tagGroup SexA Spanish Summer Evening

A Spanish Summer Evening


The following story is a work of fiction. All characters are 18. Do not read if it is illegal in your country to do so at your age. And of course please do leave comments and feedback, either good or bad. Enjoy!

The Spanish sun slipped slowly behind the hills, basking the villa in the last glimpse of its warmth before the cool Mediterranean evening set in. It had been a stroke of luck finding this place, a beautiful Spanish residence that could easily fit all twelve of us, and a fraction of the price we were after. Not that it was as crowded as that now, everyone was out in the nearby town sampling local drinks and local people with great abandon, and had no intention of returning for several hours longer. Which is why you and I are a little unamused to find ourselves stepping through the doorway, supporting Beth between us. It's not that she's that much of a lightweight, but one of those heavy Spanish drinks was enough to get her pretty damn drunk, and she'd had four, which meant someone had to take her home before she did something she'd truly regret. And that someone turned out to be you as her closest friend, and me to keep you company. After all it didn't seem fair to make you spend the night with only a potentially comatose girl for conversation, and hell we could probably find something to do in the time.

Between us we managed to get her to the bathroom. She was awake and fine, in terms of health, but she sure wasn't doing anything as constructive as actually walking, just giggling a lot in our arms. So we ran the bath, looked at each other, and performed the universal drunkenness cure – we dunked her. Twice in fact, for good measure, and not just because the look on her face as she came out the first time was priceless. Checking that we hadn't done Beth any harm was easy, her indignant spluttering told us she was breathing just fine, so we picked her up again and dragged her to her bed. It's probably a good thing she's still a bit drunk, she may be as light as anything, but if she was conscious and pissed off she could probably knock us both out, her diminutive frame hiding her black belt status. Laying her down seemed to still her angry mutterings, and pretty soon she was out like a light. Sober enough ourselves to check she wasn't about to choke any time soon, we retreated into the sitting room, leaving the door open so we could hear if something happened. I poured us each a coffee to keep us awake and you got the fire going – Spain or not, when the sun was down it wasn't so hot any more.

We settle down on the floor in front of the fire, snuggled together slightly, sipping from our mugs. I can feel you relaxing against me, soaking up the heat and slowly overcoming the effects of your own drinks. I'm growing more and more aware of you and less aware of everything else, I turn slightly to look at you, and my lips graze yours lightly as you've turned too. That's all it takes and soon coffee is all but forgotten as we're wrapped in a passionate embrace, bodies pressed together and tongues fighting in a liplocked kiss that doesn't show any signs of ending. Our hands pull each other close but then start exploring, yours reach up to the back of my neck to pull me in tighter, mine slide down to gently caress your sides. With the fire blazing up we'd already shed half our layers, leaving you in just your thin tank top and skirt, and me in jeans and a shirt. Not nearly enough to dim the feeling of my fingers tracing little circles at the sides of your waist or under your ribs. Nor enough to lessen the sensations when they slide under your top and across your bare skin, leaving a trail of tingling wherever they passed. But then, my shirt was hardly providing much protection either, as by this point your fingertips across my chest were eliciting little gasps from me whenever they tickled in yet a new way. Despite the heavy jeans, it was apparent you were having an effect on me, and so to keep things even I ran a hand slowly up your leg and gently stroked you through your panties – once, twice; just enough to confirm how wet you were getting, then retreating, teasing but not giving you what you'd hoped for. Smiling I draw back, out of reach of your hands and removing mine, and whisper in your ear, "Do you remember those cards we packed? We have probably got a good few hours before the others get back, and Beth is out like a light, could be fun..." You get wetter just thinking about it. We'd found a pack of cards in a Spanish shop with forfeits and dares on them, ranging from funny to fairly sexual to extremely hot, but hadn't had a chance to try them out yet. In fact we'd barely looked through them, many of the cards we didn't know what they said, we'd decided it would be more fun to go in blind the first time. And while it would have been awesome to try in a group, we'd never have got the others to agree. In a group of twelve friends on holiday you just don't get the kind of privacy needed to try them ourselves. Until now, anyway. Looking up you see that mischievous grin on my face, the one you know always means fun for you, so you tell me to go get them while you clear the mugs away and move some cushions onto the floor. When I come back, I find you lying back with one leg bent, your shirt riding up just enough to see bare skin and a clear view for me between your legs to your damp underwear. It's all I can do not to jump you there and then. Laughing at me, you sit back up, I hadn't even realised I'd been looking so obviously.

