tagMind ControlA Special Gift Ch. 02

A Special Gift Ch. 02


Mike paused a moment his senses on overload his mind quickly working to assimilate the information, but the thought of the woman he loved as his mind controlled sexual slave was just to much for him. His brown eyes flashed as he drank in Cassie on her knees, ready to give him every last part of herself for his pleasure. With a sudden gesture he fell to his knees, wrapped her in his arms and lavished kisses on her smiling mouth, "Yes! Yes, I am very ready sweetie-baby, let's do it." With tentative fingers he carefully pulled the small sparkling chip from the protective casing within the box. Resting it on the tip of his finger, he pulled Cassie in for another deep kiss as he gently placed it on her temple. He could feel the result of her heart pounding, the blood pumping through her body, creating a fast pulse. Leaving his finger against this evidence of her life-force he continued to press his lips against hers. His tongue stroked Cassie's and soon he felt her rate slow down a little, he pulled back and looked at his wife. She stayed still. 'Cassie?" He whispered, "Cassie?"

"Is that what you wish to call me, master?" Her lips were flushed from his recent kissing, the curls of her hair framed her pretty face, but it was the look in her eyes that brought his cock to full attention. Intelligence and life combined with a sweet focus on him. He knew that his Cassie was his to command. He stood up took her hand in his and said, "Yes, you are my Cassie, I want you to come with me."

"I like that name, master, thank you" Cassie gracefully stood up willing to follow him anywhere. He led her into the living room and directed her to sit in front of the fireplace. He expertly brought a fire up, the room wasn't cold, but there was a light chill in the air, and he always loved watching the light from the fire play across her hair. It brought out tones of gold and red, and made her hair seem to shine. "Please, sit down here in front on your knees, Cassie." She obeyed him, and he was startled to notice that with backdrop of light behind her he could see the lavender color of her bra and garter peeking through her dress. His already hard cock swelled a little more, and he let his breathe out in a controlled exhale. "Cassie, I want you to come to me, crawl to me and seduce me."

"Oh! Yes master, I want to please you." Cassie wriggled her skirt a little farther up her knees as she moved to crawl to him. It exposed the tips of her lavender garter, a flash of pale skin, and made Mike groan in anticipation. Her right hand moved to pull her zipper down, the release of the tension on the cloth allowed the dress to move freely and she shrugged one creamy shoulder to allow it to slip off down her arms a bit. Her sultry voice floated on the light in the room, "Master, does this please, you?"

"Yes, very much so, please continue." Mike couldn't wait to see what she would do next.

She leaned forward moving to her hands and knees, the motion caused her loosened dress to gape giving him a great view of her soft full breasts, he could see that the her bra barely covered her nipples; his hands itched to hold them and feel them, but he schooled himself to sit still, and wait for his slave to come to him. Cassie began to crawl towards him, her breasts were controlled by her bra, yet there fullness could not be completely contained and swung a little, the dress rode up over her hips, and he could see the purple thong that matched the garters dip into her round ass. She crawled all the way over to him, and arched up against his legs using the friction to pull her dress down further, it caught on her bra and one full globe of lovely female flesh fell out for his inspection. Her nipple was taunt and rose tipped, and again Mike's cock twitched in anticipation of his wife, his slave's, sexual magic.

Mike's hand reached down to touch her breast, his voice husky with need he said, "Cassie, I want to see your other breast. She obediently reach and pulled the other side of her bra down, her bra framed and pushed her breasts towards him. His mouth went dry and his other hand reached to pull that nipple into his hands. Squeezing hard he pulled each nipple alternating which one was elongated in his firm fingers. He steadily applied more and more pressure and watched Cassie melt in front of him. The tension on her breasts flooded her already aching pussy, and her head fell back as she gave into her husband, her master's, touch.

Mike felt an overwhelming pride as he looked down at her. The dress had slid down and her arms were trapped by the folds of white organza. Her breasts pushed up towards him by her bra, her usually light pink tipped nipples reddened from the pleasurable abuse he was giving them. Her neck falling backwards, her curled hair coming free of the ribbon that tied it all back. Mike's eyes continued his perusal, noted that her skin was flushed, her eyes were closed, and he grinned to himself every time he pinched a nipple hard between his fingers, the gasp of pleasure-pain making his already stiff cock throb with need.

"Cassie, what does your programming tell you to do?"

"Master, I want to rub my pussy on you, will that please you?"

Mike groaned again, Cassie was always great in bed but she never used words like pussy or cock. To here her in a mind controlled state give up those inhibitions almost caused him to cum right there. He struggled to overcome the urge and breathing hard he gave her permission to do what she wanted. She was still on her knees, so she just splayed them apart, rubbing her pussy against his lower legs moaning her need in a keening sound that came from the back of her throat. She braced one arm behind to open her pussy lips further, and allow her clit to feel the cloth of his pant leg. Cassie feverishly humped her master's legs, her dress was pushed up around her waist, he could see that the small scrap of lavender underwear was soaked, and noticed a damp spot on the base of his trouser's legs. As she rubbed against him her moans became louder and he could tell she was close to orgasm, so he pulled hands away from her and told her to stop.

