tagLoving WivesA Steamy Summer Night Ch. 04

A Steamy Summer Night Ch. 04


After our first try at anal sex went so well we learned that we wanted to continued exploring and expanding what turned us on.

Macy discovered that she liked being the focus of attention so she gave up wearing a bra for the rest of our vacation. She had also gone out and bought some of the sexiest swim wear I have ever seen. She was turning heads on the beach like crazy. From teenage boys to gray old men they all noticed her.

She even stopped to chat with one old fisherman, he must have been seventy if he was a day. But he was still out there every morning sitting in his beach chair, watching his line, and Macy taking her early morning walk.

She told me that the first day she saw him he complemented her on her beauty. She said. "He looked so sweet sitting there looking up at me with his big old blue eyes. I stood in front of him and bent over, and gave him a kiss on the forehead for luck." He also got a great view of Macy's beautiful breasts straining against the thin sheer fabric of her bikini top.

For the most part it wasn't so much exploring as it was repeating the thing we had tried in different places. Although each experience had it's own spice and flavor.

Macy stripped off her top and I fucked her big beautiful 36dd tits. She then gave me a blow job at the top of 'Ol Barney' the light house at the north end of the island. As she was sucking me we could hear a few people on their way up. Lucky for us it's a long climb.

Two couples walk into the little observation room at the top seconds after I zipped up my shorts and Macy had just pulled on her top. She was still licking her lips clean of cum as they walked in.

Then there is the elevated observation board walk designed to let the elderly and handicapped get a view of the beach and ocean. It is about seventy five feet long and twenty five feet high with a series of ramps leading to the top. It's only a block away from one of the local police stations which is clearly visible from the top.

Luckily it is primarily designed for daytime use and the lighting on top is not very bright. I had Macy naked bent over the deck rail facing the ocean. The pail little width triangles on Macy's tits and pussy seemed even brighter accented against her tan skin as it glowed in the moon light. Her soft salacious moans and guttural carnal cries hung in the salty night air, as I fucked her to a series of multiple orgasms. My beautiful sexy wife was supporting herself on the deck rail her body was still shuddering in orgasm when I grabbed her hips and thrust even deeper. Discharging my hot sperm deep into her quivering body.

My problem was that I couldn't decide if I wanted to fuck her sweet pussy or her tight ass, so we returned on two different nights. One for each, neither of us was disappointed with the choice.

We went back to the little sex shop and bought Macy two vibrators. We hadn't used many sex toys in our bedroom actually till this time only one. Safeway years ago I bought her a small vibrating egg. More as a novelty but it was fun while it lasted. This time we took our time and tested them all. Macy liked two of them a purple jell vibrator that was 7" long and very powerful but surprisingly quiet, and a 6"long pink bunny vibrator. It could penetrate her pussy and the little bunny on top was it's on vibrator that hit her clit just right. I used that on on her several times that week. She absolutely loved it.

Like I said we had a great time exploring till Friday morning. This would be our last day and night on the island. We had to be out on Saturday morning so the cleaning crew could come in and prep the house for the next renters. It was kind of sad having to leave this time, but we did still have one more day and night.

I heard Macy getting up for her morning walk. She likes to go alone saying it clears her head for hr day, but she seemed to move a little slower this morning. She leaned over my back from her side of the bed, gave me a good morning kiss, and told me she would be back soon.

Right after she left I got out of bed. It was my turn to make breakfast, so I want about my task. Juice, coffee, and pancakes with fresh berries and maple syrup. I was about to go and get my wife when she walked out of the room. God she is beautiful. She was wearing a white crochet bikini top with a multi colored wrap low around her hips. A slight breeze caught the wrap and caused it to open exposing her long lean legs.

"Breakfast is serve my dear."

"Wow you work fast."

"Only when I need to. I would much rather take my time."

She smiled a knowing smile. "I know you would, and your so good at taking your time too."

I could tell she was feeling a little piteous so as we ate breakfast I asked her. "So did you see the old fisherman and the sea this morning"

"Yup." She answered with a little laugh. Her mood seemed brighter.

"What's funny about seeing him?"

"Nothing except he saw me too." An impish smile on her face.

"Of course he saw you. He's not blind."

