tagRomanceA Strange Turn of Events Ch. 01

A Strange Turn of Events Ch. 01


I would like to thank Ms. Sharon Johnson who had the courage to edit my poor spelling and grammar. Thanks to her, this story is much better and her hard work is appreciated. Thanks Sharon!

This is a long love story, so be prepared. It was written from both the man's and the woman's viewpoint. The story was put together for the most part from e-mails that were shared between them as they wrote the story. As the story builds and moves forward, it establishes the relationship and develops the interaction between the two individuals. This happens both before and during the sex, which they experienced. The sex then becomes the major question and key element in the story. It was suggested that the two of them write a story together by the female as their Internet relationship built. The story was written to be as realistic as it could be. That is the story isn't one of those, "He see her and fucks her!" stories. She insisted it should be written from a more real life encounter. She was insistence!

It was also written from the man's point of view to try and express his true and sincere feelings about what was happening to him in the story and in his real life, along the way. He now feels that he was disappointed badly and wishes she would finish the story both in the e-mail and perhaps one-day together for real.

While the man recorded the events in his PC diary, he also wrote what he was hoping for one day. They shared pictures, some very revealing, and found them very erotic. However, it is the lady who must decide if there is ever to be a real meeting between the two of them. And only she can finish this story. It is his true wish that she will one day.

She was such a beautiful and sexy woman that he would have absolutely enjoyed being with and would have worked hard to please her completely physically mentally and spiritually if given half the chance. In fact he would have flown to see her or sent her fare to come to America and visit him. He wasn't in love; far from it! He was aroused, ardent, and yes, infatuated by her. He felt she was the same with him. He wanted to share what he was sure would have been one hell of a fling for both of them. And only time would tell where that would finally lead.

Now when a lady writes stories like she did on Lit., and writes messages like she did with such wonderful and beautiful photos attached she can't say she isn't interested in being chased and maybe finally taken. Or, maybe it was just a game, a very nasty game for her. The man would have ensured she enjoyed their meeting and he would have given her the best sex in both of our lives. His tongue and cock hungered for her and she knew it! She told him she was wet and masturbated thinking of him often. In fact his entire being would have worked to please her. So here's the story!

Day 1 from the man's viewpoint: I had been traveling for just over two weeks now and had one last city to hit before heading home. As the plane became full now, I was thinking, "God I hate Atlanta's airport. But, it will be nice to see New York City again."

It had been almost 2 years since I was there last and now that I had three days to get work done that should take maybe a full day or less; I could enjoy some relaxation. I wanted some personal time in the Big Apple too. I would have some time to shop in the great stores for Christmas presents. Plus I could now eat a great meal in some of the greatest restaurants in the world. Then I would just relax before taking the AMTRAC train home.

Sitting in first class, I was going over my notes for the meeting that I was to chair. I hear a sound of someone rushing into the plane at the very last minute before it was scheduled to take off. Since I had been in that situation many times myself when flying out of Atlanta, I didn't even bother to look up until I hear a woman's voice say, "Excuse me. May I drop these on my seat please?"

I smiled as I was thinking, "What a great accent!"

When I started to look up, I saw a pair of short heels attached to a set of very nice legs that went under a dark skirt about 3inches above the knee. There was an ankle bracelet on her right leg and as my eyes headed up her body I smiled. The skirt blossomed out very nicely around a set of shapely full hips. As my eyes moved further up her body I saw a somewhat small waist and a very nice pair of at least "C" cup breasts. Then as I looked up into her face to see whom that body belonged too I smiled again. Standing in front of me was one of the most attractive women I have ever seen in my life or at least for a very long time. She looked to be about 35 and in good shape. She looked like she really needed help with her luggage. So being a sort of gentlemen that I am most of the time, I asked, "Need a hand with those?"

She smiled and said, "Yes, thank you."

She had the loveliest accent. British I guessed, could have been Australian or New Zealand. Hell I can't tell the difference and that has gotten me in trouble a few times. So I took a chance as I stood to put her bags in the over head compartment, asking, "British?"

