tagRomanceA Strange Turn of Events Ch. 04

A Strange Turn of Events Ch. 04


From the man's viewpoint:

In the morning we showered together and then went back to bed. As she kissed me hard she pushed her hands against my shoulders and I obeyed by moving down her neck licking as I move. As her breasts heaved from my warm breath moving over them, I couldn't help but stop one last time to cup each exquisite mound and suck in each nipple with my lips. Then popping them out of my mouth as she pushed on my shoulder a little stronger. I could feel the electricity within my body directly in my cock. She was so damn beautiful. Her body was perfect!

I moved down Mandy's lovely body knowing exactly what she wanted. I wanted it too! Licking and kissing down her cleavage, I enjoyed the shape of her breasts as my hands released them now and they fell back into place forming two wonderful grapefruit size spheres next to each of her arms. I continued my journey down over her stomach and around the small circular hole, which created her belly button. As I move down on her left side I now rested on my knees by her hips.

I looked at her legs and my eyes drifted up seeing all of her shapely parts and the small very closely trimmed hair, which circled the center of her passion and my desire. I noticed her skin's softness and how very smooth it was. There was hardly a mole or blemish on her. The color was a milky white with no tam line at all that I could see. I assumed she hadn't been in the sun for quiet a while. My cheek pressed against her belly and it felt warm, so soft and inviting to my touch. My lips kissed and licked around the top of her sex's hairline and I felt her hands pushing on my head again. So I continued further down towards our mutual goals.

I touched her knee and applied a small amount of pusher. She opened them wide, immediately for me, spreading them wide so I might enter between them. As I move, I paused again to look at her face and saw her looking at me with a picture of lust, desire and pleasure. As I ran my eyes down her body I saw her nipples sticking up hard as stones and her breath was coming faster now as her breasts heaved again and again. Then as I looked directly down I saw the loveliness of Mandy's vagina in the sunlight that was coming in the window. It was a small slit with puffy white/pink lips sticking out just a little. I could clearly see her engorged labia glistening with her lubricants. She reached for me and I smiled. She said, "Please!"

Before she could move again or say anything, I bend down and place a hand on both sides of her open legs just above her knees. I slowly run my hands up the sides of her long smooth legs until they reached the top of her thighs. The tiny light hairs on the top of her thighs were standing straight up waiting for my fingertips as I moved further up the inner part of her thighs. I head her say so very softly, ' Lick me V! Please baby!!"

I felt her slowly opened her legs even further and as she did, she bent her knees to give me more room to reach where we both wanted my mouth to go. As my fingers touch both sides of her pussy, I bend my head and I place my face between her legs. My body sat between her knees holding them open. "Mumm!!", I said and you feel the vibration of my words as the warmth of my breath flowed over your wetness. You arch a little. I want to lick that pussy now as much as you want me to lick it!

With her long silky smooth legs open wide, that sweet beautiful vagina's lips stayed wide open and looked like it was almost begging for me to love it. I could smell Mandy's musk as it floats up into my face! I move down towards the wet slit and I licking my lips before licking the wetness on her crack. My mouth was actually watering with my anticipation. I look at her magnificent clean vagina and those opened thighs and I begin to kiss them all. Her pussy lips already open from her anticipation, was like it was alive as I licked up the entire length of it one time. Her expected anticipation of what I was going to do, excites her and stimulated her entire body. I saw the shiver and the goose bumps form on her body

I press her legs opened even wider now. And I saw see the bones in her legs sticking up hard against her inner thighs. They meet at her pussy! I rub the bones with my fingers softly as I continued to lick and kiss all around her vagina.. They move closer and closer to the wet lips glistening with her juices. I run a finger up and down her slip now watching it open. I feel her heat as her body throbs with desire. As I move back down the length of her opening with my finger I reach that very soft skin again her inner thighs right next to her lips. I softly and very slowly stroke each side of her pussy lips and then open them my fingers as I tease you again. My tongue pumped into her opening and her body arched up trying to take more. I could see her wetness almost oozing out of her cunt.

