tagRomanceA Strange Turn of Events Ch. 03

A Strange Turn of Events Ch. 03


I would like to again thank Ms. Sharon Johnson who had the courage to edit my poor spelling and grammar. W/O her help this story would be less than half of what it is now. Thanks to her, this story is much more romantic and loving. Her hard work is sincerely appreciated. Thanks Sharon!

From the man's viewpoint:

"Good night my love", I said as I let go of her hand and watched as she closed the door. Standing there in the hallway, I wasn't sure how she really felt about tonight. If only that phone call wouldn't have rang like it did, when it did she might still be in my arms. We would still be making love. Yes, it would have been some sort of love not just sex we would have together.

I was sure how I felt and it was that I wanted to see more of her. I wanted us to be a couple. Even if it was only for only a brief period of time before she would return to London, I wanted to be with her, to work something out for us. I knew she was one magnificent woman and I wanted to be with her.

I knew from the phone call she received from her daughter that made her upset about what we had just done. First I suspected she was upset with the idea of letting herself go like she did with me again. But, I knew you had enjoyed it greatly. Her kisses and caress told me that! She was very embarrassed about letting it happening when she had known me for such a little amount of time. But she did enjoy it she couldn't deny that and I knew she would remember that feeling and think about me.

Then I believed she was upset that she had let me give her body one hell of a good orgasm from my stimulation. God I remembered how beautiful she was when it happened. I smiled to myself as I remembered how she looked as I held you in my arms. And when she released the top of her dress for me, I was speechless seeing her lovely breasts exposed completely to me for the first time. They were absolutely perfect. What a lovely woman she is! My mouth went dry as I watched those beautiful nipples harden from my mouth and tongue. Right now as I lay in my bed I was so hard I could have exploded. I stroked myself again thinking about her kiss and her body, as I loved it

I closed my eyes as I began to please myself thinking of her. In my mind I saw her lovely panties, nickers she called them, I actually moaned. She was just perfect! I recalled how I moved my hand over those panties knowing that the silky material would help me please her body along with the stroke of my fingers. And actually that's all I had planned to do, please her a little take the involvement a little further. I wanted her to want me as bad as I wanted her. My goal tonight wasn't to make her cum but I loved it when it happened! What we had wasn't true intercourse; it was an orgasm from only our hands. But when she touched me, and held on to my hard shaft, it pleased me so. I couldn't get my fill of her. My dream would have been if I was able to taste her body, to inhale her lovely sex and see and lick her wetness. To put my lips on her closely trimmed and wet pussy lips and kiss them would had drove me wilder with lust.

Her pussy was so very soft to my touch over those panties and it felt very swollen with her growing desire. As I slid my hand between her smooth legs and cupped her sex on the outside of those silky panties for the first time I heard again that soft little sigh coning from her throat. I felt her pushing back into my hand as she moaned softly again. My lips never left her mouth or my hand from her breasts or pussy. Our tongues fought for control. I remember whispering, "Oh Jesus Mandy you are so beautiful and feel so good, so soft! I want to hold you in my arms and make love to you all night!"

Hearing my words again she moaned and she was hot to my touch. As she began to rotate her lovely body faster her silky panties were pleasing her too along with my fingers. Actually she was in heaven as her body worked with my fingers to give her pleasure. I felt her shiver from a chill that shook her body and moved over her pushing her towards a certain climax pleasure. I felt her hips moving even faster and raising higher as I continued to gently touch her sex. I could feel how wet she had become. And, I loved the sent of her perfume and sex mixing as it filled the air. I inhaled deeply, God she stimulated all of my senses!

I could felt her sex under my fingers and it felt like jelly, almost as if it were liquid as she came. I wanted to see her face move into rapture as her body fucking my hand to completion. God I was so hard!

I remembered she grabbed my hand as I tried to slip it under her panties and touch her sex directly. I wondered why she stopped me? I knew she wanted me too and I ached to do it. I knew it would feel even better with direct skin to skin touching on her pussy, but she wouldn't let me go under her panties. Mandy pushed into my hand holding it on the outside of her panties. Then as she began to pump her lower body into it I moaned knowing I was pleasing her so much as she came neared and nearer to orgasm.

