tagIncest/TabooA Stepmom's Story

A Stepmom's Story


Paul had never known his real mother, she had left his father Jack soon after Paul's birth, never to be seen or heard of again. It had been tough, but Paul's grandparents had rallied around, & somehow they had managed. Then, when Paul was 5-years old, his father had met & married Stacey - a bright, beautiful 25-year old, & they had been a happy family ever since.

Over the years Paul & Stacey had developed a normal mother-son relationship, to the point where he couldn't imagine anybody else fulfilling that role. Stacey was more conscious of the void within the family & did her best to fill it with extra love & attention, for both father & son.

The years passed, & Stacey & Paul's bond deepened, especially as his father spent a lot of time travelling for business. She happily became a soccer mom, ferrying Paul & his friends around, at first just to each others houses, but as they got older, to the mall or concerts. Jack worked hard, climbing steadily higher within the company. Money became less & less of a problem, & life was good.

One Saturday morning, Stacey was awoken by the sunlight streaming through her window. She was alone, Jack away until Tuesday, & as she often did while he was on business, had slept in. Throwing back the covers, she climbed out of bed & walked across the room. Standing naked in front of the full-length mirror, she ran a critical eye over her body.

'Not bad,' she mused, 'not bad at all for a 38-year old.'

Although not tall at 5'1,'' Stacey had slender legs, narrow hips & a flat stomach that accentuated her large 38DD breasts. She turned to admire her firm butt, pleased to see that all the time spent in the gym was paying dividend. Pulling a long t-shirt over her head, she padded along the hallway in bare feet to wake Paul.

She went into his room, & as ever, marvelled at the fact that despite the sun shining through the windows, her stepson remained sound asleep.

'Come on lazy bones, get up!' she cried. 'I've got things to do, & that includes cleaning your room, without you in it. Now get up!'

She pulled back the duvet, & turned to throw open the window. Paul groaned loudly, & rolled over, facing the wall. ' Just 10 more minutes,' she heard him say from under the pillow. She smiled, & let her eyes trace his 6-foot body. Despite his still tender years he was fit & trim, keen on sports, football in particular. She pulled the pillow away from his head, & put her hands on her hips.

'Just because your father is away, don't think you can lay there all day.' The mock gravity in her voice couldn't hide the smile that played across her lips. He knew damn well that Jack wouldn't care if he stayed in bed, but they both played along with the little charade.

'Ok! ok,' he said. ' Don't have a cow man.'

Stacey threw the pillow at him & said, 'come on. Shower. Breakfast. Chores.'

Paul rolled back over & groaned again, but swung his long legs off the bed & stood up, stretching. The room wasn't large, & as he stood in front of her, Stacey was immediately conscious of Paul's morning hard-on. The difference in height, & their proximity meant his prick was pointing directly at her large breasts; covered only by his boxers. Paul seemed oblivious to this, but as he arched his back & yawned, the action caused his prick to slip through the front of his shorts.

'Hey! Careful with that thing' cried Stacey, 'you could have somebody's eye out.'

Paul looked down & blushed, quickly grabbing his prick, & stuffing it back in his shorts while mumbling an apology. Stacey looked up at her stepson's reddening face, & raised her eyebrows. 'Um, perhaps you should take care of that before breakfast. What do you think?'

She turned to leave the room, but looked back teasingly from the door. 'After all, it could go off unintentionally.'

Paul threw the pillow at her but she dodged it easily, & ran down to start breakfast. As she poured the orange juice, she smiled to herself again. They had always been casual about nudity around the house, & while not flaunting it, Stacey & Paul had seen each other in various states of undress on many occasions; even so, it had been a while since she had seen his 'bits' at close range. This morning's boner had stuck out a good 9-inches, & boasted a purple head the size of a small apple, much larger equipment than his father.

Paul came down 5-minutes later, still unwashed, but wearing a pair of baggy shorts & a sweatshirt. Stacey frowned as she gave him his toast & said, ' I thought you were getting in the shower?' Paul shook his head & mumbled something about working on his bike first, so Stacey just shrugged. 'Well if your not getting in the shower then I will.'

