tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Strict Governess for Richard

A Strict Governess for Richard

byjane marwood©

It was hot, very hot and Richard had been walking quickly for over an hour. The sunrays filtered through the treetops, blinding the boy's eyes as he looked up.

'Not much further', he thought as he began to mount the rise that led to the lake. Richard was dressed, as were all boys at the orphanage, in long grey flannel shorts that came to his knees, a heavy flannel jacket and long grey socks ending in black boots.

Although, at eighteen years old, he was the oldest boy in the orphanage, the clothes they supplied were exactly the same for every boy: ill fitting hand-me-downs. He knew that he looked ridiculous, but was thankful that he was unlikely to meet anyone from the outside world. Occasionally there would be visitors to the orphanage, but they were mostly dignitaries and high-profile visitors who ostentatiously raised money for the orphanage. Certainly little of the money raised ever benefitted the orphans.

Richard often wryly surmised that if the orphanage was true to form, he would be wearing the same clothes until he was twenty-one. This was the age that he would be free to leave; reasonably well educated, but without a penny in his pocket to greet the world.

His shirt was soaked in perspiration with the effort of the long walk. Richard reached the top of the rise and looked quickly about before hurrying on towards the lake. The lake was in a part of the wood which was out of bounds. The boy had heard that it was part of a large estate, owned by a local farmer. The thought of trespass made Richard look round once more as he neared the small jetty at the lakeside. There was no movement in the wood. Small sounds came from the treetops as birds flew and resettled.

Richard quickly threw off his jacket and shirt, unbuttoned his trousers and kicked them over his boots. Underneath the trousers were the long old fashioned underpants, washed many times over the years to leave the cloth rough and brittle. The material already irritated his skin, even after just an hour's walk. Richard struggled with his bootlaces, finally throwing the heavy boots onto his pile of clothes. Standing up he let his underpants fall to the ground.

He was now naked and was already feeling cooler. He ran towards the jetty, his lithe youthful body glistening in the sun, two more steps and... Richard plunged headlong into the clear water. The cool fresh water of the lake felt wonderful against his naked body. For a moment he was able to forget everything and just bask in the serenity of the moment, heaven beneath an open sky.

He swam and played in the crystal water, diving amongst the rocks on the lakebed or just swimming lazily and listening to the sounds of the woodland wildlife. Eventually he turned onto his back, floating silently under the strong sunlight.

He had probably been in the lake for thirty minutes or more before the sounds of pounding hooves had penetrated Richard's reverie. Suddenly through the clearing, Richard saw two horses approaching. He could not make out the detail of the riders at his distance from the shore... all he could see was dark hair blowing in the wind from under the riding cap of the first rider. He turned quickly in the water and set off at a quick over-arm crawl towards the nearest bushes on the bank.

It became obvious to Richard that the two riders had not observed him swimming in the lake. Strong strokes brought him to the bank, just as the riders reached a heavy solid oak picnic table, which was planted firmly in the ground at the side of the clearing.

The horses slowed and stopped and the first rider, a young girl of perhaps nineteen or twenty years, dismounted as the horse took its last few paces. Running to keep pace with the slowing creature, she pulled on the reins and stopped within a few feet of the picnic table.

The other horse slowed some paces behind, standing quietly while its rider dismounted. As the horses came to a stop, it appeared obvious to Richard that both the riders were girls. Both of the girls were pretty, in fact the blonde girl was stunningly good looking, fine bone features, vivid blue eyes and hair the colour of silver. The second girl had a face of classic beauty, with dark eyes and dark - almost black, hair that glistened and shone in the sun.

The small bushes surrounding the lake hid him well. He could see the two girls tying their horses to a low tree branch. 'What do I do', Richard thought. He could see his clothes, lying on the soft grass only a few feet away from his hiding position.

The girls were talking to each other and laughing. "That hack is the only one to take, at this time of year," said Diane. She brushed the nape of her neck below the neatly pinned blonde hair. "Everything else is overgrown," she continued. "...still I bet there isn't a gallop as good as that for miles."

The two girls looked around. Diane narrowed her eyes against the sun, as she looked towards the jetty. "What's that Ronica?" Veronica looked towards the jetty.

"I don't know, looks like a pile of rags."

"Well, they weren't here yesterday," said Diane, "let's have a look".

Diane strode off toward the pile of clothes, which Richard had hastily abandoned. She picked up a garment and held it aloft.

"I'm not sure what these are supposed to be, either long trousers for a dwarf or very long short trousers." Veronica, who was sifting through some more of the clothes, held up the long underwear.

