tagRomanceA Strange Turn of Events Ch. 02

A Strange Turn of Events Ch. 02


Day 2 From the man's viewpoint:

I sat on the edge of the bed and hung up the phone thinking about the lovely lady I had met, had dinner with and then had a mutual and joint masturbation session over the phone. It was the first night we had known each other. "God V sometimes you're such an ass!" I said to myself, "That was way too fast! I bet She'll most likely wake up in the morning and tell you to go fuck off."

But I smiled as I remembered her trying to explain why she called me and then was afraid to actually meet me. Maybe I went too fast tonight. Maybe she was embarrassed that I had talked her into having an orgasm by masturbation with me over the phone. How did that happen?

Hell! I don't know how it happened, it just seem to...to flow from both of us very naturally. It was like we both knew exactly where we were going with our questions. We also knew what our answers were doing to each other. We had both enjoyed going there! I closed my eyes and could almost see her body arching up off the bed as she brought herself off with her fingers. And her face, God I bet it looked wonderful and so erotic as she became more and more worked up. I wondered if she was as horny as I was right now. She had to be!

I was almost ready to pick up the phone again and ask her again if I could come see her. But then I didn't, I went into the bathroom and showered off the cum that I had pumped all over myself and the bed as I listened to her sexy phone conversation with me. Hearing her breath quicken and then to hear her moans and soft cries of passion as her body climaxed was too much for me. And she did it while talking to me! Damn V that is so hot and it happened so quickly. As I washed, I wished she were in the shower with me so I could watch the water running off her body making it shin all over her smooth lovely shared figure. I could even imagine I felt the heat coming off of her as I pictured my hands washed her.

My cock was getting harder and harder and I began to stroke it again as the water ran over my head and shoulders. I could only imagine how it would look as I knelt in the tub and she pressed her lovely lower body against my face. I could only imagine how what it would feel as she spread her thighs and I pushed my face into her sweet open vagina. And then I could only imagine how her body would react as she held my head and pressed it hard as she climaxed on my mouth and tongue deep inside her body! Jesus I was hard as hell standing there thinking about this lovely woman! Finally I couldn't stand it and I stroked my cock feeling it thicken and get harder and harder. Jesus! It was sticking straight up in the air again! And after a fantastic hard orgasm, I had to sit down on the edge of the tub before finishing my washing. Finally I turned off the water, dried off and went back to bed. It was the other double bed in my room. The first bed was too messy to lay in alone.

A thousand things began to run over and around in my brain! Maybe she enjoyed it too much and was now scared of her feelings and of me. Then I wondered why women meet and want to have sex with a man but they won't admit it or commit to it anywhere near as fast as a man would do. Maybe they were the smart ones, without a doubt they were the smartest! But you know she has and is thinking about it. But it takes forever for them to actually agree to it. Deep down inside they want it as bad or worst than we do. Well OK maybe not as bad as we do! Men are such horny pigs! Yea!! But they love it sometimes! And it went on and on in my brain! Who the hell knows what they want or think? One thing I knew for sure, I really liked this lady. I mean yes, she rang my bell from the second I saw her, physical. But, I had gotten to know Mandy much better during our dinner together. And I like her I really liked her. She was funny and a tease and playful and very witty! And then the kiss! WOW! My god, she made me hard in seconds. I don't believe any woman has effected my mind and body like Amanda did tonight. Amanda what a nice British name!

I called down to the lobby and asked for the Concierge desk. When someone answered I said, "I realized this is very late. But that's why I like the Marriott so much. You guys always try your best to please your customers. But I have a request, which is going to be a hard one to pull off. I have a favor to ask of you and I need it by tomorrow morning at 9 AM if you can do it."

He said he was actually behind the desk and that the Concieair wouldn't be there until 8Am in the morning, but that he would help if he could. I told him what I wanted, 12 long stemmed pink, red or maroon roses, pink would be best. And that I wanted them delivered to the restaurant at 9AM. I'll alert the hostess they might be coming. Then I said, "Do you think you can get them for me this late?"

He said, "Well sir, I'll call you back in around 8:15AM and let you know. There is a 24-hour florist about 4 blocks from here. But I'm not sure if they can deliver them tat early in the morning. I'll let you know."

