tagInterracial LoveA Stormy Night In The Bronx

A Stormy Night In The Bronx


Edited by Plumpmuffin2001

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My weekend started out real shitty. My boss called on Friday night and asked me to come in Saturday for a few hours. He said the computer system crashed, and it had to be up and running by morning for the weekend crew. He told me to come in Saturday, get the system up and running for the weekend crew. Well that just sucked. The last thing I wanted to do was go to work this weekend.

Driving to work at 5:30 am on a Saturday morning heading for the chemical plant was not what I had in mind for my weekend fun. I was all pissed off. While speeding on my way to New Jersey from the Bronx, I started to wonder why was I so angry. I said to myself “ Blake, calm down. Last year around this time you was sitting home collecting unemployment. Now you have the job of your dreams. You’re getting paid 120k a year. How many other 24-year-old black men can say that”. After that thought, instead of being angry with my boss, I felt proud. The company and 200 chemical engineers relied on me to keep all computer systems on line.

When I arrived at work there was a system wide crash. It took me 4 hours to get the system up and running. My boss called me at noon, to see if everything was back to normal. I told him that all systems were up and running smoothly. He was very grateful. He thanked me and told me I could have monday off and to enjoy myself. My boss was real cool. Computer down time cost my company millions of dollars. I’ll put it like this the 4 hours the system was down cost my company about 100k in lost productivity.

I was living the good life. Most black females didn’t understand me. I tried to date black women, but most of them came with to many complications. I dealt with complications at work. I did want to deal with more complications in my personnel life. I was actually lucky when I met my current girlfriend Mirijanna. She was real beautiful. She was a European babe, born in Yugoslavia. She was 25 years old and about 5’5” tall.

She had straight long black hair. She was also very voluptuous. Her tits were nice and plump and soft. Not to big, not to small, but just perfect for her frame. Her greatest feature was her fat juicy ass and wide hips. To see Mima (that my girl’s nickname) in a pair of tight jeans was, something to just die for. She was the type of women that didn’t need to wear any make up at all. Mima, was just a pure beauty. She also had inner beauty. An inner beauty that made me fall in love with her after our first date. Mima was the kind of girl that would always go out of her way to make her man happy.

Mima was a secretary in a small law firm in the Bronx that was not to far from my apartment. Mima lived in Yorktown with her parents. We spent most weekends, since we first meet four months ago at my small apartment in the Bronx. It was a great set-up. We spent most of the weekend fucking our brains out. Life just couldn’t get any better for me. I was a very lucky man. I had a good job and a good woman.

On my ride home from NJ, I got a call on my cell phone, it was Mima. She told me that she couldn’t make it over tonight. She had forgot it was her parent’s anniversary. I told her “Don’t worry about it baby, have fun with your parents.” O well that’s life, and shit happens. I had been looking forward to pounding her sweet pussy all day. Last weekend she was on her period. Although she gave me a great blowjob, it was her sweet pussy I yearned for.

Saturday night really sucked. I was bored and horny. I found some of my old porno tapes, broke out the lube and then jerked myself off. Sunday wasn’t much better. I didn’t do much. I did a little research on the web, checked out a few porno sites and drank a lot of coffee. Mima called me around 9pm Sunday evening. It felt so good to hear her voice. We chit-chatted for a while about her night out with her family. I told her how much I missed her .She told me she was so horny. She said, “Blake, my pussy has been wet all day. I cant wait to see you baby.” Mima had a very sexy voice. My black cock would get hard just by hearing her speak. I told her “ I can’t wait to see you too baby.” I told her that my boss gave me Monday off. I told her to come over Monday night after she got off work. She said that she had to work a little late Monday, but she would come over as soon as she was done.

I slept in late Monday morning and I got up around 10am. When I put the TV on, all the news stations were talking about this huge snowstorm that was on the way. I looked out the window, but I didn’t see a damn thing. I said to myself “Those fucking weathermen are so full of shit. They’re always trying to scare the shit out of people.” I hung out for a while watching some bullshit movie on HBO. I called my office to see how things were going.

My assistant John told me everything was ok. He then said, “Good thing you took off today, its snowing big time here in Jersey.” I guess the weatherman finally got it right. I was feeling good relaxing at home. I had one thing on my mind and that was Mima’s pussy. I couldn’t wait for her to come over. Hopefully we could get a huge snowstorm and be snowed in together. That would be just perfect. Trapped in my apartment with the sweetest, tightest, pussy on earth.

