tagRomanceA Strange Light

A Strange Light


Some days, the gods smile on you. Some days they don't. Today, he wondered which it was. His knuckles were turning white from gripping the steering wheel, the unexpected storm a curse. He didn't have time to look to his right, but he could feel the presence of his wife. He did not have to see her to feel the depth of the love they shared. The demands of their work schedules did not permit much time together, and any time they had was a gift from the gods. This trip home would be wonderful for them, it was a shame that it took a holiday for them to make the time for each other.

A strange filtered light bathed the vehicle, bright sunshine must have been hiding behind the white blast of snow that obscured everything. Occasionally, they could make out an individual snowflake committing suicide by hurling itself, at breakneck speed, into the heated windshield, instantly melting against the hot glass. Mostly, all they saw was a white sheet that enveloped the car, letting in a strange brightness while blotting out anything but it's whiteness.

He had slowed the car to a near stop but continued to plow onward, as afraid to stop as he was to continue. The fear welled through him and the pain of his wife's fingernails digging into the flesh of his bare arm as she pressed herself close and grasped him in fright. Neither was listening to the music that came from the car's radio. The roar of the heater fan went unnoticed. All they heard was the howl of the arctic wind, and each other's fear driven, raspy breathing. Sometimes, he managed to spot the tracks of the last car that had passed down the major road, but mostly he simply saw white.

It was almost a relief when he felt the tires slip and the car spin sideways. His heart was in his mouth as the terror enveloped him in those seconds, as the car slid down the embankment, but it was a gentile moment. There was no smash of the vehicle striking anything. It simply slid softly into the ditch, pushing deep snow before it. The tires spun and dug holes in the soft earth. It seemed an eternity before the motion ceased, yet it was only the barest of moments.

Fortunately, there were no fragile Christmas presents. The colorful packages, the reason that they were on the road on such a winter day, had survived the near catastrophe.

He let out his breath as the tension drained from him. A smile spread across his face, a smile of relief from the tension of driving in the unexpected blizzard. They were safe now, off the road and out of the danger of another car smashing into them, safe from hitting something or someone else in the whiteout. The car's fuel tank filled with gasoline would provide hours of heat and keep them from the wintry blast of the howling wind. The interior of the car was toasty warm and a perfect place to wait out the storm. It would take a tow truck to extract them from the ditch, but he was sure there was no damage. The cell phone lay in the console by his right knee but there was no point in calling for help until the storm died down.

He unbuckled his seat belt and turned to her as a sudden amorous thought crossed his mind. To leave the car was to get lost in the swirling white out. There was nothing they needed to do. They had time for each other as they waited for the swirling wall of white to dissipate.

He had never loved his beautiful wife more. He felt the soft glow of his love flow through him, filling his soul. Suddenly he wanted her.

His lips met his wife's in a passionate kiss that she had been unprepared for but returned as the adrenaline drained from her system. His senses were awakened by the passing of the fear. He drank in the smell of her familiar perfume. The taste of her mouth as their tongues danced to a secret song shared by the two of them. He listened to the sound of her breathing which was coming shallower and faster as they kissed. Finally they broke their lip lock and she pulled back from him, a quizzical look on her face. She needed to say nothing. He heard her unspoken question.

"Well, there's nothing to do but wait. I just thought that while we were waiting...." He let the thought drift off. She started to say something but his lips covered hers before she could make a sound.

His hands traced the familiar face as they kissed. The touch caused her to shudder. He felt the slight tremor in her body and his breathing came faster. The sounds of her gathering arousal spurred him onward.

As he broke the kiss, he crawled into the back seat and moved the presents to give them the whole available space. She watched with a slight smile and then crawled over the seat to join him in the back.

The front bucket seats proved an uneven obstacle that prevented graceful climbing and she collapsed in a heap in his lap. They both giggled for a second before his hands began to slide over her body, softly reaching under her shirt to feel the soft skin of her belly. Their eyes locked and sparks flashed between them.

He pulled the shirt over her head as she felt the cool air caress her skin in soft contrast to the warmth of his hands. She helped as he removed her bra and then laid her back on his lap. His hands pushed her pants and panties downward exposing the mound of her sex. She giggled at the strange feel of her half removed lower garments and her naked top. His hands roamed freely over her body inflaming her but avoiding the most obvious places, gently touching her belly and her sides and her hips. Suddenly the fire was racing through her and she kicked the clothing from her legs and then reached up to push his shirt over his head. He helped and in moments they were both naked in the back seat.

She sat beside him, feeling their naked skin touching, hers soft, his courser. The contact causing them both to gasp as their lips met again. Their senses were alive. He smelled her perfume, the smell of her hair. He felt the warm wonder of her tongue. He heard her rapid breathing. She smelled his after shave, tasted his toothpaste and felt the soft touch of his hands on her breasts. The fire raced through them both.

