in his fingers. The idea of it sent a shiver down his spine, but he changed his mind just as he started to lift his hand up.

Alan Hower (the angel's real name) walked away from Alexus Monde then, and began to wander through a weird mix of nocturnal beings that had gathered to celebrate Halloween in this altogether foreboding haunted mansion. Moving tentatively into the flickering gloom of its unfamiliar interior, Alan found it impossible to recognize anyone. There were at least a dozen witches, a few flashy looking rave animals, and many shadowy forms shifting about to a densely layered soundtrack of analog synthesizers and unearthly incantations. The night wore on; the subsonic bass grooves became considerably more menacing and the dancing more raw and sensual. When Alan found himself wondering where Alex had gotten to, it disturbed him but he did not know why.

So now Alan went room to room in the gothic party house, rooms with ghoulishly engraved anagrams over their doors, like the one he now approached: "Die Sin." Hearing low moans from within, he was tempted to stop and listen, but he needed to find a bathroom quickly. He scaled a rickety stairwell, and found what he was looking for at the end of a lengthy hallway. Above the door it read: "O let it." Alan laughed.

Once inside the bathroom, Alan flicked a switch and discovered it did nothing. He decided to leave the door open a crack to let what little light there was from the hallway come in. Then Alan walked over to the toilet, and upon lifting the silk wrap up around his waist, sat down. The toilet seat was very cold on his smooth ass. He sat there nervously for several minutes, before stirring at the sound of a faint tap on the door. It began to creak open further, and the effect it had on his bodily functions was instantaneous.

"Occupied!" he blurted out, his heart pounding wildly.

Then he heard the familiar voice of Alex.

"Sorry. I didn't realize anyone was in there!"

Once again, Alex's words did not ring true.

"It's okay. I'll be out in a minute!"

Alan finished up, flushed the toilet, and went back out into the hallway. Alex was standing there, the black snake dangling in his hand.

"Jesus! You scared the shit out of me!" Alan scolded, making Alex laugh.

"Oh, really? Remember to wipe?" Alex spoke leeringly to Alan.

So freaked out was Alan by this compromising encounter that it didn't occur to him quickly enough how Alex could turn his words back at him for further... embarrassment. Although Alan was grateful that the white mask partially protected him from Alex's penetrating eyes, the cruelty in his laughter still stung bitterly.

"I thought you might be looking for me," Alex said with something approaching scorn, and it angered Alan severely.

"Why would I be looking for you? I don't even know you. And I don't like your snake!"

Alan looked at the ebony creature then. A white blob lolled around on its tongue.

"Really, have you ever even touched one?"

Alex seemed amused at Alan's outburst.

"No, and I never want to either- certainly not that one!"

Now Alan was fully enraged.

"Ah, then you are afraid of them!"

Alex was toying viciously with Alan's emotions now.

"No! I am not afraid of them! I just don't like them! They're fucking creepy!" Alan steamed, perhaps now also referring to his growing apprehension towards Alex.

"Well, if you are as unafraid of them as you claim to be, why are you so irrationally repelled by them?" Alex asked this very calmly. "You should try looking a little closer."

"That's all I have to do, is it? Look a little closer? I don't need a close-up to know that I don't want to have anything to do with you or your goddamned snake!"

Alex remained annoyingly collected.

"Follow me," Alex said to Alan, and Alan walked behind him into a blue chamber.

It was the "Die Sin" room; the same one Alan had briefly eavesdropped on earlier.

Inside, no light entered a lone window which arched over a curvaceous black leather couch. Graffiti plastered walls were lit only by tall candles on faux antique tables in each corner of the room. Against his better judgment, Alan was becoming more intoxicated with Alex's presence. When Alex indicated with his hand for him to sit down on the black couch, Alan awkwardly complied and the silk wrap came loose again in the process.

"So, were you looking for me?" Alex asked directly now, standing over Alan.

Alan could not believe it was his own voice answering Alex.

"Yes. I think so," he whispered, feeling hypnotized.

Alex walked to the door and turned the deadbolt over. Then he walked back to the couch and stared down at Alan's face, who was slack- jawed at the sight of Alex's exposed, massive penis. The black snake unwound stealthily off of Alex's arm and onto Alan's shoulder. Alex's knees spread Alan's long alabaster white legs apart.

"Well then, you have found me."

Alex brought the head of his cock right up to Alan's lips. And when his penis went stiffly and deeply into Alan's throat, it was the most revolting thing Alan had ever experienced. There was nothing he could do but suck; his breathing was limited to half gagging snorts through his nose. Abruptly, Alex took his cock out of Alan's mouth, went down between his legs and hoisted them up around his hips. The silk wrap still concealed the crack of Alan's ass, but the flimsiness of the material now made his tiny hole seem extremely vulnerable to an invasion. Alex pushed his penis into the silk, and Alan flinched as it seemed possible that Alex's cock could enter him now silk and all; but Alex just continued to rub his anus with his cock head through the wispy cloth.

