tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Stormy, Messy, Chemical Romance

A Stormy, Messy, Chemical Romance


One thing I never forget is scent. It's probably my strongest sense. One of my earliest memories, for example, is saturated by the perfume of dill and tomato soup. It was, and still is, my favorite. My grandmother used to make it for me when I'd visit her farm. I would climb the hill to her house with my uncertain steps, only to find that my bowl would already be cooling on the window sill. I remember the steam coming off the liquid, fogging up the glass. The smell and taste of that soup remains with me even today. The first time I met Frank...well, I'll never forget what he smelled like.

It was storming outside and I had just finished a gig. I was relaxing a bit in the dressing room when my tour manager knocked lightly on the door.

"Hey...there's a guy here to see you. He says you're expecting him."

I sat up. "Oh, okay. Hold on, let me put on a fresh top."

There were no secrets between myself and Jason. We had dated a long time ago, before he became my tour manager. Oddly enough, we were able to remain friends. I wasn't always good at post-break up public relations, but with Jason it had been easy. He was an Aquarian like myself and we knew where we stood.

I pulled a t-shirt over my head, adjusted my bra, and put on my sneakers. Nodding to Jason to let the guest in, I put myself in the middle of the room and waited. Unhurriedly, a dark-haired, shorter man walked in. I have to admit, at first glance he took my breath away. I would have never betrayed myself, but I could feel my heart flutter just a little bit. He stuck out his hand. "Hey, I'm Frank. Jason told me to come back and talk to you about the opening."

I shook his hand firmly and noticed the tattoos. They were more powerful in person. A hot knot formed in my core. I had a strong desire to see them all, discover their meaning.

"Sorry I'm wet," he said with a hint of shyness. (You are not the only one, I thought). "It's pouring out and I forgot to grab an umbrella."

His dark hair dripped onto his black leather jacket and one single droplet rolled down his cheek. I watched it fall from the end of his bangs, which masterfully hung over the side of his face. The piercing on his lip caught my attention and I couldn't release my stare. He was so much my type that it made my heart swell.

"Let me get you a towel, Frank, and... please sit down." I gestured behind me and he wandered over to the couch. Once I handed the towel over to him, I sat down in front of him on a lounge chair, crossing my legs under me.

His gaze was fixed on mine the entire time, the towel bunched up in his inked hands. Faded green eyes like points of dying neon light burned into me. "Jesus he's going to be trouble," I thought.

I cleared my throat. "So which band did you play for again?" I asked playfully. He grinned and I drew in a sudden breath. When he smiled he became even more beautiful, and I didn't think that would be possible.

"Um, the most famous is MyChem, I guess." he replied. He was sizing me up. He looked at my ankle. I was sure he wasn't falling for it. He didn't believe my inquiry. How could I not know who he was?! I had MCR tattooed on my damn leg!

"I'm kidding, Frank. Of course I know who you are and with whom you played. I am a huge fan. In fact I was very impressed with that body of work and that's why I wanted to talk to you." He smiled back and dropped his shoulders. I was making him feel at ease, and I would discover only later that that was no easy task.

We talked shop, and by the end of the meeting, he had become my guest guitarist and I, well, had fallen for him. But it would be a while yet before HE realized it.

We stood up and shook hands, and I noticed how warm it was. I wanted to hug him so badly that I pulled him to me with a playful "Come here," and that's when the scent hit me. He smelled like the sky. It was wet and pure and fresh. Like he was a somber, dark angel who had just descended to earth, bringing the lingering smell of heaven with him.

When the embrace broke, after what was, on my part, an inappropriate length of time squeezing, I realized I was just a hair taller than him. His not dominating me in height somehow made me feel even more sure that I wanted to be around him. Frank gave me a sense of comfort.

Months passed since that first meeting. I continued my tour and he played with me at about 50% of my shows. We were able to spend a lot of time together due to practice and show scheduling, which didn't always allow him to return home. I had a great relationship with my other band members but events saw myself and Frank spending more and more time together. We had everything in common and we understood one another, almost like two people who had grown up in the same house would. Except, thank the stars, we were not related. Thoughts like the ones I was having about Frank were definitely not "brotherly." I was getting myself into something that would soon become more than I could handle emotionally.

He was difficult to read at times, but a sadness pervaded our souls and that was the silver thread that united us. I forgave him when he was curt, and I adored it when he was thoughtful. There were too many long nights of hushed whispers on the bus. Frank had taken the bunk above mine and would often sneak down to cuddle with me when all the others had fallen asleep. We were the perfect size, fitting together like two halves of a cut fruit. A bizarre, exotic fruit.

The late-night phone calls when he was away became something I craved and expected. At the end, it took a toll on my life. I hadn't even kissed Frank yet, but I was completely gone. I ended up leaving the man I was seeing because it just wasn't fair for him to be with me. I wasn't invested anymore and all I could think about was Frank. 24 hours a day, every day. Frank was everywhere, he had permeated my being.

