A Special Valentine Gift to Share


John's arm circles my waist and draws me close to him again. I feel Diana watching as he turns to look at me. Time stops. We look at each other. In this moment I sense that we both know that our relationship is poised on the threshold of yet another level. We will never be able to go back. Each of us and also the relationship that we share, will forever be changed by this experience. We smile softly at each other.

"Cassie, now I understand," John says. "You really can relax now. Everything will be fine. I know you trust me. I won't let you down. You won't be disappointed."

The complete trust and deep, deep sense of caring between us is palatable. I finally allow myself to totally relax into his arms.

After a moment I ask, "Now, John, don't you want to get more comfortable?"

Diana has already picked up on this next step. She's beginning to unbutton his shirt. I reach forward, unhook his belt and unzip his pants. I reach in to gently slide them down and feel something different. John is definitely a white briefs kind of guy, but what I'm feeling is clearly not cotton. I lean back and watch his pants fall to the floor. Just at that moment Diana eases his shirt off. He stands before us in beautiful flame red silk boxer shorts.

"Wow!" Diana says.

"Oh John, what a wonderful surprise," I say.

"Well killer, you're not the only one who has a few surprises in store for the evening."


I step out of my shoes. I reach down to take off my socks. My dick is straining against the red silk shorts; ready for anything. Other than the huge bulge in my shorts of course, my reaction is, wow, Cassie sure has outdone herself this time; followed immediately by, what did I do to deserve this? My fantasy come true; two beautiful desirable women in the same room, ready for each other and for me. What's next? The anticipation is killing me.

I look at the two women before me. Neither is young, nor particularly shapely in the Madison Avenue sense of the word. But each is soft and curvy; with sweetly scented hair and beautiful creamy skin. Each stands before me proud and confident in her own body; sensuously dressed in push up bras, garters and stockings. Each smiles seductively at me. I hope that means what I think it means. I'm ready. What an incredible Valentine Gift. I can't wait to see where Cassie will take this next.

I place my glass down and refill theirs. Better the champagne in them, I think, than in me.

Cassie takes one hand; Diana the other. I notice the rose petals on the floor. What the heck is that? There seems to be a trail of pink and white and red petals leading around a corner. The women lead me in that direction. The bedroom....finally. There in front of us is a huge heart shaped bed covered in red satin sheets. There are candles everywhere and lots and lots of mirrors, even above the bed.

"We have something to show you, John," says Cassie as she slips off my red boxer shorts. "Make yourself comfortable on the bed. My penis springs to attention, finally released. I'm ready for anything and everything that is yet to come.

They join me on the bed, kneeling face-to-face right in front of me. Cassie reaches for Diana. The lacy bras come off as their hands gently explore the other's breasts. Diana bends to take the fullness of Cassie's nipple in her mouth. I watch as she sucks gently, occasionally taking it between her teeth.


Cassie and I had decided to begin the evening with each other, inviting John to watch. Cassie hoped that John might learn a few subtle techniques tonight. Her first experience with me had been intense. She realized that as another woman, I understood clearly what she asked for. I learned that Cassie likes to start off slow, but wants the pressure and pace to escalate very quickly. Cassie loves the back and forth of soft, gentle sex and then hard, driving sex. She told me that she thought John understood that. She said that she was multi-orgasmic with John, to a level unmatched with other men. She thought it was because he moved so smoothly back and forth between soft and gentle and hard and driving.

But she didn't think he understood just how hard and driving she wanted it; especially with his mouth on her breasts and in her pussy. He thrust into her with his penis incredibly hard. She wanted him to learn she liked it a little hard with his mouth too. Most men don't realize that many women, including Cassie, like just the slightest bit of a 'hard edge' to sex. They were way too timid; probably too conditioned to be afraid of hurting a woman and/or heaven forbid, being accused of being 'insensitive.' But Cassie's body is strong and sturdy at the same time it is soft and yielding. She can take a lot more pressure than John seemed to be aware of.

I intensify the touch of my mouth on Cassie's breasts; my fingers are in her vagina. The other hand roams freely over the soft curves of her body. My mouth continues to suck and bite on her nipples. Cassie's hands are cupping my bottom, firmly massaging each cheek.