I said, "Great! Well tell you what, I'm going to bed now. If you can't get them for 9AM, I want you to put them in her room! But make it after10AM so she won't know they're there until she comes back from her business meetings. Oh hell sent a dozen to her room regardless of whether you could get them delivered by 9AM! OK? Can you do that?"

He told me there would be no problem with the room and he would check to see if they could get them to the restaurant too by 9AM. He laughed and asked, "She must be a special lady."

I told him he had no idea how special she was to me.

I then went to sleep as best I could. In the morning I stopped at the Concieair's (sp) desk and told them to put the flowers on my bill and Mandy's room number. I gave the man a nice tip for trying so hard for me. He said he still wasn't sure he could get them to the restaurant by 9AM they hadn't called him back yet.

Then I went to the restaurant where I was to meet Amanda for breakfast. I was there a half an hour early drinking tea and enjoying one of my favorite past times, watching people. I also was thinking and waiting for this pretty woman to arrive. I couldn't wait to see what she would be wearing.

Then I saw her! She walked proudly into the restaurant and saw me almost immediately. I stood up and stepped out from behind the table as she approach. She waved and she looked magnificent in those tight leather slacks! I smiled as I saw how tight they were the closer she got to me. I saw a group of men checking out her rear as she passed them without looking. She never took her eyes off my eyes as I greeted her with a kiss. She turned her head at the last second giving me her cheek. I held her hand and felt the energy serge between us.

I said, "Good morning. My you look fantastic Amanda." Then I smiled and asked,

"Sleep well?"

I couldn't help it I had to ask, doing it again! She had he slightest smile on her lips and said, "No Actually V I didn't! Did you?"

I laughed out loud as I said, "Hardly a wink and it's all your fault! And from seeing you in those slacks this AM I most likely won't get any work done today either!"

She said, "Good! I'm glad I made an impression on you!"

She asked about the food, buffet or main service and I told her she could have it either way. She gave me another little double meaning answer about servicing herself. I told her a lady like she was should be serviced and I would have been so very happy to do it myself. As we ordered, our conversation was easy and flowed without hardly any hesitation on either of our parts.

I told her again how lovely she looked again and how much I liked her outfit especially the leather slacks. I saw how snug they fit her, outlining what I was sure was a thong under them. When she sat I saw more of the outline of her wonderful body. The shape of her body fit those slacks like a glove fits a hand they looked like they were custom made. I took her hand and told her how very much I enjoyed our time together yesterday.

As she bent forward, I got a very nice view of the tops of her full round breasts. I said, "Very nice blouse too."

I was looking directly down the front of it. I realized she had left two buttons undone and I wondered if that was for me? She was a tease but I loved it. I smiled and told her, "I think you would look beautiful in a cardboard box! And I'm sure you were a sight last night in that nightie too."

She told me, "Oh yes, I was a sight alright. I would never dare wear that for you V."

I laughed and said "Good that means then I'd see you nude! Even better!"

She smiled very sexy and said, "Who says you ever will V?"

I smiled and said, "Well a man can wish, and hope and prey and sometimes his preys are answered Amanda, you known?"

As she laughed with her sparkling eyes she asked, "Did you prey for me or FOR me last night V? You don't seem the type!"

I said, "Not last night but from the second I saw you standing in front of me on the plane baby!"

We both laughed. Then I asked, "Hope you folded your nightie up properly so that the maid won't see either it this morning?"

She laughed. Then I got a little serious and she could tell. I said, "You know, I would have loved to have seemed you again in person last night instead of talking over the phone, nightie or better yet no nightie. I have to ask you something. Did you enjoy our phone conversation it as much as I did Amanda?"

There was a hint of a blush on her face now. It was just a little, but I noticed it immediately. I smiled at her and she dropped her eyes. I moved very close to her now so only she could hear what I was going to say. I took her hand in my hand again and said, "Amanda, look, about last night. Well....I hope... hope, I hope I didn't move to fast for you. I mean sometimes I have a tendency to move to quickly at the start of what I hoped was going to be a nice relationship with a woman. I'm an "A" personality and I guess I always will be. It seems to come with my personality and well I'm sorry if I scare you off with being so direct and forward on the phone. But it just seemed to flow so natural between us didn't it? Don't you feel that way or is it just me?"