Just then, Beth walks in. We'd forgotten about her (such good friends), but to be honest, given the state she was in, we thought she wouldn't wake til morning. She looked fine all things considering. Actually, in the worked up state you had got me in, she looked better than that, her white t-shirt was still damp from the dunking and clung transparently to her skin, showing off a toned midriff and a perky chest, if lamentably covered by a pale bra still, and thanks to you I was wired enough to stare for a few seconds before realising. Quickly I looked away, only to find you're also looking at her, and with a glint in your eye that has me wondering what you're thinking. Beth, of course, doesn't notice any of this and after a pause, starts to speak. "We're home." "Correct", I reply cheerfully. "Just us three?" "Two out of two." I would say I wasn't enjoying teasing her slightly confused brain, but that's pure lying. There was a small gap in the questions, then her eyes narrowed at me. "You threw me in a bath." My smile turned into a grin. "Kinda, yeah. Make you a coffee to make it up to you?" After a minute more of angry glaring she gave up and laughed, saying yes please. As I headed off to grab another round of liquid drugs I can hear you start to explain why we brought her home.

I came back just as she was apologising for ruining our evening, we told her it was all fine and we'd enjoy it anyway, what we didn't mention of course is that she'd accidentally killed the most fun part. That is until her eyes fell on the pack of cards I'd brought out and said "Oh hey, you guys were gonna play cards? Can I join?". You and I of course glance at each other – there wasn't an ordinary card in the whole pack. "Those cards aren't like normal cards -" I start, then cut myself off. "They're kinda like the I Never game, you know, just a bit of fun, I'll go find real cards." But Beth is suddenly wearing that sly grin of hers that we both know so well. "Ooh, could be fun, bet you guys have a secret or two. I'm in!"

I glance at you, but it's hard to read your look, all I can work out is the slight flush that says you're still aroused, and a twinkle in your eye that always leads to fun, if via questionable routes. Glancing back at Beth we both are once again drawn to her looks, her shirt has dried out more now but it seems that her nipples are just noticeable pushing through the material of her bra, and seeing that decides it for me. Let's hope she's not entirely sober yet.

"Okay, it works like this. There are two decks. We only start with the first one for now. We each take it in turns to draw a card, and follow the instructions on that card. You can call it quits before you draw, but once you draw you have to do it, and same if it affects you, like if someone has to ask you a question. Understand?" You both nod. Hell, the anticipation of where this might go is running round my head, and in front of me is you in all your beauty and Beth, also highly attractive, and so it's getting hard to concentrate, as well as just getting harder. "Who goes first?" Both of you cheerfully volunteer me, so I sigh and draw a card from the first deck. The other decks don't come in until later. "Say something you've never done. Everyone who has done that thing has to hold their breath for thirty seconds." I read aloud. Thinking for a bit, I grin and state "I have never swum in the sea." You laugh while Beth looks surprised, but you both gamely follow it through and hold your breaths. Then it's your go. "Perform ten star jumps." Grumbling at having to get up, you start jumping. I try not to watch too closely at your bouncing breasts, or where your skirt lifts up with each jump, but I'm sure I failed. Beth draws a card while you sit back down. She only has to pull a face, not difficult for her at all, though she collapses giggling half way through. My next card is where it gets more interesting. "Count the number of items of clothing everyone is wearing, including yourself. Whoever has most, remove two of theirs. You choose what." Beth looks a little startled at this but doesn't say anything. Counting up, I have my shirt, jeans and boxers, so I'm not worried it's me. You've got your tank top, skirt, and two lots of underwear. Beth on the other hand has her tshirt, jeans, underwear and a belt which I conveniently decide to count as a layer. "Sorry Beth, but with that belt, that means you. Now what shall we choose..." "Actually," she cuts me off, hesitantly, "I um, yeah well, it's just the bra for underwear, so only four. It's a tie." You and I both raise an eyebrow. No panties huh? Well well, I wonder what other surprises will she have for us tonight? "I guess if it's a tie that's one each then. Beth, help me choose, what should Alexa lose?" I'm still surprised that she hasn't called a halt to the game yet, but I'm hardly going to complain am I? And you look very excited at where things are going.

