tagLesbian SexA Special Christmas Vacation Ch. 02

A Special Christmas Vacation Ch. 02


Chapter 2. Girl Bonding Time.

As part of my normal routine, I woke up promptly at 5am. It was a very rare occurrence that I ever slept longer than that. Even when I was younger, I was just much more of a morning person. If I didn't wake up tired, I would get up even earlier than that. I love my mornings, and always have. Nothing gets my day going faster than a few cups of strong coffee, a rigorous workout and going through my emails.

That next morning was quite different. When I woke up, I had a beautiful 18 year old in my bed, still nude from the night before. Panic swept over me like a crashing wave. What if Glen came home early? What if Samantha told him what we did to get back at me somehow? What if the other girls opened their fucking traps and spilled the beans? I quickly scanned the room for any sign that Glen had been there, and then closed my eyes so my ears could hear better...........quiet as a church. I looked outside at the fresh snow, and there were no new tracks in the snow leading up to his parking spot in the garage. Okay, I was safe, for now. That feeling of dread and panic didn't go away, and I felt unbelievably guilty. I was a fucking doctor for Christ's sake.............what am I doing having a wild orgy with three 18 year olds?

But the other part of me, I have since named her Candy, yelled out in my head that I was being a complete cunt for questioning one of the sweetest moments of my life. Just for clarity, I don't actually think there is another woman living inside of me, but after talking to a colleague of mine since this happened, I came to understand that many people like to have two sides of their own personalities, the Angel and Devil on your shoulders if you will. Anyhow, Candy was now the loudest voice in my head, and Candy told me to keep with my morning routine, and that I would feel better after I cycled myself in to a dripping sweat.

Samantha looked as sweet as could be laying on her belly in my bed. Her hair lay across her shoulders and back in a wave and glistened from the light of the bathroom. I knew if she was a typical teenager, she would probably sleep till noon if the room stayed dark. I intended to let her sleep. I wasn't sure how I was going to face her anyhow. It's strange how alcohol can change how you interact with a person, and even stranger that it lowers your inhibitions down to the cellar.

The home gym was just down the hallway from my bedroom, and I didn't even bother to go make some coffee. I grabbed a Gatorade from the mini-fridge, guzzled better than half of it, and climbed up on my cycle to ride away stress from the night before. I usually turn the stereo up quite loud when I am working out, and today was no different. What was different was the fact that I had three girls sleeping in the house, with one just 15 feet down the hallway. That realization came roaring back to me when I looked up to see Samantha standing in the doorway with just an oversize Tshirt on.

I grabbed the remote for the stereo, and hit mute. "God Samantha, I am so sorry. I just get in the habit of cranking the stereo when I am in here, I really didn't mean to wake you."

"Don't worry about it, I was mostly awake anyhow. So, uh, about last night.........."

I literally thought that this was the point that she was going to let me off the hook for what happened. I had the full conversation in my head before she ever even spoke again. She would apologize, say she had too much to drink, don't tell my dad.............I would also apologize, I won't tell anyone, I will forget it even happened, have a great morning, talk to ya later. "Yeah, about that, you know I .........................." She cut me off.

"Wait, before you say anything else.........."She slowly walked over to me, and lay her hand on my sweaty arm. "Jen, what happened last night was, well, uh....................I don't know how to say this. I guess what I am trying to say is.........."

In my own mind I figured if I said it was all one big alcohol fueld mistake first, that would somehow make me the winner. I would be the bigger person, and I wouldn't be "dumped" by an 18 year old. "Listen Sam, you don't have to say anything, I ........................" I was gonna say that I understood that it was a mistake, and we were going to act like it didn't happen. But she cut me off again.

"Jen, please let me finish. Last night......................" She paused for a brief second, almost like she was trying to catch her breath. "Last night was the most amazing night of my life.............."

Whoa, stop the fucking presses. Most amazing night of her life? What the fuck was I supposed to do with that? It was a fling, a drunken mistake, a foolish thing for an accomplished professional woman to do. Most amazing night ever? Oh my god.