The lips of her pussy were sticking out at me now and I could now see all of her pink insides as I spread the lips wider for my mouth and tongue to enjoy! I bit and sucked on each lip and then took both of them into my mouth. I left small reddish marks along the sides of her cunt and upper thighs. Mandy watch as I kiss her from one inner thigh to the other licking across her pussy very slowly. I could taste her wetness as my mouth slid over her wet hole and then I let my tongue dart in and out very quickly a few times. I feel her arch up off the bed each time I did. As she felt my tongue enter her and then leave you quickly she moaned loudly. Her voice sounded far away as I hear her cry out, "Oh please! Please V eat me! PLEASE!"

I look directly into her waiting pussy now and God, her pink pussy hole was opening and closing almost like it was a living thing. I use my index finger to push in very slowly about an inch and watched her body react by close your lips around my finger and squeezed it. Each time I push in, I let it stay in a little longer before pulling it out again. Each time I pull my finger out, your pussy hole stays open a little longer and my hand was now covered with your lubricants.

Mandy's entire pussy was shinning now with your wetness from your excitement. I slow circle her hole with my finger and push up and down as I move it in and out on her opening. I feel her arch and lift each time I pull my finger out. I move my mouth over her opening now and begin to kiss all around the vagina's lips. I don't want her to cum to quickly. She moaned and tried to get hold of my head and try to stop my finger from leaving her. But you just couldn't do it. It was driving you higher and higher with pure lust.

I move my mouth directly on her cunt now and blow warm air over all of it softly. I saw her shiver and arch again. She tried again to move my head against her sex but I resist. I hear her moan each time that my mouth or index finger came into contact with her vagina.

Mandy watched as I work on her gently touching her in just the right places again and again. It was driving her wild with lust as my lips, tongues and fingers all worked to please and stimulate her. Again and again I lick and suck on her wetness tasting her and adoring her cunt until I feel her arch and begin to rock and hump her pussy on my face trying to join with my strokes. And each time I feel her moving like that I stop and back off. I would move back down her thighs waiting for her to calm down a little. I don't want her to explode – not just yet, not until I was ready. She moaned, "Oh come on baby! Get me cum!"

"Soon baby", I told her. I let her drive her cunt into my face as she started to fuck my mouth now. She achieved another level and moved closer to an orgasm. The taste and smell of her body stimulates me and I slide my hands under that lovely rear of yours and lift. Her pussy elevates up towards my mouth and I let my tongue dive deep into her body now. I heard your breath hiss out of her mouth and I feel my cock throbbing between my legs. Mandy's fingers clutched at the hair on my head as she arched up under my mouth. I reveled in her moans knowing I was pleasing her so much. I redoubled my labors, pulling lightly on her pussy lips opening her as far as she could go without hurting her. Mandy shook as her body shudders and when it did, I begin to flick my tongue directly over her clit now. She was close and I could tell from her movement of her hips and the loud and deeper sighs coming from her mouth. I glance up to see the rapture on her face.

From a woman's viewpoint

I was pleased!! As I rock his mouth on my pussy again I felt him suck in the hard clit pulsing with my terrible desire, I felt myself stiffen, them I heard wild moans echoed in the quiet room. I begin a long series of shuttering orgasms from V's mouth tongue and fingers. I was having boundless spasms and orgasms as my body went wild on his face.

As I drove my lower body into his face, my pussy covered his lips and mouth as I rubbed it all over his face fucking it! My body was bent back and I was arching up off the bed as he held me under my ass and help me stay up fucking him. His mouth was sucking my entire vagina now. He began to vibrate his lips and tongue on my dripping opening. My hands held his head like a vise as I thrust up into him again and again! It felt like nothing I had ever felt before. Not even from the women I had been with in my life. No man was ever as good as the woman who had made love to me. None of then could compare to the man who was now loving my pussy like no other even came close too doing.

From a Man's Viewpoint

God seeing and feeling her climax like this made me wanted to sink my hard cock into her pussy with one thrust and fuck her as hard and fast as I could. Her sexual musk and pussy juices were driving me wild with my own lust.

Hell I have been so fucking hot for her since the first time we met and now as I made love to her pussy and saw her completely nude in front of me climaxing on my tongue, my cock throbbed and jumped with anticipation. I was leaking pre-cum all over my legs and her thighs as I continued to move on her with my mouth and tongue.

