tagIncest/TabooA Stepmom's Story Ch. 03

A Stepmom's Story Ch. 03


This story can be read as a stand alone, but flows better if you read parts 1 & 2 first. Enjoy.


Since taking the decision to become her stepson's lover, Stacey was amazed at how quickly the whole arrangement had achieved a sense of normality, how a situation that would have shocked her 6-months before, now seemed the most natural thing in the world. What was more worrying to her was the way in which her relationship with Paul had begun to change, to develop into something she had not expected. At first the idea had seemed simple enough; she would satisfy Paul's needs sexually, at the same time keeping her family together. After all, she would control the frequency & content of their sexual encounters, in no time at all Paul would grow bored of the illicit nature of what they were doing & move on. Right?

Wrong. The spanners in this brilliant plan were her desires, her needs. She craved her stepson like a drug, needed her fix in a bigger dose & more often with every passing day. At first she had limited her visits to Paul to once a week, sneaking in while her husband was out, masturbating him to an orgasm while he stroked her breasts through her blouse. Paul never made any move to take things further, nor did he complain that her visits were not as frequent as he quite obviously would have liked. One thing was certain, his grades had returned to normal, his sunny personality was back, & the black atmosphere that had hung over the house had lifted; in fact everybody who knew him said they had never seen him happier.

For Stacey this was confirmation of her decision, justification for doing what she did. It was also the way in which she explained her need to visit Paul more often; after all, the more she helped him, the better for his welfare. It was with this logic that she began to creep into his bedroom twice a week, why she began to wear loose fitting tops that allowed Paul's hands more freedom to roam over her large breasts, to milk the hard nipples while she jacked his big cock. Soon she was going to his room every other day, usually after Jack had gone to the office, Paul's new alarm clock his step mom's warm hands stroking his morning hard on till it sprayed across the sheets.

The escalation of contact did not serve to cool Paul's ardour; in fact he never seemed to tire of her visits, & it was this enthusiasm that increased Stacey's hunger, the thought that this young stud looked forward to her attentions was the most powerful of flatteries, fanning her desires further. Soon she was going to Paul every day, & after one incident where Paul had 'accidentally' cum on her top, she would now strip to her panties, the fact that her stepson's hungry eyes were captivated by her firm body, left her soaked with excitement. Their love play took on more of a two-way nature as time went on, & now when Stacey would wrap her large tits around Paul's pole of meat, she would rub herself against his leg; his ejaculation when it came, showering her torso with long stings of hot semen, her own orgasm leaving a sticky trail from his knee to his shin.

Although they had done more than this on their first fateful shower together, the build up to more & more exciting games lent the acts more sexual weight. The first time Stacey sucked Paul's hard cock was a rite of passage for them both. Stacey had been giving Paul another tit wank – his favourite position – poling between her large globes, the cream she had made him massage into them making an obscene squelching noise. When he had pushed a little further than usual, his large purple helmet had come to rest against her dry lips, & time had seemed to stop.

Stacey was sitting up in bed while Paul straddled her stomach, so it seemed the most natural thing in the world to let her pink tongue dart forward to catch the bead of pre-cum that was oozing from his large slit. Paul gasped, & pushed his hips forward, smearing more of his fluids across her opening mouth. Stacey was wild with lust, & as she often did, had been holding her panties to one side while her other hand let its fingers do their work on her sopping gash. She quickly placed both hands on Paul's firm butt, pushing his cock toward her open mouth. His helmet was so large she could not get her lips around it with comfort, but instead swirled her tongue around the head. Paul groaned, & pushed further so that Stacey's tongue could make its long wet trail down to his large balls.

'Oh yes baby', he moaned. 'Suck on my big cock.'

Stacey loved to hear him like this. He seemed to be completely in her power. She quickly licked around his sack, sucking one large testicle into her mouth at a time, before kissing back along his thick shaft until his large helmet was again resting on her lips. Paul had both hands resting on the wall above the headboard; his eyes looking down were filled with lust as Stacey used the flat of her tongue to stimulate the sensitive underside of his glans, while the top slid into the roof of her mouth. Saliva dribbled from both sides of her aching lips as she continued to suck as much of him into her hot mouth as she could.

