A Star



It had been a strange and tempestuous week on the set and it looked like it was going to continue to get stranger and more tempestuous. Of course for me everything seemed strange and since it was my first time on a movie set I really couldn't tell if it was tempestuous or not, at least compared to other movie sets. To me it was just interesting to see as a movie was pulled together.

Of course, the fact that it was a porn movie really made it interesting to me as I sat on the sidelines as the actors had some highly imaginative if not highly unlikely sex. As for me, I was kind of a body double for one of the main actors. This wasn't because of any flattering physical attributes or abilities, it just turned out that I looked a lot like the actor.

When someone approached me about the work I was a bit flattered that someone thought I looked like a porn star, thinking of the massive cocks, six pack stomach and rock hard asses. Later when I learned that this film was a bit different and the actor I was doubling was cast as a fat, slob of a rapist who was single-handedly trying to impregnate the beautiful jet set women of LA and make them have ugly babies. The writer/producer/director of the film actually had some idea of a psychological basis for this rapist's motives.

If the motivation for all this seemed complicated, the filming got even worse because actress for one of the big rape scenes had some clauses in her contract about bondage and humiliation. For her, she had initially balked at even doing anything when she got a look at the lead actor, but her agents finally convinced her that she was a "professional" and that being a "professional" required her to have sex with this guy. Unfortunately, the big scene called for her to be tied up when he raped her, which "professional" or not she balked at.

It wasn't so much the humiliation, she had done far more degrading things in her career, it was being tied up for such long periods of time, especially since the lead actor had to take numerous breaks with the fluffers just to keep it up. That is where the body doubles came in. The female body double was remarkable, able to remain tied and gagged for hours on end allowing the lead actress to step in at opportune times for close up shots of a gagged face, her bound breasts or her pussy.

The lead actor, in light of the lead actress' attitude decided he wasn't going to spend all that time fucking a body double. So what the director finally worked out was a montage of shots with a number of close ups with the lead actor and actress, featuring face shots, penetration shots and cum shots. All other shots were of the body doubles.

Since the director told the cameraman, "Whatever you do don't get his cock in the shot," my job was to move my hips back and forth simulating that I was fucking the body double. Her job was to squirm and jiggle herself amid all the knots and then moan and squeal from beneath the gag. I was originally a bit offended at what the director said about my cock, but as I saw the lead actor during some of the penetration shots I kept my mouth shut.

While we really didn't rehearse an entire scene, we did come in and basically ran through what we were to do. All I was to do, while she writhed, pulling at the ropes and tried to scream through her gag, was to move my hips back and forth, pretending to fuck her. Unfortunately, I had an erection, hell I had an erection since I first walked onto the set, and this erection kept popping up when I didn't need it to.

The crew was able to help me tie it back so it would stay out of the shot, so finally I was ready to come in and pretend to fuck the body double. Although it was a bit intimidating, with all the lights, cameramen, director, sound guys and just about everyone else staring at you, when I looked down at the body double I immediately focused. The way the knots and ropes wrapped around her breasts just accentuated the nipples making them look absolutely huge, and I don't know if the actress was turned on, or whether they just made her look that way, but her pussy was open and very moist.

I slipped in between her legs and I heard the director shout, "Action."

While I began methodically moving my hips back and forth, banging my thighs against hers I could feel my cock pulling against its restraints. I reached forward and ran my hands over her nipples and heard the director say, "Good, very good." I also noticed the actress cringe a bit at the touch.

We had to stop several times as the filming went on as first, one of the sound guys lost control of his microphone and nearly hit the actress on the head and at another time a fly actually landed on one of her nipples. I had quickly tried to brush it away, but apparently it disturbed the shot. When we finally got rolling again, I noticed that the restraint on my cock had worked its way loose and was about to let go. I didn't dare interfere with the shot so when I finally felt it slip free, I turned slightly and was able to keep from messing up the shot.

As I continued with my pretend thrusts, the twisting motion I did to keep my cock out of the shot was beginning to hurt my back. That coupled with the fact that I was getting more and more turned on looking at the actresses nipples, feeling my thighs brush between her legs and seeing the off and on glimpses of her wet pussy I finally decided to do something completely reprehensible.

Instead of turning my back, this time I decided there was a better way to keep my cock out of the camera's view. Turning back straight I pushed my hips forward and then, with a little wiggle of my hips I felt my cock easily slip into her wet pussy. The soft and wet sensation of her slid down my entire shaft.

I could see the actress immediately tense up and she began writhing and trying to scream beneath the gag. She had been doing it before, but now she twisted and turned, tried to kick her legs and shook her head back and forth. Continuing to push my cock in and out of her pussy, I was feeling the waves of pleasure rolling down my cock. All day seeing the sex going on all around had me so turned on that I knew I was going to be quick.

Shoving my cock deep into her she tried to move her hands to free herself, but was too tightly bound. She then began bucking up and down which was fucking great for me as we slammed together with my every thrust. When she began twisting and turning that made it ever better and I was about to come when the director shouted, "Yes, yes this is perfect."

Arching my back I came, spurting my cum deep into her pussy as I noticed her glaring at me. I quickly pulled my cock out and backed away, while the director shouted, "Perfect, perfect, keep it up honey."

I grabbed my clothes, pulled on my pants and quickly began heading for the door. I was about halfway there when the actress finally got her gag off and I heard her shouting, "He raped me, the son-of-a-bitch raped me."

Still walking quickly toward the exit I heard the director shout, "Yes, this is fantastic, keep it up honey."

"Keep it up, he fucking raped me, didn't you see it? He raped me."

I never found out when she finally convinced them of what happened. Slipping through the door, I headed out to my car, started it up and raced home. For the next three days I sat there waiting for the police to come barging in my door. I just knew I was a goner, there must have been a dozen or more witnesses, I had left her pussy full of my DNA and hell, they basically had it all on film.

Strangely that knock on my door never came, and when I got a small paycheck from the movie company I really got confused. I didn't dare call up there and was afraid to try to get on any other sets, figuring I might run into the body double actress again. I finally got a job at a video store specializing in porn.

It was at the store I first saw the movie. It was released on DVD but response for it had been so good they actually were considering a big screen release in some areas. Curious about it all I rented the movie and took it home to watch. Only then did I figure out what happened.

When the intro of the movie began it announced the discovery of a new and exciting new adult film star, none other than the body double I had raped. I watched the entire film through the finale, which was my scene. Sure enough I saw my hand reach out to her nipple and then watched as the pulled off her gag and screamed that she was raped.

After watching the DVD, I decided to call one of the cameramen I had known before working on the set. He explained how the director was so excited about the realism of what he filmed, he convinced the actress not to get the police involved. He basically fired the lead actress and made the body double the star of the film. She was actually nominated for several awards for her performance in the film.

"Hey," my friend said, "If you ever want to get back into adult films, I think she has been working on a project especially for you?"

"Really, there are no hard feelings?" I asked.

"No she's got some prison film she wants to do. You know the lead actor in our movie?"

"Yeah, that fat slob with the unbelievable cock?"

"Yeah, she's got him lined up to lead. The feature of the film will be the rape scene, just you and him. What do you think?"

Remembering the size of his cock I felt a stinging sensation in my ass. "Ah, yeah you might tell her I'll pass on that one."

"Well, she's getting bigger and bigger in the industry and she really wants to work with you again, you should look her up."

"Ah, okay, I'll think about it," I replied. I sat back down and watched the movie once again. Hey, looking at the credits, I even saw my name pop up. I was a star at last!


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