"Pleasure me now. Take my cock in your mouth, Cassie, I want to feel your lips around me. You are not allowed to cum yet, wait till I tell you that you may."

With a sultry smile Cassie stood up, "May I kiss you first, master?" Her head came to his chin, and she had to look up into his eyes for permission. Mike gave it and she wrapped her arms around his neck, raising on tiptoe she engulfed his mouth in tiny kisses. Licking his lips and tugging his bottom lip between her teeth. Mike felt like she was almost eating him alive. He broke the kiss and pushed gently on her shoulders. "My cock, now, I command you to suck my cock."

She bent her knees in obedience, he hands frantically undoing he belt her mouth on level with his cock. She pushed his pants down so that they pooled at his ankles, and shrugged the rest of the way of her dress. Anxious to please him, her eyes darkened as his cock sprang free and bounced against her mouth. The contact cause Mike to shudder and he buried his fingers in her hair. Cassie darted her tongue out to touch the tip of his cock and then relaxing her mouth took him inside. The warmth of her breathe flowing around his cock as she bobbed her moist mouth along the length of his cock felt so good and he could feel his cock twitch in need. With effort he kept from cramming her head down the full length of him and allowed her to get used to him. She alternated between little kisses down the underside of his cock, gently licking his balls, while her hands rubbed it up and down and around. As she got used to him she was able to take more and more of him. Each time she pulled back she took a deep breath of air and tried to inch pass the point in which she had taken him the previous time. It was agonizingly slow, but the torture was sweet. His finger's encouraged her stroking her hair, and when finally her nose was buried against his pubic hair he applied light pressure to the back of head, "Oh, yes Cassie, Oh god that feels so good."

Cassie stilled, his cock buried in her mouth, not letting air escape, her nose against his stomach, air denied there too. His pleasure was more important however, and she schooled herself to not panic. Her hands tightened on his thighs willing herself to stay, to please her master. "Oh Cassie-girl, oh yes, that feels so damn good." Her nails began to dig into his thigh and with a start he realized she was waiting for him to tell her she could pull back. "Cassie, breathe, drop my cock." She complied and looked up at him as her chest heaved in great gulps of air. "Oh sweetie that was wonderful," he said "but you won't get your reward that easily. Continue, but please don't put yourself in danger I would be displeased."

Cassie felt reprimanded and tears filled her eyes, "Oh master, I'm sorry, I just wanted you to feel good."

"You did good little one, please continue just don't harm yourself"

She greedily took his cock back in her mouth. Kissing back down the length of it she angled her head to gently take his ball in her mouth. One finger stroked just behind them with strong firm strokes as she carefully rolled them around her mouth. His eyes fluttered close and he could feel his orgasm building. Pre-cum began to leak out and she rolled her thumb across the tip, spreading it around. Releasing her balls she let the tip of her tongue lick the tip of his cock. Greedily tasting his moisture. The taste fueled her desire and she began to bob her head quickly on his cock, her intent to make him cum. With glazed eyes her mouth came down on him again and again, over and over, her mouth meeting her hands wrapped around the based of his cock. Mike felt his balls tighten and his hoarse voice whispered, "Cassie stop I want to cum in your sweet pussy."

Cassie frantically pulled off his cock and pushed him back into a waiting chair near the fireplace. She straddled him, moving her panties to the side to allow his cock full access to her swollen pussy. She cried out as the wonder of him pressing into her tight shaft caused her to shudder against him. Every one of her senses was focused on pleasing him, and she squeezed along the length of her master. She pushed against him, her nails digging into his shoulders, riding him, squeezing him, holding him. "Fill me with your cum master, I want you to cum deep inside of me, I don't want to fail you, let me have your cum." Cassie murmured against his ear. Mike's cock responded and with a heave he pulled her hips down against him, burying himself so deep inside his pretty slaves pussy and came, shooting sperm once, twice, three times. The feel of his cum splashing against her inside of her made her beg to cum, "Please, master may I cum?"

Her whimper and plea did not go unnoticed, "Yes! Cassie, baby, cum on my cock let me feel you cum all over me." She arched her back her breasts in his face her pussy slamming down over and over again, faster and faster his sensitized cock felt like it was going to explode. "Oh god, baby,' he groaned, the pleasure was so intense. Suddenly she stilled and with a low scream that got louder by the moment her body vibrated in a huge orgasm. Her pussy tightened so tight on his cock, and for a second he thought he might not be able to live through her powerful bliss. She slowly stopped vibrating and relaxed against him her head pillowing against his shoulder quiet little thank you masters came from her lip as she rested against her master. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. That was perfect, Cassie. Together they dozed off.

A few minutes later Mike was awakened by the feel of her moving against him, his eyes opened and he looked down at his wife against his chest. He could see signs that she was just beginning to come out of the mind control. Smiling he brought her close, wrapped his arms tight around her wondered what would happen when she came back into her self. Happy with the slave, but wanting his woman back in his arms.

Smiling he thought to himself how lucky he was and dozed back off waiting for his wife, the woman he loved, to come back to him.

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