She smiled again and said, "How did you guess?"

As I stood I said, "Just lucky."

I smiled back as I assisted her with the two heavy bags. As she stood there, I could see that this woman was dressed to the 9s with a very nice business suit on! She looked very business like but her almost continuous smile told me she was a most likely nice person too. I was thinking, perhaps she's not one of those icy bitchy businesswomen who want to eat up and spit out every man who tells them hello. After the bags were put away, she said thanks again and turned and went to the lady's room.

I sat back down. When she returned it was then I realized for sure she would be sitting next to me? I said to myself, "This might be a good flight after all.

How little did I know what was to come in the week and part of the month that followed. As she leaned over to drop her day planner in her front seat pocket, I was please by an eye full of her lovely left breast. As she bent forward, the top of her suit jacket opened revealing about half of it. Her lacey black bra went perfect with her body and outfit. However, realizing it almost immediately, she quickly put a hand to her top and closed it taking my wonderful view. She said, 'Looks like we're together. Excuse me again I guess I have the window seat."

I moved my legs to the side rather than standing up and she squeezed by. As she sat in her seat the tight skirt she was wearing rode up her shapely legs about 4 inches above the knee. I didn't pant and look like a high school kid would have, but I dam well looked. She had a very nice set of legs. Then I looked into her eyes and smiled. She smiled back as she pulled the skirt down as far as she could. The flight crew began their discussion about the seat belt, and the exit signs and the oxygen etc. I said, "You just made that one."

She was still breathing a little quickly and answered, "Yes, I hate the Atlanta airport. There are just too many planes, people and ramps!"

I told her I couldn't agree more and only flew out of Atlanta if I had no other choice. Then I held out my hand and said, "Hi I'm Vern call me V. You're going to New York or you're on the wrong plane." Then I stopped and said; " Year! I know, bad joke. Is New York your final stop?"

She shook my hand, smiled again and said, "Mandy. Yes, for a few days. Then it's up to Boston for some personal leave."

I said, "Oh Boston. I enjoy Boston it's one of my favorite cities on the East Coast. It's a great city so much history!"

She said, "Yes, but it's all American isn't it?"

I realized again that I was talking with someone from the UK not America. So I said, "Yes but it's still interesting don't you think?"

She said, "I guess."

Then trying to recover I asked, "So business or pleasure in New York?"

She said, "Mostly business. But a little of both I guess."

She explained why she was traveling and then finally vacationing a few days in the Boston area. I told her I was heading to New York and then back home to Richmond. I don't know why I told her all of this, but I said, "I am retired now, and I feel so lucky that I could do it at a relatively young age. Now, I only work on a job as a courtesy to a very good friend, or if there's a chance to get involved with a group of investors on the ground floor of a new and hopefully profitable project. But believe me, when I get home I plan to take at least two weeks of vacation and not do anything except what I want to do."

I even went further to tell her I have been enlisted by a group of investors to examine locations and property, which might make good night clubs and dinner theaters locations along the East Coast. A California syndicate was thinking about opening 4 of these places and I had been to Ft. Lauderdale, South Beach, and now heading to New York and then Richmond and DC, as they were some of the prime locations under view.

The plane taxied down the runway and was in the air when we were offered drinks and food. The usual first class stuff and this flight included champagne, which Mandy seemed to enjoy. I took a vodka and tonic (V&T) with a couple of limes. I told her, "You know you have to really watch these limes. I got really sick one evening from to many limes. Felt I might actually die. Then I was scared I wouldn't!"

Another bad joke but she smiled anyway! I was thinking this woman is very nice. Special! She seemed not only beautiful with a fantastic body, but she was fun to talk with! I really enjoyed being with her. Yes, Mandy was quiet charming and the usual boring flight to New York was this time, something much more special.

We chatted about our kids and their schools and about our lives. We both found out that we were married at one time and divorced. I told her I had another place that I lived in during the winter months since I hated cold weather and my daughter was going to have another child and that I was way to young to be a grand father. I told her I was going to be 50 next year, 2005.

