tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Sticky End to the Night

A Sticky End to the Night


I had been sharing a flat with Bill for just over 3 months now. It was located in the heart of the city and it was expensive; but it was magically close to all the bars and clubs that we frequented every weekend, where we chatted up girls and tried to pull them back to our conveniently positioned den.

Bill and I had grown up together in a town located about 20 miles outside the city and we both worked as Construction Managers for different city-based building firms. We'd both progressed sufficiently far in our companies to now earn enough to allow us to rent this flat together. It was a traditional building with 2 bedrooms and lots of original period features.

Bill was a year older than me at 22. We'd been friends since nursery and we were as close as brothers. Since we'd moved into the flat together, almost every Friday and Saturday night was dedicated to going out on the pull. The city was so much better than the small town where we'd grown up. Back there, after a while, we'd managed to work our way through all the single (and not so single) girls. It had become monotonous and boring. The city bars and clubs opened up a whole new world of weekend socialising. There were so many girls to chat up and they seemed more gorgeous and sophisticated than the tedious rounds of small-town girls.

In our 3 months of flat-sharing, our success rate with the girls was pretty good. We quickly agreed a system so that if one of us pulled then whoever was out of luck would get back to the flat first and disappear into their room quietly before the other one got back with his girl. We had quickly found out that girls would often be a little nervous and uncomfortable if they thought there was another guy in the flat when they got back. So, the plan was to stay silent and be invisible while the other got down to business.

Sometimes we'd be successful in chatting up two friends who were out together and entice them both back to our flat. Usually it would be a few convivial drinks in the lounge before we disappeared to our respective bedrooms with our corresponding girl. However, a couple of weeks ago we'd hooked up with a right pair of dirty wenches who were up for a 4-way all together on the lounge sofas. It was a wild night where we swapped partners back and forward and the girls put on a great lesbian show halfway through. You didn't get real life porn shows like this back in our small town.

Our girl swapping group session had opened up a whole new world of eroticism. The following Friday, I had charmed a stunning (and drunk) blonde called Abby. She was textbook gorgeous with a generic Barbie look (long legs flowing out of a short skirt and an amble pair of tits squeezed into a skin-tight top). Her long, curly golden locks flowed down over her shoulders with the fake tan accentuating the blondeness of her hair. We'd shared cocktails and locked lips for most of the evening and I was sure I'd be in for a great night with Abby back at the flat later on.

Bill had struck out with her friend who had blanked him and then disappeared off to the safety of the rest of their group of friends. "Plan B." he whispered to me as Abby leaned forward to sip her luminous green cocktail through a straw. Bill then slipped away on the prowl, not wanting to cramp my style.

I gave Abby the chat and worked on convincing her to come back with me to the flat after the bar closed. My persistence wore her down and she agreed. Before we left, she wanted to let her friends know what her plans were so she headed over to tell them. Bill was strolling back towards me as she left.

"No luck?" I enquired as he approached.

"Nah." he replied solemnly. "Couldn't pull a girl tonight, even with a fifty pound note wrapped round my knob." Bill joked.

"So what's Plan B then?" I asked.

"Threesome!" he exclaimed. "Talk her into a threesome." he repeated.

Bill winked at me, clearly enthusiastic about the merits of his Plan B.

I wasn't convinced and shrugged my shoulders in a non-committal gesture back to him. "I'll see." I said hesitantly.

"You'd better bugger off quickly and get back to the flat first. We're leaving just now after she's let her mates know that she's coming back with me." I beamed back at Bill in satisfaction at my achievements.

Bill headed off towards the exit and I gazed around, looking for Abby and hoping she hadn't suffered a change of heart after speaking to her friends. I spied her mass of blonde hair making its way back round the pub and smiled across at her as she approached. "I thought you'd changed your mind and run away." I told her.

"No chance." she retorted. "I'm gagging for a good shagging tonight, so you better not disappoint me!" she declared with a serious expression.

"Gagging for a shagging." I rhymed back to her. "Then I'm your man, for a good wham bam." I announced boldly.

I paused and then took a chance. "If you're looking for some serious cock tonight then I could phone my mate and we could give you double the pleasure together." I tentatively suggested to Abby.

