tagBDSMA Special Last Request Ch. 04

A Special Last Request Ch. 04


This is the final installment of this series, sorry it is so long...... enjoy...... And don't forget to let me know what you think. A special thank you to my editor.


Keira had been a little bit of a brat that day, knowing that Master would punish her for it. She purposely teased Master when he was talking on the phone to clients by licking the tip of his cock, looking up into his eyes while doing so.

After dinner, Master ordered them to go to the playroom for Keira's punishment. Amber had been ordered to cuff Keira's wrists over her head with the chain hanging in the center off the room. A three foot spreader bar was attached to her ankles, spreading her wide, making her tighten the chain on her wrist cuffs. Master told Amber to kneel in front of her Mistress and lick her pussy.

When Master sensed that Keira was close to her climax, Amber was told to stop licking. Master then used the black suede medium flogger. He loved how it had a thud sound and stinging feeling when used. Master gave her five strokes of the flogger every time she was close. Keira's lower lip disappeared at the first strike on her back, letting out a deep throaty moan.

After the five strokes, Amber was told to start licking Keira's pussy again. Keira opened her mouth gasping in a deep breath as Amber's tongue touched her. Master did this several times, each time Keira's lip was sucked deeper into her mouth. Keira's back and her ass were red from the blows by the time she started begging Master to fuck her in her ass. Her body was so inflamed with the heat of arousal and pain.

Master dropped the flogger onto the floor, grabbing her ass in his hands, spreading her cheeks, his stiff cock touching her hole. Then Master stepped back from her, making Keira beg louder for him to fuck her.

"Master, pleaseeeee fuck me!"

Master placed his cock on her asshole and pushed in slowly, watching the expansion of her anal ring. When Keira felt him enter, she tried to push her ass towards his cock. Master shoved deep and hard, burying his cock in her tight ass.

Amber was told to continue licking Keira's clit. Keira went wild, her head shaking from side to side as each thrust from Master and Amber's expert tongue touched her clit; the chain rattled overhead, her knees buckled from under her.

The last thing Keira remembered was her body exploding as she passed out from the climax that racked through her body.

Amber straddled Keira's upper thighs, her hands massaging Keira's lower back when she awoke. Keira was lying on Master's bed on her stomach, resting her head on her hands. Amber kneeled at her side dripping some lotion on Keira's back. Amber slowly rubbed her hands across Keira's striped red back and ass, spreading lotion to help soothe her.

"Mistress Keira, Master's birthday is next month. Do you know what Master wants?" Amber asked as her hands massaged her Mistress's back.

"Master has not mentioned anything he wants for his birthday," Keira moaned as Amber's hand went lower down her back. "Mmmmm, oooohhh," Keira groaned.

Amber let her hands rub the lotion all over her Mistress's back. Amber started to rub the lotion over Keira's ass then moved down to her thighs.

"Mmmmmm, Amber, that feels so good," Keira moaned. "Amber, come here and lie beside me," Keira told her.

Reluctantly Amber stopped her massage on Keira's legs, crawling up to her Mistress. As Amber made her way up to her, Keira rolled on her side facing Amber, giving her a kiss.

"Can I ask you a question, Amber?" Keira asked.

"Yes, Mistress," Amber replied.

"Not as your Mistress, Amber. Sister to sister, okay?"

"Okay, Keira, ask," Amber replied placing her arms on her sister's shoulders.

"I want to do something special for Master's birthday. I want to have a tattoo placed on my pelvis, just above my pussy. I wanted to ask if you would consider a tattoo also just above your pussy? You don't have to get one, I hope you understand that I am asking this as your sister slave, not as your Mistress," Keira spoke softly so Master would not hear them.

"Amber, Bill is more than our Master, the way he is tender, caring about our needs, Bill loves us as both as wives and he is our husband. This saddens me because I know we both cannot marry him. I want to spend the rest of our lives together as a family. The only way I can show Him how much I really want to be with Him forever is to have a tattoo showing His ownership of me. I have seen how much you love Him also. I just wanted you to know that I know how you feel." Keira whispered by Amber's ear.

"Oh, yes I do love Him as much as you do, Keira. To me, Keira, you are my sister, always will be. Bill and you are my family. Yes, I want to place His mark on me also," Amber said as she hugged Keira. "Mistress, I may have an idea," Amber said rubbing more lotion on Keira, "My boss has a cabin up in the mountains. He said we could use it anytime we wanted to. May I ask him if we could use it, Mistress?"