She felt the warm wet gush of her juices and then she felt his fingers feeling the same moist place. A flush raced up her body as her hand reached out and found the sign of his arousal. The soft yet stiff feel of his erect cock in her hand sent the flames blasting through her soul.

They no longer noticed the howl of the wind or the soft rumble of the engine. Their world was now only the two of them.

She tipped her head back as his lips found her nipple and she moaned softly. One of her hands ran through his hair and pulled his head tight against her as her other hand continued to stroke his manhood. The touch of his lips on her sensitive nipple and the feel of his arousal in her hand sent the flames of desire through her. She wanted everything at once. She wanted to taste him but she also wanted to feel him inside her.

His lips sucked greedily on one nipple before switching to the other. The feel of the soft erect nipple in his mouth as his face was buried in the swell of her soft breast inflamed his lust for the woman he loved. His fingers found her wet wonder and slid inside over her hard clit.

She arched her back impaling her pussy on his fingers. She moaned as her body began to rock against his hands. She felt him kiss his way back up her body, over her shoulder, up her neck, softly pausing at her earlobe before meeting her lips. His body moved over hers in the cramped confines of the back seat. Her hand moved him into position as she felt the hard softness of his cock at the entrance to her body.

He broke the kiss as he moved up on his hands to look into her eyes. He had never felt so much love for her as he did in that moment. Their eyes locked as he slowly pushed into her. Slowly, ever so slowly, he slid into her slick wonder. He felt the warm welcome of her body as each millimeter of his cock was enveloped by her tight loving vagina.

She felt the wonder of him filling her. He felt the slick warmth of her desire. They both felt connected emotionally as well as the physical joining of their bodies. Their minds and souls were one.

For a moment he paused as he hit bottom. The two of them adjusted to the feel of the merger of their beings before he began to rock into her, slowly, lovingly at first. His fervor increased with each stroke. The passion built inside them as their eyes drilled into each other's and passed nearly as much passion as the connection of their bodies.

He tuned into the flush of her skin, the sound of her breathing, and her slightest movement. His thrusting matched the motion of her body. She floated away into a special world where only he could send her. He felt as if his soul was rushing to his cock, swelling it in a rapt desire to explode into her, completing the joining of them, making them one.

She was the first to yell her final passion in a blast of gurgling noise. Her clenching vagina sent him over the top as he felt his sperm blast into her as they truly became one in that moment. The intensity greater than either of them had ever felt before.

When the explosion was through, they both lay gasping for breath and yet feeling like no breath they took could ever quench the thirst of their bodies for air. They kept gasping. Both suddenly were overwhelmed by the thought that they could never experience a joy like the one that overcame them both in the afterglow of this loving. They said nothing but exchanged the depth of their shared love that was beyond words. They spoke to each other with their eyes. Their minds seemed connected.

They both felt overwhelmingly tired. Their still connected bodies sagged together. They looked into each others eyes and both saw a strange bright light that broke through the swirl of snow outside. Their eyes closed as they were overcome by the fatigue of their coupling.

Sleep took them, but still they saw that strange light. They were drawn to it. As if in a dream, their bodies still joined as they seemed to float away from themselves and enter that light, hand in hand, more in love than they had ever been.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Pete Johnson hated his life at that moment. He hated being cold. He hated waiting. He hated snow. He pulled his coat tight against the chill wind and wished he had driven his snowplow past the stranded car. Now he found himself stuck here waiting for the police and the coroner.

Pete had seen the car in the ditch with the motor still running. The windows were coated with snow and he could not see inside. He had struggled through the deep snow, getting cold and wet in an attempt to help the stranded motorists. When he saw the exhaust plugged with snow, he had felt an uneasy feeling.

He wished he had not opened that back door to find the two naked and still coupled bodies inside. As soon as he saw them, he knew that they were dead and he knew they had succumbed to the exhaust gasses from that engine. Toxic gas that could not escape from the plugged tail pipe.

Pete stole one more quick look at the car before trying to dismiss the image from his mind. He idly wondered if this had ever happened before. He had heard of men having heart attacks in the middle of sex but he wondered if another couple had ever succumbed at the same time while engaged in what might well have been the best as well as the last sex of their lives.

Pete had a strange feeling. It was as if the two of them were communicating with him. For a moment he felt the cold subside. He did not hear words, only a feeling. A feeling of joy. It was as if their souls touched his. They were together, happy, and now they had all the time for each other that they had lacked. Somehow, he knew, they did not feel sorrow, but as if they had been given the greatest holiday gift of their lives. Pete could almost taste the wonder and happiness they felt.

Pete shook his head to clear the feeling and looked for the flashing lights that would relieve him of the death watch. As hard as he tried to feel the somber grief that he thought he should, he could only feel a strange happiness. The feeling of peace and joy, perhaps a holiday gift from the two dead strangers?

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