As I moved my fingers over her thighs and then down between them one more time, I located her clit from the outside of her panties and she pressed her hands on my fingers making them touch her harder. Her clit was so rock hard and sticking out above her sex it was easy for me locate almost asking me to touch it! I knew it was the center of her sex and I worked on it knowing it would please her the most. I was right! The first time I pressed it gently, Mandy, arched her back and kissed me hard as she pumped on my hand fucking it now! As I continued to stroke it, she took only a minute or less to climaxed against it!

And the pleasure of cumming was so hard she almost pushed me on the floor. She loved it she couldn't deny it! I knew she did! I watched her as I held her in my arms as she began to cum. Mandy was pumping her lower body against my hand cupping her warm wet sex and she cried out in sheer pleasure and relief. Then she lifted her hips and ass up against my fingers and moaned my name as she began to hump and hump against them. As she moved closer and closer to the peak of her orgasm, I heard her say to me, "Oh yes! Oh God Vern yes. It's so good! Oh squeeze now! YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Remembering how her pelvis thrust up into my hand as her pussy pushed against my fingers harder and harder and then she arched even higher and rammed against my fingers one last time as she cried out and hung in the air peaking! The throws of her orgasms lasted a long time. I held her and kissed her as her hand flew up and down my very hard and thick cock shaft. It seemed the more she climaxed the faster she stroked me. And the sight of her climaxing and the touch of her hand on me, stroking me, loving me back was to much for me to take and I began to cum. I couldn't hold back! My cock sprayed a huge amount of cum all over her hand and stomach. It was good so very good! And we held each other in an embrace that made us both feel wonderful. She had really enjoyed our lovemaking and so had I.

But then when it was over and she received the phone call, she became very upset because I think she was so embarrassed. Embarrassed I had made her cum so fast, embarrassed that she had lost control again with me. Mandy couldn't or wouldn't admit that we had something very special between us! Something that was drawing us together and she knew it. She was scared but at the same time very happy. Maybe to happy that I had met her and wanted more time with her and made her go way too far to fast twice now. All I knew was that I wanted to spend a lot more time with her!

When her body began pumping automatically against my hand and she climaxed, she drove me over the edge as well. I remembered how her soft small hand stroked my cock. Jesus she was good at that! But it was the sight of her hips pumping up into my hand and the rotation of her pelvis and pussy all over my fingers and that erotic look on her face that made me cum! Her clit was so hard it felt like a small rock under my fingers! I loved feeling it throbbing against the tip of them as I made love to her. She had lost all control and that excited me to know end.

One thing I wish I had been able to do before we stopped was to have been able to insert a finger into her body. I would have loved to have felt how tight she was and feel her squeeze and let her wetness run over my fingers as she climaxed. I closed my eyes and saw her there with me on the couch. Umm I loved the pleasure I was able to give her body before we stopped. I wished she could have spent the night with me. Maybe we wouldn't have had intercourse maybe we would only have done manual stimulation but she would have been with me, loving me holding me and I with her. But maybe she would have let me taste her. Maybe she would have let go enough to allow me to love her sex with my mouth and tongue the way I loved her breasts. I'm sorry I didn't get to try that! I would have loved her pussy with my lips and tongue giving her more tremendous orgasms.

If after she was pleased orally, I had hoped she would agree to give me all of her, mind, body and sole as we made love. But still I was happy to have held her in my arms and made love to her long enough to show both of us that we could be so good together. I hoped she would call me later in the afternoon when she finished working. I truly did want to be with her again!

And lastly I think she was upset that she had worked on my body pleasing my cock and giving me a mutually great orgasm. It must have been more embarrassing to her that her hand had made me cum all over it, as well as her stomach and nickers. It wasn't upsetting for me, no not at all. For me I very much enjoyed it!

I knew she did enjoy the strong climax I had given her body. She exploded as she climaxed. It was a good one I knew it! I was pleased that she had given her body to me and that I was able to give her some indication of our love to come. I'm sure she enjoyed it, which she wanted it that she actually needed it as badly as I did. But, I was equally sure her daughter's phone calling at that inopportune time had upset her so.

