tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Spring Tryst

A Spring Tryst


He loved playing with the mortals, especially dressing up in one of them. The male he'd picked for the night was of moderate height with a slim build, foppishly cut brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He was dressed stylishly for the day in a button down western style shirt and blue jeans, with black boots that were pointed at the toe. He was well suited to the hunt Oberon had planned. Oh, he was still there in the body, as if sleeping, partitioned off in one corner of his own mind.

Oberon, King of the Fairies, stood up from the chair in the study carrel, stretched and enjoyed the play of muscles. For tonight at least, it was his body. He did so enjoy being corporeal. One of these days, he really must figure out where, or when, he had left his own body. There was no telling what it was getting up to without him around. It was just so much easier to get around incorporeally and the mortals were so accommodating.

It was late and the library was quiet but this was a large campus. This particular library remained open until midnight for those students wishing to study or read, or just get away from unruly roommates. However, there weren't many tonight. In fact, he was nearly the only one in this room on the third floor, where the nursing books were shelved. The object of his attention was seated at a table on the other side of the open area. He had seen her several times over the past few months as he visited this college regularly, but there was something about her tonight that positively drew him to her.

Perhaps it was the influence of the body he was inhabiting. The two had been flirting. Perhaps there was a physical chemistry involved, pheromones of some kind. He had been watching these two for some weeks, as they danced around each other, flirting with attraction . . . a tentative smile, a stolen glance. She had dropped a notebook one day and he was quick to retrieve it for her.

Her hair was long, silken, and dark while her complexion was a molten gold, like honey. Her body was compact but full of lip, breast and hip. Her eyes were also dark, with banked fires that he could hardly wait to stoke.

Tonight, her hair was pulled to one side and as he circled the room, catching glimpses of her down the line between the shelving units, the caramel colored line of her neck seemed to glow as if lit by the sun. She wore an embroidered, low cut white peasant blouse and he could see the swell of her breasts, causing him to swell, though farther south than her.

He walked up the aisle of books, approaching her from behind, when he heard the squeaky wheel of a cart and stopped in his tracks. A young man entered the room, pushing a cart full of books. Hopefully he was just bringing them up? But no, the young man pushed the cart across to the shelving units and started at the far end, clearly planning to shelve all the books on the cart before closing.

Oberon muttered an oath. What damnable bad luck! Should he push forward or abandon his pursuit? No! He would not. This quarry would be his tonight. He would bide his time. Oberon circled back around to the place where his host had left his bag and study materials. He sat down and flipped the pages of the book in front of him.

His mind wandered to the shining hair he could see over the study carrels when he sat up straight. What a silken delight it would be wrapped around his cock! He imagined her stripping down in front of him, baring the full globes of her breasts as she shed her blouse and letting his hands caress the silken skin at the tops of her thighs once she was naked.

He was growing impatient and growled low in his throat. Damn the boy. What trouble could he prove? Oberon looked around. There were empty study rooms along the wall. He got up and checked a door. Unlocked - how fortuitous! The boy was working down an aisle, he would be no bother. Oberon made his way around to the table where the young woman sat, deeply immersed in her reading. Her cheeks were flushed and as he sidled up to her, he inhaled the scent of her arousal and realized her hand was pressed rather intimately into her lap beneath the edge of the table. He smiled wickedly.

Sidling up behind her, he leaned down next to her, as if to better see her book. Oberon was careful to phrase his words in the vernacular of the day. "Whatcha reading?"

She jumped and turned to look at him as the hand in her lap leaped up to join the other on the desk. "N-nothing," she stammered and closed the book, shoving it toward her bag, but he reached forward and put his hand over hers. She froze and he slipped the book out from under her hand so he could see the title, Lady Chatterley's Lover.

"Are you . . . " he let his voice dip suggestively, "enjoying the book?"

A rosy hue suffused her face but she looked up and met his eye boldly. "Yes, I am."

"I'm glad. I'm Nicholas, by the way," he said, using the name he had lifted from the notebooks his host had brought in with him. He smiled down at her, letting his eyes drift over her face to her dark red lips. Such luscious lips. Soon he would be tasting them, biting them, perhaps even see them wrapped around his shaft.

Her lips curved. "I know. I'm Celia."

"Well, Celia, I know Lady Chatterley's lover rather well. Perhaps I could interest you in the Cliff Notes version?" The truth was that Oberon had not only known the lady the book was inspired by, but had been one of her lovers.

His gaze returned to her eyes, which were assessing him. His left hand, resting on the back of her chair, drifted over to the nape of her neck. His fingertips lightly touched below her hair, and traced the barest caress of a line down to the neckline of her blouse before traveling back up.