"Something inside me last night changed. I realized that not only am I a lesbian, but I am happy being a lesbian. You changed me Jennifer..............changed me in ways that I can only begin to tell you. And, I know you are not going to wanna hear this, because I imagine that to you, last night was just a big drunken mistake......................."

Huh? Where did she get that idea? I never said that. I mean, yeah, I was thinking it, but I was only thinking it as part of the conversation I was going to have with her to keep myself from being dumped by an 18 year old. I liked it too. Yeah, I did. So what now? Do we still act like nothing happened? Oh Gawdamm, I am so fucking confused.

".............but to me it was more than that. I have never felt more like a woman than I did last night. When I did that other stuff with my friends, I still felt like a girl doing the stuff that I saw grownups do in pornos. But last night, I felt like an actual woman...............a woman who could fall in love with another woman." She grew silent as she looked down at the floor.

Candy spoke up for me, without even having to think. "Samantha honey, look up at me. " I placed my hand under her chin, and moved her head so she was looking in my eyes. "Don't you ever look down at the floor when you are in the presence of another person. You only look at the floor so you can see where you are going. Looking down is a sign of submission, and you are a grown woman, and you should never have to submit to anyone..................Honey, what happened last night was absolutely amazing. I was going through all these conversations in my mind before I glanced up and saw you, and imagined this going a completely different way."

"What do you mean? Like you thought I would come in here and say it was a big mistake, and that we should never talk about it again?"

I had to laugh at that one. "Yeah baby, something like that. I thought you would look at what happened last night as some weird, twisted taboo encounter with your step-mom, and any more thought of it would make your skin crawl." She jumped back and let go of my arm. "Oh my gawd............never. That was so incredible last night, and how I feel about what happened has nothing to do with you being my step-mom. You just happen to be married to my dad. Beyond that, you are just another beautiful woman who gave me the most memorable night of life." I could feel the tears well up in my eyes. I typically wasn't all that emotional of a person. I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I have cried in the last 15 years. Once for my best friend Melody when she was killed by the drunk driver, once when my dad passed, once when an infant was brought in by ambulance after being thrown against the wall by his dad.........................yeah, that's just about it. But something about what she said to me, and the way she said it brought tears to my eyes.

I held out my hand to her, and pulled her in closer to me. "Sweetie.......that is probably the nicest and most sincere thing anybody has ever said to me before. I am so glad that you don't find it weird."

"Since we are being honest and sincere here.....................do you not find it a bit weird that you slept with your step-daughter last night?"

Yeah, I kind of did. But Candy is one strong bitch, and she was taking over more and more of my feelings as of late. Yes, it was hugely taboo that I had sex with my step-daughter last night, but there was also something insanely erotic about it, and flattering too. Come on, male or female, who wouldn't want to know that they are still desirable to a college kid? Hell, I was a lesbian cougar! Fuck yeah, that was awesome. "Weird, no. Honestly, it is way against society to be engaged with your step-daughter in such a carnal way, but I don't care if you don't."

"I don't care, not even a little. Tell you what, you finish doing what you're doing down here, and I am gonna go wake Bailey and Lacey and see how their night went. Is there any chance of us spending a little time together today?"

"I would like to hope so, but we will have to see. Your dad is supposed to off for twelve hours at noon today, and I know he wanted to spend some time with you, but it's hard to say. Let's just play things by ear. Tell ya what though, if you are back down here in a half an hour or so, you can help me wash up in the shower" A big smile crept across my face at the thought of that.

"You got yourself a deal, Step-Mother."

"Watch your tone with me little missy, or I will have to take you over my knee and give you a lickin."

"Do ya promise?" She said, and winked at me.

I nodded my head, and started the bike back up.

I would be lying when I thought the worse when she hadn't come back down after the half an hour. I knew it was the insecurity in me talking, and I knew that it didn't make a difference one way or the other. In 8 days, her and her friends would be back at school, and I would be back working 90 hours a week.

