tagBDSMA Spring Cleaning Ch. 01

A Spring Cleaning Ch. 01


From her lounge on the patio, she could keep her eye on him as she enjoyed the spring sunshine and spoke with her sister on the phone. It was important that she maintained complete control over his activities now, because in the past, before she took over, he was just as likely to disappear to the golf course, or into the basement to watch TV, as he was to complete the chores that needed to be done.

Her sister was chatting on about her kids, and school and upcoming vacations. She enjoyed hearing about these activities, remembering just how busy she and her husband were before their kids grew up and left for lives of the their own.

She glanced over and saw her husband's sweat covered body, clad only in sunglasses, board shorts and work boots, as he rebuilt the deck that was so in need of repair. She appreciated his back and chest and the way his arm muscles flexed and bunched as he wrestled with the lumber and tools to complete his task.

"Just a minute" she said into the phone, putting her sister on mute - "Honey" she cooed, "Can you get me a refill"?

It was hot, touching 85 degrees. He put down his tools and came across the patio to where she was sitting.

"Yes ma'am" he said. She was sure he was ogling her behind the sunglasses - she made a note deal with that offence later. Picking up her glass he turned to go into the house.

"What do think you're doing?" she snapped.

He turned, not understanding. "You can't go in dressed like that - you're not allowed to wear any clothes in the house, you know better than that, and you're already in trouble for undressing me with your eyes a second ago."

He came back to her, placed the glass on the table beside her lounge, kicked off his boots and let his shorts fall to his ankles.

She resumed talking to her sister while she inspected her male. The strict diet of protein and fats, together with the bike and weight training program she imposed was keeping him fit and young looking for his age.

Although grimy from the work, his chest and arms were well muscled, his waist was still a 32" and his legs were still well defined from years on the bike and gym. Last but not least his 8"cock was straining in it's cock cage, angry and purple.

She reached out and grabbed his balls, without missing a beat in her conversation. Cupping his balls in her hand, she pulled him closer and extended her index finger, lightly scratching his perineum until her finger found the base of the 5" butt plug she required him wear 24/7.

Squeezing just a little she said, "Not too much ice, dear" and admired his bubble butt as he walked naked across the patio in back into the house. "I'll need to take care of that tonight," she thought, as her pussy throbbed just a little at the thought.

He returned with her drink and set it on the table. He was about to put his shorts and boots on, when, without looking up or pausing her conversation, she snapped her fingers and pointed to her feet.

She had been training him for more than a few years, so without hesitating, he dropped to his knees and enthusiastically began to kiss and suck her toes. Just as she had trained him, he treated each digit like a tiny cock, and endeavored to give each one a better blowjob than last.

She smiled as she watched his huge cock fighting against the bars of its cage. His conditioning taught him giving her pleasure and release was the only way she would even consider doing the same for him - and while she promised and talked about his orgasm, she hadn't let him have a full orgasm for nearly 5 months. She'd brought close many times, ruined quite a few, but her preference was to watch him leak as she fucked him with one of her strap-ons, or manipulated one of her toys against his prostate. He had come to beg for regular ass-fucking from her and she was happy to oblige, if he begged appropriately.

Wrapping up her call, she said her goodbyes. "That's enough work out here for you today," she said. Looking at him kneeling at her feet, naked, grimy and horny, she smiled and said, "We'd better get you cleaned up. Grab my glass and phone and all your clothes and get wait for me in our bathroom."

Doing as he was told (he now always did as she told him) he picked all the gear and followed her into the house. Careful not get any dirt on anything, he deposited the glass with dishes he'd have to wash later and dropped his shorts into the laundry that he's also do later that evening.

Standing on the tile floor outside the shower, it would be a simple thing to jump in and start scrubbing down, but he had learned, painfully, not do to anything without her express command and consent.

He heard her enter the bedroom, stopping for a moment and rustling in her dresser. Presently she came around the corner into the bathroom, wearing her yoga tights and short crop t-shirt sporting the logo of some minor league baseball team. In her right hand, she had a glass of white wine, in her left, 2 pair of steel handcuffs.