Beth smiles that little grin at you. "Shirt, easy." I move behind you and put my arms around you, hugging you briefly before sliding my hands up your stomach, dragging your top up with me. I make sure they brush over your chest on their way, flicking your stiffening nipples, and I feel you twitch underneath me. Soon it's off and you're there in your bra, not worried about covering up any further. Looking over at Beth she's watching closely, and I notice her tongue coming out to wet her lips. "Your turn," I say, breaking her reverie, "Alexa what shall we have?" You smile widely. "Fair's fair. Take her shirt." Beth's eyes widen, clearly she was expecting her belt was the obvious choice. Before she can complain I walk over to her and leaning down, pull it off in one fluid motion. She moves to cross her arms over her chest, but then since you never did, she hesitates, then moves them back down to her sides. Her light-coloured bra is now clearly visible, as is the fact that her nipples are hard enough they can be seen. Maybe she's enjoying this more than we expected? Hanging the tshirt over a radiator as it's still wet, I return to my seat, noticing that your eyes are taking a good long look at your best friend, and that Beth's cheeks have developed a slight flush. Suddenly you shift your gaze, waking up slightly, and smile. "My turn then?" Without waiting for an answer you draw another card. "Name somewhere unusual you've recently had sex that you enjoyed", you read. "Hmmm.....aeroplane, on the way here." You say with a smirk and a wink towards me. Beth looks dumbfounded for a second, then bursts into helpless laughter. "You two are hopeless!" she laughs. "Oh shush, like you and Jack are any better", I say with a smile. "And besides, your turn now." Beth's next card was almost low-key, just shake her chest a bit. Still, we both watch the show more than happily. Her nipples are still poking through the thin fabric, and I'm wondering what it'd be like to run my hands over them, to tease them and pinch them and listen to her gasp. You're thinking the same things too, you're a straight girl but you can't deny you're feeling attracted towards Beth and want this game to go further, to see where it takes us. My turn. "Pick a number in your head. Everyone say a number. Give whoever is closest a backrub for thirty seconds." I read out. "53!" you declare. Beth chooses 38. "Sorry Alexa, it was 42." I say with a rueful smile. You pout for a bit, but then lean back to watch the show. Moving behind Beth, I put my hands on her neck and start pressing with my thumbs. I'm concentrating on my work, but you can see her face, which slowly changes from a smile to a long sigh, her eyes glazing over slightly as my hands start going lower, rubbing around her back and occasionally sliding underneath her bra strap. You can see very little resistance in Beth' eyes at this and imagine what it would be like if my hands misbehaved as you well know they can....If in front of you right now, they slid round to the front, underneath the material of her bra and rubbed her still-hard nipples. You're lost daydreaming, imagining the sight of my hands moving beneath the fabric, the look of bliss slowly spreading over Beth's face, her legs widening reflexively...Snapping back to reality, you call time, but the image has only stoked the warmth between your legs. You wonder how long this can go on for before you lose control. You wonder who you'd jump first.

