tagLesbian SexA Special All-Girl's School 01

A Special All-Girl's School 01


Authors Note: I received an e-mail requesting this lesbian story. The e-mail is after this note. I also received a request to write about a mother and daughter lesbian exchange program where the daughters are swapped out to other mothers. To that end I decided to combine the two requests. This will be a series but at this time I do not know how many chapters there will be. Thanks to the requesters for suggesting a hot topic.

The E-mail: I have enjoyed reading your stories for many years. My two favorite series are "Lesbian Soccer Moms" and "And Mother Makes Four." Have you considered revisiting the lesbian/incest/school theme? A scenario involving the principal and female teachers seducing girls at an all-girls school is hot. This web would expand to include mothers, sisters, aunts, and even grandmothers. These relatives of the girls are politically connected which keeps a scandal away. Just some thoughts roaming through my head. Please don't let negative comments dissuade you. You are one of the most talented writers on this site. Thanks for all your efforts.


Wednesday morning Connie and Sandra made their way to the principal's office for their meeting with school Principal Rachel Jackson and Guidance Counselor Celeste Dubois. They were both attractively attired with tasteful mini-skirts and blouses. The two women showed off their shapely legs encased in thigh high nylons. They really looked like the older sisters of their 18 year old daughters Tiffany and Doreen rather than their mothers.

Rachel invited the two pretty mothers into her office and then called for Celeste to join them. Rachel checked them out as they entered her office and wondered if the daughters were as hot looking as their two mothers. She wondered if they would taste good and if they liked to eat pussy as well. At the same time the same thoughts were running through Celeste's mind. As Connie and Sandra sat down their short skirts rode up to just below the elastic tops of their nylons putting more of their shapely legs on display. Rachel's and Celeste's eyes immediately traveled to the exposed flesh and their gaze made the mothers uncomfortable.

"Well ladies what can we do for you today," Rachel began.

Connie replied first, "Well Sandra and I would like to speak with you about our daughter's applications for acceptance at the school."

"Yes, I have their applications right here," Rachel replied.

"Well we were wondering what the hold up has been as we have not heard from the school?" Connie asked sternly.

It was quiet in the room for a minute before anyone spoke again and then Rachel replied to the question, "Celeste and I always like to meet with the parents first and then the students. So if the meeting goes well today then we will go to the next step. Are the girls virgins?"

"What a question, why do you need to know that?" Sandra snapped with her voice shaking.

"It is important that we know before we interview them. If they are virgins then at our first meeting we will just eat their pussies. If they are not virgins then we might fuck them if we have time," affirmed Rachel and Celeste nodded her agreement.

Connie and Sandra turned beet red and then sat there in shock as Rachel explained what went on at the school and what would be expected of the girls. The mothers knew the daughters were lovers which is why they wanted to be roommates at the all girls private school. However, Connie and Sandra were lost for words and they were clearly intimidated by Rachel's demeanor.

"So do we have anything else to cover this morning," Rachel spoke to the mothers with a feeling of control.

Connie and Sandra stammered, "No I think we understand," they said sheepishly.

"Good, now all this talk and you two pretty women have got me turned on. Celeste, please lock the door and let's treat these two to a good cunt lapping, "Rachel directed.

Connie and Sandra sat in the sofa dumbfounded as Celeste locked the door and the then the two women approached the mothers. Rachel knelt down in front of Connie and Celeste knelt down in front of Sandra. Rachel ran her hands up Connie's pretty legs onto the skin above the elastic tops of her hose and Celeste did the same to Sandra. Then both women's panties were lowered and removed from their legs. Their skirts were pushed up to their waists baring their trimmed pussies. Rachel began to lick Connie's pussy and the woman emitted a gasp as she was now putty in the principal's hands. Both Connie and Sandra were already dripping wet when the tongues touched their pussies and they were hotter than they had realized.

Rachel and Celeste proved to be the expert cunt lappers and they soon had Connie and Sandra moaning and groaning in ecstasy. Connie and Sandra looked at each other almost in disbelief of what was happening and then they held hands as they were taken toward their orgasms. Rachel and Celeste were nibbling on their clits and fingering their pussies as they drove Connie and Sandra wild. Rachel and Celeste drove the mothers insane with their tactics of female love making. The two mothers started to thrash about on the sofa as Rachel and Celeste held them tightly to their mouths and kept tonguing their cunts and chewing on their clits.