Paul began thrusting with is hips, fucking her willing face. 'That's it mom, suck me, make me cum. I want to shoot all over your beautiful face.'

Stacey was jacking his pole with one hand, the other squeezing his large sack, her middle finger probing at the g-spot just in front of his puckered asshole. She felt his balls begin to tighten, & relinquished her hold on his manhood; roughly pulling aside her panties she shoved three bunched fingers into her streaming slit. Paul was using one hand to wank his bulging prick, & with a roar he pulled his helmet from her mouth & began to shoot large globs of spunk directly into her face. Stacey's eyes rolled back as her orgasm gripped her, relishing the feel of her stepson's hot seed as it covered her face.

From that time it had seemed only natural that Stacey would now suck Paul's cock at every chance; sometimes she would catch him walking out the door to school, dropping to her knees in front of him while his unknowing friends waited in the car, greedily sucking down every drop of his hot cum. One morning while Paul was still asleep she had crept into his room & quietly pulled back the sheet, crawling onto the bed she had begun to nuzzle his semi-hard cock, planting small kisses along its length till it had swelled with blood. Paul had groaned & reached down to cup her heavy breasts as they hung down lusciously, the hard nipples grazing his stomach muscles.

Stacey groaned as his fingers circled her tender tips. 'Squeeze them baby. You know that's what I like.'

Paul obliged, his right hand tugging at each long nipple in turn, making her pant as she licked at his thick cock. So lost was she in her own world of pleasure, that she did not realise he had changed hands, or that while his left continued to squeeze her hot tits, his right was running along the curve of her back. She felt him squeeze her firm ass cheeks & sobbed with desire, her body automatically giving its signals of consent as her gash flooded with moisture. Paul's fingers slipped beneath the elastic of her panties & ran along the tender outer lips of her vagina. Stacey had stopped her own ministrations as with her eyes closed she enjoyed the sensations that rolled across her body.

'Put one in me' she whispered. Paul willingly obliged, slipping his thick middle finger into her hot hole. She moaned long & low. 'Oh god. Oh please don't stop'.

Paul happily took her at her word, & soon he had his three middle fingers sawing in out of his step mom's sopping hole while his broad thumb circled her throbbing clit. Stacey was wild with lust; her hips bucking against his hand, her orgasm rushing at her, she screamed at him to make her cum. Suddenly Paul lifted her by the hips & settled her vagina above his face. Stacey collapsed as she felt the first probing of his tongue. All thought left her mind as her body focussed on the waves of pleasure that came crashing into her brain at Paul's loving ministrations.

Clutching at the sheets of the bed, Stacey stared sightlessly ahead as Paul sucked her clit into his hot mouth; small pinpoints of light seemed to be exploding in front of her eyes like a firework display of pure pleasure. Her orgasm when it finally hit was like a body blow, the intense sensation of her muscles tensing all over her body was like a jolt of electricity, only to be relieved as her pelvis began to spasm forward & with a torrent that Paul happily drank down, her vagina ejaculated her juices all over his face.

Stacey had never experienced anything like it before; she was certain that she had passed out. Paul gently laid her on the bed & caressed her until the spasms passed, whispering that he loved her, & that he would do anything for her. At that moment she became his plaything.

Now it was his turn to catch her any place, anytime, & she was powerless to resist. Sometimes Jack would still be pulling out of the drive on the way to play golf or some such, when Paul would have her laying across the kitchen table, her t-shirt bunched around her waist, her legs splayed obscenely wide as his tongue made love to her most intimate parts. Her orgasms were becoming more intense; one morning Paul had to support her weight while she hung limp as a rag, his fingers – buried deep inside her hot canal – drawing out another gut wrenching experience, her jerking body like a crazed marionette as the juices flowed down her legs to pool between her feet.

Taking it to another level, Paul would heighten the danger, & by extension the thrill, flirting with possible detection. One night Stacey had woken to see a silhouette by the bed, the scream in her throat stilled by the realisation that it was Paul in their bedroom. She had quickly turned her head to check that Jack was still sleeping, & as usual he was dead to the world. Turning back she realised that Paul was standing closer to the bed, & in the moonlight she could see he was naked, staring at her while he stroked his long thick cock. This was madness! Jack could wake at any time. Still Stacey felt her pussy flood with excitement as her eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, & she could see more clearly her stepson as his hand made the long journey up & down his shaft.