Distracted as you are by your thoughts, and Beth still revelling in losing all the tension she didn't know she had, neither of you notices when I shuffle in the second deck. Things can only get more interesting now. You draw a card eagerly, wondering what they have in store for you next. "Kiss the person to your left for a full minute." Beth's eyes definitely widen at this, but she doesn't say anything, simply turns to face you. By this point you're so turned on from our little game and our warming up earlier that you don't even hesitate, you just move over to your closest friend and pull her close, kissing her hard and passionately. Catching her by surprise means she opens her mouth slightly, and you take the opportunity to slip your tongue between her soft lips. Beth stiffens slightly, but then relaxes, and quickly her own tongue is fighting yours, soft and supple but also strong, and you start imagining what else she could do with it. I of course just watch, and try hard to resist the temptation to get rid of my jeans and relieve myself, you two making out is far hotter than I could have even imagined. Eventually I'm forced to call time, though I have to say it three times before either of you register it, and you pull apart reluctantly but both grinning widely. "That," you declare, "was hot." Beth's lips smile even wider in agreement as she draws her next card. "Hmmm," she says, "describe the most erotic thing I've seen in the last week? Well....that would have to be waking up in my room, no idea how I got there, looking out the door and seeing you two with your hands all over each other, especially Alexa's face when your hand went up her skirt. That was very fun to watch." she says with a sly grin at the both of us. We at least have the decency to look slightly sheepish – we didn't think she'd woken up until I went to get the cards. But on the other hand, imagining her there watching, and enjoying the sight....I at least am turned on by the thought, and you look like you are too.

My next card is a good one, I have to remove one of my pieces of clothing, and then everyone has to remove items until they have the same number as me. I remove my jeans and both you and Beth start staring, I'm now sitting here in just a plain white shirt and black boxers, but what's drawn both your attentions is the significant tent that can be seen, pretty solid evidence of my arousal, pun intended. Laughing at your identical expressions I ask Beth what she wants to lose, and predictably she removes her belt, but you surprise me slightly when you reach under yourself and slide your soaked panties off and toss them in a corner. Beth's expression is half surprise and half respect for the bold move, while I know full well you know the effect this is having on me, the thought that you're no longer wearing anything under that skirt is both a huge turn on and a huge frustration, especially since I know it would be breaking the rules slightly to just strip your skirt straight off you like I want to.

But good as my card is, it doesn't match up to your next one. "Undo any buttons, only buttons, on any player still fastened. The player to your right then undoes any other fastenings." Who wrote these? They deserve a medal. Looking around at both me and Beth you take stock of who has what, and sidling up to me, begin with my shirt. Slowly and seductively you undo each button, your fingertips lightly brushing my chest as you do so, leaning further over for each one so that more and more of my vision is filled with your breasts. As you undo the final button your hand sneaks lower to give my now very hard cock a quick squeeze, hearing a sharp breath from me as your reward. But you're not done yet. Turning to Beth, you spread her legs gently with your hands and kneel between them. Even though you only plan to undo a single button, her breath quickens as you raise your hands to her waist, then slowly slide them down to the top of her jeans, oh so slowly undoing the button at the top, letting your fingers linger there for just a moment longer before finally withdrawing and sitting back. Which means it's my turn to get the rest of them, and I know exactly where I want to begin. I don't have anything left to undo on myself, in nothing but an open shirt and straining boxers, so I sit behind you, turning you slightly so you're facing Beth directly at this point. It may be a rule of the game that I shouldn't do anything extra, but I couldn't have stopped myself at this point even if I'd wanted to.

I lay my hands lightly on your shoulders and start as I did with Beth not so long ago, with a backrub. Pretty soon though my hands are shifting, sliding the straps down over your shoulders, my hands running down your arms then back up your sides, brushing deliberately against the sides of your breasts, before reaching down and undoing the clasp. With the straps down your bra falls away quickly, baring your chest to Beth, who is staring intently. It also means my hands have free access, something they happily make use of. Reaching round they take a breast each, gently kneading and rubbing your flesh, tweaking and teasing your rapidly stiffening nipples, sending electric shocks straight to your dripping pussy. My hands leave far too soon for your liking, but one of them reaches between us to the zipper of your skirt, and the other one takes up all of your attention by sneaking beneath the front, heading straight for where you ache to be touched. You let out a low moan as my finger finally reaches your clit, pressing hard against you and sending waves of pleasure throughout your body. Opening your eyes you look straight into Beth's as my fingers bring you closer and closer to the edge, and you see fascination and curiosity in them, mixed with pure arousal and lust. Leaning your head back on my shoulder you pant, "Mmm....damn I want this....oh....but....you should....oh god that feels good.....finish your task......and go....fuck!.....go undo Beth's things....uh.....don't you think?" Pausing only to kiss your neck while my hands continue to pleasure you, I stand and move behind your friend – you miss my attentions but are very keen to watch what's about to happen.

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