tagIncest/TabooA Story of Four Winters

A Story of Four Winters


Special Note: This is my second entry to the WINTER HOLIDAYS STORY CONTEST 2016. This story involves a little incest, group sex, swapping, loss of virginity (first time), sex on video, and a little bondage. I hope you like it.

********Winter One*********

When I was a senior in high school I was in a small circle of girlfriends, a clique if you will, and it was a bit limiting. There were a couple of girls who were in other cliques as well, and that is how I got invited to a fun party at Susie's house. Her parents were away for the weekend, and it was winter vacation, and all of us seniors were starting the celebrations as high school was nearing its end.

Indeed, it was near the end of Christmas vacation, and the party was New Year's Eve. Susie's family had one of the more spectacular Christmas trees I had ever seen, and they had pretty colored (Christmas) lights all over the house. The house gave off a festive ambiance.

It was cold outside, but warm inside. It was very warm in Susie's house, and I for one had overdressed, and even though I had removed all of my outerwear, my heavy sweater worn over my thin tee shirt was keeping me a bit too toasty warm.

There were 40 people there, half of them girls and half of them boys, and as the evening wore on Susie and her small circle of best friends decided to start a game, to liven up the party. I had no idea they had planned out the game in some detail, and that they had made elaborate preparations for it. Neither did the rest of my clique.

The first step of the game was that the boys would wear blindfolds and then kiss each girl, choosing their favorite. I had quite a bit of kissing experience via two boyfriends I had gone through, but no variety. I thought it would be fun. All of a sudden I would get to kiss 20 boys!

Neither of my two former boyfriends were there, so I would get to sample the kissing styles of 20 new boys, all at once. I was excited.

I was 12th in the line of 20 girls as we moved down the line of boys. That was good, because some of the boys had little to no experience kissing girls, and with each girl their technique improved. I could see it happening right in front of me. Being their 12th girl to kiss, I got some truly great and sexy kisses.

I saw though that the girl just before me, Billie Jane, really wanted to win. As she kissed the boys, she would subtly stroke their cocks through their pants. I saw the effect this was having and since I am naturally competitive, I did the same. Sure enough, the two of us were among the top five winners.

I was pleased until I discovered that round two of the game was more risqué. The boys were again blindfolded, although now they knew who the five girls were for the next round. We were to strip topless, and this time the boys were to sample our boobs while blindfolded, and choose the winners.

Two of the girls refused to participate, and they were replaced with runners up. One of the runners up refused too, and she was replaced with a second runner up. I had a lightning fast and turbulent internal debate, but ended up deciding to compete. Both Billie Jane and I were a little scared at this point as we were being watched closely by all of the other girls, and as 20 blindfolded boys enthusiastically sampled our boobs.

I think the key thing in my decision to continue with the game is that I have never been shy about showing my body. At home I don't close the drapes when I dress. There's no need to do so anyway, because the house is surrounded by trees, and my second floor bedroom window can be seen only in winter, and only when it is dark outside and my lights are on.

One time a boy in my class who lives across the street saw me undressing. He told a friend, who told his girlfriend, who told me. I did not change my behavior. Recently that same boy showed me a telephoto lens for his new camera. He gave me a knowing smile, and I simply smiled back. That night I spent a lot of time, naked, 'looking' for my nightgown.

I got aroused thinking I was on display for him. I actually enjoyed it. I know that's not normal; nevertheless I think it is for some of us girls. I think us girls would like to show off our bodies more if society were not so disapproving. One thing I do know: It's sexy as hell.

In spite of my tendency not to be shy about my body, one thing that made me nervous was that a girl in Susie's clique, Judy, had a video camera and was recording all the boys sampling our tits. The other two girls ignored this fact, and not wanting to make a scene, I did too.

Some of the boys used their mouths as well as their hands, and our boobs became sloppy messes. They would suck on our nipples as if they were infants nursing. One boy gently bit my boobs. To my surprise that turned me on a little, so I softly moaned. When I did that, the boy smiled a huge smile.

Thereafter whenever one of the remaining boys in the line did something to my boobs that I liked, I would softly moan. The boys universally liked when I did that. This surprised me, although now as I recount this I realize that I should not have been surprised. Boys feel macho when they sexually please a girl. But at the time I was fairly innocent and naïve.