"Oh God, I'm cumming," screamed Connie as Rachel took her over the edge.

Rachel kept eating her and fingering her until Connie begged her to stop. Connie had squeezed Sandra's hand tightly as she shuddered with the intensity of her orgasm. Celeste was doing an equally as good a job on Sandra and soon had her trembling and shaking as her orgasm approached. Sandra also cried out and squeezed Connie's hand as her body lifted off of the sofa and shuddered with the intensity of her climax. Both women threw their heads back on the sofa to rest as Celeste and Rachel retreated from their pussies. Rachel and Celeste looked at each other and smiled and then they looked back at their latest conquests. Sandra and Connie were sitting on the sofa with their heads back and their eyes closed. Their skirts were still pushed up to their waists and their pussies glistened in the aftermath of their orgasms. It was several minutes before the two mothers composed themselves and then opened their eyes to see Rachel and Celeste standing there smiling at them.

"Well I am glad that you stopped in and that we had that discussion. Has everything been resolved to your satisfaction?" Rachel asked almost sarcastically.

"I am certainly satisfied," Sandra said as she tenderly stroked her freshly eaten pussy.

"Yes, I can say that I too am satisfied," Connie added.

Rachel and Celeste handed the women back their panties and Connie and Sandra slipped them on. Then they stood up and smoothed out their skirts. They were still somewhat embarrassed by the turn of events but there was no doubt that Rachel and Celeste were very skilled at what they do. The mothers could now see what kind of attention their daughters would receive from Celeste and Rachel.

"How about you two, don't you need to get off now?" Sandra asked more out of curiosity then desire.

"Oh no we will be fine; Celeste and I can take care of each other for now. Or better yet some students or faculty may stop by and service us," Rachel replied almost too assuredly but professionally.

"Ladies if you are interested in continuing this discussion in a more private setting and in learning more about what your daughters will learn at the school please call me at home," Rachel offered as she handed them her phone number.

Connie said that they would be in touch and then she and Sandra left the principal's office. As they walked back to the car they were still in awe of what had taken place. "Sandra, dear take your panties off. I want to play with your pussy on the way home," Connie gasped once they were in the car.

Sandra took off her panties and then told Connie to remove hers as well. The two mothers drove home and fingered each other on the way. Once they arrived at Connie's home they rushed to her bedroom, took off their clothes and made passionate love to one another for the rest of the morning. Later that day Connie called Rachel to make arrangements for the follow-up meeting. Once she hung up the phone and told Sandra that they and their daughters were confirmed for Friday evening, the two of them returned to their embrace and lovemaking.

That evening Rachel and Celeste were also naked in bed cuddling after a thorough double dildo session. "I like those mothers. They and their daughters will be a good addition to the school. They also indicated on the application that they would be very generous donors."

"I'm anxious to meet the daughters too," Celeste replied and then questioned, "You took a big chance with them today. Suppose it turned out that they were not lesbians?"

"It wasn't a big chance at all. I had checked them out and they both belong to the Mother and Daughter Lesbian Swap Association. I knew that they would be receptive to our advances," Rachel answered.

"Leave it to you," Celeste sighed.

"Well they will be here Friday evening with their mothers. I will have all the sex toys clean and ready for action," Rachel said with a cynical laugh and Celeste chuckled too.


Rachel Jackson was hand picked to be the Principal at the prominent Brooke Cummings Academy. Rachel was selected by the owner herself Brooke Cummings who founded the academy and managed it in the early years. The academy was a private one year preparatory school designed to help girls get into colleges with demanding admittance criteria. Often outstanding high school records were not enough for the very elite colleges and attending a preparatory school was the only chance the girls had.

Rachel had attended the academy as an 18 year old after she graduated from high school. It was a successful endeavor for her as she was accepted to an exclusive four year girl's college in New England. Rachel graduated from college and returned to Brooke Cummings Academy to join the faculty. Rachel was taken under Brooke's wing when she was a student at the academy and again as a faculty member. In fact the 18 year old Rachel had been seduced by Brooke, who was at the time 36 years old. In addition to a successful year at the academy, Rachel learned a lot about lesbian love.

