tagLetters & TranscriptsA Story For Your Pleasure

A Story For Your Pleasure


Lesley, a story for your pleasure

It's been a long time but I am finally home.

Standing in a room unfamiliar to you, it could be a hotel room we are both alone. You are wearing a tight dress showing off your new double D size breasts. Your hair is coloured bright red and flowing straight halfway down your back. Your dress is lime green and short similar to a 60's style dress; the heels you are wearing make you taller than me.

It has been so long since I have seen you I have forgotten how beautiful your blue eyes are and how succulent your lips are with red lipstick on you look stunning. I walk up behind you behind you and gently rub your shoulders. Your body releases a sigh of relief and happiness as you finally realize I'm home. Turning around you see that I am wearing my ceremonial sailor suit. With a smile on your face I press my lips against yours our lips open and our tongues start to become entwined inside our mouths. My right fingers from my right hand is running through your hair while my left hand is feeling the curve of your arse. Our kiss feels like it is lasting for an eternity and I don't want it to stop.

Your hands feel nice on my bum as you grip my buns tight. With our lips still locked I start to caress your round breasts. They feel very nice and round. Your right hand unzips my top and you slip you hand in and tweak my nipple it feels so good but I bight your lip and you pull away. I then spin you around and with my hand having a firm hold on your boob spank your bum firmly through your dress five times. While behind you I unzip your dress and nibble on your neck. With a little effort your dress falls off your shoulders allowing me to see your undergarment. It is a white lacey one-piece strapless teddy that just sits under your boobs propping them up and just exposing the nipples. Still standing behind you I bring my arms around to the front of you and take a handful of breast in each hand. You can feel my hard cock press against your arse as I role your nipples between my index finger tip and thumb. You give a squeal under your breath and your knees become week with pleasure. I whisper in your right ear 'is this what you've been waiting for?' and in a sexy tone you say 'ah ha'. I whisper again ' you don't get to sit down yet. My right hand moves to your crotch and starts to gently rub back and forth and I feel you have wet your crotch with your pussy juices, 'very naughty I whisper' and you say with a smile what are you going to do about it?'

I step to the side and caress your arse and you grab my hard cock through my pants, then you start to unzip my pants and undo my belt. I lightly spank your arse again. Rubbing your cheeks between each swat and getting harder with each one, I say count them 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 and with your arse pink I reach back down to your crotch again and I undo the snaps with a flick of my fingers. You go down to your knees and pull my undies down to my ankles then you take my stiff rod into your mouth and work your magic on it sliding it deep into your mouth and back out again. It is so pleasurable I can barely stand I grip your head guide it along my penis.

I guide you up and with your hand and sit you on the bed. I undo your teddy completely and remove it from you. And you take my top off and throw it on the floor. I take one of your voluptuous double D breasts into my mouth at a time at the same time as my fingers explore your vagina. My tongue circles your nipples doing laps around your areole working towards your epicentre my mouth sucks on your succulent nipple. Pressing your hard nipple with my tongue inside my mouth your breath starts to quiver or it might be that my index finger is rubbing your clit.

I kiss my way down your belly to your pussy and lick the length of your slit pushing my tongue inside your vagina. You hold my head hard against you and I can barely breathe and with only a couple stokes of my tongue on your slippery pussy you explode like a volcano.

Exhausted as you are, there is no rest. I get you to turn you over and assume the doggy style position. Resting on your elbows and your bum up in the air I position my thick penis at the entrance to your pussy and rest it there. I slowly push it in driving you crazy as it goes in and you push back just letting your vagina engulf my whole shaft. Now we have become one and I start thrusting into you fast and hard like a jackhammer pounding on a slab of concrete. I bend forward and reach around to your tits and pull you up against me, so now you are just on your knees. My left hand squeezes your nipple and massages your tits as my right hand compliments my cock by rubbing your clitoris. You right hand grabs your other breast (your right one) as they bounce every time I thrust against you and your left hand holds my hand hard against your wet slippery pussy. All I hear from you is ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... along with heavy breathing. As I begin to erupt you also explode for the second time. You collapse onto the bed and I collapse on top of you before rolling off. You roll over onto your back and look at me with your loving eyes and I run my hand all over your sweaty body from your mountains to your valley.


Your loving husband

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