Taking my mouth from Cassie's nipple, I open my mouth to her kiss. Just before kissing her, I place my wet fingers in her mouth. "Do you like the way you taste, Cassie," I ask. Our mouths explore each other. Our hands reach down and gently ease off the silk and lace panties that we each wear. Moments later we find ourselves lying close together on the bed, mouth to pussy, pussy to mouth.

Even if we had not 'practiced' before tonight, I knew that I'd have a sense of what Cassie would like. We've been talking for years. I'd been paying attention. And a woman knows another woman's body in a way that a man never can. I begin very slowly, my tongue barely flicking on Cassie's clitoris. There is no hurry and I have learned that Cassie likes to start off slowly.

Many men approach the beginning of oral sex on a woman in the same way that they like it preformed on them. Slowly and gently enough to have the shaft covered well with saliva, and then rapidly up and down with either mouth and/or hands. I know that Cassie wants slower and gentler, longer than any man would even consider possible.

As my tongue flicks across Cassie's labia, I gently begin to draw the now swelling clit into my mouth. At first I suck softly. Over time the pressure increases. The flick of my tongue goes faster, my sucking and even the feel of my teeth increase in intensity. I feel Cassie's hips begin to rock slowly. I feel the quivering of the inner and outer lips of her labia. Her clit is hard. I can feel her first orgasm building. I can hear Cassie's heavy breathing. Her tongue has stilled, as she experiences her first orgasm of the evening.

Cassie told me that John frequently teases her about being unable to 'give and receive' simultaneously. She admitted to having trouble concentrating on the giving of pleasure when she was also receiving pleasure. And the better the pleasure, the more trouble Cassie has. I know that Cassie wants to please me. Now that she has had her first orgasm she begins to focus on me. Cassie continues to suck my labia. Her tongue dances hard and fast over my swollen clit. I ease up on her; giving her space to concentrate on me. I can feel the first orgasm building. "Faster now Cassie; faster and harder. I want to really feel your mouth, your tongue, your teeth. I'm coming now Cassie, don't stop."


I watch them closely. Their limbs are entwined in a classic 69 position. Cassie lying on her back; Diana above her on her knees. They tenderly tease and tempt each other. I'm amazed. I've always wanted to watch two women go down on each other. This is so hot. I know that their amazing sensitivity to themselves and to each other really raises the bar. I wonder if I can be as good as they are. I pay attention. I want to learn more, especially tips and techniques that will provide more pleasure for Cassie. Diana seems to be a whole lot harder with her mouth on Cassie than I usually am. I wonder if that means she likes that? I can't wait to try.

My hands explore their bodies. Cassie looks at me and smiles. "That feels great, John. Don't stop." My hands move gently over their breasts. Diana has a classic hourglass figure, much like Cassie's. Her breasts are large; maybe even larger than Cassie's.

"Do you want some of this John," Cassie asks.

"Oh ya. I thought you'd never ask," I say, aware of the throbbing in my dick.

Cassie lies down on her back and my mouth goes straight for her breasts. I grab a nipple between my teeth. I bit down more firmly than usual, trying to mimic the pressure I sensed Diana had used. My hands move across her body. I grab her firmly. My fingers find her wet pussy. I don't think I've ever been this hot for her. I move my mouth to her pussy and try some of the moves, I saw them use on each other. I can feel Cassie responding beneath me. I think my dick is about to explode.

Diana moves behind me. I can feel the heat coming from her body. She reaches in front of me and takes my penis in her hands. My eyes open with a start and I look down at Cassie.

"It's OK John," she says quietly. "Diana is here for you too."

Permission granted. I take my fingers, wet from Cassie's pussy, turn slightly toward Diana and stick them into her mouth. She smiles at me. "Cassie tastes great," says Diana.

My body is on fire; so many incredible new sensations. Slow down, I silently tell myself. It's going to be a long night and we all want this to last....

"John," Cassie says, "Taste Diana." I gently pull away from Cassie and turn to face Diana. She immediately opens her mouth for my kiss. Cassie's hands join Diana's on my dick. This is incredible. My fantasies were never this hot.