"What?" she cried. "I'm not some dirty tart you cheeky bastard!" exclaimed Abby in horror. She stepped away from me and, as she turned around to march back over to her friends again, she called back over her shoulder to me, "If you're not man enough to satisfy me by yourself without phoning a friend to come round and hold your cock to get it hard, then you can fuck off!"

"Damn!" I muttered to myself. I was blown completely out the water. I'd give Bill some serious shit when I got back to the flat for his so-called brilliant Plan B. Abby was gone and there was no point protesting innocence or joke pretence to my offer. I could see her gesticulating to her friends as she conveyed my perverse proposal to her shocked audience of friends. They all stared back over at me, shaking their heads.

Quietly, I made my way out the pub and back home to the flat to give Bill a piece of my mind. I was gutted to miss out on a sure-fire screw. Abby looked amazing and I could only imagine the depths of her depravity she would have stooped to, if I'd only got her home.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bill had pissed himself with laughter when I recounted my story of how to blow a certain shag in one easy sentence. I berated his ideas and left him in no doubt that he 'owed me one' for that night's debacle.

It was one of those things though as far as I was concerned and certainly no cause for any bitterness or falling out between me and Bill. By the following weekend, even I could see the funny side of the previous Friday's events and I laughed along with Bill as he continued to chastise me by asking if I wanted a threesome with him and the barmaid as he ordered up drinks.

It was Saturday night and it was a warm, pleasant summer evening. We headed back outside into the beer garden to enjoy the fading sun as it began to set. The external terrace was busy and seemed packed with gorgeous girls, giggling to each other as they sipped drinks and gossiped to each other. Bill and I surveyed the scene over the rim of our beer glasses as we drunk our lager, trying not to appear too obvious as we subtly analysed the different groups of women and considered where we might focus our flirting energies first.

We replaced our empty glasses with fresh pints of lager and, after a brief discussion, moved over to speak to two girls who stood together at the edge of the decking. They were balancing their drinks on the handrail that kept us all penned in. Bill had spied the girls early and claimed first rights on the tall, leggy dark-haired stunner. She was wearing a very chic little black dress with nylons and a set of very high black strapped sandals. Her LBD was buttoned down the front and stopped mid-thigh, leaving a tantalising split in the front. The top 2 buttons were unfastened and an ample cleavage was evident without being tarty. She introduced herself as Kathryn and my immediate reaction was that she was far too classy for Bill.

Her friend was called Paula and at 5' 2" or thereabouts, she was much shorter than Kathryn. She was pretty but didn't have the stature and air of sophistication that her taller friend possessed. I introduced myself to Paula and struck up some conversation with her.

The four of us chatted together and shared some drinks. As usual, we quickly suggested moving to cocktails and kept the drinks flowing freely. The girls were both 23 and, like Bill and I, had been friends since childhood. We swapped embarrassing tales of our respective friends when they were young. I told the story of the time that Bill had peed in my mum's handbag as a 4-year old because he didn't know where our toilet was and was too shy to ask. Everyone laughed and Bill repaid the favour with an equally embarrassing anecdote about me.

Paula was a veterinary assistant and was full of stories of her everyday work that would shock and disgust people. I let her know that she would never be left alone in charge of my pet dog from back home. Kathryn was the complete opposite to her friend. She worked in the purchasing team at a large department store in the city. Her day was filled with perfumes, cosmetics and designer fashion labels, which made perfect sense when you admired her elegant style.

As the night wore on, Bill became increasingly cosy with Kathryn. I wasn't enjoying the same success with Paula. She wasn't comfortable if I reached out to hold her hand or place an arm around her. She would quickly reposition herself in a subtle fashion to create some space and distance between us. At about 11pm, the girls disappeared away to the toilet together. I turned to Bill and expressed my frustration and disappointment at my lack of progress with Paula. As far as I was concerned, it wasn't likely to be a fruitful night and I would shortly make my apologies and head home to the flat.

Bill pleaded for me to stay in case my departure caused a premature end to his night with Kathryn.