"Who on earth would wear these, in this day and age?"

"I think where is he? Is very much more to the point," said Diane as she dropped the trousers back on to the grass.

"There's no one in the lake." Both girls scanned the water, their eyes skimming over the boy's hiding position.

"I was going to have a dip, but I don't like the idea of someone being around," said Veronica as she looked across the lake once more.

Diane was looking closely at the rest of the clothes. "I think it's got to be a young boy. Who else could possibly wear clothes like this?"

The blonde girl turned back towards the jetty, looking intently at any possible hiding place. "The jetty's too low for anyone to be underneath. Lets walk along the bank," she said as she walked quickly to the side of the lake. Veronica followed.

Richard crouched as low as he could in the water. He had seen the girls approach, but had no idea what course of action to take.

What on earth do I do? He thought. If I'm caught, the beating I'll get will be horrendous.

Richard remembered the attitude of the orphanage to boys who got in trouble while they were outside. It was not a strict regime, but they did not tolerate any boy or girl tarnishing the name of the orphanage. In fact, it had only been two days ago at the start of the holidays that they had been told explicitly not to go near private property.

Richard crouched low, keeping his head down as far as he could without putting his face in the water. He held his breath as he heard their footsteps upon the grass of the shallow bank. For all his stealth, the voice from above made him start with fright.

"Who are you and what are you doing?" Richard looked up guiltily, his face blushing to meet the cool gaze of the two girls as they looked down, over his hiding place. It was Diane that had spoken.

"Well I'm waiting for an answer." She continued.

Richard still did not speak. His face was beetroot red. He crouched further into the shallow water.

"I d'don't know." Richard eventually stammered.

"You don't know what you are doing. That seems strange, for someone who is crouching in shallow water with no clothes on."

Diane could see the boy's form through the clear water. She estimated his age to be about eighteen... a year younger than herself. As far as she could see he was a well-built adolescent. His face was well featured with brown eyes, a straight nose and good jaw line.

"Well if you don't know what you are doing, you had better get out." Diane's cool gaze never left the boy, as she spoke.

"B'but I haven't got any clothes on," stammered Richard, whose whole body was now blushing with acute embarrassment.

"Never the less! You will either get out now or I will send for the gamekeeper," Diane said firmly, "It's your choice."

The two girls stood back from the bank. Richard had never felt so embarrassed before. His heart was pounding and he felt dizzy. Slowly he pulled himself up onto the bank, the soft grasses brushing his stomach and legs as he left the water. He looked up to see the two girls had moved further back.

The girls watched as he slid himself on to the bank. A nice body, in fact a very, very nice body, Veronica thought as she looked at the firm buttocks of the boy, lying on the grass before her.

Richard raised himself on to one knee, holding his hand over his penis and testicles. Wobbling slightly on one foot he managed to stand up.

The girls quickly realised that the blushing youth posed no danger to them.

"Well" said Diane, who was now enjoying herself very much. "You had better come over here and we can hear your explanation." The two girls turned their backs towards him and walked towards the picnic table.

Richard followed behind them - his head was spinning. Diane reached the table first and sat on its strong oak top. The other girl sat down on the bench, which was set into the grass.

Richard stood facing the girls. Both hands were now covering his genitals. He glanced back at his clothes lying a few feet away. Diane noticed the look.

"You can have your clothes, when we have had an explanation." Richard's body had begun to warm in the sun. He shivered more with fright as Diane fixed him with her icy stare.

"We will start with your name, your age... and where you come from," said Diane firmly. Her eyes looked down over his body. She noted his firm shoulders, narrow waist and long well muscled legs.

Richard was now acutely aware of the girls' interested gaze. He shuffled his feet in the grass. He could not bring himself to look at Diane, who was now looking towards his hands, which were covering his genitals.

"I am waiting, I will not ask again." Diane turned as she spoke, reaching behind her towards the riding hat and crops lying on the tabletop. She turned toward Richard once more now holding one of the crops in her hand.

Richard started to speak, hesitantly at first.

"My name is Richard Chambers, I am eighteen years old and I come from St. Matthew's orphanage."

Diane reached forward. She held the riding crop out in front of her and gently pushed Richard's chin up, so that his eyes met hers.

"Look at me when you speak." she said a little more softly. "Stand up straight too!"

Richard met her gaze, but found it hard to straighten without uncovering himself. He was cupping his testicles and penis against the juncture of his thighs. The thumbs were crossed over at the top of his pubic hair.

Veronica was enjoying the boy's discomfort, and knew perfectly well why he would not stand more upright. She also knew that Diane was having the time of her life with her cross-examination.

