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A Special Valentine


Readers -- for my Valentine's tale this year, I brought back some old and familiar characters. For those of you new to my writing, please read "The Twelve Lays of Christmas" and "There is Baking and There is Cooking" if you want to learn the history of our players. Enjoy the story ~~ BrettJ


Thomas Wickham swung his legs out of bed and tried not to yelp when his bare feet hit the cold bedroom floor. It was one of the things he didn't like about the house. True, it had its charms, but buying the rambling Colonial-style home would not have been his first choice. He thought it too big for just himself and his wife, but Cherie had fallen in love with it at first sight and that was that. He would have done anything to make her happy because Cheryl "Cherie" Partridge had brought the sun back to his life a few scant years ago. Theirs had been a whirlwind courtship and yet, he knew she, like himself, had no regrets.

He put on his slippers and looked over at his sleeping wife. Even with her hair all tousled, she looked beautiful. She truly was one of those women who could roll out of bed looking spectacular and with a few quick applications, become even more so. Small wonder he had fallen in love with her so quickly, although her personality had been the clincher. She brought him an all-encompassing love and passion and held nothing back. From their very first date, Cherie had woven her magic. Nothing had gone stale in their relationship, even after these years together. Last night had proven that, Thomas was weary and his bones creaked a little from all his exertions. She was a very demanding lover and he had stepped up his game considerably since she had become his wife. The experiences he had shared with Cherie would have been enough for a lifetime, perhaps even several. That didn't count to Cherie and he knew they had barely scratched the surface.

Given a choice, Thomas would have loved to have slept until noon and then, re-acquainted himself with his wife's passionate body. He didn't have that option today, not if he wanted his plans to come off with no glitches. He shook the cobwebs from his brain and went downstairs to make coffee for himself and for Cherie. Usually when Thomas awoke, Cherie wasn't long in following and vice-versa. The happy couple always spent their mornings together and sometimes, his gorgeous wife would try to lure him back to bed. She often succeeded. What good was owning your own business if you couldn't come in late every so often? He knew his staff at Le Petite Chou was more than capable of handling things until he arrived. He trusted Brandi with every facet of the business and she had repaid his trust over and over again.

The coffee had barely finished brewing when Cherie walked into the kitchen. She was already dressed and showered, he often marveled at how fast his lovely wife could accomplish all of that. Wearing a silk blouse, tight black pants and heels, she looked as if she was going out to work in a fashion house and not at a high-end food store. That's where they had met and Cherie loved working at the Pear Tree. She was part of their extended family.

"I didn't think you'd be able to rise this early," Cherie smiled as she kissed her husband on the cheek. He handed her a cup of coffee.

"Since when have I had trouble rising?" Thomas punned. That got a smile out of her and earned him another kiss. One of Cherie's proudest accomplishments was the fact she had loosened him up a bit. It had been one of her mother-in-law's requests at their wedding. Not that she hadn't noticed immediate potential in the handsome British chef.

"Well darling, after last night, I'm not complaining," Cherie smiled and sipped her coffee. She let out a satisfied sigh that was an unspoken compliment to her husband's wonderful coffee. Cherie had married a man who did everything well and were she not intent on maintaining her figure, she could well have weighed a few hundred pounds. Even something as simple as a cup of coffee was a masterpiece when made by Tommy. She chuckled to herself as she remembered that she was one of the few women in the world allowed to call him that. Most of the time, he hated it.

"So, good looking, are you going to tell me what you have planned for us today?" Cherie asked, nuzzling his neck.

"Today? What's so special about today?" He teased, knowing it would bug her just a little. He was right, she punched him in the arm. As he rubbed his arm, he smiled and gave her a kiss. "Are you planning to tell me what you have planned, my lovely Valentine?"

"Not a chance," Cherie smiled and shook her head. She knew the surprise -- actually, the first surprise -- would garner a lot of smiles. The second, and biggest of the surprises, would wait until much later tonight. She knew that Thomas would plan something magical and all she would have to do is show up.

Thomas had everything all planned out, nothing at all had been left to chance. These next few days would be something she would not soon forget if he knew Cherie -- and he did. Even though she could still manage to surprise him, the sexy brunette was his soul mate. If he performed some romantic gesture on her behalf, she always appreciated it and the way she showed her appreciation made it all worthwhile.