As I lay in my room undressed, I had to call her. I had too! When I did, she was in bed and sounded like she was crying. I said, "Mandy, are you alright?"

She said, "No I'm upset. I'm not that kind of woman Vern I don't do those things we did tonight! Not this fast anyway. I'm embarrassed and I'm upset that you think I let any man do to me what you have done."

I said, "Mandy! No Mandy! I know you are not like that at all. You're a nice person who has found a man whom you like. Hopefully you like me very much! I know you don't go with just any man to his room after knowing him for just a few days. And I'm sure you don't just let go like you did tonight with me. Think about it. There must be a reason that you do with me what you don't do with others. Maybe it's because we fit, and that we are good for each other. I really believe we truly like each other Mandy and I'm glad you spent time with me so I could show you how much I want to be with you."

She said, "Oh Vern. I'm so embarrassed about tonight!"

I told her, "You know maybe it's that you and I belong together. Maybe it was meant to be that we sat next to each other on that plane that day. Maybe it was meant to be that you went to dinner with me and that you did join me. Please don't be embarrassed I want you to be happy you're with me. Please don't be upset with herself or me for doing what we both wanted to do tonight. We're both adults and it's what we needed to do together. It was wonderful! You know you enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed you. Mandy I really truly want to be with you. I want us to be together. I really enjoy our company and the time we have spent with each other and I want you to spend more time with me. Tell me you'll call me later when you get off from work. Let's spend tomorrow night together. I'll take you skating at Rockafellow Square and then dinner. We'll go slowly and we'll have some fun. What do you say? Come on! A fun visit to an ice skating ring and then a nice night for a casual dinner afterwards. It will be fun. And no pressure we'll go slow and easy. Say you'll come with me tonight."

I then spilt my feelings to her telling her how I felt about tonight, not in as many words as I did above. But I made sure she knew how I felt. Then I waited for her to reply.

From the woman's viewpoint:

It was all getting too much for me I thought, as I lay in my bed so wide-awake that night. Nearly everything that I didn't want to happen was happening. All the aspects of a relationship that I so strongly wanted to avoid were crowding in on me. I felt under such pressure, so many problems and issues to deal with, concerns and emotions to handle and such a range of influences trying to persuade me into directions I was hesitant to take.

I wanted sex but seemed unable to have it unless the circumstances were just right. But I had no idea what "just right" meant. I was frustrated and that, I half believed, had led to two of the most uncharacteristic sexual events with you. But deep down, although I was reluctant to admit it, I felt so strongly attracted towards you and that was the real reason I'd had the telephone sex and the mutual masturbation with you. My feelings for you were so untypical strong and feared becoming entangled. I was almost paranoid about ever being emotionally dependent on a man after the disappointment with Kevin, my ex-husband, and I could see that happening.

And then there was Sarah and the phone call and the guilt and the feelings I'd had standing there talking to her. Standing there my beautiful, innocent daughter's words in my ears as I felt her semen on my hand, and I saw my dress bunched around my waist, my overtly sexual knickers wet from my own juices and stained with her cum.

"Where were my standards and morals?" I asked myself. "How could I let myself go so far and so quickly with a man I hardly knew?" I wondered. And where next? What next? If we'd done those two things together what would be the follow on?

I was scared that I'd fall for you. I was scared that you'd fuck me then fuck off. I was scared that I'd be so attracted to you that I'd do anything for you and then it would be over. I was scared that I'd want you so much that I would lose all control. And I was scared that maybe I'd read you wrong and all that I was just another bird you picked up on a plane then fucked and said goodbye to. I wasn't a one-nightstand girl. But then I wasn't a long-term relation one either. "I guess that's my biggest problem," I smiled sitting up in bed, seeing in the mirror that my tits seemed to droop so much in that position that I straightened my back, "I've got no fucking idea what I do want."

But then at least one thing became clear in my mind.