Instead of showering in my private bath downstairs, where I would have had Samantha join me, I took my sweaty ass upstairs to my regular bathroom. The shower was pure heaven with 12 shower heads, a steamer unit and waterproof speakers. I cranked up Pandora, turned on every shower head in there, and jumped in. It wasn't as if I felt like I had to wash off the night before, or even that I had to wash off the sweat from my workout. The hot steamy water invigorated me, and brought me a kind of clarity that I hadn't felt in a long fucking time. It was a really good damn thing that I had 2 ginormous water heaters in the basement, or I would have drained them in the first few seconds I was in there. I was singing and dancing and just generally acting the fool, and was oblivious to the fact that all three girls stood in my bathroom watching the show.

When I did notice them, I damn near jumped out of my skin. "What in the hell are you doing scaring me like that? Aint you ever seen a woman sing in the shower before?"

It was Bailey that spoke up first. "Well, sure we have, we have just never seen a shower with so many showerheads....................."

Samantha, who was obviously the smartest of them followed. "How in the hell do you not run out of hot water? That has got to be 20 gallons a minute coming out at you. "

I laughed, and did a Price is Right show with my hands as I pointed to each and every shower head. "Yeah, about 20 gallons a minute................ But your dad has it all figured out. I could take a shower in here as long as I want, and never run out of hot water. Money was no object..................Now can I have some privacy, I am not done with my concert yet?"

Meek and mild little Lacey finally spoke up. "No, we were actually hoping that we could get in there with you, seems like there is more than enough room for us all. "

In unison, Samantha and Bailey chimed in. "Yeah, we wanna get in too!"

I didn't hesitate when I opened the door as an invitation, then watched each of them strip down to their ripe little nakedness, and join me in the shower. Lacey complained that it was too hot, but the other two seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

I was playing out scenarios in my head, and all of them led to a pile of girls on the floor of the shower, with me having my choice of all them. It didn't quite play out like that, but It got pretty close. Bailey asked Lacey if she could wash her hair, and Samantha asked if she could wash mine. As I watched Bailey wash more of Lacey then just her hair, I felt my pussy twitch as Samantha gently washed my hair. I could feel the soap drip down across my breasts, and down my back where the suds seemed to slow down just as they got to my ass. It was a sight to see, and a sight to feel.

Samantha washed every bit of my body, from my toes, my calved, my knees, my thighs, my pussy.......................my ass......................all the way up and back down to my hands. My whole body was on high alert and I became increasingly aware at how much hotter that shower stall seemed to be getting. I turned around to rinse off, and Samantha was right there in my face. I couldn't help but kiss her.

That kiss, right there, was the most mind blowing kiss I had ever had in my life. I can't say that I had all that many great kisses to compare it to, but the whole experience, mixed with how our mouths just seemed to work in perfect unison was amazing. And when I say whole experience, let me just say that seeing this beautiful girl in front of me, dripping wet from the hot shower...................water running down her face pooling just above her pouty lips, her erect nipples catching droplets of hot water, her bare pussy glistening under the harsh lights of the bathroom...................I was in shower heaven.

It was the noticeable beeps of a missed call that brought me back to reality. I will usually always take a phone call in my line of work because you just never know. I had to get out and see who called, even though every fiber of my being was telling me not to. I grabbed Samantha's face with both hands, planted a big kiss on those succulent lips of hers, and excused myself to go check my phone.

I missed a call from Glen. He left me a voice message. "Hey babe! You are probably working out and didn't hear the phone............anyhow, when you get this, why don't you see if you can wake the girls and meet me for breakfast. I have about three hours before I have to be in surgery. There was a huge car accident out on the interstate this morning, and I have to do an emergency surgery on a teenager at.......................11:30 ish. Call me back. Love ya."

I yelled at the girls to get out and stepped in to my bedroom to call him back. It rang twice before he picked up. "Hey babe, sorry I missed your call. So, what is going on?"