Two girls had really tiny boobs, and one girl, Alexis, had what I overheard a boy describe as 'humongous knockers.' Billie Jane's and mine were simply normal sized boobs for an 18 year old girl. I was sure Alexis would win.

When the 'boob sampling' finished, we five girls quickly got dressed again before the boys removed their blindfolds. Susie tabulated the boys' votes and she announced the three winners: Billie Jane, Olivia, and myself: Alessandra. Alexis had not won.

The third step was for the 20 boys to strip below the waist, with all 20 girls blindfolded, and we three girls were to give a little suck to each of their 20 cocks. To encourage erections, we three girls were to do it topless. This meant all 20 boys would see our boobs, and see us suck themselves and 19 other boys.

The boys were ecstatic. This was the dream come true of every high school boy. It was not so clear to me what was in this for us girls, but I for one was quite excited: I was going to see and taste 20 different cocks.

To sample 20 cocks the normal way, I would have had to date 20 boys and let things evolve to the point where their cocks were out of their pants. That was never going to happen. Consequently I viewed this as an exciting opportunity, and I forgot all about the shame involved of doing this, or how I would be seen in our school forever after.

Olivia declined, so only Billie Jane and myself were left. Despite my excitement at this rare opportunity, I was ambivalent about doing this, since I could imagine the consequences to my reputation in our small town. But I did not want to leave Billie Jane alone to do it; that would have killed the game. Also, I wanted to win at this point. Susie had not yet revealed the prize, but I figured it would be nice.

Finally, I really liked the idea of getting to taste 20 cocks!

So we did it. Four of the boys refused to bare themselves in public this way, but that still left 16 willing to bare their cocks in front of their fellow boys. Of course, none of the girls, even us, could see what was going on. I was surprised by the wide variety of cocks, and the different taste. We had 30 seconds for each cock, and Susie (the one girl without a blindfold) used a timer, and when it went off a new boy replaced the one we had been sucking off.

One boy was a bit too eager, and he shot his load in my mouth after around 25 seconds. I had never had a boy do this to me, even though I had blown both my boyfriends before him. My boyfriends had always warned me, and then shot their loads onto my boobs or once onto my face. My boyfriends also had always taken way longer than 25 seconds to get to the point of ejaculation.

But I nevertheless knew what to do: I had been thinking of doing it with my second boyfriend because he had wanted me to. I did my second boyfriend's unrealized dream: I swallowed most of the load. A little bit escaped and fell to my boobs.

The cum that escaped my mouth I automatically rubbed into my boobs, since my second boyfriend had essentially trained me to do that. When I did this, I heard a large applause from the boys. Then another hard cock was poking at my lips, and I continued.

I am not sure why, perhaps it was because I had swallowed most of the load of that one boy, or perhaps because I lewdly rubbed the small amount that escaped into my boobs without thinking, or perhaps because I handled the whole thing with aplomb, but I won. I was happy.

I was surprised however by the prize. Susie produced a deck of cards, and the boys each drew a card. The high card was the chosen boy. Adam drew the high card, since he drew the ace of spades. As my prize, which at the time seemed to me to be more of a prize for Adam, I was to go to Susie's bedroom and 'have fun' with Adam for an hour.

Susie announced the rest of the party would go to the basement and watch some videos. Susie never explained why this was a prize for me. I guess she thought it was self-evident. It was not; at least it was not self-evident to me!

What exactly we were to do in that room apparently was up to me and to Adam. At this point I wanted to back out, but I quickly realized it would ruin the party and destroy the game, and I would be known forever more as a poor winner, and as a party pooper, so I agreed.

All the boys were backslapping Adam and he was smiling from ear-to-ear. The girls were congratulating me for being a good sport, and reminding me that even in Susie's bedroom, I was in charge of my own body, and I did not have to do anything I did not want to do. I felt very close to my girlfriends just then.

When we got to the room, Susie closed the door dramatically, and she winked at me. I was pleased to realize that Adam was a nice boy, and he was shy. He was just as freaked out as I was to be placed in this situation. We spent the first 20 minutes just talking and getting to know each other.