"Mike's giving me a few days off, isn't that nice of him?" Cherie smiled as she poured herself some more coffee. Thomas didn't tell his bride that he had arranged that with Mike and that his longtime friend was more than happy to help. "So, we can start celebrating a little early, if you like."

"Sounds great to me gorgeous, I just need to set up for the lunch crowd and then you'll have me all to yourself," Thomas grinned. He had a few things to discuss with Brandi and then everything was ready to go. He finished his coffee, kissed Cherie goodbye and made his way to the restaurant. A small part of him wondered if he might be even more excited than Cherie would be when she discovered all of her surprise.

Cherie ran upstairs and found the first of her husband's gifts. Irina had come up with the idea. Her ex-roommate had suggested that she have some photographs taken and make them into a very sexy calendar. Cherie was intrigued by the idea and Irina suggested a friend of hers, a lovely photographer who often did these kinds of things. Cherie rummaged through her collection of lingerie, heels and other accessories. Her libido thrilled to the thought of giving her husband some exciting new fantasies. She had often thought about posing in such a manner, Cherie had no hang-ups whatsoever about her body.

Cherie had planned meticulously what it was she wanted in the calendar. Despite all of that, her plans went flying out the window when she met the photographer. Cherie Wickham was not the type of woman who got flustered easily. This was an exception to the rule. Amelia Prince would get anyone in a tizzy. Tall, sexy, with skin the color of cocoa and expressive brown eyes, she made Cherie weak-kneed. Try as she might, she couldn't speak in full sentences for a good ten minutes after meeting the woman. Why hadn't Irina told her that her friend was so stunning? Cherie realized that she had answered her own question. Irina was playing one of her little games. Her one-time lover was trying to set her up for a little discreet encounter.

Okay, she could deal with that. If it happened, so be it. Tommy knew that she had occasional dalliances with women, he had witnessed her and Irina. He was aware that she'd had a little fling with Brandi and it was she who had set Brandi up with Irina. The three of them had enjoyed a time of erotic pleasures that Cherie would remember until her dying day. She was never dishonest with Tommy, although she still had her secrets. She enjoyed revealing little snippets of them to her husband and watching how he reacted. Being mysterious had kept spice in their marriage.

"God, you're gorgeous," Amelia said in a honeyed tone. "Irina undersold you, she said you were lovely. Fuck that, you're the hottest bitch I've ever seen. Do you play?"

Cherie decided to play it a bit coy and have some fun. "Sometimes," she said in a sensual purr. "If someone makes me the right offer."

"Consider it made," Amelia told her. Her clothes were so tight that they looked to be painted on. Cherie was dying to see the sensual photographer in her birthday suit, yet she was still playing the game. She smiled and sat down in a comfortable chair. Regaining her wits, she explained to Amelia what it was she wanted to accomplish. The lovely photographer smiled at Cherie and nodded. "We can make that happen," Amelia told her, taking Cherie's hands in her own. "But I will require a substantial down payment."

"I probably have enough, what do you need?" Cherie asked.

"A kiss," Amelia said with a merry laugh. "A really good one as a promise of what we're going to do when we're done filming."

Cherie nodded and felt a warmth suffuse her entire body. It had been quite some time since she had been this aroused by another woman. She stood up and let Amelia put her arms around her. Their lip lock seemed to suck the air from the lungs of the pair of them. Cherie was practically panting when they broke their heated embrace.

"You've done that before," Amelia smiled at her client.

"Yes, I'm bi-sexual. I had a relationship with a woman before I married my husband," Cherie told her new friend.


Cherie nodded that Amelia had guessed correctly and the seductive black woman laughed merrily. "That gorgeous blonde bitch, she always got the best tail," she smiled sweetly at Cherie. Under normal circumstances, Cherie might have taken umbrage at Amelia's comment, but she liked the woman's bold, forthright manner. She smiled back and asked her new friend if she had also bedded Irina.

"Yeah, but it was a while back," Amelia sighed. "She's got a steady girlfriend now and the relationship seems rock-solid."

