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A Story For Her


Author's note:

My many thanks to D-Lo (DCL) for her inspiration to me for this story.


The envelope arrives in the post. Delivered during the week, but you did not notice it. You did not notice the envelope when you collected the mail after returning from work each day. You placed each day's mail in the basket to be delt with on week's end.

Now you are sorting the week's mail. All the known junk mail goes in the trash bin, unopened. All the expected bills placed in a pile on the desk next to the checkbook. The rest are to be weeded out, one at a time.

You find the envelope. The envelope is different than the rest. The envelope is made of finer paper stock than the usual envelopes. Your address is specially printed on the envelope. Not the computer printed type normal print of today, but the engraved printed type print. As if the envelope was printed on a printing press. The ink is black printing on an off white paper stock. Your address is printed twice on the envelope. One printing is on the front of the envelope. A second printing is on the flap on the rear side. The front side printing is much larger than the printing on the rear flap.

You open the envelope and you see a card inside. Printed as the envelope, the card contains the following message in the center of the card, just 2 lines: "Hotel Inn, Florence, KY. June 12. 5PM. Pick up an envelope with your name at the front desk." You stop, dead cold. You have millions of questions and not one answer. Who? Why? What? Serious? Joke? Crazy! "Why 6 months from now?" you wonder. You think hard. You think harder. Frustrated with the lack of answers you throw the card and envelop down on the end table in the living room.

You tend to the bills, making all the necessary payments. You tend to the other items that require your attention. Later on, you check the nearest airport and find out that the three airlines at the airport only fly to Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, or Philadelphia. There are no direct flights to Cincinnati. You decide that if you go, you will drive to the hotel, a distance of about 380 miles and 6 and a half hours travel according to the online map services.

You take your evening shower. Your close friend, Mr. Shower Massage, does not help tonight. He cannot get you to cum tonight. You are frustrated as you go to bed. You sleep, but not restfully, waking a few times that you recall. For the rest of the weekend you are off center. You do the usual things that you do for the weekend. Laundry, cleaning, shopping, exercises, and so on. All the normal tasks and jobs are completed, but you cannot shake the feeling. This feeling of unknown. You feel like you have been summoned. Yet you have no idea why.

You go to work the next week and yet you have that nagging feeling each day. Each time you think about the card, you notice that your nipples get hard and your sex gets wet. You have no idea why. It does not matter where or when, each time you think about the card, you get the same reaction, but you do not know why.

The card is still on the end table near the love seat. You put it there last weekend in your frustration. You have not looked at the card again since as its image is fresh in your mind. You can see the card at work, especially as you sit at your desk doing the daily, weekly, and monthly reports for the national retail chain headquarters. You can see it at home without going over to the end table. You see it as you walk in the park to get your exercise. You still do not have any idea why or who sent that card.

You look at the envelope and card many times over the next 4 months. Yet you never pick it up or turn it over. Then one Sunday, as you are cleaning, you knock the card and envelope to the floor as you were waxing the end table top. Both the card and envelope fall face down on the floor. You do not notice it at first but as you bend over to pick them up you notice a printed line, a very small printed line, on the rear of the card. You need a magnifier lens to read the print. The line reads, "The presentence of your toy bag is requested. Bring your toys with you."

You stop dead again. Toy bag? What toy bag? You put the card and the envelope back on the end table and sit down at your worktable. The cleaning has stopped whilst you attempt to figure out this new puzzle. What is this toy bag? You have no toys you tell yourself, well except for Mr. Shower Massage. He is not a toy, he is a trusted friend. You continue to think and ponder the situation. You remember the blindfold you purchased online and the earplugs that came with the blindfold. You remember the four clothespins you borrowed from a neighbor. Are these the toys? And then, you remember him.