She went back upstairs, & throwing her shirt on the floor, stepped into the large double shower. She let the water massage her skin, & as she ran her hands through her hair & down her sides, she couldn't help thinking back to this morning's encounter. Unwittingly her nipples came erect, & as the water poured down her body, she caressed her heavy breasts, tweaking the nipples until they stood out even further. She lowered one hand to cup her pussy, & felt the heat that was building there. Her breath became uneven as she increased the pressure on her pubic mound, the heel of her hand pushing against her as yet hidden clit. Visions of Paul's large cock kept flashing into her mind as she leaned against the back wall, one finger now finding its way into her hot canal, the other hand caressing her face & neck. She took two fingers into her mouth & sucked on them, all the time envisaging Paul's large helmet. Her orgasm was building, & she spread her legs to allow easier entry for more fingers, opening her sex lips & exposing her blood- engorged clit. She took her saliva coated fingers from her mouth, & pinched the hardening nexus of nerves, milking it until it stood out almost as far as her large nipples.

Just then the door opened, & Paul came striding in. Stacey quickly stood upright, & turned to face the wall, her heart beating like a trip hammer.

'I just remembered,' he said, 'I have to be at Steve's house this lunchtime for practice.'

Stacey was still trying to calm herself, but looking over her shoulder, she couldn't help noticing that Paul was trying hard not to stare at her ass through the glass.

'Ok,' she said, still turned away from him. 'What's the problem?'

'I need the shower, that's the problem.'

'Well whose fault is that?' she said, again noticing how Paul looked straight ahead, while his eyes slid to the side to catch a glimpse of her through the steam. Stacey's mind was still buzzing from her exploits, & she could only think it was the aftermath of her masturbation that made her say, 'you can share, if you want...?'

She held her breath, hardly able to believe what she had just offered; they hadn't shared bath-time for years. Stacey saw Paul's eyes widen, then he swallowed & said, ' what, in the shower? With you? Now?'

Stacey tried to lighten the situation, but her voice sounded strange, deeper, & more sexual. 'Frightened I might actually use the soap on you?' Paul laughed, breaking the tension, then shrugged, 'Ok, whatever. Just don't hog all the room.' He slipped his clothes off, pulled back the door, & stepped in.

Although the shower was big, Stacey now realised that contact between them was inevitable; she quickly turned her back & passed the shampoo back over her shoulder. 'Here, you wash my hair then I'll do yours, & no peeking.' Paul laughed again, but Stacey could tell there was a certain nervousness about the sound. She closed her eyes as Paul squirted the liquid on her hair, then began to relax as he built up a lather while massaging her scalp. His fingers felt strong, & she felt herself drifting as the pleasant sensations made her drowsy.

'Better rinse now,' said Paul, rousing Stacey from her daydreaming, his voice husky & chocked. Stacey backed into the water, leaning her head back & running her fingers through her hair. 'Is it all out,' she asked? Paul said nothing, but she felt his hands on her hair again, squeezing out the moisture & soap. Stacey realised that with his height & her arched back, he must have a perfect view of her breasts. Almost unwittingly she pulled her shoulders back, thrusting her breasts out further, keeping her eyes tightly closed, she imagined Paul ravishing her body with his hungry gaze.

Finally she reached back for the shampoo, saying, 'your turn.'

They both turned, & Stacey could see the muscles in Paul's back ripple as he tensed, waiting for her touch. She filled her palm with shampoo, & reached up to rub it on his short blond hair. Immediately she realised that because of his height, to do so meant she would have to lean against him, & as her hard nipples grazed his back, she heard him take in a sharp breath. As she lathered his hair, her heavy breasts brushed back & forth across his skin, bringing them back to a fully aroused state, & sending sparks through her body that seemed to finish in her groin.

This continued for several minutes, the jolts of horny electricity now a constant connection from her nipples to her pussy. Realising that it had gone on for so long, it must now seem odd, she stepped back, took a breath to try & steady her voice, & said, 'ok you can rinse now.'