I decided to take me a little nap. I woke up around 4:30 that afternoon. I looked out side my window to see what was going on weather wise. I was shocked at what I saw. It was a total white out. The snow was falling from the sky so fucking fast. Big fat flakes covered the streets of the Bronx. I could see about 10 inches of snow on top of the cars on the street. “HOLY SHIT!” I said to myself. Man I’m sure glad I didn’t go to work today.

I turned the TV to one of the local news stations. Snowstorm coverage was in full swing. Westchester County were my girl lived they had already had 13 inches of snow. They were expecting another 10 inches before it would be over. I had to call my girl to see if she would be ok. I called her office, but I got no answer. I knew that Mima hated driving in bad weather. I kept on calling her office, but I couldn’t get anybody on the phone. All the news networks were calling this, “The storm of the decade.” That was all I could take. I was really worried about my baby. All kinds of bad thoughts started to drifted in and out of my head. Was she stuck somewhere in the snow? Was she hurt? Was she in trouble? Fuck this waiting around bullshit, I’m going to go find my baby.

I got dressed in a hurry. I put on my boots and my heaviest jacket. I grabbed my snow shovel that I bought and used only once 4 years ago after the last big snow storm that just crippled New York City. My girl’s safety was the only thing on my mind. I new wherever she was, she was afraid and if she could call me she would have already. Just as I was about to walk out the door the phone rang. I rushed to the phone. “Hello Blake"

"Mima!” I felt so relieved to finally hear her voice. “ Are you ok baby, I’ve been worried sick. Nobody was answering the phone at your office”. Then she said, “ I’m ok sweetie, can you believe this storm.” I said, “ Yeah it looks insane out there. I was just on my way out the door to come find you. Where are you?” I said. She then told me that all the phones in her office building were dead. “ I’m outside on the corner by the pay phone.” Then she said “You were that worried about me baby.” I said, “ Of course I was, I love you.” I guess that must have gotten to her. “ Blake that’s why I love you so much, you are the best thing that ever happen to me”. Those precious words coming from her mouth just warmed me up all inside.

I told Mima to hang tight, I was coming to pick her up. I asked if she was cold. She told me that she was freezing. I told her there was a bar right around the corner from her office. “ Go to the bar baby, big daddy will pick you up there as soon as possible”. At 6’ 2” and 240lbs, I was no small man. Plus my girl always called me big daddy in private. Then my girl said “ Blake I need to ask you a big favor, honey.”... “What’s up baby what do you need?"

"You know my friend at the office Lori... Lori Goldstein. I said, “ Yeah the lawyer you go out with once in awhile.” I said, “Yeah that’s her. She is stuck here with me. She lives up in Chappaqua. Her husband is out of town. Like me, she is terrified of the snow. The roads up north have all been closed. She doesn’t have any friends around here.” I then said, “Say no more baby of course she can stay with us.” There was an excited tone in her voice.

“Thanks you so much Blake, you don’t know how much this means to me! You are the best sweetheart.” I then said, “ Mima, does Lori know that you dating a Blackman?” She started laughing hysterically. “ Nope!... Not yet. But she will find out in about five minutes when I tell her”... “Don’t worry big daddy, she’s cool.” We both started laughing. I said, “Ok baby, you guys go to the bar and wait for me. Your chocolate Super Hero is on his way.” Mima was still laughing on the phone. She then said “ Ok chocolate lover, there’s two white women here that need you to come rescue them from the evil snow monster.” That was another thing about Mima that I loved she had a great sense on humor.

Out the door I went. When I got to my car it was buried in snow. The snow was still coming down hard. The roads looked terrible. Thank God I bought a jeep Grand Cherokee last summer. It took me about a half hour just to dig out my car. My girlfriend’s job was only about 15 city blocks from my apartment building. It was one of the worst driving conditions I ever had to deal with. Even with 4-wheel drive, I was all over the road. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to go15 blocks. There wasn’t a snowplow in sight.

When I was about a block away from the bar. I suddenly got really nervous. I guess I was a little nervous about meeting Lori. You see not everybody can handle the interracial relationship thing. Some people say, “ O it doesn’t matter if you’re dating someone that is black or white as long as you both love each other”. That sounds good in theory. It’s also the politically correct thing to say, but in reality, people don’t mean what they say. The only thing I knew about Lori Goldstein, was that she was in her late 40’s. My girl had a lot of respect for her and considered her a friend. Mima told me that Lori always treated her with respect. The other female lawyers at the firm would talk down to her. But Lori, always spoke to Mima with respect. I also knew that Lori was in a bad marriage. Lori’s Husband was a Wall Street executive. He was a high roller in the stock market and was always out of town on business. I guess she was probably sitting at the bar wishing her husband was coming to rescue her. Pulling up to the front of the bar I said to myself “ I’ll show Lori a good time, and give her a nice warm place to spend the evening.”