She just continued to look at me. I said, " Well...well....look if I did embarrass you, I want you to know I sincerely apology. I want you to feel comfortable with me Mandy. Better yet I want you to enjoy your time with me and not worry about me coming on to you too hard or to fast! Unless that is you want me to do!"

I smiled a little and so did she. She was looking in my face no she was looking directly into my eyes. I guess to see if she could tell if I was being honest with her. I was! So I continued saying, "While I can't say I didn't enjoy it very much and I was truly hoping I could convince you to see me again last night, I don't want what we shared to wreck things between us. I do understand we have just met and you're not what they call in the states, a "wam, bam thank you mam" type of lady. I don't want our time together to be wrong. But I do want you to know I really enjoy your company and would like for us to see more of each other!"

She raised her eyebrow and smiled. I said, "Oh hell you know what I mean. I'm trying to be a gentlemen here and tell you that I hope I didn't make you feel to uncomfortable last night over the phone on here in person, that you won't want you go out with me again in the dark or light of day. "

She said, "I wouldn't say uncomfortable V. I wanted to hear you and do what I was doing as badly or more so than you did. You're right it did flow very nicely, too nicely. I think the correct word would be warm V. You made me feel very, very warm indeed in fact V, sometimes it was hot."

She bent in and kissed me softly and quickly on the lips. I said, "Now it's me who is hot!"

Then I laughed a little and kissed the top of her hand. She asked "What? Why are you laughing?"

I said, 'Yes I still want to see more of you with or without that nightie!"

She smiled and told me again, "I would never let you see me in that old thing." The food finally arrived and as we ate and talked about our day the time flew by again. It seems that we both had work starting at around 10:30AM and would be gone for most of the day. I told her I would be back in my room around 4 PM. As we finished I noticed my watch and saw it was well past 9:30AM. I said to myself, "I guess the flowers are going to her room. Oh well that's the next best thing I guess. Maybe better. But, I would have loved to seen her face when they delivered them. Oh well, nice try V but it was late when you called!"

I asked, "So when do you think you'll get back from your meetings?"

She didn't know for sure but 4 or 4:30PM sounded right to her too.

I asked her, "So do you have a favorite place you like to eat in New York? Or is there something special you would like to see or do tonight?"

She told me, "No V, whatever you wanted is good for me but remember I'm paying tonight. But just to let you know, if we get back early enough tonight I'll have that drink with you."

She was smiling but I knew she were serious. I asked, "In the bar or my room?"

Amanda said, "I'm not completely sure yet Vern. Let's wait until tonight and see if that question answers itself."

I said, "What type of music do you like? I mean like Rolling Stones or ZZ Top, you know, do you like hard fast rock by any chance?"

She asked why and I told her, "I just might have tickets for a concert tonight and it would include dinner in what they call a super box. I didn't know if you would want to go and that's why I asked if you had a special place that you might wanted to go tonight."

She told me she would let me know later on if I got the tickets. Then she moved closer yet to me until there was only about 6-inch distance between our faces. She took my hand in hers and held it tight. I didn't know for sure if she was teasing again or testing me. But I was hoping she would move my hand and pressed it against her beautiful full left breast or hold me and kiss me. My eyes went from her face to her breasts. Again seeing a very nice deep cleavage, I could now see her heart beating as her breasts rose and fell with each breath she took. I also felt my cock stiffen as she smiled and I blushed a little now. I wanted to kiss her so bad. I wanted to take her in my arms and make love to her right there on the breakfast table. But I knew that if, no make that when, we did make love that first time, it would be someplace soft and comfortable and enjoyable to both of us. I knew the sex would be hot and fast and animalistic the first time we did it. But, once we got that first one out of the way, we would then slow down and spend hours exploring and pleasing each other's body. I couldn't help it I moved my face to hers and tried to kiss her softly. She pull back but rather than let me kiss her. She released my hand but I could see her nipple stiffen like my cock. I looked back up into her eyes trying to ask why she wouldn't kiss me. But I didn't..

Day and Evening 2 - From the woman's viewpoint:

"Morning V how are you?" I smiled walking up to you at the table in the lovely and fairly crowded dining room.