"NO ... I mean he SAW me." This time laughing a devilish little laugh.

"Macy what did you do?"

"Well I told him that this was our last day here, and I wouldn't see him again till next year. His old blue eyes looked so sad. So I got the idea to give him something to remember. So I took my top off leaned over and gave him a kiss on the lips instead of his forehead like I usually do. Do you know that old guy actually gave my tits a little squeeze before I stood up. I teased him chiding him about what a bad boy he was for doing that, as I put my top back on said good bye and I walked back here."

"Macy you could kill the poor old guy doing that!"

"Hell baby I didn't fuck him! I just let him see what he's been wanting to see all week. So I gave him a little thrill in his old age. What's the harm in that?"

"You are crazy Honey , but I love you. So ok what would you like to do for our last night here on the island?"

"I don't know" she said with a sigh. "We can go out to dinner and dancing."

I smiled. "That's how the crazy part of this vacation got started." I looked at her teasing. "Why are you hoping to see Tom again?"

"No ... I didn't say that."

"But were you thinking that?"

"Not for the reasons you think. I just thought I'd like to say good bye and good luck in his last year of college, is all."

"Like you said good bye to the old fisherman?"

"No ... the most Tom would get is a kiss. That's it!"

"Are you sure you want to go back to that restaurant. We've gone out to dinner every night and I've sort of been avoiding that place. You know he's probably told all his waiter buddies about what happened that night and then some."

"Oh he wouldn't do that. He's a nice guy, and besides he's afraid of getting in trouble with his boss."

"Yeah with his boss, but his buddies are a different story. I'm telling you. Take it from me remember I'm a guy I know how it goes."

"I'll bet you he didn't tell anyone about that night!"

"No I don't want to draw you into a sucker bet. I know I'm right and can't loose."

Teasing me with her gestures. "What's the matter big man ... afraid to loose to a woman.

"OK ... What would you like to bet?"

"How high do you want the stakes?" she asked me

"Skies the limit you choose so make it high as you want."

"OK .. If your that sure how about this... If we go there we find out that he didn't tell any of his buddies. We invite him back here tonight for a three way and let him fuck me, anyway he wants as much as he wants. High enough for you?"

My first thought was wow that's higher stakes then I thought she would go. I was sure she made them that high to get me to back down on the bet, so now I couldn't back down.

"OK ... What do I get if ... I mean when I win? If your so damn sure make it equal value."

"OK. You know my friend Kelly from the office. The little redhead with the big tits that always flirts with you every chance she gets?"

I knew exactly who she mea. She was an exquisite little vixen with a body made for sin, but didn't want to tell her. "No I don't remember her."

"Oh bull! She's the one at the Christmas party that kept asking you to dance."

"OK so yeah I remember."

"Well she'd fuck you in a heartbeat. If I loose, which I wont. I'll invite her to our house back home and we will BOTH do you. Just think of it a blonde and a redhead at the same time. Sure you can Handel it?"

"OK your on!"

Macy reached out to shake my hand and I pulled her to me and kissed her. I reached for the bow at the back of her neck and untied her bikini top releasing her big beautiful 36dd breasts. She giggled as I pulled her across my lap and buried my face between her big tits. Shaking my head back and forth and kissing her. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her back to the bedroom. She was like caring a feather. I laid her on the bed and removed her bikini bottoms by pulling at the bows on either side.

Slipping the wrap from her waist she laid there totally naked. I pulled hr to the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor with her legs hanging over my strong shoulders. I truly love eating Macy's pussy. I wanted this our last day on vacation this summer to be memorable so I slowly went to work licking her just the way she likes.

Slowly from back to from I licked the crease between her pussy lips. With each long lick my tongue worked deeper. Macy just laid back and enjoyed the sensations that danced through her body. My tongue soon found her hard little clit just peaking out from it's hooded shroud. A little more attention and she will be fully presented ready to be sucked like a tiny little cock.

The tip of my tongue makes slow circles around her clit as the bud grows to full bloom. I then flatten my tongue against her pussy and drag my wet raspy tongue across the sensitive nerve endings. This causes Macy to moan and twitch just a bit. With the tip of my tongue I quickly lick and flick her now fully un hooded clit. Pursing my lips I suck the firm little button between them as my tongue continues to lash at it. My wife's hips are now starting to rise and fall on the bed seeking more pressure and stimulation.