Brooke Cummings at 36 years of age was a stunning looking lady with an impressive 36-26-36 figure. She had platinum blonde hair that she wore up in a bun during school hours. However that hair came down on many an evening with a student, parent or faculty member sharing her bed. Brooke weighed a fit 130 pounds that looked good on her 5'7" frame. She was a very sophisticated woman who always wore business suits during the school day.

When Rachel entered the academy after high school she was very impressed with Ms. Cummings and in time she was easily seduced by the impressive woman. Rachel was a pretty 18 year old with light brown hair that she liked to wear in a single braid. She had a 34-22-35 figure which looked very nice on her 5'6" 120 pound body. Rachel had lovely legs which caused many a student and faculty member to wonder what treasure was under her skirt.

Brooke had designed the academy uniforms which consisted of navy blue jackets, white shirts, plaid skirts, and white knee high socks and saddle shoes. The skirts were purposely designed to be short and they were cut 8" above the girl's knees. The skirts barely covered the girl's panties when they were seated. What Brooke liked most about the short skirts was that they always flipped up over the girl's bottoms when the girls were running or playing on the grounds.

At time Brooke seduced Rachel, Brooke had a lover on the faculty. In time Brooke introduced Rachel to group sex but initially Brooke kept Rachel to herself. Each year Brooke would always seduce at least one student and introduce the girl to lesbian love. However Rachel was special and they would spend many years together until Rachel assumed the role of Brooke at the academy.

The academy had a huge endowment and very generous donors and it was never in jeopardy of being cash poor. One of the biggest donors was a lesbian organization named the Mother and Daughter Lesbian Exchange Association. Many of the daughters attended the academy and they brought their lesbian expertise with them. The academy would host fund raisers for the association where mothers could meet others and exchange their daughters.

In spite of the lesbian support the academy was very discreet about its activities and it insisted that all students, faculty, parents and donors maintain the secrecy. Anyone who broke the pledge faced serious consequences that could damage their careers and reputations for life. The primary mission of the academy was to prepare the students for the highest level of college. No girl was forced against her will to engage in lesbian activities, however, given the atmosphere and power of suggestion most of the girls engaged in some form of female sex.


The moment that Rachel appeared for the acceptance interview at the academy, Brooke knew that she had to have the beautiful 18 year old. Brooke took it upon herself to interview Rachel after the guidance counselor. That was always a sign that the girl was going to be admitted. In the course of Brooke's questioning she asked Rachel if she was still a virgin.

"No I'm not. I dated a few boys in high school and gave myself to them. Is that a problem for me?" Rachel responded blushingly.

"No not at all. I wanted to see if you would be honest with me. You will find at the academy that honesty, integrity and discreetness are very important attributes," Brooke told her.

"I see. Well you can count on me to honor those," Rachel replied.

"I'm sure you will my dear. Now I must tell you that while at the school you will not be dating any boys. You will be studying very hard and on the weekends you will remain on campus. No boys even family are allowed to visit students at the academy," Brooke stated.

Rachel looked at the impressive of woman and she wondered what Ms. Cummings did for sex. She was beautiful but she was more than that, she was regal. Rachel was sure that Ms. Cummings was in demand and that she must have a boy friend somewhere. Brooke was dressed in a business suit as usual but her skirt was shorter than most business skirts. Her beautiful legs were on display and she was pleased when Rachel's eyes glanced down at them several times during the interview.

When the interview was over Brook showed Rachel around the school. Rachel noticed that the principal was a touchy person and she seemed to touch her more than necessary. Rachel felt tingles run through her body whenever Brooke touched the bare skin on her arm. Brooke liked to touch the girls and she liked to get them nervous and excited. She was pleased to feel Rachel shiver and tremble and she liked unnerving the young girl. When the tour was over, Rachel left the campus.

On her drive home Rachel noticed that her panties were damp and she realized that the principal had excited her. Rachel did not realize that Brooke was also very turned on, so much so that she needed relief by her guidance counselor. Brooke summoned the 26 year old Stacy to her office and then she locked the door. Brooke sat down on the sofa in her office and Stacy moved toward her boss.