When the girls returned Kathryn announced that Paula was tired and wanted to head home soon. I spoke up and agreed that I was also pretty shattered and happy to head home and leave Bill and Kathryn to dance the night away. Kathryn hesitated and looked at Paula, who gave a little shrug and said that was fine. We finished our drinks and I headed to the exit with Paula. Despite my frustrations at not pulling Paula and convincing her to come back to the flat for wild, rampant, abundant sex, I was polite and waited with Paula in the taxi queue before walking the short distance back to the flat.

In line with our agreement, I headed straight to my room and stripped out of my clothes before heading to bed. All the lights were out and I hoped that I wouldn't snore too loudly and give away my presence in the flat when Bill and Kathryn arrived.

As I lay in bed, I wondered if Bill would return the previous weekend's request and ask Kathryn if she was up for a threesome. Given my abject failure, I smiled to myself and muttered "No fucking chance." under my breath.

I must have been dozing when I heard voices outside my bedroom door. Bill and Kathryn were back from the bar and chatting freely in the hallway as they took off their shoes and headed into the lounge. Kathryn was giggly and bemoaning her sore feet after wearing those towering sandals all evening.

Bill quickly offered her a foot massage to relieve the pain and asked her to sit down on the sofa and lift up a leg. Very soon I could hear Kathryn sighing contentedly as Bill's fingers must have started working their magic on her feet. "Lift the other foot up." I could hear him request.

The sighs persisted as Bill must have continued his foot massage.

"That's not my foot!" exclaimed Kathryn.

"Oops." responded Bill with false concern. "You seemed to enjoy the foot massage so much I thought I'd extend my geographical reach" he explained. "For your pleasure, of course." Bill continued.

It went quiet and I couldn't hear how the conversation continued. It was clear to me that Kathryn didn't object to the broadening area of Bill's caressing. I quietly climbed out of bed and tip-toed across to open my bedroom door so that I could eavesdrop better. I edged my door open by a small margin and strained to pick up the dialogue taking place in the lounge.

"Stockings!" Bill said enthusiastically. "And suspenders." he continued. "Very sexy Kathryn. Ve-r-y sexy." he complimented her. I heard Kathryn gasp suddenly and guessed that Bill's geographical range had now reached past the stocking tops and under her dress with that sharp intake of breath.

The sighs had now been replaced with gentle moans. Much as I was aroused by the audio show emanating from the lounge my curiosity was too great to remain in the bedroom with my erection. I crept out into the hallway and edged towards the lounge doorway. Bill had left the door open, for which I was extremely thankful.

I edged towards the opening and very slowly peeked my head round to survey the scene in the lounge. Kathryn was sat back in the middle of a sofa with Bill knelt on the floor in front of her. He had pushed her knees apart and sat between her legs. I could see his arm move in and out as she squirmed and moaned at his touch.

"Ooh." Kathryn exhaled deeply.

"You're soaking wet." Bill described as his fingers must have worked around her panties and found their way inside Kathryn's vagina.

Her head shot back against the sofa cushion as she arched her back at Bill's caress. I reached down to start stroking my cock to the live sex show being performed in my lounge.

Suddenly, Kathryn stood up and I quickly moved my head back away from the door opening before I was discovered. After a few moments I slowly edged forward again and peeked around the door frame. Bill was now sat in the sofa where Kathryn had been. She was stood proudly in front of him. Watching her from behind, I deduced that she was unbuttoning her little black dress. She was taking each button out one-by-one and pausing in between for effect. Eventually, with all buttons undone, she opened up her dress and after a few moments let it fall from her shoulders and down her arms. She twirled her dress round in her right hand and tossed it theatrically behind her.

I knelt at the door opening with my erection flailing below me, gazing in admiration at my friend's girl. She was wearing an expensive black lace lingerie set comprising black stockings, suspenders, a miniscule thong and a matching lacy bra. I couldn't see Bill's expression but I could imagine his delight at the sight in front of him. Even from behind, Kathryn looked amazing. Her slender legs worked up to a tight, taut bottom which seemed to be split in half by the lacy material of her thong as it disappeared between those succulent buttocks.

Kathryn stepped forward and then knelt down on her knees in front of Bill. I could hear his belt being unbuckled and he shuffled from side to side as Kathryn pulled down his trousers. Almost immediately her head bowed forward as she stooped to take Bill's cock into her mouth. I took my cock in hand and matched her up and down bobbing rhythm as she sucked off my flatmate.

