tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Strange Couple

A Strange Couple


***** by Prejudice for Literotica 11.10.2010 *****

With a pitiful sigh, like air being crushed out of a rabbit, the blue hawk strider stumbled on a root and sent its rider flying. The tiny blood elf had fallen asleep from exhaustion and never stood a chance at staying aloft. Rahkzaar saw her tiny frame land in a thorny bush;

"Oh, da bird be too tired for dis flight. She gonna have to be left behind or we not be makin' it outta here, pet." The troll jumped off his raptor to retrieve his ward. She was crawling out of the bush with difficulty, muttering curses under her breath and trying to keep her tears to a minimum; she was so tired. They'd been fleeing for days and she hadn't seen so much as a comfortable patch of grass to sleep on since some time last week.

"I can't do this anymore," she said as she lifted her mount's head and placed it in her lap, her hand gently stroking its head as it slowly died. A shimmer of dark energy emanated from her as she wiped her nose on the back of her hand; "Look... Am I supposed to get away from the alliance armies on foot? Your raptor must be tired too by now. Rahk, we can't keep this up..."

The tears streaming down her face made his heart sting; he never liked seeing her so miserable, but there was nothing he could do about it now. With expert hands he cut the hawk striders saddle and bridle off, leaving it to the scavengers of Duskwood to conceal their route to freedom. There were enough wolves and worgen around to do a mighty fine job too. His only regret was the fine meat he'd be leaving behind but his only concern would have to be the elf; Alwaithe was precious to him and if they could only get to Stranglethorn Vale they'd be safe. Or rather; safer.

"Come now, little one. We be almost safe now and you be tired. We can find somewhere to sleep for da night if ya want. Dis forest be full of empty houses. Come on." He picked her up like she was a feather and mounted his emerald raptor. It was merely warmed up now and the added weight of an elf was of no concern to it. With a low growl it set off at a blinding speed.

With a sigh she wriggled her bum slightly to get comfortable and this was an easy task as whenever she was this near to him her mind would sort of fog up and she'd relax into his arms and just enjoy the smell of his raw nature. It was what had attracted her at first. He was the strongest part of her soul and the safest bit of her life.

An elegant little hand reached up and closed around one of his blue braids and he looked down at her; she was so tiny but he still loved her. The dark energy usually coating her skin when she was upset had slowly started to withdraw and when she relaxed she was ethereally beautiful; how could he ever have liked troll women? A wolfish grin covered his face as he remembered his wife; she had been too wild to take to town, but he'd had some fun with her still.

The elf whimpered and his mind was drawn away from the long nights in a hut in Durotar; they were approaching a tall log cabin. He halted for a moment; all senses alert but despite all his focus he could not detect any danger.

"Wait here and I go see what dis place be." He laid his ward on the grass carefully; she hadn't stirred up and he didn't see the point of waking her. With careful steps he approached the cabin and peered through a window; it was deserted and though there seemed to have been people there lately he found nothing to worry about. A low grunt alerted his raptor and it reacted at once; picking up the elf with his teeth it bounded towards its master. It deposited her in Rahk's arms and vanished into the building.

The troll stared into the darkness for a moment; he was sure he heard the rumble of a small army nearby, but he knew how to travel silently and untraceable. They'd be safe for a few hours.

He swiftly carried the girl upstairs and deposited her on a bed. Someone had been here not long ago and ruffled the beds. The scent of night elf and human stung his nostrils;

"Ugh. Dey be smellin' foul those alliance wimmin." He poked her and though she stirred there was also a low growl that warned him not to awaken her just now. "If you not be undressing yourself, I do it for ya and you know how I do dat..." She didn't respond. He removed his own tattered garments and laid them on a toppled over chair. After a yawn and a stretch he got into bed placing one leg on each side of her.

With a grin that seemed to resonate across his whole body he grabbed the neckline of her robe and tore it into two bits revealing her smooth skin to the cold night air. She woke with a shiver and tried to cover her breasts with her hands, but he'd already caught a glimpse of her nipples and his hands locked around hers with force. A flitting expression of fear and love washed over her face; she knew what he wanted.

"You try hidin' your beauty and I be demandin' you don't." He pinned her arms above her head and lowered his mouth down to her breasts, tasting first one nipple, then the next. An involuntary moan escaped her lips; his savage nature turned her on even when she didn't want it. She was helpless to resist his advances.

His tongue darted down across her belly; the smooth surface of pale and tender skin was left reddened where his tusks pressed against it. He loved that about her; though she recovered fairly quickly she still had marks to show afterwards. He knew he'd go too far with her one day, but the girl was just too much of a temptation for him to hold back all the time.

He left a love bite on her sex before his tongue started the short journey back up to her breasts; he felt like teasing her tonight. He would tease until she begged for an orgasm. Only then would he release her from the torment. With surprising tenderness he stroked the skin with his tusks, releasing a soft mew from his ward. A moment later his tongue returned to her nipples with renewed force making her writhe with pleasure. He could feel her feeble struggle against his grasp and decided he could probably have more fun with her if her hands were occupied.

Readjusting his hold on her he reached for his bag and pulled out a length of thick, coarse rope. Despite the obvious shock on her face he proceeded to lean across her body and place the rope in her hands; he'd never tied her up before and she had never given him a reason to do so. She belonged to him body and soul; surely he knew that by now?