She looked spectacular. She still had the figure of a much younger woman. Not an ounce of fat, blessed with smaller breasts that still sat up proudly and perfect legs and ass - her friends hated her for it. It was all he could do to resist grabbing her by the waist and kissing her for all he was worth. But to what end? He was locked, plugged and looked and, probably smelled like a naked homeless person.

"You are a very dirty little boy," she said, handing him the handcuffs, and grabbing his balls, tapping them with her fingers. She smiled as more of his penis swelled outside the bars already well-stuffed cage.

"One side of the each cuff on the shower head, leave the other end open" she ordered.

As he turned his back reached up to affix the cuffs as orders, she stepped into the shower with him, leaning against and forcing his chest against the wall, she reached down and grasped the base of his plug. "This needs washing too" she said, and in one quick move, yanked it from his ass, leaving him feeling empty and wanting.

Still pushing him close to the wall, she said "reach up and cuff yourself, so I can give you a proper cleaning."

He managed to get both wrists cuffed, the second one proving to be more of challenge, particularly with his wife humping his ass and pinching his nipples as struggled with the restraints.

When he was finally cuffed and secured, she turned him around. His arms were stretched to the limit above his head and he needed to push his pelvis forward to avoid the shower controls that were digging into his back. Essentially he was standing on tiptoe, pushing his caged cock and balls forward for display and abuse.

She stood in front of him, pulling lightly on his balls. "You did such a nice job today, I thought about letting you cum, but you spoiled it, by trying to go into the house dressed, ogling me from behind those sunglasses, and putting too much ice in my drink. Three bad missteps, means three more weeks locked and denied."

She smiled as his cock ignored the cage and rose to stand obscenely from his body at the prospect of longer confinement. He was at the point where he wasn't sure if wanted to be let out, but couldn't stop thinking of cumming. He craved her strap-on, and the privilege of worshipping her pussy as much as dreamt about fucking his beautiful wife. He had become her chaste slave, and he wanted no other role.

"Nevertheless," she said "with all the sweaty work", continuing to pull his caged cock, "this bad boy needs to be cleaned.'

With that, she fished into the waistband of her lulu lemons and produced the key to his cage. Once the lock was removed, the cage literally jumped off the locking and guide pegs as his already swollen cock sprang to freedom. In fact, so swollen was his member, his wife had to struggle a little just pull it off.

She enjoyed the way the locking ring sat behind his balls and pushed them forward. She also liked the way it served as cockring, restricting the blood flow and enhancing his erection. This time was no exception, so for those reasons she left it place, but it would also make it much easier to re-install the cage later. And with his current posture, stretched out on tiptoes, pelvis thrust forward, the ring only accentuated his desire and denial.

She still had not turned on the shower, and he wondered how she intended to clean him - again, he knew better than to ask, or, heaven forbid, suggest.

Stepping out of the shower she stepped to the sink and ran the water, returning with a soapy facecloth. Wrapping the cloth around his cock, she began to slowly scrub his shaft, coating his organ with slippery, soapy water. He could hardly stand it, just her touch nearly made him explode. She played him like piano, bringing him up to the edge, and then allowing him to come down slowly, only to be brought back to edge.

She manipulated his shaft for what seemed like hours, she used the facecloth like a brush and scratched his glans, she polished the head of his penis over and over again, and she pushed her pinky nail into his pee-slit while as the same time washing his empty asshole with the cloth, pushing her finger through the facecloth into his ass and finger fucking with him while he groaned and mewed, needing so badly to cum, not being allowed the relief, and unsure whether or not he really wanted to cum and spoil the sweet torture.

Finally she withdrew, and returned with a new cloth to rinse him off. His cock was leaking pre-cum, as she knelt in front of him, his cock just inches from her beautiful lips.