I had to get away, break out of the spiral we were in. I needed space and time to think. I had to escape from New York. I had to run away, yes that I accepted that was what I was doing. Run away from New York to get free and escape from you, from her influence, her attraction and her appeal.

I got up and dressed. I called Hertz. Yes they could deliver a car to the hotel and yes I could drop it off in Massachusetts but there would be a drop off charge. I couldn't have cared how much so I didn't ask.

I logged onto my PC went into my e-mail and called up her address.

"Dear Vern", I typed. "I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I have to go. I have to get away. I feel trapped and as if the ceiling is falling in on me. When you read this I'll be miles away for I'm driving to Boston. Please don't try and contact me just yet. Let me clear my head and than I'll be in touch. I promise. Yours. A"

I sent the message and used the TV checkout system. Packing quickly I took my bags down to the car park where the nice man from Hertz was waiting for me. Within minutes I was navigating the grid system of Manhattan and heading North to Boston.

As I drove my mind inevitably went over the amazing events of the past two days and particularly this evening. It had, I readily admitted to myself, been extremely exciting and satisfying. I'd loved the way you'd kissed me, had pushed her leg between mine pushing my skirt up. The way that you had spent so long loving my breasts and nipples, making them go a deeper pink, made them glow from the glistening of her spittle on them and making them so hard. As hard, I realized, as they were now. As aching as they were now. As in need of relief as they were now.

I pulled off the freeway as my hand cupped one of my breasts. Going down the ramp I was squeezing it. Coming off it I was pinching the nipple just as you had. Where the hell I was I had no idea, maybe near Greenwich that I didn't know? I found a quiet place as my hands squeezing and kneading my breasts. I was so excited thinking of her hands and mouth on them just a few hours ago.

I killed the motor, turned off the lights and locked the doors. In the darkness of morning, in the silence, alone, with my mind full of so many different thoughts I masturbated. Fully clothed and just slipping my hands inside my blouse and touching myself through my jeans I made myself cum again recounting the events of the evening with you.

I didn't quite make it to Boston but found a motel 50 miles or so from it and checked in there around 5AM in the morning. I'd have a few hours sleep then went on to Boston. That would leave me Thursday and Friday before Sarah would arrive on the Saturday.

Feeling more at peace with myself, my body and the world in general than I had since boarding that plane in Atlanta the day before yesterday I fell asleep wondering what, if any response I'd receive to my e-mail?

From the Man's Viewpoint:

"Shit!", I said, "my e-mail is down this morning."

So I ate a quick breakfast and went to work. The day dragged by I guess because I was in a hurry to see you again. I wanted to be with you and try to talk you into being with me and to share time with me in Boston. I was going to again ask if you would drive to Boston with me. We would spend a couple of days maybe stay at a Bed & Breakfast and enjoy the company of each other. I was going to tell you there was no pressure. If you wanted two rooms we could do that. All I wanted was some time to be with you and get to know you. While I wanted sex with you, God what man wouldn't? But I also wanted to get to know the real Mandy, the woman, the person. But more importantly, I wanted you to get to know me more.

Finishing my work at 10 minutes to 11 AM I grabbed a bit to eat at one of the hundreds of NY deli's and headed back to the hotel. On the way I stopped off at a 14th street gym for a work out at an Equinox Gym with an old friend who was an ex Navy Seal. He owned a piece of the place and I finished up with a very hard rub down by some old guy with hands of steel.

I finished up at 2 PM, and caught a cab back to the hotel. I checked my phone and saw no messages. So I stood in the shower for I had no idea how long and then dried off and placed a call to her room. I was told you checked out. "How long ago?" I asked. The clerk told me, "Well the computer is saying she left at in the middle of the night, or early morning actually 4AM."

I called Hertz and asked if they had a forwarding address for you in Boston? No was all they would tell me but you were going to drop off the car tomorrow sometime. I left a cell phone number with the operator who promised me she would send it to Boston and it would be waiting for her when she dropped off the car.

I then called US AIR and got a seat on the 4PM flight to Boston. Since I had no idea where in Massachusetts she were staying or going and no way of contacting her I decided to return to my PC and saw a message from Mandy! I read it and answered it with my own.

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