Paul stepped under the water, & let the soap run out, ensuring the whole time that his back was turned. 'Is it all gone?' He asked. Stacey tried to squeeze the last of the suds out, but again Paul's height was a problem. 'I can't reach' she said in a low voice. 'Not unless you bend down.' Both of them knew what that meant, & for a moment they held their breaths. Slowly Paul turned, His head bowed, eyes closed.

Stacey let her eyes travel down Paul's smooth chest, coming to rest on the enormous hard on that she had guessed he would be sporting. She studied it for a few seconds, marvelling at its perfection; it was longer than she had thought & must have been 10-inches in length, the thick veins that curled around the sides, pulsing with blood, the tennis ball sized helmet almost purple. Slowly she moved closer to Paul, & placed her hands on his lowered head, stroking the soap away. His hands came slowly up from his sides, resting tentatively on her hips, & they both gasped as their skin touched.

Stacey brought her hands down across Paul's shoulders, running them down his arms, guiding his hands around her hips to rest on her ass. As she moved closer still, Paul raised his head, & looked down at Stacey. Her hands travelled back along his arms, across his shoulders & slowly down his front, stopping at his waist. 'I told you to be careful with that thing,' she whispered, almost too low to hear above the running water. 'I'm sorry,' said Paul, his voice thick with lust.

Stacey looked up into his eyes & saw confusion mixed with love, & a new emotion, one she had not seen there before – lust. 'Perhaps we'd better take care of it, she said huskily. 'In case it goes off unintentionally.' Slowly she let her hands fall further, circling into Paul's groin. Her fingers traced along the length of him, the touch making his cock twitch & jump, & for a moment she thought he might come; she squeezed the base of his cock – once, hard - & the spasms subsided. Her fingers curled around the hot pole of muscle, unable to meet at any point, & although she had both hands on him, a good 2-inches of meat was still visible.

Slowly she began to pump his cock, & as she did Paul's head went back & a long low groan slipped from his mouth. Stacey smiled at the obvious pleasure she was giving him, & began to increase her pace. Paul was now staring fixedly at her large breasts, kneading the cheeks of her ass, & pulling their bodies together. Stacey's sopping pussy was pressed against his left thigh, & she began rubbing herself up & down his leg. Her left hand reached lower, & while the other continued its long journey up & down Paul's cock, she began to massage his large balls.

Stacey was watching Paul's face, & could see he was getting close to orgasm. She was murmuring little words of encouragement to him, & to his utter joy, began to rub her tits back & forth across the head of his prick. 'Oh God, I'm going to come,' he cried.

Never taking her eyes from his, Stacey upped her tempo, & began to squeeze his sac in time to her movements. 'That's it baby. Shoot your big load. Come for me. Come all over my big tits.' This was too much for Paul, & bracing himself against the walls of the shower he threw back his head & shouted with joy.

Stacey was prepared for his orgasm, but the first spurt was so powerful that it hit her squarely in the forehead, leaving a long string of thick white come that ran across her eye all the way to drip off her chin. The second was no less strong, & this time the rope of semen was left hanging from her nose, & draped across her full lips. She continued to wank his hard pole, & the next three lines of cum covered her neck & upper rack, the water letting it slide down to drip from her nipples. She had never seen so much spunk in her life, & it was still pouring out. Hardly believing what she was doing, she bent her head & opened her lips, feeling the last few spurts coat the inside of her mouth.

Finally it stopped, & they fell away from each other. Stacey leant back against the wall, & looked down at her cum covered tits, then raised her eyes to see Paul also staring at her. Slowly she brought her hand up to her breasts, & began to massage cum into them while Paul looked on. Her other hand snaked down across her stomach, & still keeping eye contact with her stepson the whole time, she began to rub her aching cunt. No sooner had her finger begun to flick across her erect clit, when the beginning of a massive orgasm came thundering toward her. Her eyes rolled back in her head as wave after wave of pleasure rippled across her body, every nerve end tingling as the sensations made her muscles tense & relax over & over. A cry of pure pleasure escaped from her open mouth, & as she gasped for air she could taste Paul's spunk as it slid down her throat.

The sensations slowly subsided, & Stacey opened her eyes to see Paul staring at her, his hand grasping his still hard prick, 'That was fucking awesome,' he said. 'You are so hot. I've never come so much in my life.'