When I went it to the bar I spotted my girl sitting at the bar right away. Her back was turned away from me. Then I noticed the women to her right staring at me like a deer staring into a bright light. Lori was a beautiful woman. I was totally not expecting this. Lori was wearing a nice conservative gray suit jacket with a very sexy knee skirt. She looked a lot younger than her actual age. She had black hair with gray length streaks. Looking in to my eyes she stood up and smiled. Then she tapped Mima on the shoulder and gestured for her to look behind her. When Mima turned around. I and I saw the huge smile on her face. I felt relieved. My baby was safe. In one quick motion ran to me, jumped into my arms, wrapped her hands around my neck and her legs around my hips and gave me a big wet passionate kiss. “Blake, thank God you made it I was getting so worried about you baby. Are you ok?” I was shocked at my girl’s reaction. She never greeted me like that before. “ Damn baby, if all it takes is a snow storm to get a greeting like that maybe we should move to Alaska.” Mima was giggling, and people in the bar were also laughing. I guess they heard what I said. Mima had a few drinks in her system, because I could smell and taste the liquor on breath.

“Blake come on, I want you to meet Lori”. Mima introduced us. “Blake this is my friend Lori Goldstein”... “Hi Lori its nice to finally meet you” I said. Lori smiled and replied “ Hi Blake it’s nice to meet you to... So you’re the man that keeps Mima smiling all day at the office. God Mima, you weren’t lying when you said he was gorgeous.” If I weren’t black, my face would have turned red. I could feel Lori’s eyes looking me up and down, like she was studying for an anatomy test. “Aaahhh , I think you guys drank to much, lets see if you think that way after you sober up” I said. They both started giggling like little schoolgirls. I knew how silly Mima gets when she has a few drinks. But this time silliness was heightened. Her embrace was like the way a guy embrace’s a women when he wants to show her off. “Lets get going ladies” I said.

The ride home in the storm was just as bad. I don’t think I have ever seen so much snow in my life. I tried to make the best of it. The girls, I mean ladies, were in their on world. They were talking about work, and funny anecdotes about the other employees in the firm. Lori was very talkative. She seemed to be very relaxed and comfortable which made me feel at ease. “Tell me about yourself Blake” Lori said. I told her about myself, and my job. I told her I was saving up to buy a house. Lori was very impressed with me. I could tell by the way she asked me questions. After Lori was done asking me questions, I glanced at Mima, and I said jokingly “So how did I hold up under this cross-examination? The both of them started laughing. Lori reached up from the back seat and put her hand on my shoulder. She then said, “ You held up very well, under cross, Big Daddy.” Big Daddy, did I just hear what I thought I heard... “ Big daddy” I said aloud. I looked at Mima she had the cutest little guilty smile on her face. I guess she was shocked that Lori called me Big Daddy. I laughed it off. I said, “ so just how much did you tell your girlfriend, Super Hoochie (the pet name I gave my girl)?"

"Blaaake!!” my girl said. Lori, in the meantime was in the backset laughing her ass off. “ What in the hell is a super hoochie?” Lori said. I said “a real hot momma”. Once again I heard the sounds of giggling little schoolgirls in the backseat. Lori, I guess she new she let out a little secret. Lori then said, “ Hey Super Hoochie are we close to Big Daddies apartment”. We all broke out laughing. To hear this woman say the words Big daddy and Super Hoochie in one sentence was very funny.

We finally arrived at my place. It was luck that I found a good parking spot in front of my building. At this point there must have been about 15 inches of snow on the ground. Walking up the stairs to my front door, I heard a short scream. I turned around to see Mima and Lori lying on their backs in a pile of wet snow. They looked so funny. They were both laughing. I joined in their laughter at the sight of these women. Actually they looked real cute together. I started to wonder, how much did they have to drink? I came down the steps and helped the two ladies to there feet... “ Just look at you guys, you’re soaking wet,” I said while still laughing at them.