Her mouth was dry but her nipples were aching & she could feel her pussy lips tingling with desire. With another quick glance toward her sleeping husband she slowly pushed back the sheet. Inch by inch she drew her bed T-shirt up to her neck until her large breasts were free to feel the night air. Paul was stroking faster, as she let her hands caress her large breasts, her fingers circling the nipples. She licked her lips; then took one finger into her mouth's hot wetness before running it down across her stomach to the fine hairs of her mound.

Her legs whispered apart & she let Paul see as her finger began to circle her already hard clit. She bit her lip to stifle the moan that was building in her throat then pushed her finger deep inside. Taking it out she ran it across her lips, before licking her juices from it. She heard Paul moan with lust & increase his tempo, so she repeated the action, treating her hard nipples & mouth to several tastes of her own sticky desire.

Paul edged closer, his manhood now directly above her, & Stacey arched her back as she heard him grunt, then felt his hot spunk splatter across her neck, face & upper rack. She clenched her thighs together as her orgasm flowed out from her groin, smearing his hot seed across her body while her husband slept on beside her.


"Honey, I have to go up to head office next weekend for a meeting of the regional heads. I can book a double room, but to be honest I think you'd be bored stiff."

Jack was leaning against the kitchen worktop, finishing his morning coffee, while Stacey, still wearing just her nightshirt, fixed Paul's breakfast.

"Are you kidding?" She smiled, shaking her head. "The last time you dragged me on one of those things I almost gnawed my own leg off to kill the boredom."

Jack laughed, "Hey, you think this is my idea of a vacation? No problem, I'll fly up Friday night and get the late Sunday return."

Stacey nodded, & offered her cheek for Jack's goodbye kiss, but her mind was racing. The thought of a weekend alone with Paul had her nipples hardening & her pussy wet. She felt strong arms encircle her waist, & as the sound of Jack's tyres crunched across the gravel, Paul nuzzled into her neck.

"I missed my wake up call," he said, his hands moving up to cup her breasts.

"Hmmm," she answered, leaning her head back against him & smiling, her eyes closed. "I think I can make it up to you this weekend, if you can wait?"

"That sounds interesting," he murmured, his hands now at the hem of her t-shirt. "But I think I may need a little consolation prize." With that he lifted her shirt, & sank down on his knees behind her.

Stacey moaned & pushed her pert butt back towards him. She felt his hands caress her smooth ass cheeks, & his hot breath as he pulled them slowly apart; it tickled as he lowered his mouth to her nether regions, & she sobbed out loud as the first gentle probing of his tongue brushed her puckered anus. Grasping the edge of the counter, Stacey spread her legs wide, arching her back to lift her bottom, allowing her stepson's busy mouth easier access; her head hung down, & staring past her huge swaying rack, she watched through eyes hungry with lust as Paul's broad thumbs parted her pussy lips, & he began to joyfully lap at the sweet nectar that oozed from her hot sex, his fingers dipping inside her occasionally, to be sucked clean with relish

"Suck on my clit," she said in a hoarse whisper. Paul dutifully obliged.

While he sucked on her engorged nexus of nerves, one hand was now stoking her heavy tits, tugging on the hard nipples, the other hand squeezing her hot buns. Stacey felt her orgasm approaching, & screamed at Paul to make her come. The hardened tip of his tongue flicked at her clit, & he slipped his index finger, slick with her cunt juices, past her already dilated sphincter, into her hot rear passage. This sent her over the edge, & her legs shook with the exertion of holding herself upright as the orgasm ripped through her. Pushing his finger further into her ass, Paul opened his mouth & gulped down the sticky juice that gushed from her vagina as it pulsed in time to her release. She sank to her knees, still holding the edge of the counter, panting as though she had run a marathon.