Their eyes never parted. She shivered and sucked in her breath, as if in shock, but the sound that came out was a sigh. She offered no protest whatsoever.

He held out a hand. "Shall we adjourn to the study room, where there is a little more privacy?"

Oberon was mildly surprised when she stood readily, and he gallantly pulled the chair back, allowing her to exit. She stepped sideways, her lightweight blue skirt dragging across the chair and her brown eyes sliding over his body as she turned. She smiled and bit her lip, taking his hand to pull him after her.

His blood sang with anticipation even as his eyes narrowed. She had not seemed so wanton as he had spied on her this past fortnight. Was there more history to this relationship with the young man whose body he was inhabiting? He hadn't thought so. Was she more willing than wise in her relations with the young men she met? She hadn't seemed so. Perhaps he had simply chosen the right moment to approach her. Of course, few women could resist the great Oberon when he employed his seductive wits. He grinned and followed after his chosen partner.

As they crossed the library, the only other person present in that particular room, the young man shelving books, rounded the end of the bookcase and watched them with some surprise. As they approached the study room and Celia reached for the door, he started toward them. "Hey, you can't go in there. You have to have sign in and give your student I.D.."

Celia looked back at Oberon. Oberon pulled the young woman's hand to his mouth, pressing a kiss to her knuckles before releasing her hand. "How would you like another playmate, my lovely?"

She smiled and turned to the young man as he approached. He was an average example of a mortal youth - tall, thin, blond hair, sparse mustache and goatee. She released Oberon's hand and took the young man's hand, raising it to her chest, pressing the palm between her breasts so the young man could feel her heartbeat. "Come play with us," she said softly as she stroked the hair on the young man's arm.

Oberon sniffed the air and smiled as the young man's lips parted, his tongue darted out, his eyes darkened. Oberon could see the his pulse and breathing speed up as his chest rose and fell, the pulse at the base of his neck pounding more rapidly. Oberon watched as the young man looked between the two of them.

It wasn't Oberon's ideal for the evening. He'd rather have the woman to himself, but he could share if the situation called for it. The girl left off stroking the boy's arm and reached back to caress Oberon's already thickening shaft.

She released Oberon and took a step closer to the young man. "Use your mouth to ready me for him and I will reward you with a place to sheathe your pleasure," she whispered as she cupped the young man low and stroked upward.

Oberon stepped back and the girl led the dazed man by the hand to the room where they had been headed. She led them into the darkened study room, turning on the light as she went but Oberon flicked the switch back off. He took her free hand and spun her to face him, pulling her away from the other young man and deftly pulling her blouse up and off. He could see just fine in the dim light from the window but without the light on, no one would be able to see inside and protest if they should happen along.

Celia reached behind her with a woman's practiced contortion and unhooked her bra, shrugging it off and tossing it to the side. The young man reached around her and cupped the girl's breasts as Oberon leaned in to kiss her and pushed the boy's hands off to take over.

"Undress yourself," he ordered harshly, wanting her to himself for a few moments. The other young man began frantically unbuckling his belt, taking down his trousers.

"No rush," Oberon smirked as he cupped the naked mounds of flesh and teased the nipples with his thumbs, eyeing her naked flesh greedily. He leaned in and sucked her left nipple between her lips, feeling the salty flesh fill his mouth. He sucked hard and was rewarded by her moan and nails lightly scratching through his hair. He shuddered and lifted his head then slid his hands down her sides and spun her around, pushing her down onto the table. He yanked down her peasant skirt and hooked his fingers over her panties to slip them down her shapely legs then cast them aside with the skirt.

"Oh, yes," he groaned at the sight of her full, heart shaped buttocks. He cupped and rubbed her ass, the soft but resilient flesh excited him almost tortuously. He slid a hand between her legs to find her already wet and laughed exultantly. "Oh, yes, you want it as much as I."

Oberon stepped back to disrobe and the young man returned, eager to kneel between Celia's legs. Oberon watched as she turned around and the young man pressed his face into her wet slit.

Oberon released the pressure of his pants with a sigh and eased them down over his engorged shaft. He never understood why young men these days insisted on wearing their pants entirely too tight. He kicked off the boots then impatiently pushed the pants off the rest of the way and unbuttoned the shirt, slipping it off. He inhaled deeply and the smell of sweat and liquid sex filled his nostrils. The only thing that could be better would to be out in the wild, trysting in the forest, but it was still too chill in these northern climes. This would suffice for now.

