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A Spanking


I'm sitting in our bedroom, curled up reading a book when you get home. You come up stairs, and when you open the door I look up, and you hold my gaze. I love when you get in, so sexy still in your business suit.

There is no reason, no need for us to speak, as we have been texting all day. Designing the course of the evening. Getting excited. Knowing what to expect. Doesn't matter that we have been married 18 years, we still cant get enough of each other.

I know what you expect from me, and I drop the book, and slowly strip off the t shirt and shorts I was wearing. You smile and sit on the stool from the dressing table, waiting. I walk to you, and you spread your hands to open your lap to me. I stand naked in front of you, shivering as your eyes graze over my skin. My breath shallow. Strange but your clothes add to your power over me. Being naked in front of you accentuates my vulnerability.

No matter how many times I have done this, there is still that awkward moment where I wonder how to get from where I am to where you want me. I lean over you and have to put my hand on the seat of the stool, and kind of drop forward to lay myself across your lap. I make it, without falling face first. I know you wont help, you like to watch as I struggle. The struggle inside my mind turns you on too. You sit, and do nothing but rest one hand in the small of my back. I wiggle my ass a bit, hoping for you to touch me, feeling the material of your pants under my bare stomach. I can feel your breath on the skin of my back, giving me goose bumps.

"Are you wet, kara?"

"Yes sir," I murmur.

"Let me check."

I part my legs slightly and feel one finger delve inside me. "Mmmmm, you are aren't you? Why kara? Why are you wet when I haven't even touched you?"

"Because Im your slut Sir, its for you." I blush.

"Yes, you are my slut. My dirty little girl. What do you want me to do?"

Oh how I hate when you say that. You know what I want, and its what you want too. I want to feel your hand connecting with my ass. Hard. I want you to spank me, to make my ass hot and red under your hand. You want to hear the words, my final submission before we both get what we need. The humiliation of admission making this hotter for us both. You because you need to feel me give up control, and me because that sweet burning embarrassment makes me drip with anticipation. My stomach does long slow cartwheels.

It takes a few seconds for me to formulate the words. My face burns with shame but you cant see because my long hair hides me from you. You know though. You enjoy my short struggle, and I can feel your cock hardening against my body.

Eventually, I mutter the words, "Spank me Sir, please."

"Sorry, kara, couldn't hear that!"

I know you did, but that's not the point. I just have to repeat it. Louder. Humiliate myself further.

You wind your fingers in my hair and pull my head up. Not too hard, just so my face isn't hidden.

I take a deep breath. "Sir, please, would you spank me?"

"Of course kara, you only have to ask." I know you are smiling now.

"Hands stay on the floor," you order.

I feel your hand now start to lightly stroke my ass, from my back down to my knees, your fingers gently trail. I sigh. Then from no where your hand lands SMACK on my ass. I gasp, another smack falls. Not so hard at first, just shock making me gasp, but getting harder as you rain blows all the way from the top of my ass down my legs to my knees. Harder and harder, tears stinging my eyes now. Light stingy slaps and deep heavy thuds. The heavy thuds, on that sweet spot between ass and thigh make me squeal, and drip, the most. Every now and again, you pause and stroke me lightly and tenderly, and this makes me moan loudly. Especially when your fingers trail between my legs and slip on the wetness gathered there. When you fingers reach my clit, I buck and squirm in your lap, and know you are enjoying this as much as me when I feel how hard you are. Your fingers tease, and pinch my clit, and when you remove them my body tries to follow you of its own accord. You slide a wet finger into my ass, in and out, exquisitely slowly, until I groan and grind my clit against your leg.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK again, your hand spanking hard and fast now, until I am really crying, both from the pain and from frustration. Tears run off my cheeks. Your hand which was holding my head up, moves to my back and wraps around me to hold me down and stop me wriggling off your lap. Oh God, I need you so much now. I am wondering how this will end. Will you fuck me? Will you fuck my mouth? Or my ass?

Your hand slides to my clit again, teasing and stoking until I am panting and gasping and moaning. I can feel fire burning in my ass cheeks.

"Do you need to cum kara?"

"Yes" I scream, "Yes Sir yes!"

"Ask me nicely"

"Please, Sir, please, can I cum now please?"

"No kara, you may not. Not until I tell you."

I pant and pant. I am a wreck. Nothing to me but my burning ass and my burning desire to cum screaming on your expert fingers, which delve and circle and stroke and tease. I am reduced to nothing, right now there is nothing I would not do for you if you would just let me cum. I am so totally yours right now. To use, to abuse. I would beg on my knees if you told me to. I often have done! Just to feel that sweet release. I am trying so hard not to cum, but you keep playing me, in just the right spot, knowing how hard it is for me to hold off. "Oh God, oh God oh God." I moan

"Don't you dare kara!"

"No Sir, no I wont." I breathe.

"Not till I tell you its OK"

"Ohhhhhh Godddddddddddd."

Suddenly I feel your palm land, flat, hard on my cunt.

"Owwwwwwwwww" I cry out in shock. My legs closing to protect my sensitive clit.

"Keep your legs open kara, don't dare close them!"

You start to spank my cunt,

I force myself to spread my legs, and accept the stinging slaps which are getting closer to my clit. Closer and oh God! Closer. You reach my clit and the pain I thought I wouldn't be able to bear is suddenly taking me to the edge.

"You can cum now kara," you whisper, and land smack after smack right on my clit.

I scream as you push me over the edge. Scream and cry and writhe and sob, as the pain brings the release I had been so desperate for. You keep spanking and I think I will cum forever, its so amazing. Once you stop, I lay gasping for breath, and feel you start to lift me up. I stand and you lay me back on the bed. My ass and cunt are on fire, burning and stinging and swollen. You grin and unzip your pants. I am suddenly desperate for you again, and your cock sinking into my fiery pussy feels so good, and hurts so good too. You raise my legs high and slam into me as hard as you can. The feel of the bedding under my sore ass and your body slamming against my sore lips and clit brings me back to the edge. I am so wet juice is soaking the bed under us.

You pull your cock out and with one long, strong push enter my ass. I arch towards you, loving the feel of you in there. We are both so covered in my juices that you slide in without too much effort. I feel so amazingly filled up as you fuck me, all I can do is cling on to you, moaning over and over how good this feels. Until you cum grunting and panting, and grinning, filling my ass with your hot cum.

You collapse next to me, and wipe the tears from my face. Rolling me over you admire the colour of my ass, and stroke it gently. "Beautiful!"

I know that tomorrow I will be able to feel it all day and will be reminded of you every time I sit down! We lie curled together, both grinning that "just fucked" grin.

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