"Hold on to dis and don't let go until I say you can."

A sigh of relief from his lover was all he needed. He ran his fingers across her chin;

"Dat be just fine, girl. You please me tonight."

A faint smile overspread her face, and he had time to admire the look of determinedness she got when she gradually relaxed into a frame of mind where she was strong and giving. Her gift to him was her body, her soul and her senses. They were his to do with as he pleased and he appreciated it more than he ever let on. Maybe he'd tell her one day.

His tongue found its way to the insides of her thighs, gently lapping at the skin and caressing in with his hands. She bit her lip to steady herself; he could be so gentle, so loving, and yet she knew the beast within. She knew it oh so well. And she knew he'd unleash it tonight, but only because he deserved it.

He heard a low moan of surprise as he let his tongue lick across her clit for a moment and even if he didn't linger it was what she was longing for; for him to be as close as he could possibly get. It would hurt, but it would be lovely. She never knew which she loved more; his tenderness or the way he'd let go and just be his savage self around her.

He grabbed her left leg and lifted it slightly off the bed, letting his fingers travel softly from the knee down to her pussy; she whimpered but otherwise kept quiet. She wouldn't let him win so easily; she could play too. His hand travelled across her mound before continuing up the other leg. A quick glance upwards told him she was holding on to the rope as if her life depended on it; did she know her knuckles were white as snow? He doubted it. Her focus was nowhere near her hands at the moment.

His tongue returned to her pussy only to find it soaking wet; he lapped up her juices, savouring the sweetness. Every so often he'd let her feel him on her clit, but it never lasted. He then let his tusks run across her belly again, slowly moving to her pert breasts. He smiled as he felt her twitch; his teeth sank into her skin biting and sucking at her nipples to her unbridled enjoyment. She moaned and pressed her body against his and he knew she was almost ripe for the picking. Again his fingers would brush lightly against her thighs, slowly travelling the expanse of skin towards her most sacred place.

The tiniest of whimpers woke him from his haze; she needed to let go of the rope badly now. A moment later he could hear her fearful cry;

"Please Rahk! Please don't torment me anymore! Let me come or I'll explode! Please! I beg of you! I'll do anything"

Her voice trembled and he saw tears of lust and love run down her face. He leaned in to taste the salt before positioning himself between her legs; his rigid cock far too large for her but he knew she'd give this to him and it would make her climax the strongest one of them all. Slowly he pushed his way into her, savouring her whimpers and mews. But before he could fill her up he needed to own her spirit;

"If ya let go of da rope you be mine. Dere be no turnin' back den, lovah."

She let go of the rope and wrapped her tiny arms around his neck.

He stared into her eyes as he pulled back just enough to plunge his whole length into her. A cry of pain escaped her lips and he put one finger into her mouth to silence her though he wanted nothing more than to hear her unbridled voice cry out because of him and for him. He instantly felt her start to suck and lick his finger; her ways of encouraging him never ceased to amaze him and though it hurt for her she didn't ever want him to stop.

She felt his cock ravage her pussy without mercy as her orgasm built despite the pain. It was always the way with him; her orgasms were never longed for but cherished still. Her passionate love would never quell her desire of pleasing him, and his savage nature would always desire her without remorse or regret.

Her tight pussy engulfed him and though he knew she was stretched to breaking point he wouldn't hold back. She'd never leave him and she'd always give into his pleasure. She'd learned to love the desire to please and if that killed her then so be it.

Her screams were effectively muffled by his finger and he felt her sucking on it to spur him on. His grunts and growls were so passionate that they almost made her forget where she was. They could be in a hut somewhere far away with his tribesmen waiting outside for a ritual, or in a cave by the sea surrounded by his kin eagerly watching them mate. She didn't care where she was or what happened to her; all that mattered was that she was there, naked, with him pounding into her to satisfy his lust.

Suddenly her mind felt clearer than ever; as she belonged to him, so did he to her. He loved her enough to bring this pain on her. He was showing his true self to her and her alone. She wrapped her legs around his waist to try to take him deeper; her pain was mingled with a deep sense of powerful pleasure. Though it felt as if he'd rip her apart at any second it was still him. His power, and his cock driving into her bringing her to a climax that rendered her unconscious.

He spent himself in her after her climax; his juices mingled with hers on the dusty sheets. He slumped down to rest his head on her chest, careful not to hurt her too much with his tusks. Her breasts looked red and sore and her pussy still felt as tight as ever as he slowly pulled out of her. He cradled the lithe elf in his arms and stroked her hair until she opened her eyes to blink up at him through the dusk.

"Ya did good, pet." And with that he kissed her passionately, rejoicing in the feel of her tiny hands against his skin, and his hand moved to her ravaged pussy, slowly stroking it. Not content to have spent himself in her he wanted her to come while he watched; if he could bring her pleasure it would be done.

She cringed in pain as his finger entered her but slowly she started to moan silently against his chest.

"Look at me, pet."

She lifted her teary gaze to his and held it steady as waves of pleasure washed through her body. One hand rested on his chest and the other held on to his arm as if she was afraid of letting go. She whimpered and moaned in pleasure with her lover whispering encouraging words at her; she was never more beautiful to him then when she was innocent like this.

***** by Prejudice for Literotica 11.10.2010 *****

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