All the time I spent with him was like oxygen to me. I felt alive around him, and we enjoyed each other's company. His dorky laugh made me grin, and our odd senses of humor complemented each other. It was tortuous for me not to pursue him. I suppose I didn't want to ruin the relationship. This was the situation we were living until that fateful night when it all changed.

Another town, another gig, another storm.

I'm not sure what had changed on this leg of the tour, but Frank was different. He had returned to us with a murky demeanor and a poignant melancholy.

"Hey...beautiful. What's been going on?" I put my hand on his knee, as I often did when we spoke. He turned to me and smiled. His lip ring twitched, and I felt like running my tongue over it. Instead, I played with the rip of his jeans, sticking a finger under the cloth on his knee.

"Nothing. I'm okay," he replied, despondent.

We had both sunk into an enormous sofa in the lounge of the venue. There was no one around.

"Bullshit." I quipped. "Come on, spill the beans."

His pupils dilated and I could see his breathing increase. Either he was nervous or he was turned on. Or both.

"I have to tell you something. But, I'm afraid." HALLOWEEN. That's what was tattooed across his fingers. His birthday. I stared down at his surprisingly long fingers, intertwined with my own. Somewhere far away someone yelled, startling me. "Miss, we have to dim the lights a second. I have to do a check on the bulbs above stage, the storm blew something out."

"OKAY" I screamed back.

I swallowed hard, my throat catching on the words that I wanted to express to him.

DARKNESS. The techie had turned the lights down to near tar-black.

"Frankie... just tell me," I sighed.

He turned his head, the moss-green sadness that were his eyes looking directly into mine. There was just enough light to make out that he looked serious. One of his hands met my cheek. I regretted not taking my beta blocker because it felt like I was going to have a coronary.

"I need to know something. Did you leave David because of me?" he whispered.

I knew my answer would give me away. "Because, I mean, I want you to know that I left Amelia...for you."

The only thing I could do was nod my head. I was choking on my yearning. "I left David because of you," I barely managed the whisper.

"I think I'm love in with you," his voice trailed off for a moment. Frankie bit into his lip like he always did when he was nervous. "No, scratch that. I know I am. I live and breathe you and it's all I can do to not go insane. I hate being away from you. Please tell me you feel the same."

I was paralyzed as I gazed upon this dark, celestial being. My heart began to thud in my ribcage.

"I fell in love with you the day we met, Frankie. I've been up nights talking to Gee about us. He told me not to let you go. I don't want to be away from you anymore. No more than we can help, anyway."

There was a moment of silence and I could perceive him slowly relaxing. His shoulders released their tension and he sunk further into the couch. Relief washed over me and I lost myself in those two pools of jade that were his eyes.

"Come here," he breathed, barely audible. We leaned into one another and in a moment that was too long in coming, our lips finally met. It was gentle and simply perfect. His supple lips covered mine, and finally our tongues found each other. Timidly at first, then more urgently. I hollowed out my mouth and tasted him. He was cool and minty, yet sweet. As if he had just taken a lick of mint chocolate chip ice cream before kissing me. I felt him tease my inner lip, drawing across it and pressing his piercing into it. Frank's teeth clashed with mine briefly, and as I fell back onto the couch, his weight upon me, the kiss grew even deeper. We could have easily been drowning in one another. My fingers intertwined in his hair, and he ground his hips into my pelvis. Soft moans escaped us as he tugged on my lower lip once more.

Suddenly I realized that we were out in the open. I pulled away. "Let's go into the dressing room, anyone can walk past here." I was out of breath and feeling flushed, and he was visibly aroused, the outline of his erection pushing through his jeans. In the dim light I saw him nod towards the door, and a smile appeared. That same smile I had fallen for the first day I met him. He was happy. I couldn't believe how much his demeanor had changed.

We shot up from the couch and like two kids, raced over to my dressing room. I still hadn't finished packing up my stuff. Locking the door behind us, I switched off the light, pushing him onto the sofa. Objects fell over but neither of us cared.

The kissing was a little more intense now, desperate almost, as if we were racing against an invisible clock. I ran my fingers through his silky hair, my other hand reaching his groin. He jumped a bit when I got to the zipper, the palm of my hand pressing into the bulge. Frank responded by biting down the line of my neck. Soft brushes of his tongue in between bites made my skin prickle, and the heat between my legs spread to the rest of my body like a fever. His hands were under my shirt, stroking my back and beginning to undo my bra. I pulled his t-shirt over his head, revealing his gorgeous, inked torso. A moment later I, too, was topless. Without hesitation, I found his mouth on my breast, suckling from it like an infant.

Everything about him was electric. My skin burned with fiery desire and he made me feel every single degree. When his fingers nimbly undid my pants, I lifted my hips to help him remove them. I needed him inside me and nothing was going to come between us now.

I was finally naked, and he took a moment, just staring down at me. I was in awe of him, praying that this was really happening and that it wasn't just some vivid erotic dream. I would have pinched myself but there was no need. His small delicate kisses reminded me I was awake.