"It is, I introduced them," Cherie told Amelia. She thought about telling Amelia just how she had made the introduction and then thought better of it. Her friends had a right to their privacy. Still, perhaps in the near future, she could re-acquaint herself with Brandi and with Irina in her former manner -- and invite Amelia along as her special guest. That remained to be seen. Cherie shivered again and thought of what was to happen later. As much as she wanted these photos for Tommy to come out great, she hoped that she would have a nice amount of time to play with Amelia. The gorgeous photographer gave off an aura of delicious, decadent sex. She went to the room where Amelia told her she could change and her heart was racing. Cherie was anxious to boldly display her gorgeous body to Amelia and flirt as much as necessary to have the woman drooling over her.

Cherie had chosen some of her sexiest lingerie and outfits. Some of these things her Tommy had never seen before, they had been relegated to the back of her closet since before their marriage. Some, like her PVC corset and matching boots, were downright kinky. She knew her husband well enough to know they'd get his motor running. She was going to start demure and work her way up. To start, she'd chosen a white negligee that Tommy often mentioned as being one of his favorites. He thought it made his wife look elegant. That was how she intended to start -- work from elegant to sexy to outright pervy. It would be a calendar to fuel Tommy's most incredible fantasies throughout the year. When Tommy got to January, she hoped that he'd be ready to fuck the shit out of her. She gave out a small little sigh as she thought of her husband and lover. No matter what transpired in their day, they never seemed to lack passion.

Cherie twirled and spun around and did whatever Amelia instructed her to do. She thought of nothing but sex as she posed, sex with Tommy, sex with Amelia, sex with Irina and Brandi and many of the lovers of her past. She felt naughty tingles surging through her body as she posed and was sure it would show in the photos. A number of times, she caught Amelia wiping her brow and Cherie was sure it wasn't just from the hot lights in the studio. She was turning Amelia on and that was fun. Here she was, living out a long-held fantasy and it was only going to get better after she was done!

The two of them finished by 4 PM and before Cherie even had a chance to move, Amelia pulled her close and kissed her, hard. "If those fucking pictures got any hotter, my camera would have melted," she told Cherie when she finished kissing her. "God, but you are a sexy, exciting bitch. Are you ready now? Can I finally fuck you?"

Now it was Cherie's turn to pounce. With her agile tongue, she gave her assent. "If you weren't ready by now, I was going to jump you and rip your clothes off and fuck you," she said to the woman. "I'm not the only sexy and exciting bitch in this room."

"Yeahhh," Amelia said with a breathy sigh. She took Cherie's hand and led her to a beautifully decorated bedroom, replete with a gorgeous 4-poster bed. For a few minutes, the two beauties just sat on the edge of the bed, kissing and touching. That wouldn't last too long, Cherie sensed. Their need for each other was almost palpable.

As if sensing Cherie's thoughts, Amelia stood up and began removing her clothes, putting a little wiggle here and there to add some spice to the moment. She neatly folded her attire over a nearby chair and bit by bit, her enticing lingerie was revealed to an admiring Cherie. It was pink and white and lacy and with her heels making her legs so long and shapely, Cherie was practically drooling. When she sat back down beside Cherie, she took Cherie's hands and placed them on her breasts. "Feel my tits," Amelia breathed. "I've wanted you to touch them ever since you walked in the door."

Cherie gave free rein to her desires and fondled the gorgeous woman's round and perfect tits. Amelia's body was so sensual that there were sculptures not as perfect as she was. Dark and sensual, her voice dropped to a throaty purr as Cherie caressed her. The lovely brunette lowered her newest lover to the bed and licked the large, dark, silver-dollar nipples. That got the desired response, several low and guttural moans from Amelia and she could also see a damp patch at the gusset of Amelia's tiny thong. She was only just starting, Cherie intended to make that lovely pussy cream in very short order. "I feel like I can be a total slut with you," Cherie hissed through clenched teeth. "Can we be whores together?"

"We can be anything you want, only don't stop what you're doing," Amelia moaned softly. "God, this is the best I've felt in a long, long time."

Cherie allowed herself a self-congratulatory smile at that comment. She used her talented hands to move all over the black woman's sexy body and when Amelia lifted her hips, she removed her tiny pink thong. A beautiful, shaved pussy awaited her, replete with fresh juices and a sensual musk. There was such a heady feeling surging throughout Cherie as she went down on her new lover, using a tongue that had brought many beautiful women to orgasms. She didn't stop licking and sucking until she had done that for Amelia. The hot photographer thrashed about the bed so much when she came that she nearly dislodged her partner.