"There was an accident over by Jackson just a bit ago. I thought it was on the interstate, but it doesn't matter. I figure I have a few hours before they get here and get the kid stable before I have to start surgery. You guys wanna come down for breakfast?"

"Well, yeah, that sounds great. I don't know how long it will take those girls to get ready, but I will do what I can to light a fire under their asses............I have to come down anyway at some point to do some more Christmas shopping. Have you thought any more about what you want to get Samantha?"

"No, still thinking about that...................You know I am not that good with that....And besides, my brain is completely fried. We'll talk about it when you get in to town. Where do you wanna go for breakfast?

"I don't know...........do you wanna just meet at the diner by the mall?"

"Sure............give me a call when you are on your way down the hill, and I will go over and get us a table. Love ya babes."

"Love you too. " And with a barely audible beep, he was gone. I still found it weird that we really did love each other. I guess that love comes in many forms, and sex doesn't necessarily have to be involved in love. I know many of my friends that have gotten divorced have all told me that the sex was one of the big reasons they hung it up. Too much sex, not enough sex, sex that wasn't good enough, not compatible sexually...............it's amazing what people will tell you when you don't have a vested interest either way. But with Glen and I, sex has just never been the thing that kept us together. And to be perfectly honest, neither one of us had all that much time to make it about that. We both loved what we did, and worked our fingers to the bone. I can tell you this, any mother fucker who thinks that doctors just rake in the cash by cutting a few people open or by putting band aid's on children don't know the half of it. You work 90-100 hours a week and see if you don't get paid.

I told the girls what the plan was as they came out of my bathroom single file. Both Lacey and Bailey had that glazed over look in their eyes, and couldn't keep either their hands or their eyes off of one another. Samantha on the other hand had a quirky little smile plastered on her face like she was seeing the love of her life from across a crowded room. It made my heart melt.

We drove in to town in my Jeep and had an uneventful breakfast with Glen. We spent most of the meal talking about our night, and the girls foray in to adult beverages. I think they all knew that it was best to let me talk and fill in the blanks as I saw fit. Better than to have 4 mouths all trying to tell the same made up story, and stumbling over every bit. Towards the end of the meal, I did ask Glen what his plan for the day was, and he told me that his surgery could last late in to the afternoon, and with him having to go back on call on midnight, he may just sleep at the hospital, but would call me to let me know. Glen was also supposed to get a few days off around the holiday, but Christmas eve was still 3 days away. It wouldn't surprise me at all to not see him for more than a few hours until the day before.

The girls and I decided to head to the mall to go shopping. I was in quite the generous mood today, so I decided to let them have their own little shopping spree. Glen wouldn't have cared if I maxed our credit cards on them at the mall in one day, but with money I had in my own account, it wouldn't be necessary. I spent $752.00 at Aeropostale, $439 at Sunglass Hut, $362 at American Eagle, and when we finally got to Victoria's Secret is when we really had fun.

All three girls, including myself were fitted for bras. I had never purchased a bra from them before, and to be perfectly honest, I had been completely fine with the $10 bras at WalMart. These bras were upwards of $65 a piece............but they definitely made quite the difference, in all of us. The girls each got three bras, I got four. But that wasn't the end of it..................underwear, shirts, sleepwear.........body sprays..............The girl that was helping us was literally falling over herself showing us more things to purchase.

"Hey Jen.........come over here and look at this" Samantha was standing over by the lingerie. "Don't you think Dad would like something like this for you?" She had the twinkle in her eye that told me she wasn't talking about her dad.

She was standing next to this cute little pink number that didn't look even remotely big enough, even though it was in my size. "You think he would huh?" I turned to the sales girl. "Is this something I can try on?"

I followed her back to the changing room, spying another cute piece on my way by. She opened the door, and put a number on the door. She told me that if I wanted them, to bring them out with me, otherwise, just leave them hanging in the room. As she walked past, I went in, and Samantha followed right behind me.

"You know I wasn't talking about dad back there, right?"

"Of course.....................so, what you were really saying was, you think I would look good in this, and you would like to see me in it."

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