When we made it into my apartment I was relieved. Home sweet home. I said to Lori and my girl “ you guys should get out of those wet close.” Lori said “ Geese.. I’m soaked and I don’t have any change of close”. Mima then said, “ Don’t worry about that you can wear one of Blake’s T-shirts.”... I said, “ I have tons of big T-shirts. As a matter of fact, you can wear my Big daddy T-shirt. Mima started laughing again, she new exactly what I was talking about. Lori had no clue what we were talking about ... “ Lori go to the bathroom, I’ll meet you there in a second” Mima said. I went over to my dresser and pulled out a long blue T-shirt. I shop at a big and tall men’s store. They have a line of close called Big Daddy Gear. On the front of the shirt in huge letters it read, BIG DADDY, across the chest. Mima fell out laughing... “She’s going to love this Blake, ”Mima said. I then reached in to my draw and handed my girl a purple pair of silk French cut panties. I had bought them for her last week as a gift. I’ve bought Lori about ten pairs of sexy panties since we been together. I love to see women in sexy panties. Lets just say I have a panty fetish. Mima said, “What’s this?” ... Give this to Lori they’re brand new. I bought them for you last week. The tag is still on it. Lori might want to put on some fresh underwear”. Mima then reached up and wrapped her hands around my neck and gave me a big hug and a kiss... “ Blake, you’re the sweetest man I have ever known. Thank you so much honey”... “ Go head baby your friend is waiting for you in the bath room,” I said. She turned around and headed for the bathroom.

I went in to my kitchen to make us some dinner. I’m a lousy cook. I decided to keep it simple. A small salad for three, and some pasta. I knew even I couldn’t fuck that up. While I was getting the salad ready I could hear the shower running. I couldn’t get Lori out of my mind. She was really a sexy older woman. Then all the fantasies I had as a young man about having sex with an older white women came back to me. Lori reminded me of one of my old school teachers. I could feel my cock starting to swell up. Then I started to imagine how Lori looked naked. Mmmmm I’ll bet she has a tight pussy. The thoughts of Lori coming out of my bathroom wearing panties I bought was also quite arousing. Lost in one of my younger sexual fantasies, I didn’t hear Mima come out of the bathroom. I jumped when she wrapped her hands around my waist from behind.

“Lori said thanks for the T-shirt and the sexy panties”... “Well I’m glad she likes them,” I said. Mima seemed to be in the weirdest mood. She looked so happy. She ran around the apartment like a young schoolgirl, getting ready to have her best friends over for a sleep over. “ Here Blake, put this on... your pants are all wet” she said. I grabbed the pair of sweat pants she handed me... “ Go ahead and put them on, ” she said. I didn’t want to pull my pants down right there in the kitchen for a good reason... “But what if Lori comes out of the bathroom” I said. Mima started giggling, “ Don’t be silly she’s not going to see you.” Within two seconds Mima was fiddling with my belt. She pulled my pants down to my ankles. What she didn’t realize was she had also pushed my boxer’s down at the same time. My eight-inch, thick black cock sprung free. Mima looked up and WHOOP... it hit her hard in the cheek. I damn near slapped her with the beast. “ OH my god Blake, you so fucking hard. The cool air hitting my cock felt good. I said, “ Yeah baby, it’s been hard all day thinking about you.”. ...Which was a big lie. I was thinking about my big cock buried deep in Lori’s pussy.

Mima stood up and wrapped her little hand around my cock. “You poor baby,” She said. She started to slowly stroke my cock. With her magical hands. She knew exactly how to stroke my cock. It felt so good. Her hand was nice and warm... “ Mmmm Blake, If Lori wasn’t coming out soon I’d suck you off right know.” I can’t tell you how bad I wanted her to suck me off... “ OH baby you don’t know how bad I need it,” I said. Mima continued to do her magic on my cock with her hands. I closed my eyes and leaned against the counter. Then she whispered in her sexiest tone. “ Is your cock this hard for me baby...or are you thinking about Lori”? I thought to myself what the fuck did she say? “ Naaawww... baby, this black dick is all for you”... “Blake do you think Lori is pretty?” her voice was so soft. I have never heard her speak so softly... “ Yeah I think she’s pretty cute honey,” I said trying to match the same soft tone in her voice. I looked in my babies pretty eyes, while she continued to stroke my hard cock in the kitchen. She had a look on her face. It was the look that a woman gives you when they want to ask or tell you something. “ I feel so bad for Lori. Her husband hasn’t fucked her in two years”. I couldn’t believe my ears. What a shame, I thought to myself. How could any man live with a fine ass woman like Lori and not want to fuck her.

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