You answered a Craig's list posting you saw looking for a submissive woman in the area. Not in your town, but in a town about a half hour away from your home. You took a very long time to reply to the posting, as you did not trust yourself to follow through. Nevertheless, reply you did. He was nice and formal. The conversations in e-mails and then on the phone were nice. However, you were still very cautious and afraid. You did not wish to expose yourself to a total stranger. You relaxed a bit when you learned that he lived in another part of the country, over 1000 miles away.

Yet his voice drove you wild. It was calm and soothing. It was confident. He knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it. After a few weeks of discussions, you were hearing his voice in your head and that scared you. He would tell you what you were thinking before you could say anything and that scared you. When you called him, your nipples hardened and your cunt dripped. His text messages were exciting you. He even got you to orgasm more than once in your office with other employees outside your office via text messages, and that really scared you.

You remember the orgasms he led you to experience when he was in Florida and you called him at his hotel. Orgasms like never before. And without any physical contact. He has a talent to use pain to enhance the feeling s and effect of the orgasms. Clothespins on the nipples, on the clit, on the cunt lips were all used. And used effectively to bring you orgasms. Multiple orgasms one, behind the other. And then there was the waves of orgasms as you described it to him. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss, as if you were floating away and did not want to come back you told him.

Then he detected your lack of trust in yourself. He released you from serving him over long distances so that you could sort yourself out. You remained friend and talked about the problems some. You then asked to be taken again and you pledged to try harder and to begin trusting yourself. Instead of accepting you he said he would think about it over the next 9 months. He said that he would train you, test you, lead you, and evaluate you to see if you have trusted yourself. Because if you trusted yourself, then you could trust him. This made you mad, you withdrew your request to be taken, and indicated that you just wanted to be friends. He said no, that he wanted all or nothing. Then you heard no more from him. Nor did you try to contact him.

Was this him? Did he actually send the card to you? Would you actually get to meet him for the first time in Kentucky? On the other hand, what if this was actually a hoax? "Should you contact him?" you asked yourself. You are not even friends now and not really in a D/s relationship like those first few months were. So many questions, so few answers.

You sent him a text message asking if he sent you the card. Hours later, you receive a short text message reply that reads "Huh?" "Is this a true reply or is he playing with me" you wonder? It is now 4 weeks to go before the date arrives and you are still concerned. Can you do the 8 hours (with stops you remind yourself) driving there? Is the car ready to go that distance? "Do I really want to go?" you ask yourself. "What happens if this is a ruse?" you ask yourself.

You have the car checked out just in case you decide to go. Your mechanic says the car is in very good shape and he would trust it to go to California and back. You do the research on the online map services to plot your course. You line up pit stops and rest stops to eat along the way. You get the address of the hotel as well. You calculate out the cost of food and fuel to get there and back. This drive would not be cheap for sure, but not overly expensive when compared to flying there and renting a car.

The more you consider the more excited you are and then more scared you become, just like before with him. You wanted some adventure in your life, you wanted to travel and see places. Like England, what a wonderful trip that was for you. You want to go back there again. It is just that you never in your life expected to travel to Florence, KY as part of an adventure in your life. However, you have to admit to yourself that it is a nice section of country to drive through, especially since it is not mid-January when you will be making this drive. Wooded areas, farmland, mountains, and the like could make this a very nice ride. Take a few CDs; listen to the local radio stations as well. Get to see a part of the country that you have never seen. You want this and yet you are scared to death about this whole idea.

With just two days to go you, call the hotel. You want to check on the reservation. You expect to be told that you do not have a reservation. Yet the person who answered your call tells you that your reservation is confirmed. The person then states that the hotel appreciates you paying the reservation in full, in advance of your arrival. You stutter with your reply, shocked to hear that the room is paid in full already. You thank them and hang up. This means that if you do not go someone is out a lot of money for nothing. You are concerned about your safety. The room is in your name. Was this meant to assure you, or scare you? "How would you have reacted had they told you that you had no reservation?" you ask yourself. "Are you going to go?" you ask yourself. More questions without answers.

