tagRomanceA Stick Of Gum

A Stick Of Gum


You are amazing.

I stared at the wrapper, seeing the words but not fully comprehending their meaning. I clandestinely looked around the room, checking to see if anyone else was looking at me. But everyone else's eyes were facing the six pages of trigonometry test that we'd just been handed.

You are amazing.

The words were still there. Scribbled in black fine tip marker. I dropped the gum on the desk and stared at it for a minute. You are amazing. I was not amazing. I was a stupid college girl who was treading water and desperately trying to hold it together until I could graduate. I worked on the school newspaper, helped build sets as part of the theater department and ached to visit the hills of France. I was a geek, a self-proclaimed Dungeons and Dragons lover and Bill Gates follower.

I pushed the wrapper aside and started on the test, digging into a cosine problem when I couldn't help but glance at the foil again. You are amazing. I slipped the fat brick of Juicy Fruit from my pocket and set it on the laminated top. Mr. Winthorp smiled at me as he waltzed down the aisles, checking for cheaters and taking every opportunity he could to look down other girls' shirts as he went. I bent to the problem, my eyes still searching out the paper.

I couldn't help myself. I slid another piece out and examined the wrapper. You have gorgeous eyes. The breath caught in my throat. What the hell was going on? Yes, I had gorgeous eyes. They were a unique shade of amber, like liquid honey and they'd helped me through many a sticky situation.

The next wrapper made my heart skip a beat. I want to make you mine. A tremor tingled through my fingers and I tried to remember where I'd gotten the pack of gum. I'd bought it at the corner store this morning, along with some mints and a bag of corn chips. I remembered ripping the top off so it was a fresh pack. It hadn't been tampered with. So somewhere in between this morning and now, someone had commandeered my pack and had written these odes to me.

I opened the next piece. I want to slide my tongue into your soft mouth. Wow. My face must have looked like the sun had baked it to a crisp. And Mr. Winthorp's suddenly loud voice in my ear did nothing to help.

"Are you all right, Miss Murphy?"

"Uh, yes, sir."

"Then you'd better get started on the test."

"Yes, sir."

I finished the test in record time, set the pencil down and opened another piece. I want to feel your naked body next to mine. My nipples instantly went hard and I tried to make my shirt tent a bit to keep Mr. Winthorp from noticing them. God, whoever this was was making me hot. I hadn't had sex yet but I'd come very close with Jeff Munroe. I closed my eyes, remembering the smell of his cologne and the heat of his naked body against mine. Too bad his mother had come home early.

My hands were shaking when I opened the next piece. I want you to cum on my tongue. A whimper escaped me before I could stop it. A few heads popped up, glaring at me but I tried not to make eye contact with anyone. The image was too strong and my body was reacting to it. I'd never had anyone do that to me but I'd fantasized about it. Just the though of a thick tongue licking my pussy open and sliding inside me had my body quivering and I felt warm liquid flooding my pussy.

There were two more pieces of gum left in the pack. I wondered what they would say. I wondered if my panties would withstand whatever they said. Clamping my legs together, I reached for the next piece.

I want to be so deep inside you that we become one when we cum. I bit my hand. I didn't draw blood, but I came pretty darn close. My pussy had a mind of its own, fluttering in a huge orgasm and spreading wetness through my panties and my blue jeans. I knew I'd have a wet spot now. I only hoped that tying my jacket around my waist would hide it. It wasn't just the idea of cumming or of him being deep inside me; it was the romantic nature of the notes that had gotten to me. Sensual and romantic.

"Okay! Time's up. Put your pencil down and turn your tests over."

I gathered the gum wrappers, taking special care to preserve them and did as Mr. Winthorp asked, holding the last stick in my hand. He took my test and helped himself to one of the unwrapped sticks of gum. I gave him a cute smile and patiently waited until he'd passed before slowly unfolding the last wrapper.

If you want, meet me for a beer at Andy's. An invitation. Should I? I wanted the intimacy I'd felt in those notes but reality stepped in. What if he was ugly? Sloppy? Stinky? I would never know for sure unless I accepted the invite.

When class was over, I nearly ran to the small café called Andy's but stopped to catch my breath. I was still having second thoughts so I read through the wrappers again, taking my time and letting myself feel the sensuality again. The tender words smothered my nervousness and I grinned when my pussy clenched in response yet again. Okay. I can do this. I grabbed the door knob and went inside.

And sitting near the back with a beer in his hand was my best friend, Carlos. He smiled when he saw me and held up a stick of gum. I threw myself into his arms, both of us laughing.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I couldn't. You're my best friend, Tara. How do you tell your best friend that you've had a crush on her for six years?"

"Just like that." I said, pulling back and falling into the dark pools of his Spanish eyes. He looked away, suddenly shy.

"So, I take it that you liked my notes?"

"I loved them, Carlos. All the more now because they were from you." I gazed at his sexy lips. "But I have a big problem."

"What's that?"

"I'm out of gum and you'll have to take me home to get some more."

Carlos just smiled.

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by KarensClit199005/06/18

How sexy 👄

What a surprise, I was referred to this story from another.
Loved it.
So sweet & sexy.
Given me some ideas...
Thank you!

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