"What do you have in mind, Amber?" Keira asked.

"We can take Master there. It is secluded in the woods and what's even better, Master can use us any way he wants."

"Mmmmmm, lovely idea, Amber, yes, ask your boss if it's okay." Keira moaned.

"Oh, thank you, Mistress. I know he will love it," Amber said as she leaned down and kissed Keira's lips. "He will be away for week before his birthday. Remember when we all went to the motorcycle shop and he saw that custom painted Harley Davidson Road King? I called them today and they still have it. Why don't we get it for him? I have talked to the salesman and he will give us a huge discount for cash. I have half the money saved and if you paid for half, we could give it to him."

"Yes, Amber, I remember that bike. Master hardly took his eyes off of it when we were there that day," Keira said moaning a little more as Amber gently massaged her breasts, "Let's buy it for him. We'll talk tomorrow at lunch, Master will be here soon," Keira said hugging Amber.

"What are you two sub's talking about?" Master asked as he walked into the bedroom.

"Oh, nothing, Master, just girl talk," Keira replied giggling.

"Why don't I believe that, Keira?" Master said raising an eyebrow smiling, as he walked over to the bed, sitting on the edge.

Bill leaned over kissing Amber on her lips first, them lying down to kiss Keira on her lips. Amber got up walking to the bathroom to wash her hands. Bill's eyes followed her every step. Keira was still lying on her stomach, moving closer to Bill, placing her hand on his cock, while kissing him on his lips. Amber walked back into the bedroom and snuggled next to Bill, placing her hand on his cock next to Keira's hand. She kissed him goodnight and they all went to sleep.

Bill awoke the following morning to the feel of two pairs of lips kissing his cock. He never tired of this morning wake up ritual from them. Since it was Saturday morning and none of them had to work, he might as well enjoy what they were doing.

"Mmmm, good morning, slaves," he said placing his hands on their heads, grasping them by the hair, pulling both of them to his lips, kissing them both.

"Master, good morning," Keira purred.

"Good morning, Master," Amber added.

"May Amber and I go out to lunch today, Master? We would like to do a little shopping." Keira asked looking deep into Bill's eyes.

"Keira, you know you don't need to ask my permission if you and Amber want to go out shopping. Go out and enjoy the afternoon," Bill said hugging her.

"I know that, Master, but it makes me feel better when I ask you," Keira explained.

"What are your plans for today, Master?" Keira asked.

"Nothing special; I was going to relax in the pool and work on my tan."

"Oooo, naked, Master?" Amber giggled.

"Yes, naked, slave," Bill chuckled.

"Mmmmmm," both the slaves moaned.

"Let's get Master's breakfast cooked, Amber, then we can leave," Keira said jumping out of bed.

After everything was put away, Keira and Amber went to get ready to go shopping. Keira chose her red sundress that buttoned up the front, with slits on the side. She liked how this dress just showed the top of her breasts, letting her wavy blonde hair fall onto her shoulders. She chose her red high heeled open toed sandals for her feet, these made her legs stand out. The gold chain that had the locket of Bill and Amber's picture in it graced her neck.

Amber decided on wearing her beige strapless sundress, with a light peach floral pattern, just like Keira's, her dress had slit on the sides. Amber put her auburn hair in a loose pony tail down her back. A small silver necklace with two hearts went around her neck. Amber wore her three inch beige heels.

When they were done getting dressed, both slaves went to the patio where Bill was sitting reading the paper in the morning sun.

"We are ready to leave, Master," Keira said as she and Amber raised their dresses showing Bill their naked pussies.

"Come over here and give your Master a kiss, slaves, then you both may go," Bill ordered, smiling.

Keira and Amber walked towards Bill letting their dresses fall back in place. Both slaves leaned down giving their wonderful Master a kiss.

As they turned to leave, Bill asked grinning, "How much is today going to cost me you two?"

"Nothing, Master, we are using our money," Amber replied looking at Keira grinning.

Keira and Amber walked away, swaying their hips for Bill as he watched them leave.

"Where do we go first, Keira?" Amber asked.

"The bike dealership is first, we have to put a deposit down on the motorcycle. There is a tattoo parlor just down the street from the dealership, we can stop there and see what we can find for our tattoos," Keira said as she started the car, backing out of the driveway.