Chapter Five


Our bodies shift silently on the bed. My tongue is gliding over Diana's wet and swollen vulva. The sensations that she is orchestrating in me are intense, but there is something missing. John. I shift her body just slightly to reach for his hugely erect penis. He opens his eyes for a moment to look at me as I slowly lower my mouth down the entire length of his shaft. I always tell him that his penis is perfect for me. I take the full length and width of him comfortably into my mouth. As the months pass and my trust in him grows, I have learned to take even more in, until the tip of his penis begins to ease down the back of my throat. John loves that. I love John's penis and I love it in my mouth.

Diana continues to suck on my vulva; John's mouth is now pleasuring Diana. Our bodies are melting together like newborn puppies suckling at their mother's teats. I know John. I know what he likes and how he likes it. My mouth works from experience born of a deep level of intimacy. With the extra stimulation of his mouth in Diana's pussy and my hands and mouth on his penis, I can feel John is close to orgasm. I'm also not at all surprised when he raises his head from the dampness of Diana's vulva to say, "Stop, Cassie. I don't want to come yet. I have more to share with both of you."


My loins are on fire. I look down at my fully engorged, throbbing penis. I have never felt so powerful, so male. As they shift their bodies around on the bed, I wonder what will come next. My dick needs the feel of a tight hot orifice surrounding it; a pussy, an ass, anything. I want to be surrounded by a woman. I need to push.

Cassie is on her back. I move toward her instinctively. I raise her legs in the air and thrust deep into her vagina without even thinking. It is a move born of the intimate knowledge of her body. I begin to push deep inside her; so deep that I can feel the tip of her cervix. We'd experienced that before, but never so quickly with my first penetration. "Cassie you feel great," I murmur.

I can feel each orgasm wash over her body. I take her to the edge and she allows the release to flow through her. Over and over, I feel her shudder beneath me.

I can feel Diana behind me. She's grasping my ass and cupping my balls in her warm soft hands. She leans into me and brushes her breasts against my back. Cassie is looking straight into my eyes as her fingers play with my nipples. I push harder and deeper into Cassie's welcoming pussy. My balls slap against her bottom. I can feel Diana's hands moving to Cassie again. I kneel above Cassie and watch the full length of my penis thrust in and out of her I catch glimpses of Diana's fingers probing Cassie's ass. I wonder if Cassie shared with Diana how much she enjoys anal penetration.

"Diana," I say, "in the other room there is a red gift bag. Can you please bring it here?"

Diana moves away from us. She comes back to the bed with the bag. She leans down to kiss Cassie. I hold still, my cock deep inside Cassie.

"I have some things for you Cassie." Do you want Diana to show them to you?"

"Yes, John," Cassie says.


I watch Cassie's face as Diana pulls each new toy out of the big red bag. I know that she loves toys; the more the better; the more unusual the better. The red silk boxers and this bag of toys are my Valentine Gifts for Cassie. Little did I know that we'd be sharing both the toys and each other with another woman tonight.

"Oh John, what a great idea," Diana said. "I forgot the red satin bag of toys that Cassie asked me to bring and didn't have time to go back to get them."

Cassie's eyes get bigger and bigger with each new toy that appears from the bag. Beads of different size and colors, a penis ring, a vibrating egg and finally a couple of different types of vibrators. "John, what a wonderful Valentine Gift. What shall we try first?"

"I've always wondered about a string of beads," Diana offers shyly.

"And I've always wanted to try a penis ring, " I say with a chuckle.

Cassie laughs with delight. Then she pushes my still huge and erect penis out of her vagina and reaches for the cool black beads. "Diana, you put the penis ring on John, while I show you how these beads work" she says with a smile

Diana looks over my still throbbing penis. "I think this ring is too small for you, John," she teases. "We'll need more moisture." She bends over and takes my penis in her mouth. She's a little more tentative than Cassie, but I definitely like the way she feels. I watch as Cassie's mouth moves to Diana's pussy. Her tongue begins to flick and dart against Diana's enlarged clit. Her mouth is producing lots of saliva and soon Diana's pussy is wet and slippery. I watch Cassie reach for the beads, just as Diana's head comes up and she reaches for the penis ring. Diana carefully slips the ring over my huge, hot penis. Cassie gently pushes bead by bead, the entire chain into Diana's hot wet pussy.