As she wiped up his mess and the soap from his cock, she looked up at him and smiled "You don't think I'm going to suck your cock do you?" She rubbed the head of cock against her cheek. "I would", she teased "But there's no way I could compete with the way you suck my cock, before I fuck your little bubble butt." Smiling, she said "I couldn't hold a candle to you in that department... you're such a horny little slut."

All he could was groan and look down on his engorged, denied cock in his wife's expert hands.

She stood and gave him a peck on the cheek. "That's a good boy," she said, "You're little friend is all clean and you didn't make too big a mess! Let's do the rest of you."

With that she stepped out of the shower, reaching behind him, she turned the shower handle and watched the water begin to run down his stretched body. Adjusting the temperature, she turned back to the bedroom saying "We'll just leave you with your dirty, horny self while you get cleaned up."

It was a modern shower, large stall and no door, he could see her as she walked away, her gorgeous butt reminding him of why he wanted her, and she could see him, the rivulets of water streaming over his trussed up body, his still engorged cock bobbing wantonly as he searched, unsuccessfully for a more comfortable position.

He watched her as she watched him, she peeled down her pants, sat on the bed produced her Hitachi magic wand, spread her legs, displaying her beautiful pussy and smiled at him as her magic friend brought her orgasm after orgasm. When she was done laid her head back and brought herself to one last climax with her fingers, just for his amusement. All he could do was hump the air with his swollen cock and groan in desire and frustration.

She padded across the bedroom, in only her crop top. Reaching into the shower, she again grabbed his cock and said, "This will never do. You needed cleaning, but you haven't earned release. We'll need to get you back in your cage." With that, she turned the shower to cold.

He yelped at the sudden change to cold and tried, to no avail to avoid the stinging cold water.

"I'll be back in few minutes when you've calmed down, and put you back where you belong." With that she went to sink, freshened up and then pulled her pants back on. She took her untouched wine and sauntered into the kitchen, while he endured the proverbial cold shower.

His teeth were chattering by the time she returned. The cold water had had its desired effect. His cock had shrunken to the point the locking ring for his cage that she'd left in place was hanging loosely in place.

"That's more like it." She said, oblivious to his shivering. Applying a little baby oil on his shriveled member she affixed the cage in its natural place. She pulled the little step stool from under the sink and reached up to unlock the cuffs and set him free.

His wrists were numb from the cuffs, and he was still shivering, but his treasonous cock was already growing in its cage. Like all long term chastity slaves, being locked up securely by a disciplined Dom kept him in a constant state of arousal. That's why it works.

Tossing him a towel, she said, "Dry off, put in your plug, and put on your uniform. It's time you made me dinner." She spun around and headed back toward the living room.

He wiped off his plug, using a little soapy water to clean and lube and reinserted it. He wasn't allowed to use expensive lube for an everyday thing like a plug, so he'd endure the mild burn of the soap in his ass for a few minutes.

His "uniform" consisted of a leather collar and leather ankle and wrist cuffs with various clips and rings that allow his wife to restrain him in a variety of positions. He'd spent many evenings hogtied on the living room rug while his wife binge watched Netflix, or served dinner able only to shuffle along with steps as short as the link in the ankle cuffs would allow.

He wasn't sure why she liked this, or why it kept him so aroused to serve her whims, but he wouldn't have it any other way. He walked to kitchen, bondage gear clinking like sleigh bells in winter and began to prepare her dinner. She smiled to herself as her naked husband passed by, and reminded herself that she would fuck him like whore after his evening chores.

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by Anonymous

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by lickerwell11/27/18


I read the whole series then came back to chapter 1 to comment.

Great job! The story flowed nicely and possessed a variety of different scenarios so there was something for a variety of different tastes.


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by justincbenedict06/21/18

Yes, this checks off all my boxes

Very fun to read, and quite arousing. I liked it that you went into great detail about the "Cleaning" of his um, member.

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by mrwidehorizons05/11/18


Great start!

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by rdoolittle05/10/18

Strong first story.

Well done...hope to see more.

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by Anonymous05/10/18


This is a fantastic story, I applaud you!

Please continue to write (YOU have a gift)!!!

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