We talked about how kids these days were most likely the smartest educated we have ever had but they didn't have a clue about the real life and the long-term effects on us all that they will one day have to face. We also discussed traveling after 9/11 and how much more of a problem it was for people like us. We actually opened up to each other like old friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time. Then we heard the pilot come on the speaker and say, "Lady's and gentlemen we are about 20 minutes out of New York City, it's 57 degrees. On behalf of the entire flight crew I want to thank you for flying American."

I looked at her and said, "Man! That was a quick flight. Thank you for making it so enjoyable."

She said, "Yes, it was rather fast at that and thank you. I don't know when I have had a nicer trip."

Her smiled was magical and I think we both realized that the three-hour plus flight had seen like less than 20 minutes because of how we got alone with each other. Neither of us had opened our files or did any business at all. I was hoping she didn't notice my eyes glancing over her body a great number of times as we chatted. But she was very attractive and most likely had men doing that all the time. After all, that's usually why we talk with a stranger in the first place at the start. It's generally the physical appearance of people that first attracts us to each other. Especially with the opposite sex this is even truer. And Mandy had all the right physical accessories that was for sure! But she was also intelligent, very smart and business savvy. She was fun too and I felt quiet a nice person.

As the plane began to turn and head for the runway, I was thinking I would really like to see her again. So as I was thinking to myself, "As my old daddy use to say about women, Son, remember if you don't ask you know the answer is no."

So I said, "Mandy I know we have only chatted for a few hours, but you know as much or more about me than most people do. I have no meetings after 4 PM today and free for dinner. If you are free too, I would very much love to take you to dinner tonight. That is if you are available. I'm staying at the Marriott on 85 West Street."

She said, "Well small world, so am I Vern!"

She looked at me for what seemed like a very long time, but in reality was only a few seconds I'm sure. Then she said, "Well I won't know for sure if I'm free until later today. Can I call you?"

The plane touched down and we exited the plane together. I couldn't help watching her walk up the ramp and into the terminal. She has such a lovely nice rear too. "WOW! More assets to attract me", I said to myself. Since we were going to the same hotel, we took one cab. I held the door for her and as she got in, I got a very nice eye full of her shapely legs as she swung them into the cab. Her short tight skirt gave me a very look at the outline of her thighs and lower body at the same time. She smiled as she slid over exposing even more of her legs above her knees. She said, "Dam skirt!" She tugged on it to pull it down and showing me some of her breast again as she did. Then she sat back finally giving up and leaving the skirt sit about 4 inches above her knees.

I said, "Well it does look very nice on you."

She smiled but knew I was giving her the once over. Then we began chatting again. I told her I was glad I lived in the county where there were lots of trees. I asked, "Have you ever notice the small number of trees in this city except for Central Park? I could never live here. Visit yes, shop yes, eat yes, see the shows yes, but live here, no way!"

She smiled again and I wrote down the phone number of the hotel down on the back of my business card so she would have it. I handed it to her. I said, "Ask for the Fifty Avenue suite. Then ask for me, if I don't answer the phone. Do you have any idea what time you might be calling?"

She said, "Yes, around 3 PM. But to be safe how about I ring you before 4 PM if that would be OK."

I smiled again and told her, "Great! I am looking forward to see you again Mandy."

She said, "Me too Vern!"

She smiled as the cab made a turn and I had to tell the driver he was going the wrong way. I think he was trying to run up the fare but when I said something he turned down another street a few blocks later we were going back in the right direction again. As we pulled up to the hotel I again watched her struggle with the skirt as she stepped out of the cab in front of the young man from the hotel who was now holding the door for her. His young eyes didn't miss anything either. And he smiled a very long time as he watched her walk into the hotel.

We checked in and Mandy told me she was in room 332. I wrote it down. My suite was on the 5th floor number 502. If I wanted a room on the same floor with her I couldn't have a suite. We said our good-byes and headed off to our rooms.