But, I knew her needs were greater than my own and she was the type of woman that required a larger amount of stimuli and stroking before we were ready to have sex. So I was going to make this last for a really long time and give her what I knew she wanted. From what I could gather, Mandy have been searching for someone to suck and fuck you into as many orgasms as she could have, that she can stand without a strong commitment on her part! She don't want to be dependent on anyone, she was a very strong woman and I respect that. But she did like sex and want it as much or more than any man.

As her first orgasm subsided now, she could tell the man between her thighs was not like an ordinary guy who after giving her one oral orgasm moved out from between her legs to fuck her. Mandy began to realize that I would never stop until she have been drained of her orgasms and/or pull me out with her hands. Plus, she was thinking I enjoy making her crazy with her sexual needs and as the passion built up in her she screamed over and over again, "Yes! Yes! Yes!".

So, she let me continue to build her needs higher and higher and then let them release as her body went wild cumming! As the time passed I stayed between her long beautiful legs stimulating her more and more. I use my fingers to slowly stroke her pussy letting her body rest for a few seconds. Then I use my fingers to open her very wet smooth lips wider and start to slowly rub her pink deep inside her body. I move my free hand down and begin to stimulate her ass hole now too.

She moaned as she held my head with her hands again knowing I have started to work on your sex with my tongue and lips. Soon she was ramming her body up into me and was cumming again! It built much quicker now and soon her lust was so high she began to yell. "Damn you V!! Eat my pussy! Make me cum!. Make me cum now!! OH GOD COME ON V! Oh Fuck yes baby! Yes!! That's so good so good!"

I came up quickly and grab her shoulders with my hands and lifted you up to me and kiss you hard on the lips. As our mouths meet she moaned as I start to fuck her mouth with my tongue letting her taste her own pussy juices. As I did, my hard cock rubbed all over her pussy and thighs pressing against her wet and very fat swollen and open vagina lips. She felt the head of my cock just touching the opening of her vagina and she could feel it pulsing with desire. Mandy began to move around and hump under me trying to get it into her aching body so she could fuck me and get some relief from the burning need for another orgasm. Her body burned with desire and lust. My body felt like it was on fire for her too! I hurt all over for her sex!

GOD! All I want to do is position my cock head at the opening of her pussy and slam it home until my nuts were slapping against her ass as I fucked her hard and fast. And I knew she want to arch up into me with the same velocity as we fuck relentlessly like wild male and female Alpha wolves. But, I won't allow her to capture my cock in her pussy, not just yet! I broke the kiss and ask her loudly: "So you want to cum do you? Are you sure you are ready? Do you really want to cum? Do you want me to lick your pussy and make you cum or fuck you and make you cum? Tell me my love! Tell me what you want Mandy!"

"I want your cock in me now V! Fuck me now baby! Oh god I want you so bad!" Mandy roared at me as I climbed up between her thighs and began to run the tip of my hard cock head up and down her wet hot slit. She opened her legs as wide as she could allowing me complete access to her most private part of her womanhood. As I held her hips I pushed and felt Mandy's fingers guiding me into her. I saw Mandy's eyes shut as she began to moan softly. I prepped her for entry by lifting her hips and pulling them into me. She arched her back and her head went back on the bed! As I slowly pushed my extremely hard cock into her. There was a wet squishing sound as I went in. Mandy's juices flowed as I pushed my cock all the way in. She moaned out and simply said, "OH YES!"

Her petite pussy was expanding wider as my cock-head disappeared and she sighed loudly. Breathing in deeply and tilted her pelvis to aid the intruding of my hard thick shaft, the lips to her vagina were stretched around my thickness. As I began to withdraw from her wet tight vagina she moaned like an animal. Then slowly I plunged deeper into you. As we adjusted our bodies now, we gave all we had to each other as our sex and lust drove us on and on. We could no longer see my cock at all as it was fully buried now inside her body. "Oh God Mandy! This is so good baby!" I moaned in her ear as her hips rotated on my cock deep inside her body!

