tagErotic HorrorA Stranger Pays a Visit

A Stranger Pays a Visit


October 31st had snuck up on Stephanie again. She sat alone in her dorm room and ate popcorn, only half paying attention to the running stream of scary movies on the television. She hated Halloween. When she was younger it used to be her favorite time of year, but once she moved away to college it all changed. Now it was a time for young children to have fun, and young adults like her to hand out the candy, rather than receive it.

The smell of the rotting pumpkin her roommate had carved filled the dorm room with a putrid odor, and made Stephanie want to gag. She thought about her roommate, Brenda, and all the fun she must be having at the costume party she was attending that night.

Stephanie, however, sat alone and let her mind wander. She recalled the old days when Halloween used to be fun, and sat there eating the popcorn and the candy that Brenda had set out for the trick-or-treaters. None had come by the dorm room in quite awhile, and it was getting late. She decided to lock the door and call it a night, ending the day and finishing what had turned out to be the worst Halloween yet in her short twenty-two years.

Stephanie blew out the candle in the intricately carved pumpkin her roommate had created, and turned off all the lights as she made her way to bed.

There was a chill in the air, and she opened the one window in the dorm to let the breeze in while she climbed into bed. She undressed, and pulled the covers over her naked body before the cool air had a chance to sweep over her bare flesh.

She lay there in bed, waiting for the sandman to visit and carry her off into the dream world.

As she was finally drifting off to sleep, she felt a rush of cool air blow into the room from the window, and she pulled the covers ever closer to her body. She thought to herself how ridiculous it was that she was beginning to feel afraid, and consciously made an effort to relieve those feelings by unwinding the covers from her body and letting the cool air touch her and caress her tender skin. The air had turned colder, and her nipples grew hard when it reached her bare body.

Suddenly, she felt a wave of calmness come over her, and she was no longer afraid. She felt the cool air upon her naked flesh, and a strange sensation overpowered her.

Stephanie slowly spread her arms and legs, and let the feeling wash over her. She had an uncanny feeling that she was no longer alone in the dorm, and yet it was an unseen presence that accompanied her. She writhed in bed, letting the phantom wash his sensual pleasures all over her.

It wasn't long before she was wet, and she moved her fingers down under the covers, now only half covering her body, exposing one large breast and revealing herself to the spirit she could not see.

She used her fingers to massage her clit, and the moist feeling down there felt so good when touched with the coolness that had entered the room.

Then, her hand was moved by the phantom force, and she felt a stranger's hand massaging her wet pussy. She felt hot breath on her neck, and wanted so badly for the unseen specter to enter her quivering body.

Just as she was having this thought, she heard the door to the dorm open, and Brenda walked in. She stared in awe at the sight of her roommate squirming in bed, naked, and felt a strange presence in the room.

Stephanie struggled to find the words, stammering, trying to explain to Brenda what was happening; however, before she could even catch her breath, she heard Brenda let out a quick gasp, and her roommate was thrown on the bed next to her.

As Stephanie watched with curiosity, and a dark desire for more, Brenda's Halloween costume was removed by the nameless, faceless, unseen phantom that had so suddenly appeared. She knew by looking into Brenda's eyes that no explanation was necessary, and that the same feeling that had overpowered her had touched her friend as well.

The presence in the room worked his way all over Brenda's body, getting her as hot and wet as her friend that was lying next to her. It wasn't long before the two young women were touching each other, caressing each other's bodies and letting the unseen force direct their movements. Brenda's long hair brushed against Stephanie's bare breasts, and Stephanie relished each touch of her friend's small frame. Stephanie, never having been attracted to girls before, knew that something very strange was happening, and yet the ecstasy she felt made it both comforting and left her uncaring about the unfamiliar feelings she was experiencing.

She moved her hands over Brenda's body, as if she had done it a million times before, and felt her swelling pussy and tasted the wetness that was left on her hands from her friend's clit. She licked her fingers and wanted more. She was driven by the unseen phantom and moved her head down to Brenda's ample breasts, licking her erect nipples and sucking on them until she heard Brenda moan in sensual rapture. Then she slowly moved further down her friend's body, until her pouty lips reached Brenda's wet clit, and then she licked and sucked some more.

Brenda came with such force that her hips bucked up high in the air, screaming in pleasure, and the phantom presence returned its focus on Stephanie herself. She felt something big and hard enter her, and while the presence in the room moved back and forth inside of her, she felt Brenda's hands all over her body, mingling with those of the phantom, which she still could not see. It felt as if she had a million hands touching her, everywhere, her naked flesh and inside her body. Brenda licked her friend's lips, and continued touching her. At the same time, she felt the strange spirit cum inside of her, although he left no juice in her body. She came then, exploding in orgasm like she had never experienced before.

Then, just as quickly as he had come, the phantom left the room. Both young girls felt him leave, and the cool air blew out the window, leaving the girls shivering in pleasure and holding each other's naked bodies. Neither one of them spoke a word, but just lay in bed and held each other, both exhausted and exhilarated by the experience. As Stephanie drifted off to sleep, she thought to herself, and for the first time in years, looked forward to the next Halloween.

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