tagNon-EroticA Soul Under Our Clouds

A Soul Under Our Clouds


She is immovable. She exists as a solid state of self confidence. Her being cannot be penetrated or altered by the negatives of the outside. She is a fortress that holds her strengths inside and releases them when the time is appropriate. She is sensitive, but only to the things that she feels are worth being felt by her senses. She is emotional, but only in response to the things that evoke the most powerful versions of emotion. She has opinions and she hates and loves. She has the unique ability to physically harm and to physically please, both equally as well, but only during times of extreme passion. She works. She takes whatever it is that she has and turns it into creation. She thinks and criticizes, not for others, but for herself. She does not care to be intelligent or wise for the sake of others. She only cares to be intelligent for herself, and to use that intelligence to make herself better... to make herself even more immovable... to make herself happier.

She doesn't watch herself move through life. She doesn't imagine the way that she looks in the eyes of others as she walks down the street. She moves with purpose. The only reason why she is walking in the first place is to get somewhere that she feels is important, and naturally, that movement is attractive. Purpose is attractive. The days that pass are merely sections of opportunities for her to make her mark in the world. She throws herself into these sections of opportunity, and she uses them so well, that she makes it look like those sections weren't enough. Her progress makes it look as though she can live for one thousand years. She gives off the feeling that not even death can stop her.

There is a chatter that can be heard in the world, and she hears it. She does not pretend that the chatter isn't there. She recognizes this chatter and eats it up as a meal that will show her how poisonous the chatter actually is. She feels extremely sick only to eventually feel remarkably healthy, and to act remarkably strong. She understands that the finest happiness is only possible with the blackest depression.

Her sensual presence is natural. When she moves her eyes to the person she cares to look at, her target is shocked with the sensation of true and honest attentiveness. This look is sensual to all, in that it is coming from an attractive being and that it expresses power, not the type of power that is greed, or the type of power that destroys and holds the world back, but the type of power that is admired and respected by honest living individuals such as herself.

She does not "carry herself." Her movements and existence are the results of experiences and lessons that she has acquired throughout her life. But she has not only acquired them, she has learned from them... and grown from them. These ingredients of life have made her who she is. She is wise enough to let them shape her into something that is powerful enough to move her... to make her real... to make her truly alive. Her experiences and her nature team up with one another and allow her to be the monumentally intelligent person that she is. Through her perception and reaction to life, she has allowed herself to become intelligent... to become independent.

She understands that relationships between herself and others are a unique and wonderful thing. She knows that friendship, in its most honest and strengthened form can bring a special sort of character and color to life. She cherishes friends not because she feels fortunate enough to have them, but because they have each individually proved to her that they are purposeful human beings. She recognizes that the people she calls friends are really more like "life companions." To her, they do not feel like temporary people that will one day vanish from her life. These people stay. She could not live for them, but she could die for them. She doesn't care to be around anyone else.

Her body and her mind are partners. Her body carries her right to be happy and her mind draws out the path for her body to take. In this motion, she is exquisite. She is human. She is one of the finest creatures of nature. In the molding of her existence, regardless of whether that process be one of randomness or of conscious precision, she came into this world matching. Her body is as finely tuned as her mind. From the hair that falls across her neck to the slender, yet, strong limbs that give her mobility and manual character, it is easy to see that her body was devised to make everything she does look beautiful. Whether she is taking a glass from a cabinet or sitting still in the consumption of personal thought, she is beautiful. She is immaculate.

She is a woman of the world. She belongs on the planet Earth. She knows this. She is confident in her existence and she wastes no time with people who think or live otherwise. She surrounds herself with others like her. She respects the idea of friendship and does not abuse it by socializing with people who hurt her or themselves. She feels a deep responsibility for her life and she moves through time and space rewarding that life--making it better--making it meaningful. The world spins around the sun, and all the while, she makes those rotations mean something. She proves that Earth is a host for happiness.

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