Turning to sit on the cool tiles, Stacey looked up to see Paul, wide-legged, pumping his fist up & down his thick cock. With a grunt he began to come. The first thick white rope of semen sprayed across the cupboard door, but the second landed squarely on Stacey's face, she squealed with delight as the hot spunk ran down her cheek, squealing again as the second & third shots hit her forehead & nose, dripping onto her full lips. Leaning forward, Paul sent the last lines of semen into her waiting mouth, & she gulped the sticky seed with delight, reaching forward to gently massage his large balls, almost milking the last of the juice from them.

"That's one hell of a consolation prize," she laughed as he helped her to her feet. "But I think the main attraction won't disappoint." Before he could ask any more she ran up to the shower.

The next 2-days passed in a haze as she made her plans for their perfect weekend, all the time trying to appear normal. She purposely kept away from Paul, teasing him, & explaining that he would need his strength. He gave her quizzical looks, but played along.

After dropping Jack off at the airport on Friday, Stacey rushed back to the house to arrange things. She had told Paul to go to practice as usual, but be home by 7.30pm; that would give her all the time she needed.

When Paul arrived home, he was greeted by a hallway lit with tens of lighted candles, & soft music playing from the living room. He dropped his bag & walked through to the lounge. The fire was lit, adding to the glow of the candles that ringed the room. The table was set for two, & as he stood admiring the room Stacey came in from the kitchen. Paul whistled tonelessly as he gazed at his beautiful step-mom. Her hair was piled up on her head, a few strands falling down around her exquisite ears, highlighting the curve of her slim neck. She was wearing a long, midnight blue silk dress, that hugged her large breasts, her long nipples clearly pressing against the smooth fabric; as she walked he could see it was slit high on the side, & he caught the briefest glimpse of stocking as she stepped toward him.

On 4-inch heels she still had to reach up to kiss him, pulling his face down to hers for a lingering kiss; one that was full of promise.

"Baby, run up stairs & have your shower while I finish dinner. I laid out some clothes for you."

Paul let his hand run lightly across the swell of her buttocks as he kissed the nape of her neck. "I'll be right back."

Stacey went back into the kitchen to check on her preparations; the oysters were just out of the refrigerator so as not to be too cold, the Ruilly chilled to perfection, she would ask Paul to cook the steaks to order, the Cabernet already decanted; the twice-baked chocolate soufflés were ready to go, but she had a strange feeling they might not get to desert. Her heart raced at the thought. She had spent the previous hours bathing & pampering herself, shaving her pussy clean for the first time in years, leaving just a small triangle of hair at the top of her slit, as if pointing the way. Beneath the new silk dress she wore just a garter belt & suspenders, the feel of the silk on her naked body heightening her already highly aroused state.

Paul came into the kitchen & her stomach lurched. He looked so handsome in the new clothes that she had bought him that it was all she could do not to jump on him right there. She calmed herself & walked across to kiss him again, whispering into his mouth she loved him.

They went through to the living room, & Stacey sat Paul on the sofa next to her. They clinked their glasses together in a silent toast, & sipped the delicious champagne.

Stacey put her glass on the side & taking Paul's hand she looked deep into his eyes.

"You know that I love you more than anything in the world, & that I would never do anything to harm you, right?"

Paul simply nodded. He always seemed able to judge her moods so well, & knew instinctively to listen patiently.

"For a long time we have been enjoying our game, enjoying pleasing one another, exploring our bodies. Tonight I want us to stop playing; I want you to make love to me. Truly make love to me, as a lover should. Would you like that?"

Paul lifted her hand to his face & brushed his lips across her fingers. "More than anything in the world."

His voice was filled with such sincerity that her heart swelled, & all thoughts of her husband simply melted away.

They enjoyed the light supper she had prepared, both content in the others company. As the evening progressed Stacey was careful not to drink too much, as was Paul, but she felt a warm glow across her body as the alcohol relaxed her. As she got up to serve dessert, Paul caught her hand & kissed it.

"Let's dance," he said quietly.

He led her to the middle of the sitting room& pulled her gently to him. Stacey laid her head on his chest & they swayed in time to the faint music, lost in their own world. After an unknown time, Paul lifted her face up to his & looked into her eyes. Very slowly he dipped his head & their lips met. The kiss at first was a tentative, exploratory brushing of lips, but soon the heat that was building between them found their mouths together, their lips opening to allow their tongues to press against one another.

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