As the blowjob continued Bill looked up and caught me in the doorway. He smiled and gesticulated to me. I wasn't concerned at being spotted by my friend after our recent group sex session from a couple of weeks earlier. He was clearly enjoying the experience of the gorgeous Kathryn's mouth and tongue entertaining his cock.

With Kathryn facing away from me, I repositioned myself more openly and comfortably in the door opening and continued to masturbate. Her sexy black dress was lying sprawled on the floor just in front of me from where it was discarded earlier. I reached forward to grab it and pull it back to me, wrapping it around my erection and the rubbing the dress up and down the length of my cock.

I shuffled backwards into the hallway with my prize, enjoying the perfume emanating from Kathryn's dress. She had stopped sucking on Bill's cock and had stood up again. As I peeped round the corner I could see Bill unclipping her stockings from the suspenders and pulling her tiny thong down over those shapely legs. He leaned further forward as he pulled her thong further down towards her ankles and buried his face into her sex.

I could see Kathryn reach down to grab Bill's hair and push his head in more tightly. He threw the lacy black thong towards the doorway as she sighed intensely. "Fuck! Your tongue is right on my button!" she yelled in delight.

"You taste amazing." he complimented as he sat back on the sofa before standing up and manoeuvring himself behind her, stepping out of his trousers and pants in the process. Kathryn put one knee on the sofa as she leant forward with both hands pressed onto the arm. Bill positioned himself at her back and took his cock in hand, ready to feed it into her waiting pussy.

She groaned impulsively as he pushed his cock forward and grabbed her hips to pull her back onto his dick. Once he was fully immersed he paused for a moment before pulling back and beginning a gentle but steady rhythm, pushing his dick deep inside her pussy.

I took a risk and crawled forward into the lounge to collect the discarded thong. Once I had retrieved it I quickly slinked back out to my hidden position in the hallway. I inhaled deeply as I brought Kathryn's thong up to my nose. The lacy material was soaking wet with her juices and Bill was right, she tasted amazing as a pushed my tongue out into the wet material to savour her flavour.

Bill had started to build up his pace as he pushed his cock in and out of Kathryn. She had slipped forward into the sofa and her face was buried deep in the cushions as my flatmate drove his cock deep inside with increasing purpose and determination. I picked up the black dress again and wrapped the soft material around my cock as I stroked it faster and faster, over-taking the pace set by my flatmate as he rode the delectable Kathryn for all he was worth.

I reached my climax and felt the streams of cum shoot out from my prick into the soft material of Kathryn's dress as it enveloped my dick. Pulse after pulse of sticky jizz squirted into the dress. I lifted her thong back to my face as the last of my cum dripped out and sniffed in her aroma, created by the pussy juice that saturated her miniscule panties. I pulled her dress away and looked down at the mess of white cum that streaked across the material. "Oops." I thought.

I wiped the drips of cum from my knob with a dry bit of material and squinted back around the door to see how my flatmate was progressing. He had now moved Kathryn into a straight position, bent over the sofa with her face submerged in the cushions. I could see his balls swing back and forth as he drove his cock deep into her from behind. He had hit the turbo button and his arse was now a blur as he pummelled her for all he was worth.

Kathryn was producing muffled screams of ecstasy from underneath the mountain of cushions that buried her. She had reached orgasm and her elated cries were continuous as Bill thrust faster and faster.

I took the chance to throw Kathryn's thong and soiled dress back into the lounge as they revelled in the ecstasy of her climax. As the dress skidded across our lounge floor, Bill grunted loudly as he reached his climax. He stood back a step and continued his regular spaced groans as he must have been shooting his cum.

"Bill! You messy bastard." complained Kathryn.

As he stepped back I could see the splashes of his cum up Kathryn's back and in her long dark hair. The dirty fucker better not have spunked on our sofa I thought as I gave him a thumbs up sign and quietly disappeared back into my bedroom, silently closing the door before climbing into bed with my prize for the evening; a black lacy thong, soaking wet with my flatmate's dates pussy juice.

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