I learned he was planning to go to the same college as I was. This was not surprising: it was the state school in Lincoln, the nearest good school to our town in Nebraska. It was affordable. I had applied to an elite Ivy League school, Yale, but I would not be able to go without massive financial aid. My hopes that I would even be admitted, let alone be given enough financial aid to attend, were not high.

My uncle had gone to Yale, and my father insisted I apply. I was ready to go to Lincoln, where most of my friends were planning to go.

After we had come to know each other a bit, Adam said the perfect thing. He said, "You know, Alessandra, I loved your kiss. I rated it tops."

I smiled at him. "Thank you, Adam. I'm pleased you liked it."

"It sounds a little gross to say this as well, but when you sucked me for 30 seconds, and I got to enjoy looking at your lovely boobs, I felt like I was in heaven. Alessandra, you are an amazing woman," Adam said, making me blush a deep red.

When he said that, I leaned over and kissed him. This was the first time in my life I had ever made the first overt sexual move. We must have kissed like that for a good 10 minutes before he stopped and removed my blouse. I then got up and locked the door to Susie's room. Adam smiled.

"Don't jump to conclusions, Adam. I'm without my blouse. It's appropriate to lock the door."

I did nothing to stop him when he removed my blouse, so he removed my bra, too. I figured he had already seen my boobs. He had even sampled them while blindfolded and not knowing whose they were, hell all the boys had, so it was no big deal.

We resumed kissing, and he began to fondle my boobs. I did my second sexually aggressive thing that evening. I said, "You know Adam, when you got to see my boobs and I got to suck you, I did not get to see your cock. I don't even know which cock it was; I sucked 16 of them, as you know."

Adam said, "Yes, I know, and you swallowed, too. I was impressed." Then smiling what seemed to me to be a smile of mischief he said, "I'll undress completely if you will."

I looked at him and made a snap decision, one of the more stupid ones of my life up to that point. I said, "You undress completely. I will too, but my panties stay on."

Adam nodded, and I rose from the bed, smiled at him, and slowly removed all of my clothes except my panties. My panties were bikini cut and lacy; I became hyper aware of how sexy they were in that context. Very little was protecting my modesty just then.

Adam watched in rapt attention, and then he rose too, and he stripped naked. His cock was nice and hard, and I tried to remember its taste, but it was now all a blur and I could not. There was an obvious remedy to that, however.

Adam took me in his arms, both of us standing up, and he kissed me tenderly. As we kissed his hands went all over my back. With my two previous boyfriends I had never been naked. I had always kept my panties on, at a minimum. Usually my bra was on, too, even when I was blowing them. No man had ever seen my privates, even if their fingers had often slipped into them and continued until they reached and entered the obvious place. That's why my panties were still on.

Adam's hand slipped under my panties as I knew it would, and his fingers found my snatch as we stood there kissing. As they began to go in and out of my snatch, I got hyper aroused, and I sat down on the bed when my knees got weak. Adam joined me on the bed, still kissing me and still fingering me. I was so aroused at this point I was ready for anything.

Adam sensed this and he pulled off my panties, exposing my private area to a man for the first time. He had no way of knowing he was the first man to view my vagina. I did nothing to stop him. I was too sexually aroused to stop anything at that point.

He gently pushed me down on my back. He was inexperienced and his cock could not find my entrance. I was a virgin and it was decision time. I figured I had made my decision long ago when I agreed to accept my 'prize' and go to Susie's bedroom with Adam.

I made another stupid snap decision and grabbed hold of his cock and guided it to the entrance.

I said, "Go easy Adam. You are my first."

"You will be my first, too, pretty lady," Adam said. "Do I need a rubber?"

"I'm on the pill. But thank you for asking," I replied even as I felt his cock start to enter me. He reached my hymen, paused, and then pushed on through it. The pain subsided quickly and waves of pleasure coursed through me for 10 short seconds before he shot his load.

"I thought it would take longer," I said.

"It was too intense," Adam said. "I could not believe how wonderful you felt. Can we try again? I promise to last longer the second time."

"Sure," I said, and I repositioned myself and took Adam's soft cock into my mouth and nursed it back to a state of readiness. I tasted my own juices on his cock, as well as his cum, so I still did not really know how his cock tasted, but I did not care. It tasted damn good just like that.