The young man knelt in front of the wench but Oberon minded not, he would have his fill. He walked around the table the woman lay on and caressed her silken hair, wrapping it around his shaft and stroking the thick cock. Below him, the young woman shifted on the table until she lay fully across it, her head dropping back. She reached up and pulled her hair free then took Oberon's shaft deeply and expertly into her throat.

Oberon groaned and reached down to cover the soft mounds of her flesh with his hands, massaging them in circular motions. Celia echoed his groan and he felt it along his shaft. Reflexively, Oberon thrust forward and heard her gag. He pulled back and slid one hand under her head, massaging her encouragingly as he pumped into her mouth. After a few minutes of this, he was ready to bury his shaft in the woman's slit. He pulled back and his cock pulled free of her sucking mouth. He walked around the table.

"Come, time for your reward," Oberon said, pushing the man aside. Should he allow the young man the pleasure of her womanhood or her posterior sheath? He considered for a moment. He would rather take her all for himself, enjoying her wet heat then perhaps her tight ass, but that clearly wasn't to be. Would it be fair to turn an unschooled youth loose on her delicate backside?

He reached forward and pulled the woman up then settled himself on the table, pulling her over to straddle his hips, his cock bumping between her thighs. Her hair whipped around, lashing his shoulders teasingly. He reached around and plunged his fingers into her wet slit from behind then slid them back to lube her anus well. He would prepare her himself and instruct the youth, watch her closely for any sign the young man was overeager.

He met the young man's eyes in the dim light and smiled. "Gently now, go slowly, first with a finger then with your shaft and she will open to you like a flower. You must work for such pleasure."

Oberon pulled her forward just a bit and positioned his cock as she sank down onto him. She cried out as he filled her and he groaned his satisfaction. There was no maidenhead but she was lovely, wet and tight around his shaft. She pressed against him, squeezed against his chest as she rode him, rolling her hips. The young man stepped forward and must have begun working her backside because Celia strained back with a groan. Oberon slid his fingers into her hair and covered her mouth with his, thrusting his tongue in mimicry of their more intimate union.

She pushed back, sucking his tongue into her mouth, urging him deeper. Then she broke the kiss and gasped. "Oh, oh, yes! Fill me," she commanded and Oberon realized she was speaking to the youth behind her. Perhaps she was more experienced than Oberon had guessed, he was chagrined to realize, as she pushed back against the young man's shaft.

She moaned again and looked into Oberon's eyes. "It feels so good. He's pushing his cock into my ass, I feel so . . . open and yet full, like I'm being stretched." She pushed back against the intrusion. Back and forth they went, until the cock was fully inserted.

Oberon stroked his hand through her hair and down over her flesh, cupping her breasts, teasing the nipples as she continued to ride his aching cock and alternately push back against the cock in her ass. "Does it hurt, my lovely?" Oberon asked as he saw her face tighten.

Her eyes were shut, her head thrown back and her breathing was shallow. "It burns, just slightly, there is a little pain but oh, it feels so good too. I feel so full with your cock in front and his in back. Every movement is a new pleasure."

Oberon let her set the pace, moving back and forth between them, but as she sped up he began to thrust harder. It wasn't long before the other young man grunted and spilled his seed in her. The woman mewled a small protest as he slipped from behind her and stepped away, breathing hard, but she re-concentrated her attention on Oberon and rode him harder.

Oberon clasped her to him and cupped her hips, urging her on. Their mouths met again, with lips and tongue battling for purchase. She bit gently on his lower lip and Oberon surged upward, growling his pleasure. Their slick bodies slid against each other as the woman threw her head back and howled her release in a way Oberon knew well. He gripped her hips and thrust upward, determined to join her as the seed burst from his cock. He held her tightly to him as his muscles locked then the spasms subsided and he caught his breath.

Oberon lay back and then rolled over, pinning the young woman beneath him. He frowned and pulled back, letting his softening cock slide from her depths. She stretched languorously and sat up, her now familiar eyes glowing in the dark. Titania, she'd duped him once more.

Oberon looked around and realized they had lost their third, possibly undone by Titania's howls. He chuckled ruefully. "Titania. It was you. You lured me here."

Titania reached up and stroked a hand down his sweaty chest. "Didn't see me hiding in here?"

"No," he agreed.

"Well, that's fair, I almost didn't recognize you the time you were hiding in that governor from.... Arizona? Alaska? One of those A states."


"Ah, yes." She grinned up at him.

He squeezed her large breasts playfully. "Care to go again?" His cock was stiffening already and he moved forward.

"Mmm, perhaps once more," Titania said as she spread her legs. "You'd best be careful though, I'm leaving as soon as we're done and you never know whether they are going to wake up screaming or think they just had the best time of their lives."

His lip curled up. "I predict these two will probably go a third time when we're gone."

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