"Get on your knees Cassie, in front of me. I want to be inside of you."

She moves around to kneel on the bed. I am behind her. She shudders as I thrust my huge hard cock into her tight hot ass. Her ass is wildly wet and open. I know how much she likes anal penetration. I never let up; thrusting deep and hard into her tight ass. The penis ring seems to make my dick even harder. It's an incredible sensation. She is so ready for me; wanting me. She moans with each thrust. "Harder John. Deeper. Push your penis deeper inside of me. I want all of you inside me," Cassie cries.


John is behind me on his knees. I can feel his penis in my ass. It is so big. He's pushing so hard. Diana is on her back underneath me. I moan with each flicker of her tongue on my clit. Her teeth gently nibble on the outer and inner lips of my labia as John continues to thrust deeply into my ass. The dual sensations of John's cock in my ass and Diana's mouth on my clit are driving me wild. I can't move. John's huge strong hands hold my ass tight against his penis. Diana's hands held my clitoris tight against her mouth.

I can feel the orgasm building deep inside me; the intensity is heightened by my inability to move. The quivering moves from the depths of me, through every muscle and nerve in my body. I cry out. My body is racked with one of the most powerful orgasm that I've ever experienced.

And still John continues to thrust against my bottom and Diana continues to tease my clit.

Diana; the beads. I open my eyes. Diana's pussy is now right in front of me. I lean forward slightly and see the last bead. I reach toward it, trying to balance on one arm and begin to slowly pull the beads from Diana's pussy. For a moment her mouth stops working its magic on my vagina.


I am now clearly focused on the new sensations of the beads slowly being pulled from my tight hot vagina. I moan in delight. From John's position above us both, he watches in amazement as Cassie slowly, and gently pulls each individual bead from my pussy. This is incredible; who knew that removing an object from a woman's vagina could be as stimulating as inserting one. I hope for Cassie's sake that John is paying attention to this. Lots to learn here tonight.

Silently, our bodies shift again. I'm on my back now, with John kneeling between my legs. The beads are gone. John hands move over my body as he gazes down at me. I feel John's huge hard penis push deep into my vagina. It's been a long time since I've been with a man. It is a totally different sensation than what another woman provides. Yes, this was what I remember best about making love with a man; the deep, deep penetration; filling every inch of my hot, wet vagina with his throbbing hot penis. And John is exceptional. He doesn't seem timid or afraid to push too hard. Of course not, silly, I chide myself. He's used to Cassie as a partner. Cassie could push and shove and hold her own against the best of them, in bed or out. Well, John sure seems a good match for her.

Cassie. I watch her reach up to kiss John deeply. Their tongues dart and dance in each other's mouth. Then she's lying next to me. I moan as Cassie thrusts one of the softer, more flexible dildos into my ass and firmly grasps a nipple between her teeth. My fingers move rapidly back and forth over my swollen clit. My hips arch and rock. The pleasure/pain is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I feel the orgasm building inside me. I shudder and allow myself to give in to the intensity. Every nerve in my body is alive in one of the most powerful orgasms that I've ever experienced.


Still again, silently our bodies shift. John is on his back. I know that his knees must be beginning to ache. John has incredible stamina and can delay his orgasm longer than any man I've ever known. But hey, let's face it, none of us are kids any longer. Our bodies just don't perform at the same level they did when we were twenty. I prefer the quality of lovemaking that comes with a confident, experienced lover to the fumblings, however athletic, of youth.

I gaze down at John. His penis is still standing tall and erect. I realize that I'm not finished. I still am filled with desire for him. I straddle his groin and slowly lower myself onto his penis. I love this position; no surprise there. It allows me to exert the most control over the movement of our bodies. I rock back and forth and ride him up and down. I love the slippery feel of his penis against my clit as I lean forward into him and it pops out of my pussy. Quickly, I shift positions. My back is to John's face. I continue to slide back and forth, the full length of his penis rubbing against the outer lips of my labia. When the sensation of my empty throbbing vagina becomes overpowering, I move so as to allow his penis to slip back inside me, filling me to the brim with the strength and power of his maleness. And so it continues. I move over him and don't seem ever be able to get enough of him. I am addicted to the pleasure of our bodies together. The orgasms continue to wash over me.


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