"Hello Mandy, how are you this morning?" you asked standing up and leaning forward to give me a peck on the cheek. That felt nice and you smelled good, you had on a very nice aftershave. It was nicely intimate to be greeted like that and it made me feel, as we were already proper lovers and not just oral ones, as we'd become over the phone last night.

"Fine thanks V, what is it a buffet or what?"

"It's either. You can have someone else do it for you or of course you can do it yourself or, if you prefer, have a bit of both. What's your pleasure this lovely morning ma'am?" you asked smiling broadly.

I couldn't help bursting out laughing at the clever and, indeed, very appropriate double entendre. It made me feel closer to you for we were now starting to share our own in jokes. "Well I guess I'd be better off with a bit of both," I responded trying, probably rather lamely, to keep the joke going as I added. "Get some help with the starter then do the main course myself."

We both chuckled as we ordered our meals and once more the conversation flowed so easily it was as if we'd known each other for ages and not the 20 hours or so that we had.

"You look lovely today Mandy."

Smiling I quipped back. "Does that mean I didn't yesterday?"

"No of course not I just loved the suit and of course the trousers and shirt and then the skirt you wore yesterday. I even loved the nightdress I haven't seen.

"And that V I can assure you I'll never wear for you."

"Good that means I'll see the naked you," you came back with quickly and quietly so that the older couple on the next table wouldn't hear.

I had dressed carefully, but then I find that I nearly always do. I was wearing dark brown, leather trousers that, in all truthfulness, were a little tight for me and would have clearly had a visible panty line had I not been wearing the whispiest of thongs under it. I'd accompanied that with a tan colored, rather baggy, cotton blouse with a long pointed collar and buttons all up the front. Other than the top two these were done up but, nevertheless I'd noticed when checking myself in the mirror before leaving the room, when I leaned forward a respectable amount of cleavage was shown. Over that I'd draped a nice, fairly long, just beneath my waist, white woolen cardigan.

I looked you in the eye as I said possibly more sharply than I meant. "Who says you ever will V?"

We stared at each other across the breakfast table in the still crowded restaurant. The look in your eyes was almost dreamy. It was as if you were thinking about something, Something connected to but slightly divorced from us. There was also a look of want and need, arousal and excitement.

Women get to recognize such looks in men and yours was one of extreme desire. We were lightly holding hands, something I rarely do in public and especially not with someone I hardly know. To me holding hands and other gestures like that can somehow be more intimate than sex itself for they imply longevity and an attachment within the relationship. They suggest closeness and a sharing that only comes from both parties making a strong emotional commitment to the partnership. And that's something I just do not do any more.

I also feel uncomfortable making gestures in public and showing my feelings to people I don't know very well. So most forms public displays of affection do not sit easily with me. So sitting at that table holding your hand was not a particularly easy thing for me to do, especially as your grip tightened and as I guessed you were imagining us kissing and perhaps me placing your hand on my breast. Something that I could never imagine me doing with others staring at us.

"Penny for your thoughts V you seem to have been somewhere else?"

"Oh, er sorry Mandy, I was miles away?"

"Gee thanks that's quite some compliment," I laughed watching you cringe a bit.

"Well if you must know," you said with a fairly serious look on your face, "I was thinking just how nice it would be to kiss you hard and deeply right now."

You said that fairly loudly and my immediate reaction was that people at the adjoining tables may have heard and, like a kid that's been caught doing something wrong, I pulled my hand from yours and dropped on my lap.

"Look I really must fly V," I stammered hurriedly, "call me on my mobile or e-mail me I'll be able to pick up messages even if we don't actually speak."

"Ok great and don't forget I'll try and get the tickets."

The day passed slowly in a series of planning and budget meetings for the agency I was to set up in Boston. Pretty boring detail but nevertheless essential if the launch was to be successful. The heads of the agencies from the US network were all there and as is often the case I was the only female. The other seven were all 30 or 40 something admen on the road, away from their wives and in New York on business. Inevitably a couple hit on me a little but the network head saved me from the invitations to dinner and clubs that evening by saying, that he and the global creative director wanted to have a working dinner to talk about an entire new campaign for the agencies second biggest client.

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