Brooke raised her skirt above her thigh high hose and panties. Stacy knelt before the principal and reached for the damp panties. Stacy eased them down and off of Brooke's legs and then spread Brooke's thighs to display her moist pussy. Stacy was an excellent lover and she loved eating Brooke's pussy. Stacy flicked her tongue at Brooke's vulva teasing her at first but Brooke needed more than that and she reached for her assistant's head. Brooke pulled Stacy in close so that the girl's mouth covered her pussy.

Stacy lapped away and teased Brooke's clit with the tip of her tongue. Brooke had her eyes closed and pretended that it was Rachel who was licking her pussy. Stacy pushed two fingers into Brooke's twat as she had often done and sought out the g-spot. Stacy quickly located the firm hard flesh and Brooke groaned loudly signifying her approval. The combination of Stacy tongue and fingers was too much for Brooke to endure very long and she went into convulsions.

Brooke always came hard and when she did her love juices flowed. Stacy willingly drank down every drop that Brooke had to offer and afterward Stacy continued her assault. Brooke moaned, groaned and tremors ran through her body as she collapsed in the sofa. Stacy continued to lick, kiss and nibble on Brooke's pussy and her thighs. Brook put her hand on her assistant's forehead and pushed Stacy's head away.

"Stacy you are the best," Brooke sighed.

"I take it from the way you were worked up over that Rachel, she will be admitted to the academy," Stacy stated.

"Yes, you are so right," Brooke agreed as she looked for her panties on the floor and then told Stacy, "Be a dear and put my panties back on me."

Stacy picked up the panties and put them back on Brooke and then said, "If there is nothing else, I have some more interviews."

"Is anyone looking promising?" Brooke asked.

"A couple of girls look to be tasty but no one compares to that girl Rachel," Stacy replied.

Brooke just nodded her approval and watched as Stacy left the office. Brooke thought back again to the lovely Rachel and hoped that the girl would eventually be receptive to her advances. Rachel would be the loveliest girl to ever grace the threshold of Brooke Cummings Academy. Brooke sat on her sofa and thought about how fortunate she was to own the school and have such a great faculty and staff.

The faculty was beginning to arrive for another academic year and her favorite teacher and lover would be back this weekend. Nichole had spent the summer in France on the Riviera and Brooke was sure that she would have some wonderful stories to tell when she returned. Stacy had been an adequate fill on for Nichole. Stacy was an accomplished lover and she loved making other women cum. Brooke remembered the one party when Stacy wore a strap-on all night and fucked every woman's brains out.

Stacy was an attractive woman of 29 years. She was flat chested but had lovely legs and a killer ass. Everyone loved Stacy's bottom and many a tongue and toy had been in there over the years she had been at the academy. Stacy was always a favorite on parent's weekend and she attended to all the guests needs. Brooke's thoughts then returned to the upcoming year and the arrival of a fresh new crop of students. She would anxiously await the arrival of her soon to be star pupil Rachel.


The school year at the academy started two weeks before the Labor Day weekend. The girls would be pushed like they never were in high school. The demands of studies and homework would exceed anything they would ever experience in college. It was why the girls who graduated from the academy would be accepted at prestigious colleges and many would receive full scholarships.

Rachel arrived with her parents and they were checked in at the gate by the guard who directed them to reception hall. Rachel stared out the car window at the lush landscaping along the long drive from the main gate. It would be fall soon and the grounds would look beautiful with every autumn color imaginable. As her father drove along the long winding road Rachel knew that she would confined to these grounds for most of the next nine months. There would not be any boys or much of a social life during her time at the academy.

As Rachel thought about the days ahead she had no idea that she would ever graduate from the academy and receive a full scholarship to an exclusive all girl's college in Vermont. She also would never have expected to take to the world of lesbian sex and become lovers with Brooke Cummings. The last thing she would have ever imagined was that she would join the faculty and one day she would become the Principal of Brooke Cummings Academy. Her thoughts were interrupted when her father pulled into the parking lot and stopped the car.

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