"Do you think Bill will be mad at us for getting tattoos, Keira?" Amber asked.

"Well, he might be upset about them, but when we explain the reason why we got them, I think he will be pleased," Keira replied.

"I hope so," Amber sighed.

As they pulled into the dealership, the bike was sitting outside on display. Their hopes sank a little when they saw someone looking at the bike. Quickly walking in, Amber found Ken, the salesman she talked to on the phone.

"May I help you, ladies?" Ken asked as he walked up to them.

"Hi, I am Amber. I talked to you the other day about that bike out front. We want to place a deposit on it today. We can come back Monday with the balance." Amber boldly said extending her hand to him.

"Yes, of course, I remember that you called, wait here for minute please," Ken said.

Ken walked over to his desk, opening a drawer. He found the sold sign and went outside placing it on the bike. As he approached the bike, the gentleman that was looking at it walked away.

After Ken placed the sign on the bike, he walked back inside, "Follow me, ladies, and we will fill out the paperwork. Ken pulled two chairs away from his desk and asked them to have a seat.

"Will you be financing this bike?" He asked Amber.

"No, we will bring cash Monday afternoon, if that's all right," Amber replied.

"That's fine, all I will need is a deposit of ten percent today with the balance on Monday," Ken explained.

"It will take me a few minutes to fill out the paperwork, would you both like something to drink while I do this? There is a lounge in back with soda and coffee dispensers," Ken asked.

"Yes, thank you, we will," Keira said.

"Good, I will come and get you ladies when I am finished then," Ken replied, standing up as they left.

As they walked to the lounge they felt several pairs of eyes follow their footsteps as they walked away. They poured two cups of water sitting down at the table to wait.

"Master will be so surprised when he see's this in the garage," Keira whispered trying not to be overheard.

"Oh yes, he will be surprised, Mistress," Amber giggled, patting Keira's hand.

They sat there for a half hour when they saw Ken walk up to them, "The papers are ready to sign, ladies." Ken went over the figures on the bike explaining it to them, both slaves nodding in agreement as he spoke. "Now all I need is the deposit, your signatures here and here," Ken pointed where to sign.

Amber pulled her check book from her purse asking, "How much is the deposit, Ken?"

"The total deposit is one thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars, that's ten percent. I gave you a five percent discount for cash," Ken replied.

Amber wrote the check handing it to Ken asking for a favor, "Can you deliver the bike to our house in two weeks? You see, it is a special birthday gift for someone we both love very deeply."

"No problem at all, Amber. I just need the day you would like it delivered to the house, no extra charge," Ken answered.

As they walked away from him, Ken wondered who this special person was that these two beautiful women loved so much. As they walked out they stopped, looking at the bike they had just bought, smiling wide, they walked to the car and drove away. The tattoo parlor was a few blocks down from the dealership, as they pulled in the parking lot Keira felt a little nervous. This was a huge step for her. She was going to permanently mark her body with a tattoo. She hoped she made the right choice.

Amber looked over to Keira, "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am fine, just nervous," Keira said.

"Me, too," Amber added.

As they walked in the door of the parlor, they were stunned to see hundreds of colorful pictures of tattoos on the walls.

"This going to be hard to chose, Amber. Look at all the designs they have," Keira gasped clutching Amber's hand in hers.

"May I help you, ladies?" the woman behind the counter asked.

Keira saw the tattoos that adorned the woman's arms and upper chest.

"May we look around for a bit?" Amber asked.

"Sure, take your time," the woman said.

Keira and Amber spent over an hour looking for just the right one to get, finally Keira decided on an angel with wings, holding a heart to her chest. The heart was large enough to hold Bill's initials inside it. The only thing she would request to change is the color of the angel's hair. It had black hair and she wanted to make sure it was blonde like her own.

Amber found the one she wanted. It was a pair of handcuffs with long stemmed roses wrapped around each cuff. She wanted to have M.B., for Master Bill, tattooed in one of the cuffs and M.K., for Mistress Keira, in the other. They made the appointment for the following Monday after Bill left on his trip. The tattoo artist said it would take several hours to do the tattoos. Keira asked her name.

"My friends call me Karen," the artist replied, "I own this store."

As they walked back to the car Keira asked Amber, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am sure, Mistress."