Alan turned his head side to side and his wet lips opened and closed rapturously. His white feathered wings flapped upon the back of the couch on one side and down to the floor on the other. The malevolent viper was circling his neck and started to travel down his back. Alan was squirming unconsciously, and he began to push his asshole back against Alex's cock. Alex pulled again at the white silk wrap around his body, but this time instead of lifting it upwards to cover Alan, he tugged the white folds down swiftly over his sleek legs and onto the black leather. Alan's angelic ass was now naked.

A cold draft whistled through the air, and one by one, all the candles started going out. It was nearly impossible to see anything, but Alan felt completely exposed. Now Alex teased the outside of his anus with the blood engorged head of his pulsing cock, and Alan reeled in the suspenseful uncertainty of what was going to happen next.

"Do you want me to continue?"

Alex was now whispering very loudly. His cock was sliding along Alan's ass crack, and Alan began to move his ass involuntarily in little bucking motions to Alex's rhythm. Alex's breath grew louder and more menacing. Then he pulled right back and stopped at the nipping anus. As he spoke gravely Alan noticed the "Alexus" tattoo on his wrist.

"Sin die?" Alex queried cryptically.

His middle finger thrust into Alan's anus, twisting a mass of white silk into him as it went. Alan lifted his bum up high, and he moaned loudly at the insertion.

"I don't know if we should do this anymore, Alex. Alex, I don't understand what you just asked me. Can you please take the snake from my neck?"

Alan was whimpering. His ass started gyrating and humping lewdly when Alex withdrew his finger, the silk still hanging there from his anus. Then, to his horror, he realized Alex had even more frightening intentions with the snake than to let it coil around his body aimlessly. Alex reached back, and taking the snake by its throat as he did so, guided it down Alan's spine.

"Oh no Alex, please don't let this happen to me!"

Alan was paralyzed. It felt seriously creepy, and Alan thought the way it snuck along his skin would make him black out. His heart might not be able to withstand the pressure it was being put under as the snake slithered lower, deeper into the crack of his ass. Then Alex yanked the silk from Alan's asshole, and the narrow tongue of the hideous serpent began to lick at his anus, spitting venomously, anointing his asshole, slathering him slick for Alex's penis to penetrate him. Alex snapped the snake away then, and there could be no denying the deadly conviction in his voice now.

"Spine slide sin die shi sholase? Sin die, anal whore?"

Alan could choose to put an end to this madness, but his hips were shaking uncontrollably; his breathing erratic and full of panic and lust. The cryptic tongue Alex spoke in now seemed to connect directly to his dirty hole. Alex lifted up the snake and looped it around Alan's neck again. Fear swirled in Alan's brain even as the insistent teasing of Alex's cock head deliriously tempted him. He believed he was now on the edge of an abyss from which there was no way of returning. Alan had to gather himself back together immediately. He knew there was only one thing he could do to stop Alex.

Alan had to say only two words:

"No, Alex."

Alan started to speak the words, but they got caught in his throat, and instead he said this:

"Now, Alex."

The words barely escaped Alan's lips; but Alex heard them just the same.

In that fateful moment, Alex's cock began its perilous invasion into Alan's body. There was no sound Alan could make to convey the sensations of the ensuing moments. An electric thrill shot up Alan's spine at the wickedness of it, and he could feel his asshole deliciously, sinfully opening up. But then the full head of Alex's cock suddenly popped into him, puncturing him with such unimaginable pain that he reached down frantically to try to stop the murderous assault from happening. And just as a piercing scream began welling up in his throat, he heard Alex whisper chillingly into the darkness.

"Don't scream, don't even breathe, Alan Hower. My cock is inside your asshole!"

Alan's mouth hung open, his ass shot up high as he tried to tear himself away. The pain did not subside. The sound of Alex speaking his name resounded in his brain, over and over. Alan opened his eyes widely then to look at Alex. How could he know his name?

"I've changed my mind! Please, take it out of my ass! I don't want this! You're too big! You're killing me! Alex, please tell me what is happening to me! Who are you?"

Alan raised his legs high up around Alex's back, his bum squirming around in the air, and he was begging Alex to relieve him from the torture, to take his cock out again. He felt his heart pounding thunderously in the dark room, echoing loud enough for the whole house to hear, it seemed. His eyes focused the graffiti on the opposite wall: Anal Whore Sin Die Sholase!

"Sin die shi sholase, bum slut!" Alex shouted terrifyingly.

Alex suddenly pulled the head of his massive penis out of the constricted lock of Alan's anus. The relief from the pain Alan felt was tremendous, and his hole gaped spastically open. Then the revelation of who Alexus really was began to surface up through the exit doors of his subconscious, and Alan Hower felt something strange start to overtake him. The nerves in his asshole began to tingle and he reached down again to take Alex's cock into his hand but not to push it away. This time when Alex slid the head of his cock into Alan Hower, his heart beat wildly with an all encompassing desire to be fucked.