From the woman's viewpoint: As with many meetings that have significance in our lives we met through the most extreme of coincidences. Both flying to New York on altered plans and both upgraded to first class in seats next to each other.

I'd only just made the flight from Atlanta where I'd been visiting the office of the ad agency I worked for. I was touring round the eight US offices seeing how things work prior to opening up a brand new branch in my favorite US city, Boston. As I entered the plane and stood in front of the row where my seat was, I was little out of breathe. I had to put a couple of heavy bags up into the luggage bin and as I was trying to do that, I heard.

"Need help? Here let me."

I looked and saw you and smiled. "They are a little heavy, thanks."

"No problem at all it's my pleasure," and you smiled back.

I leaned across the aisle seat and slipped a magazine and a book into my seat pocket and then went to the bathroom quickly. Returning I saw that you were in the seat next to me.

"Hi again," you smiled looking up at me as I reached up to the luggage bin to get my blackberry from one of the bags. I was a little hot and bothered having had to rush so much through the massive Atlanta airport. I hadn't had time to change after leaving my business meeting so I was stilling "power dressed." The tight Donna Karen black skirt suit was not really appropriate for either rushing through airports or for flying in. I realized feeling very thankful though to have been upgraded to first class taking the last seat available on the plane.

The skirt, though stylish and conservatively sexy, was too tight and, being a few inches, above the knee too short really for sitting on reclined seats in a demure fashion. The top being, slightly double breasted, and was designed to be worn without anything other than underwear under it was also awkward in such circumstances.

Sitting at a desk or table fairly upright and walking around it was fine. But again when my back was reclined a little or when I bent forward it of course gaped. Probably that's what the designer intended. So of course after bending to put stuff in the seat pocket, reaching up to the overhead stowage and now laying back in the deep luxurious seat, I felt as though I'd flashed most of my bits and pieces to the entire first class cabin in general and you in particular.

As the plane eased into the air with us sipping our drinks you started chatting. I found it so easy to talk to you that I don't think there was hardly a pause on the journey that I guess must have taken the best part of three and half-hours. It was one of the most interesting flights I'd had. The book remained unopened, the magazine unread and the blackberry unused.

As we flew north, I'd explained that I was spending the night and most of the next day at the agency's New York office near to Times Square and was going to catch the shuttle up to Boston late afternoon. My plan was to spend the rest of the week meeting realtors and visiting offices and then take a long weekend at a house I'd borrowed on Cape Cod. The following week I'd be looking at apartments and houses to rent for my likely six-month stay in Boston.

You were politely and without appearing to be prying asked what was happening with my daughter who I'd probably gabbled on about too much. I explained that the period coincided with her entering her fifth year at upper school at the need of which she had to sit some very important exams. "It's quite common," I explained "for kids to board that year."

I went on saying that in the holidays she would fly out, I'd be popping back a few times on business and it was not too long a flight for a weekend back home now and then.

For some reason I opened up with you rather more than I usually did but then that was probably because you were so easy to talk to, appeared genuinely interested in what I said and didn't stare too overtly at my thighs or cleavage! No seriously it was probably because you were also so open and during the time you told me about your children and what you were doing in New York. The time flew by. We checked in and went our separate ways. I called V around 4:15 PM and we decided to go shopping first and then have dinner.

From the man's viewpoint – evening After unpacking, I started writing up some changes to the meeting notes I had and as time dragged by I waited for the phone to ring. Two other calls regarding business came in but none from Mandy. At 4:15 PM the phone rang. It was Mandy. She first apologized for calling late but her meeting ran way over. She told me she was finished and she would be delighted to go to dinner with me. She asked, "So V, what are you doing now?"

I said, "Finishing up my notes for tomorrow's meeting. But it's a little bit of nothing actually."

She said, "Well I have to pick up two things for my daughter that I promised I would buy for her. And then I think I would do a little shopping for myself when do you want to meet for dinner? And what should I wear?"

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