I directed his head between my now spread thighs. I shuddered in ecstasy when he pulled on the flesh of my inner thigh with his teeth. Frank stretched my outer lips, every lick and thrust of his tongue on me, and in me, sent me into convulsions. He tugged at my pussy lips, groaning as he did so. "You taste amazing.." he breathed. "I want you to come for me, come on me." Pushing my legs apart even further with his gorgeous hands, his fingers slipped inside me, expertly guiding me to my orgasm, as he licked me to external spasm as well. I could almost count down the licks until the explosion. I watched through blurred vision as his head moved in time to a beat he only felt. I finally could take no more, I had exhausted all my expletives. When he came up for air his face was wet with me.

"I can't believe I'm here with you" I gasped. "I want you. Now. Please Frankie."

The command in my voice caused him to straighten up and straddle me. I deliberately took my time undoing his jeans as his calloused fingers played with my nipples. He watched me from beneath his bangs, now covering his eyes partially. The hardness I was caressing stirred and poked out from the top of his boxers. I pulled down his trousers and his underwear in one tug. I was in a hurry to feel him in me.

As the denim dropped to the floor, my desire could not be contained. I took in his beauty, as he had done with me earlier, running my fingers over his chest. Lingering on this tattoo and that, pinching and scratching here and there, I reached his penis last. It was glistening with precum and almost visibly throbbing for me.

I nibbled on his lips, his neck, and his chest as I stroked his shaft. I bit into the scorpion tattooed on the side of his neck as if it were a peach, hearing him groan into my ear in response. I mapped every inch of his torso with my tongue and fingertips. His moaning excited me more and more until I was literally dripping.

My tongue traveled all the way down to his cock this time, which was large and...pierced. I licked along his length, feeling the vein pulsate under my tongue. I reached the tip, sucking enough to get him to the point of begging for me. "Fuck me. Fuck..-Please just fuck me. I want you." I rolled his piercing in my mouth and he gasped. I pushed him down my throat and let him fuck me there. I wished I could have seen myself from his point of view, those sexy hands on my head, driving his dick into my tonsils, and past. My throat would hurt tomorrow but it would be worth it.

Frank realized he was dangerously close to coming, and he pulled himself out. With my chin still dripping with saliva, we changed positions and I climbed on top of him. I reached into a bag on the floor beside the sofa, and fumbled in the darkness with a wrapper. Soon after, the warmth of his sex filled me and he moaned loudly, "Ugh, fuck!"

Sitting up, his muscular arms around my back pushed me further into him. His lips found my nipple once more, and he gave it those little brushes with his tongue that sent me over the edge, the suction just enough to make me feel it down in my pussy. Just as I began to ride him he exclaimed "Oh Jesus ...fuck ...yes baby. Like that."

I found my rhythm and with one hand using his shoulder for balance, the other began to touch my clitoris. I could tell he was going to last as long as he could for me, but he was obviously holding back a bit. Our bodies were one intricate mechanism and I needed him to let go and just fuck me blind.

His piercing hit my g-spot and I felt Frank grab my ass. He wanted it faster, picking up on my lead, and thus I began to speed up my bounce. When I couldn't resist any longer, his body aware of my imminent release, he bit into my neck, drawing blood this time, and in that instant I came with such intensity that I couldn't help myself screaming his name. "Frank...oh Frank, Jesus fuck." My little vampire had made me come like I had never in my life.

Panting, I fell onto his chest and put my hands over his rapidly beating heart. We kissed again, and I could taste the metal on his breath from my blood. His yearning moved inside me and I guessed what he desired of me.

His powerful arms turned me over. I placed my hands over the side of the couch, gripping the extremities. He shifted me and raised my rear. One leg on the floor and one propped on the couch, I opened myself as far as I could for him. My flower was his and he knew it.

"Fuck me gorgeous...show me how much you want me..." I sighed lustfully.

"Jesus you are so fucking beautiful," he exclaimed. "Let me take just one more look before I-" In response, I backed into him.

The emptiness was gone and his manhood was once again burning inside me. His movements were perfect and the steady pace built into a momentum that drove me crazy. I wailed his name, urging him on. "Harder, Frankie, harder." I pleaded. He began to spank me as he drove his massive cock into me, the piercing exactly where it needed to be to stimulate me. Large, red welts starting forming on my buttock. Every thrust was accompanied by the smacking sound of his hand striking my skin.

I was seeing stars. I wasn't able to stop myself from coming again. My womanhood squeezed over and over as my body shook. At last he gave in, and with a scream of my name, he climaxed repeatedly. His hot semen spilled in spurts in a delicious release.

His embrace from behind held me up, because my hold was so weak from the climax that I couldn't keep myself upright.

When he pulled out, he lay down next to me, our flushed, sweaty bodies pressed together. "I love you" he admitted. "I don't want this to complicate anything but I can't live without you."

"Neither can I" I uttered as I turned my face to his, following the black line of his smudged eyeliner down his cheek. My finger toyed with his lip ring.

Finally, this little emo boy was mine.

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