"Baby, you can eat my cunt any time you want," Amelia groaned, using raw language to excite the sexy, auburn-haired model. "Okay, you gorgeous bitch, hold on tight because I'm no slouch when it comes to cunnilingus either."

Within seconds, Cherie Wickham nee Partridge, discovered that Amelia was not prone to idle boasting. Her dark-skinned playmate had a long and skilled tongue that slathered all over her pussy and body. Despite the snug PVC Cherie was wearing, her naughty friend managed to get to all of the right places. Cherie found herself thrashing about as well and using profanities that were equal to the ones that Amelia had voiced just minutes earlier. She was having a blast sexing it up with this woman and as Amelia brought her to the crest of orgasm, she knew Tommy was going to get his brains fucked out later tonight.

"I hope we're not done," Cherie panted as she sat up and kissed Amelia. She could taste the sweetness of her own juices on Amelia's soft, plump lips.

"Fuck bitch, not a chance in hell," Amelia said light-heartedly. "I don't let anyone leave my bed until they're almost too weak to walk," she laughed. "Do you like toys and things like that?"

"Slut, I like it all," Cherie laughed, playing the word games she sensed that Amelia liked in bed. "What do you have in mind?"

Amelia went into her closet and came out with an assortment of toys, gadgets and oils. "I have a lot of things in mind," she smiled. "You can do to me and I can do to you. Where do we start?"

Cherie looked at the pile of sexy goodies and found something she liked. "Here," she said, holding out her hand to show Amelia. "I've always wanted to try these," she grinned, displaying the sexy anal beads. Amelia nodded and helped Cherie out of the remainder of her PVC outfit, save for the sexy, high-heeled boots. She licked and slurped at Cherie's ass to lube her up before inserting the beads. When she took them out, one by one, Cherie nearly went through the roof. The feeling had been wonderful, the stimulation was so intense. For herself, Amelia chose a set of Ben-Wa balls that vibrated. Cherie licked and sucked all over Amelia's lanky body while the balls did their work. When she got to Amelia's pussy, her friend gushed all over her face as she let out a shriek that would wake centuries of the dead.

The two women were far from done. They used a double dildo to fuck each other, neither of them giving a quarter. Then, they performed a sixty-nine that was hotter than most porn movies. The two of them were shaking when they broke apart and Cherie realized that she could barely walk. What Amelia had said to her earlier came back to her mind and she smiled.

"I have to be going in a while," Cherie sighed. "My husband isn't closing his restaurant tonight, so he'll be home in a few hours. I wish I had a lot more time, but I don't," she told Amelia with regrets.

"Do you have a bit more time?" Amelia questioned.

"I suppose so, but I'm not sure I have the strength," Cherie giggled. "Just what did you have in mind?"

"I want to take a few more photos for the calendar, a little bonus," Amelia told her and outlined her plan to Cherie. She smiled and nodded, knowing that this calendar would make a wonderful gift for her husband, especially with the bonus content her friend had suggested. It would make for the best Valentine's Day gift of all, save for the one surprise she was keeping until the very end.

As early as it was when he arrived at the restaurant, Thomas was not at all surprised to find Brandi Ledford already there. She often arrived at the restaurant before him. She was sitting in a booth, having coffee with Irina. Thomas still was charmed by their relationship, something that had come about as a result of both women's friendship with his wife. Cherie shone her light on everyone and they all seemed to blossom. The two lovelies were holding hands and smiling, close as two peas in a pod. They both smiled when they noticed him arrive and stood up to hug him.

"Is everything ready, bossman?" Brandi asked, using the nickname she always called him. Thomas smiled and nodded.

"I just hope everything goes according to plan," Thomas said, allowing himself a moment of doubt. He sat down to join the women for a much-needed cup of coffee.

"You and I went over every detail with a fine-tooth comb," Irina said, brushing a blonde lock from her face. "Next to you, no one knows more about Cherie than I do. This plan is fool proof and even if -- and I do stress IF -- a few glitches happen, just your being together will make it wonderful," she told him, patting his hand. Thomas smiled and thanked her. His gift to his loving wife had been engineered by Irina and she was right, she did know his wife well -- and intimately. He knew bits and pieces about Irina's past with Cherie and had witnessed one of their shared moments, yet he still would have liked to have known more. Thomas was smart enough not to pry because with each little piece of new information he gleaned from Cherie, there was usually a sexy surprise that went with it.

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