On the day before the appointment, you figure that you will need to depart no later than 8:30 in the morning if you are going to go. "So this is it." you decide. "I am going to go." you tell yourself. You do some last minute shopping for some items you know he would like. You even pick up a canvas art bag to be used as your "toy bag". Yes, you believe, no you know, it is he who has done this and made this possible. The bloke you were friends with, who's voice you have heard and still hear in your head from time to time. The bloke who knows what he wants and will not accept less. The same bloke who can bring massive orgasms to your body with just his voice and your imagination. You decide to make the drive and whether you go into the hotel will depend on how you feel when you get to the area.

You leave on time and the drive is very nice. No problems with traffic. No problems with construction. Your stop for lunch goes well. No problems with weather. Hot yes, but the air-conditioning works well. Bright and sunny, but not in your eyes the whole trip. As you pull into the hotel parking lot, you feel tightness in your stomach. You notice your nipples getting hard. One part of your inner self wants in, and another part wants to go home now, immediately. Like put the pedal to the metal and let us get out of here right now!

The hotel is not that old from outward appearances. It looks well maintained. The lawn is mowed. There are children playing at the pool on the right side. The parking lot is full of cars. The same is true with the hotels next door and the restaurants on both sides of the hotels and street. Lots of people around you notice. You feel a little safer once you notice that. You park in the hotel lot and slowly get out of the car. You also notice that you are not tired from 7 plus hours of driving today. You actually feel energized.

You enter the hotel at 4:40PM and feel the air-conditioning immediately as you enter the hotel lobby. There are two women at the front counter talking to each other. They see you and stop talking. Their attention is on you. You say you have a reservation and give them your name. They both smile at you and you get checked in very quickly. One gives you an envelope, a business type/size envelope that is sealed tight. She says that your room key is in the envelope. She says they were told that this envelope has a personal message for you as well as your room key and a map of the hotel room locations inside. When you look puzzled at them, the other one says that the envelope has been here since the beginning of last week and that the room has been assigned to you since it was paid in full in cash last month.

You leave the hotel lobby and go back to the car. You open the envelope as you are sitting in the car. There is the hotel key carrier with two of those electronic lock keys inside. Also is a hotel map of room locations. You see the room is on the top floor. The map shows that the top floor rooms are much larger than the lower floors. You guess that two rooms on the lower floors make up one room on the top floor. The note in the envelope says,"See instructions in room".

Your inner selves are still urging you to go to the room and to go home at the same time. You make up your mind to go through with this. You have a prepaid hotel room for the night, if nothing else happens. You have had a nice drive and seen some nice countryside along the way today. Not normally what you would do with two days off, but it has been a good adventure so far. You get your bags, including the new "toy bag", and lock up the car. As you walk to the hotel lobby, you notice that the restaurants around the hotel are all national chain restaurants, like the ones back home that you have been to before. So you know where dinner will be coming from tonight. You proceed to the elevator and wait for its arrival.

The elevator arrives and you push the button for the top floor. You are alone in the elevator. The excitement builds and the feeling of tingling begins in your body. A weakness at the knees appears as the elevator door opens. You push on. You exit the elevator and enter the hallway. From the sign on the wall, you notice that your room is to the right. The hallway is empty and quiet. Your room is on the right facing the rear of the hotel. The pool is on the other side of the hotel.

You use the key to unlock the door and enter the room. You are in the room foyer. There is a small wooden table nearby on the right side with a telephone on top. On the telephone is another of those printed envelopes. This one has your initials on the front. You put down your bags and take the envelope. It is sealed and you have to tear it open to read what is inside. The card inside is printed just like the one at home and it reads; "Good evening. Thank you for coming here today. Your room is behind the second door on the left. There are more instructions for you there."

You read and re-read the card a few times. Finally, you look up at the hotel room. No, you correct yourself, hotel suite.