"We better go do some shopping, Amber. Master might be suspicious if we come home empty handed," Keira chuckled.

Keira and Amber went to the mall going to their favorite stores and bought a few things to cover themselves. They had a quick late lunch at the Olive Garden near the mall.

"Amber, I hate keeping this from Master. I hope he likes what we are doing," Keira said on the way home.

"I believe he will love it, Mistress, but I think the punishment we will get for the tattoos will be worth it." Amber smiled, thinking of the punishment her and Keira would have to endure.

Walking into the house with their parcels both slaves stopped, instantly removing their clothes before they went to their room. As they walked to their bedroom, Keira saw Master lying on a float in the pool, naked.

"Let's go join Master, Amber," Keira grinned as she went running out onto the patio, jumping in the pool with Amber close behind her. Both slaves hit the water about the same time, the waves from them tipped Master off the float into the pool.

As Bill came up for air, he was trying to hold back a laugh and tried to be stern with them when he heard Amber say, "We are home, Master. Did you miss us?"

"Oh what am I going to do with you two?" Bill broke out laughing.

"Love us," both slaves chirped in unison.

"That I do, now come and give me hug," Bill ordered.

As both slaves got near him, he placed his hands on their heads and pushed down, dunking them. They spent the rest of the day in the pool, when Keira suggested that they order in dinner. The weekend went fast as they spent the entire time enjoying each other.

Monday morning came and they settled back into their routine. Keira was always up first making breakfast, then joining Amber in waking up Master with his morning cock sucking.

Keira's cell phone rang, "Hi, Amber," she answered.

"It is all set. My boss agreed to let us use his cabin next weekend. I asked him if I could have Monday off to tend to some personal matters, he even gave me Friday off so we can go up to the cabin early. The best part is that he gave me his spare key telling me that we can use it anytime we want. Did you make arrangements for Monday to be off? Can you also get Friday off so we can go and set up the cabin?" Amber asked Keira.

"Yes, I have some personal time that I can take. I will tell my boss after we hang up. What time do you want me to meet you at the bank?" Keira asked.

"How does lunch time sound, then we can go to the dealership together and pay for the bike." Amber replied.

"Fine with me, slave," Keira said changing her words.

"Oh, thank you, Mistress, mmmm, I love when you call me slave," Amber moaned, as a sudden flow of wetness flowed down her thighs.

Amber had called Ken telling him that they would be there at lunch to pay the balance. When they arrived at the dealership, Ken was waiting by the door, "Good afternoon, ladies, I have everything ready for you."

"What time next Friday do you want the bike to be delivered?" Ken asked making notes on the file.

"As early as you can, Ken. We have to go out of town that afternoon," Keira replied.

"About nine a.m. all right?" Ken asked.

"Perfect, Ken, thank you so much," Keira said shaking his hand as they got up to leave.

Ken was curious, he had to ask who this special man was that they cared about, "Who is the lucky man getting this bike, Keira, your brother maybe?"

"No, he is not our brother. He is our Master!" Keira stated proudly as she turned and walked away from Ken.

Ken stood there with his mouth wide open in disbelief. Did he hear what he thought he heard...their Master? Keira and Amber hurried out the door getting in to the car, laughing hard.

"Mistress, I can't believe you said that to him," she said between laughs.

"Well the way he stared at us, I wanted him to know we were taken." Keira said, adding, "I did shock him though, didn't I?"

"Yes you did, Mistress," Amber said turning her head, seeing Ken still standing with his mouth open.

During the week, Bill saw a subtle change in the slaves. They were whispering quietly a lot, so he couldn't hear them. They always had a quick answer to his questions of what they were talking about. They were even being good to the point of making him wonder what they were up to. Bill was packing his case with the papers he would need for his client, when he looked up to the calendar on the wall. There was a heart drawn on the fifteenth of the month. His birthday, he now knew that they were up to something for that day, but what he did not know.

"Master, before you leave, can we talk to you, please?" Keira asked entering the room.

"Why is the date on the calendar circled, Keira?" Bill asked.

"That's what we want to talk to you about, Master." Keira replied, adding, "Come into the living room, Amber and I have something wonderful to tell you."

Bill followed his naked slave out into the living room. Amber was standing in the center of the room, with her hands behind her back, her legs slightly parted. She had a huge smile on her face as Keira stood next her in her slave pose.

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