His cock recovered in record time. He was rock hard in my mouth within 30 seconds. I was surprised and also impressed. As I let his cock fall out of my mouth, I could see throbbing blue veins along its sides, and it was bigger now than ever before.

Adam again climbed on top me. This time he did not need my help and he plunged it right into me. He began frantically to pump in and out of me. "There's no hurry, lover," I said. "I'm not going anywhere. Take your time and we'll enjoy it more."

Adam paused with his cock buried inside me. Then he leaned forward and kissed me lovingly on the mouth. I kissed back with enthusiasm and we kissed like that, with him buried inside me, for a good long time. Then he reared up and began pumping in and out again. He still pumped too fast I guessed, but I was not about to make any more suggestions. I knew as little as he did just then.

To encourage him, and also to guide him to do the things that I enjoyed the most, I began to moan. This helped him to get better and better at fucking me, and my moans got louder and louder, and to my surprise and delight I had the biggest orgasm of my young life while he fucked me passionately. My whole body shook and I screamed. I realized only afterwards that the entire party probably heard my scream of bliss.

I blushed as I realized how I had just outed myself. I was sure everyone would have assumed we were having sex. Even if we had not had sex, Adam would have told his mates that we had, but nobody would have really known. But now that I had screamed a scream of sexual bliss (not to mention all of my moaning), everyone would now know for sure that we had done the deed.

Adam lasted a long time with his second fuck, and after he finally blew his second load in me, he lay on top of me for a while and I felt his cock softening inside me. I kissed his chest and ran my hands lovingly over his back as he lay on top of me. I finally gave him a little push off of me.

We each used the bathroom adjoining Susie's bedroom, got dressed, took deep breaths, and then courageously left the bedroom to rejoin the party, knowing that everyone knew we had had sex. I had to face 38 people right after I had been fucked by a boy I barely knew, and at a party, to boot. To say this took courage is an understatement. At my tender age of 18, anticipating the social approbation that would ensue, this actually took tremendous courage.

My knees were shaking and I felt nauseated with fear as we left Susie's bedroom, hand in hand. We saw nobody; the entire party had moved to the basement to watch videos.

As we walked down the stairs to the basement together, holding hands, all 38 people down there applauded us. I wanted to hide my face, but I did not. The lights were out and the basement was lit only with the colored LED Christmas lights, giving it a seductive climate.

We did not know this, but Susie had planted multiple video cameras in her bedroom, giving views from different angles, and our 38 friends had watched the entire hour long scene of our intimacy down there in the basement.

Susie even had installed a sound feed, so they had eavesdropped on our discussion, and my moaning and everything. They had seen every detail of our naked bodies, both before and during the throes of passion. They all knew also that we had each confessed to being virgins. But as I said, we did not know all of that at that point.

My best friend Joanne pulled me aside and explained it to me. I could not believe it at first. How could Susie do such a thing? It was a betrayal of the highest order! It was disgusting! It was without my consent. 38 people, including all of my friends, had just seen me at the most intimate possible moment of my life.

Joanne handed me a large glass of Scotch whiskey and even though I usually didn't drink alcohol back then since I was only 18, I chugged down the entire glass. It helped.

Susie apologized and begged forgiveness. At least ten boys came up to me and told me I was the most awesome girl imaginable, and other equivalent phrases. My girlfriends praised my aplomb and my courage.

I slowly began to realize that all of my voyeurs had thought I knew about the cameras, and had agreed to having my first time videotaped and viewed by 38 people. People will believe anything, it seems, if they want to. I stayed quiet.

After the party, Susie made a copy of the video both for Adam and for me, and that's how I got a video of my deflowering. I was so embarrassed I wanted to climb into a hole and never come out.

But that was after the party. At this point, Adam and I had just entered the basement. As my eyes adjusted to the low light in the basement, and the sparkle of the Christmas lights, and as Susie pressed replay and skipped ahead to when we stripped naked, she paused the tape with me standing there naked above the waist, just as I had begun to remove my skirt. I did not know this, as she was seeing it only on her computer. It was not on the big screen yet.

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