The sound of our breathing and my balls slapping against her were the only sounds in the room now. As I pushed one last time all the way into her sweet opening, I arched my back and my nuts rested in the crack of your ass. Our bodies merged completely and her legs and arms wrapped around me holding me deep inside her body. She used her full womanly hips now and began to pump up into me as we began to fuck harder and faster. The feeling was unbelievable; there were no words, which could describe the feeling her body was providing me as she went wild now fucking me.

To my amazement, her body began to gush with an orgasm. She was having one frantic session of sex as she cried out, "Suck my nipples!" OH God yes Vern!! VVVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!"

I found out later that this was her first penis orgasm for as long as you could remember. She had denied herself sex with a man for so long. Her body rocketed up into me as she began to climax hard as my cock was buried in her hole. It was our first time and we both knew it would be hard, fast and not very long. The excitement of a new love makes the first sexual session hard to hold back against. But afterwards, we both knew that once we had achieved a climax, we could slow down and enjoy the next one and make it last much longer. But right now we were going wild on each other as neither one of us would let up.

Mandy's pussy was giving me everything I could ever want. It was fucking me like a finely tuned instrument, a machine turned up to maximum! And, my cock was thundering into her vagina bringing her to the peak of one sweet climax after the other. As she reached each one, a strange animal like sound came from her throat as she bucked, and thrust and jerked wildly, under me. She was surrendering herself to the most consuming climaxes she could ever remember.

Mandy's highly stimulated clitoris throbbed and fluttered as it rubbed against my pelvis. The walls of her filled vagina swelled and convulsed uncontrollably as her body took over and screamed for a finish. When my cock hardened inside her we both knew my climax was very close. Her response was giving me everything I could ever dream of. I moaned and my back arched as I thrust one last time into her hard. My heart pounded so fast and hard it felt like it would be pushing out of my chest. I had ringing in my ears and she heard me moaning now.

Our bodies locked together, perspiration covered us as we fucking wildly against each other. Mandy's vagina's tunnel surrounded my hard cock shaft and squeezed tightly as she felt me getting thicker and much harder now. "OH V!" I heard her say as we both climbed to even higher heights of emotion and passion.

We were sharing the most complete and overcoming orgasms any two people have ever shared. It was mind blowing and totally consuming! I felt my balls tightened to squeeze the cum out of them and they held a huge amount of my sperm. With one final grunt I began to cum into the deepest regions of her vagina. My sperm coated the edges of her womb and covered her cervix as it began to fill her entire vagina. My load was so generous that there wasn't nearly enough room inside her pussy to hold it all and my hard cock too. Thick, white cum oozed out around my edges of my hard thick throbbing cock and began to run out and down the crack of Mandy's lovely round ass and formed a small puddle under her. She heard me cry out, OH GOD YES MANDY! Y E S!!!OH JESUS!! OH JESUS!! YESSSSSS!"

Holding me as tight as she could with both her legs and arms wrapped around me, we continued to fuck humping into each other like raging animals! But, we were doing it slower now as our bodies began to slowly come down from our intense sexual pleasure and orgasms.

After a momentary rest as we caught our breath, I slowly withdrew my still very erect cock from her wet and cum filled cunt. As it came out of her sweet vagina, there was a popping sound from the suction as her body was trying to hold it in.

We held each other for a long time as I kissed her and felt her touch. There was an unspoken feeling between us. Neither of us said anything for a long time. Finally I rolled over on my side and cupped her breast. As I did, she turned on her side and took my slippery wet cock in her hand. She smiled at me as I moved in and kissed her. When our lips parted Mandy said, "Did you enjoy that V?"

I smiled and said, "My God yes did you?"

She smiled and kissed me then said, Oh yes it was so blood great! God V! I loved it!" Then she kissed me and whispered, "Again? Could we V? Can you do me again or do you have to rest for a bit?"

I said, "How would you like it this time Mandy, on top, from behind, sideways, your choice my love."

I felt her hand squeezing my cock tight as my lips moved to her nipple. As she moved over me and straddled my body with her smooth shapely thighs, I knew she wanted to ride me this time. I saw her look down and I heard her say, "………………………."

From a woman's point of view

Sadly to say, there is none for now and no more to the story.


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