The next time her hips rose I slipped my hand under placing my finger against her tight little rectum. The nectar that is flowing from Macy's pussy has run down between her ass cheeks making he slick enough for my finger to enter her ass.

Macy started to moan louder now, whispering. "Oh god yes ... oh yes keep going ... oh fuck yes!"

The combination of her pussy being licked and her ass being probed was about to sent Macy into a state of euphoria once again. Her body tightened. "Oh yes .... oh yes ... oh fuck yes yes OHHHHH FUUUCCCK!" She screamed as her body writhed in orgasmic splendor. Her hips bucking against my tongue and her tight little sphincter clamping down on my finger. I could feel the last few aftershocks of her climax with my finger still in her ass. Macy just collapsed on the bed, and fell asleep.

I had cleaned up in the kitchen and packed our cool with a few drinks so we didn't have to keep running back to the house. I had our beach chairs and umbrella already set up before Macy woke from her nap. She came out of the bedroom with her bikini on ready to head for the beach.

We just spent our last day doing what we had come to do relax, and enjoy the sun sand and surf. We ate lunch on the beach walked and talked swam and just let the day go by. All to soon the shadows were getting long as the sun arched to the west. The families packed up their blankets umbrellas and chairs. Children dragged buckets full of prized shells as the tried to keep up with their parents. The last fisherman reeled in an empty line and walked slowly away from us on the beach, as seagulls pounced on the scraps of bait he had left on the sand. It was time for us to head back to the house and get ready for our last night of vacation here at the shore.

I quickly took my shower first so Macy could take her time. I was ready and dressed and ready while she was still in the shower. It seemed like she was taking forever getting ready but when she came out, WOW it was worth the wait.

Macy was wearing the sexiest, shortest dress I've ever see her in. It was a white stretch cotton halter mini dress. That contrasted her tan skin beautifully. The neck line plunged about two or three inches below her breasts while the back was cut to her waist. The bottom edge of her dress was only a few inches below her nice round ass cheeks exposing almost all of her long strong tanned legs. She also wore a pair of white strappy three in heels, that made her legs and ass look even better.

Macy asked. "Do you like it?"

"Oh my god Macy you look HOT!"

"I'll take that as a yes." She said with a bright beaming smile.

"Are you ready to go?"

"When ever you are."

As she walked her breast swayed and bounced almost coming out of her dress.

"I'll have to watch that and be careful." She said with a sly smile, and an obviously false modesty.

"Don't worry I'll be watching you too, and ... I'm sure I won't be the only one."

As Macy slid into the car her dress rode up to the point here she had to hold it not to expose her white thong panties. The slightest shadows of which showed through the fabric of her dress.

I got into the car and headed south on the main road. Traffic seemed a little light for a Friday night as we passed the causeway bridge and continued south. We were soon parked in the restaurant lot. Macy looked a bit nervous.

"You know you don't have to do this Macy. We can just go and have a nice dinner. It's not a problem."

"Why," she shot back. "Worried about loosing the bet?"

"NO ... not at all Honey, but I thought you might be."

Macy laughed. "ME! Your going down tonight!"

"I sure hope so."

"Oh you know what I mean. Let's go in."

As we entered I could see that they were busy tonight. A lot of people on their last night of vacation. I approached the desk to be seated and asked the girl if Tom was working tonight. She told me he was and asked. "Would you like to be seated at on of his tables?"

"Yes please." Macy answered quickly.

As we followed the girl to our table I could feel the eyes of every guy in the place looking at her, she was stunning. I asked Macy. "Are you in a hurry? You could have let me answer you know?"

As Tom approached the table Macy chirped out. "Hi Tom."

"Hi guys. How are you doing? I was wondering if I'd see you again." He said looking straight at Macy. "I've been looking for you but I haven't seen you." Tom stated nervously.

"And now here we are." I laughed

Tom handed us the menu, and asked. "Can I get you anything from the bar?"

My wife looked up at him. I couldn't help but think that this was a familiar position for both of them, and ordered a Cosmopolitan.

"I'll have a dry martini with two olives." I said.

