tagText With AudioA Stranger on An Island

A Stranger on An Island


Hello. I'm Greg. What's your name? I'm so pleased to meet you, because I want to have you. Are I think you'll let me.

Today, you are on holiday on a tiny island in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. The small hotel has a beach bar.. You are sitting there, alone, on a bar stool, sipping a cocktail. You're wearing a white dress with pretty blue flowers on it and it has a zip all down the front. The weather is so warm that you decided not to put on any underwear. A breeze blows and you move your knees wide apart to let the air cool your intimate parts. It turns you on a little A moment later, I arrive, wearing white chinoes and a summer shirt. I'm an older man, but you wonder if I am here alone. I ask you, 'May I join you?'

'Of course,' you say. I sit on the stool beside you and point across the sea to a small island covered with palm trees.

"I've hired that rowing boat," I say. "Do you fancy a trip to the island?" Modesty says that you should say no, but the cocktail has weakened your reserve. You nod.

I take the oars and you sit opposite me as I row. You keep your knees together, but you so much want to open them a little to give me a glimpse. There is a stirring between your legs. Your breathing has become shallow and you are flushed, not by the sun, but by desire. When we get to the island, we climb out of the boat into the shallow water. You aren't wearing shoes and enjoy the cool water on your feet. We paddle ashore and walk across the beach, under the palm trees. Their leaves sprinkle drops of sunlight onto the sand. Between two palm trees is a hammock, quite low to the ground. You lie in it. I lie on the ground to the right of you, almost beneath..

The sound of the waves is magic. The breeze is cooling, but you are still very warm, lying on your back, looking up at the canopy of palm leaves. You let your knees fall wide apart, letting the cooling air blow under your dress. You know that I can't see anything from where I'm lying. The breeze makes you feel that you are being kissed between your legs. There is a stirring, an tingling, a rush of blood to your vaginal lips and clitoris. Your pussy muscles are throbbing, contracting, pulsating. OMG, Your cunt is trying to grip a cock that isn't there. You are losing control. Vaginal and anal muscles throb! throb! throb! The pleasure is intense. The thrill, travels up to the pit of your stomach.

The incredible, pleasure in your pussy cannot be resisted. You can't help yourself. You say to yourself, 'Stop! Stop! Stop!' but you can't. You dangle your right leg over the side of the hammock. fearful of my reaction, and rest the sole of your bare foot between my legs. 'OMG,' you say to yourself, 'What am I doing?' You freeze. Your foot is still, just resting on my crotch. but then you feel a stirring. Then, it's as if some erotic power has taken you over. You cannot stop yourself from rubbing my groin with the sole of your foot. I'm hardening and you can feel my cock, bulging in my trousers. It sends a shiver up your leg, right up to your vagina which is now pleading with you to be fucked. I take hold of your right arm and pull you down. As you fall on top of me, I support your shoulders with my hands. Our lips meet and we kiss deeply. We are writhing, pressing our bodies against each other. Then you sit up, rocking back and forth, stimulating your clitoris on the bulge in my trousers.

I unzip your dress, and kiss your breasts. Your nipples are engorges. I squeeze them with my hands and suck them hard. You push your hips back and forth, rubbing yourself up and down my cock which is still inside my trousers.

I sit up. My mouth is locked to yours in deep wet kisses. while I roll your nipples between finger and thumb. You climb off me, and unfasten my belt and pull down my trousers a little. I am erect and rock hard, the shiny red end glistening with pre-cum. Your pussy is throbbing, needing to be taken. You stand astride me and lower yourself onto my cock. My rigid tool pushes inside your moist entrance. You thrust down onto me. Deeper and deeper my cock goes, filling you with breathtaking delight. Your hips move in rhythm with mine, your pussy riding up and down my hard shaft. You bounce up and down, as the hard round end of my cock hits your cervix, sending an explosion of delight, like electricity, radiating through the whole of your body. You push yourself down again and again on my cock. Each time, there is the explosion of pleasure through your body. I am tight inside you. Waves of pleasure rush through you again and again. You are out of control. Every nerve in your body is consumed by this ecstasy. You are powerless to resist. Your sexual pleasure is so intense that you are tingling from your scalp, down to fingers and toes.

You are faint with pleasure, almost passing out. I roll you over onto your back Your knees are up and wide, allowing me to fuck hard, pumping! pumping! pumping! my cock deep inside you. I kiss you deeply. You thrust your hips in harmony with me as I become more and more rapid . My penis is deep, deep, deep, deep and hard and my balls slap up against you. Your pussy muscles are in spasm, contracting time after time. You are squealing. Your hands grip my shoulders and your nails go into my skin. You are shaking, trembling all over, in a delirium of pleasure. You scream and shout, "Oh, fucking holy shit! Don't stop! Fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! It's too good for me to bear!" My cock begins to jerk. Our hips are bucking against each other in incredible pleasure as my spurting, pumping cock pumps its gushing load deep inside you, but before it has quite finished, I take him out and kneel over you. You see him, still stiff and hard. Out of the shiny red end spurts that lovely sticky creamy-white liquid onto your breasts, neck and face. You rub it into your skin and then lick your hands. You are still shaking with pleasure, still jerking in orgasm.

We lie head to tail. I enjoy licking the juice from your pussy. You take my cock into your mouth and suck him clean, admiring his rigidity, size and the beautifully shiny glans. We continue licking each other for several minutes and then I start to grow again. I roll you over, your knees are lifted and wide apart. You take my cock in your hand and guide him back inside you.

Now that's what I want to do for real with you.

* * * * *

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