Now as Alex's cock locked inside of his asshole, Alan felt an exquisitely sinful rush where moments ago he had felt only unbearable agony. His body shaking with lust, Alan's anus squeezed tightly around the head of Alex's cock. When it slipped out of him yet again, Alan protested shamelessly. He wanted his ass fucked hard now, and Alexus Monde was frustrating his desire by slipping the head of his dick maddeningly in and out of him.

"I want your cock in my asshole, now, Alex! Stop teasing me. Oh shit, just fuck me hard now, Alex. Don't take it out of me again!"

Alan slammed his asshole down hard from high up in the air, screaming as he impaled himself along the hot length of Alex's cock, sliding right down to feel his balls smash against his bum. He began to raise and lower himself forcefully onto Alex's cock, and each and every time Alan slid his ass back up high, he tore it away from Alex's cock. The hurting thrill of penetration it gave him when the pulsing head ripped back into his open hole again was driving Alan into a fit of carnal ecstasy.

They fucked savagely now. Alan looked at the tattoo on Alex's wrist once more, and the reality was shattering: Alexus Monde: an anagram for Sexual Demon. Alan Hower: Anal Whore. Sin die shi sholase: Inside his asshole! A sexual demon, inside his asshole!

"Are you who I think you are Alex? Oh fuck, you're going to make me come! Alex, I'm going to come! Oh God, Who am I really fucking, Alex? I'm coming now, Alex! Shoot your come now. Ooh shit, shoot it up my ass! Tell me who you really are, Alexus!"

The candles, as if by magic, suddenly began to light up again! Alan threw his head back, and in the glow of the tiny flames, he could see the protruding horns on Alex's forehead begin to extend, and he reached with one hand to take one horn, to pull Alex's face and his lips closer to his. His other hand went down in front of him to grasp Alex's thrashing cock tightly, feeling it ripple and slide angrily through his fingers as it drilled in and out of his lust ignited asshole. It felt indescribably wicked, just the way he craved it. Alan slashed his lips and tongue over Alex's mouth, and when he felt Alex's horn twitching and expanding in his fingers, his mind flashed these words like a neon sign:

"The Devil! I am fucking the Devil!"

He screamed into Alex's mouth for his cock, for him to fill his asshole with scorching demon seed. He tore his mouth away to suck Alex's horns and then kissed him again.

As if he could read his thoughts, Alex bellowed into Alan's throat.

"You know who I am now! Now, take the boiling seed up into your pit of sin, whore!"

Then Alex rose up over Alan, his cock slamming in and out of Alan in a speeding blur of the most chaotic and deviant anal sex. And when Alan felt the first white hot explosion up inside of his asshole, his own sperm began shooting onto his stomach and his chest and some of it even hit the snake, who began to lick it off itself greedily. Some hit Alan's lips and he licked them and then voraciously swallowed his own come.

Alex felt the ripping clots of semen begin bubbling up from deep inside his balls, and then tearing up through his cock and scalding the black insides of Alan's body, filling his hole with so much burning come that it sputtered out rudely into Alan's ass crack, then under him and onto his white bum and down onto the black leather.

Alan shrieked, hoarsely fighting for his breath.

"Umm, I'm fucking the devil! Slam your dirty cock up my asshole! Keep shooting it all!"

Alan's hand kept pumping Alex's cock in a vice grip, pulling him in fully, squeezing out his come.

When Alex finally evacuated Alan's anus his exploding cock shot a chunk of sperm up into Alan's mouth. Alan swallowed that too. The open gasps of Alan's gaping, twitching asshole and Alex's alternating blasts into it and onto his stomach and the skin of his dirty white bum and his snow white angel wings drove the black demon snake into a satanic frenzy. It splashed down Alan's semen slicked tummy with great speed, sparks flying off its skin, and made a u-turn where his legs were spread wide and then tunneled deeply into his sperm clotted bum hole.

The snake tore in and out of Alan's asshole like a lightning bolt, its tongue lashing insanely inside of him, its mouth spitting clusters of venom in his darkest places. And while Alan humped his ass spasmodically onto the stabbing black demon, his hand seized its tail to enrage it into a greater fury. Alan licked the come off Alex's dirty cock while he fucked the snake. Deep into his throat he sucked Alex's soiled, filthy cock and drained thick pools of thick white cum from Alex's cock right down into his stomach. And when there was seemingly no more to suck, Alan took Alexus Monde's horns one by one into his mouth until they too spat thick poisonous cords of horn cum onto his slashing tongue.

In the middle of the night, Alan awoke to find Alexus sleeping next to him on his back. The snake had slid itself tail first deeply up Alan's ass while he slept, and Alan was exceedingly cautious not to wake it as he pulled the great sticky length of it all the way out of his sinfully dirty hole. He draped it once around his neck, and then got up on his hands and knees to carefully climb over Alexus. Alan brought his lips down to Alex's cock to breathe hotly onto it, and then like an angel lifted his bum right over his face. And as the blue light of dawn began to filter in through the window of the "Sin die" room, Alan Hower bit his lip in anticipation, waiting breathlessly for the tip of the Devil's horn to spiral up hard into his asshole.

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