Stacey smiled. 'Neither have I,' she said, her eyes again drawn to Paul's massive cock. As he felt her gaze on him, Paul stroked himself, & emboldened by her hungry look, reached out with his free hand, brushing her nipple with his fingertips. Stacey moaned at the touch, the sound an endorsement & encouragement, his hand lifted the heavy breast & squeezed it tenderly. Very slowly Paul bent his head, & with one final look into Stacey's eyes, his tongue curled around the hardened nipple. The feelings that rushed through her body were like nothing she had ever experienced, & as she stroked his head & cooed her delight, Paul began to suck on her breast. Stacey was so turned on she could hardly see straight, the sensations that rolled across her body & mind dismissing any thoughts of wrongdoing. She was here, now, her body being pleasured by a young stud, & she wanted more.

Paul switched to her other breast, the first pooping out of his mouth with a plop, the saliva coated nipple a good inch in length. Stacey reached between them, brushing aside Paul's own hand & replacing it with her own; continuing the stroking of his huge cock. She loved the feel of its hardness, the pulse of the blood through the large vein that ran its length. She circled the back of the helmet with the pad of her thumb & Paul groaned his pleasure.

Stacey suddenly felt Paul's fingers brush her pussy lips, & she sobbed with desire. Her reaction was all the consent Paul needed, & slowly he inserted his middle finger into her. Still sucking & licking her tits, he began to corkscrew his finger in & out of her, & as she became wetter & wetter, he bunched his three middle fingers together & increased the pace. Unable to concentrate any longer on masturbating Paul, Stacey pressed her hands flat against the tiles, widening her stance & bending her knees, opening herself to the invading fingers, & thrusting her pelvis against them. Suddenly Paul withdrew his fingers, but as Stacey moaned in disappointment he dropped to his knees, & plunged his face into her steaming pussy.

Stacey cried out in delight as she felt his tongue probing her innermost parts; at first lapping the juices that were flowing from her, then using his hardened tongue as a prick fucking in & out, before finally sucking her fully erect clit into his mouth & flicking it rapidly. She no longer had the strength to stand, & while Paul supported her from below, she pulled his head further into her wide-open cunt as another massive orgasm ripped through her body.

Paul lowered her limp body to the shower floor, & stood back, his huge cock waving in front of him. Stacey was drunk with lust, & eager to please; she came to her knees in front of Paul, grasping his firm rod in both hands, & ran her tongue the long length of him. Paul was breathing hard, & rested his hands gently on either side of her head as he felt her lips encircle the large helmet. She couldn't get the whole thing in her mouth, but began to lick around the sensitive underside like an ice-cream, at the same pumping both hands up & down. She carried on like this for a while, then ran her tongue up & down the shaft, coating it in saliva, dropping down to suck his balls into her mouth one at a time, before returning to lathe the large head.

Having only just come, Paul managed to endure this unbelievable pleasure for several minutes, but the sight of his beautiful, naked step mom, on her knees in front of him sucking his cock was jus too wild. He felt his balls tighten, & the unmistakeable pooling of blood in his groin as the spunk began to boil up from his sac. Stacey felt it also, & took her mouth away, closing her eyes, & pumping more rapidly. 'Oh yeah! Here it comes,' he shouted. 'I'm gonna spunk all over your beautiful face!'

Stacey felt the first hot splash as it hit her face, & opened her eyes in time to see the next creamy rope of semen as it landed full on her mouth. She was holding Paul's legs now, & he was jerking his monster directly into her face. She opened her mouth & he eagerly deposited 2 large jets directly onto her waiting tongue. She gulped them down, loving the thick creamy taste of him, squeezing her thighs together as another orgasm shuddered through her body. The last streams of cum had sprayed on her heavy breasts, & Stacey cupped them in her hands, raising the sticky orbs to her face & lapping up Paul's seed with delight.

She lay against the wall, the tiles cold against her hot body, looking up at Paul. He was trembling all over, his chest rising & falling as though he had run a marathon, looking down at her in wonder. Stacey knew one thing for sure, a door had been opened, & despite warring emotions of guilt & lust, she was eager to step through to the hidden delights beyond.

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