Tom was off like a flash to the bar.

I scanned the room. I caught each of the other four male waiters looking at Macy, but that could have been because she was the most beautiful woman in the room. I kept looking and saw nothing that would have proved my point, that he had told them.

During our meal Tom was very attentive. We wanted for nothing, and Macy discreetly flirted with him. Leaning forward just a little as he served her, giving him an even better view of her breasts.

I on the other hand paid attention to a few other things. How the waiters gathered together and laughed as he served us. How the busboy made to many trips past our table, and I even caught a couple of guys peeking out of the kitchen door in our direction. I pointed this out to Macy and she told me. "It's your imagination and a bit of wishful thinking. You don't want to loose our bet."

I wasn't sure or at least I couldn't prove she wasn't right. Tom had gone to get our check, and Macy was gloating just a bit. "I guess I'm right he didn't tell anyone. Your about to loose big guy." She looked around and told me. "I have to go to the ladies room. When I get back you can invite him back to the house."

"Me? Why me and not both of us?"

"Because you ... lost the bet." In a teasing voice.

I sat and watched as Macy walked across the dinning area to the rest room with her ass swaying just a little extra. As she got to the rest room door I saw a young waitress go in after her.

The conversation as relayed to me later by Macy went something like this:

"Excuse me, but do you know Tom?" The waitress asked Macy.

"Yes I do."

"May I ask for how long?"

"Why is that your business?" Macy asked.

"Please." The young waitress said. "It could be very important."

"OK if it's any of your business, we met last week."

"Excuse me for prying , but are you her?"

"Her? Macy asked.

"The woman from last week. The one he's been talking about. I over heard him with the other guys."

"Well I'm not sure if it's me or not, can you tell me what was said?"

The waitress kind of shied away. "Well it's about something that happened at one of the clubs, and in the parking lot after closing. Oh this is stupid it can't be you ... your so beautiful."

"No sweety it was me and I'm the stupid one. It's OK. Thank you for telling me. I won't tell anyone you told me either"

Macy cam out of the rest room and sat with me for a moment. I could tell by the look on her face something was wrong, but before I could ask what it was she told me what had just happened in the ladies room.

"So you win." She sounded dejected

"I almost wish I had been wrong." I told her.

"Me too .... but I want to teach Tom a lesson to go with his other memories of me. OK?"

"Sure what ever you want Honey."

Tom came back with the check and left it on the table. As I put the cash in the fold that held the check Macy told me. "Don't you dare leave a tip."

I laughed,"yes dear."

We got up to walk out Macy smiling motioned for Tom to meet us by the door.

Tom was quick to respond. All the other waiters watched as he approached us.

Macy spoke to Tom. "Honey ask you other waiter friends to come over here please I want them to hear this."

Tom call the other guys over quickly. They all clustered together looking at Macy's body like a bunch of love sick puppies. Each of them wanting to get a better view of her nipples as they formed firm peaks in the thin fabric of her dress. They all watched as her big tits shifted unrestrained with every movement she made, hoping to get a better view.

When they were all together she addressed the small group each of them paid close attention to every word. "What Tom told you about me and what we did last Friday night is true. He fondled my tits while we danced at Nardi's and I did let him fuck my tits before I sucked him off. Right out side here in the parking lot."

The guys were all moaning in disbelief.

"Wait it get better this week I had a bet with my husband and if I won, Tom here was going to have the best night of his life. He would get to have sex with me anyway he wanted as many times as he wanted. That included fucking my mouth, my tits, my pussy, and my ass. This is the point in the night when I had planned to make my husband invite Tom back to our house to pay off the bet he lost, but guess what .. he didn't loose. I bet my husband that Tom didn't tell any of you about what we did last week, and I just found out that I was wrong, so Tom you don't get any of me. In fact my husband and I are going back to Nardi's dancing and if you show up don't bother asking for a dance Tom. I'm with a real man who doesn't have to broadcast his conquests my husband."

Now the guys all moaned again. "Oh man Tom did you fuckin blow it. Yeah what an ass. Oh shit man you could have hit that!"

I turned. "Good night guys."

Macy added. "Good bye Tom."

As we walked out Macy had me slip the waitress a fifty dollar bill.

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