You notice a door immediately to the left. You see a bathroom inside. A bathroom with a shower, sink counter, and toilet. You look closer and see that the bathroom is fully stocked and ready for use.

Next, you see the second door on the left and it is closed at the present time. Looking further into the hotel suite, you see a sitting room with a large, no huge, flat screen TV on the wall. There is a couch, a love seat, and a coffee table. Off to the right side is a work desk and a door which is closed. On the left are a few more doors and a dining table, with set up for 4 people to dine. You place the card back on the telephone table.

You proceed to the door to your room and enter. It is dark and you feel around for the light switch. You find the switch and turn on the lights. The room is medium size, with a queen bed, 4 pillows, two nightstands, a telephone, two chairs and a small table in between, a large dresser with 6 draws. A large screen TV is mounted on the wall and you notice that the mount permits the TV to be moved to face the bed or the chairs. You go back to the foyer and pickup your bags and move them into your room.

The telephone is on the right night stand and near the telephone is another of those printed envelopes. This one also has your initials on the front. You put your bags on the bed and take the envelope. It too is sealed and you have to tear it open. The card inside is printed just like the one in the room outside and the one at home and it reads; "Good evening. Are you ready for an adventure? I truly hope so. If you are not ready for this adventure then use the security lock on the main door to the suite and I will not attempt entry, and I will know that I am not wanted. You may spend the night here of you wish. Go for dinner, order in dinner, or anything else you want whilst you are here. The room is paid up until noon tomorrow."

"If, however, you are ready for an adventure tonight then you must do the following. First strip down completely and shower. Be sure you are freshly shaved from nose to toes. Your hair is to be braided into a ponytail. If the ponytail is long enough, then make a tight bun at the back of your head. You will put the ear plus in your ears. You will put the blindfold on your forehead. You will be wearing your "fuck me" heels and proper hosiery only. Lay any other toys out at the foot of the bed. On the far side of the bed are a few boxes with numbers on them on the floor. Box #1 contains a leather collar, two leather wrist cuffs, and two leather ankle cuffs. Put these on next."

"Box #2 contains a black ball gag. Put this gag in place and secure the gag behind your head properly."

"Box #3 contains an anal plug kit. Select the smallest plug and use the enclosed lubricant on your selected anal plug and on your anal passage. Insert the anal plug completely."

"Box #4 contains ear muffs. Please this over/around your plugged ears."

"Box #5 contains a vibrating egg. Place this egg in your cunt."

"Turn over"

On the rear side of the card, you read the following:

"Once you have completed these instructions leave the room you are in now. Proceed to the sitting room and push the coffee table off toward the dining table. Then stand in middle of the sitting room, between the couch and the balcony. Pull the blindfold over your eyes. Using the double headed clips on the wrist cuffs, bend over and attach the wrist cuffs to the loops in the ankle cuffs and wait. Wait all night if required. "

"Trust yourself to trust me, whomever I am. You will not be harmed. You will, however, feel much pleasure before I leave you tonight."

"Remember all you need to do is put the security lock on the suite main door and you will be alone and safe tonight."

"Guess who!"

You fret about and are first tempted to lock the suite door. And in fact, you do lock the door. You then sit on the bed and wonder with yourself. You wonder about the suite. You go to have a look at the full suite. You enter the larger bedroom off to the area with the worktable with the closed door. The room is very large with a king bed. It has chairs, two end tables, two phones, a large TV, a small refrigerator, a microwave oven, and a very large dresser. It has its own fully stocked bathroom. The room is completely empty.

Next, you enter the kitchen next on the left of the sitting room near the dining table. It is a fully stocked kitchen. The refrigerator is stocked with ice in the freezer and there is a chilled water pitcher in the refrigerator. There is a large balcony/patio behind the curtain between the huge TV and the worktable area on the right side. The balcony/patio area faces a wooded area. It is very quiet out there. There are nice potted plants hanging from the ceiling in the sitting area and near the balcony/patio door.

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