"I came for a swim. It was so hot and we're on holiday for two weeks," continued Richard. "I didn't mean any harm." Richard looked down once more. He had never felt so ashamed, standing naked in front of the two girls.

Diane and Veronica were both aware of the boy's discomfort, but neither had any intention of letting him off the hook.

"Look at me and listen Richard. You should be well aware that this is private property. There are fences all around this estate and you must have climbed one to be here now, isn't that so?"

Richard raised his head, looking at the girl while she spoke. His cheeks suffused with red and his bottom lip trembling.

"Yes miss." He managed to stammer.

"Tell me, what would your punishment be, should I decide to telephone the orphanage and complain of your trespass? Not to mention swimming naked in the lake where there may be people passing. What do you say Richard?"

The boy trembled even more at thought of what would happen to him back at the orphanage.

"I would be beaten Miss." Richard's reply was barely audible. Diane looked coolly at the trembling boy, noting the small tear running down his red cheeks.

"Who would beat you?" Veronica asked, speaking to him for the first time, "and what would you be beaten with?"

His breath came with difficulty and he looked near to fainting as he answered. "Matron beats us with a cane," he replied, his voice sounding weak.

Diane again took over as question master "How many strokes would you expect for something like this?"

"I d'don't know Miss."

"Well how many do you think? You must have some idea." Diane had heard talk of the severity of punishments doled out to the unfortunate boys and girls that were in the care of British orphanages.

Richard was feeling very distressed. He knew for certain that the minimum he could expect would be twelve strokes. He knew of a boy that had left the year before. He had received eighteen strokes for a far more trivial offence.

"I am waiting for an answer." Diane held the crop under his chin as she spoke and raised the boy's head.

"I think perhaps twelve stokes Miss'. Richard shuddered as he spoke. "Maybe eighteen..." his sentence trailed off into silence.

"Well I think," said Diane brightly, "that you would be lucky to receive less than twenty-four. My mother is a magistrate... and I think the orphanage would take a dim view of trespass on the property of a local magistrate."

Richard looked shocked but said nothing. His cheeks were burning and his shoulders were shaking with dread.

"One last question, before we decide what to do with you." Richard looked at the girl, they hadn't decided yet, Maybe there's a chance...His thoughts were interrupted.

"Where about on your body do you receive the cane?"

"Er..on the bottom Miss."

Both girls looked down at the boy's body as he spoke. Richard was standing squarely in front of them so they could not see his buttocks.

"Turn around and show me your bottom Richard." Diane said coolly. Richard looked shocked but did not move.

"I think before you start to disobey me, you had better think about who and where you are, Richard my boy."

Richard stood still for a second and then began to turn round slowly. He felt totally humiliated. He pressed his hands closer over his groin as he turned and faced the lake. As soon as the boy's back was turned, the girls gave each other a quick smile of triumph.

Diane placed the riding crop back on to the oak table. "Stand still and don't move." Diane spoke firmly as she got off the table and stood behind Richard. She placed her left hand on the boy's left shoulder. Richard trembled as he felt her cool fingers touch his skin.

He said nothing as she placed her right hand on his waist. She saw him involuntarily clasp his hands tighter over his penis and scrotum. Her right hand slid from his waist, gently moving in over the small of his back and down on to the firm hill of his left buttock. Veronica stood up from her seat on the bench and moved to Diane's right hand side. She wanted to see more clearly what her friend was doing to the boy.

Richard trembled, steeling himself for what the girl might do next.

"So this is where you receive you punishment is it Richard?" Diane spoke softly as she leaned her head forward to his ear. Richard felt her hand move slowly down over his buttocks, stroking first one cheek, then the other. She took her hand away then brought it back in a sharp slap across his right bottom cheek. Richard gasped at the sudden shock.

"Surely that didn't hurt." said Diane brightly. "You can expect a lot more than that when Matron gets hold of you."

"Can I get dressed now?" Richard asked suddenly, fearing there might be further exploration of his bottom.

"You will get dressed when we tell you to get dressed and not before. Is that understood?"

"Yes Miss, I'm sorry Miss." Richard suddenly remembered the terrible mess he was in.

The girls might only be a year or two older, but he realised that they held absolute power over him. One wrong word from either of them to the orphanage and his goose was cooked. Although he had reached eighteen years of age, all the boys at the orphanage were treated with very little respect. A complaint from outside the orphanage would bring swift retribution... and always in the form of corporal punishment.

'What position does matron place you in when you are to be caned?' Veronica asked the boy as she moved round to face him. She lifted her arm, taking his chin between her finger and thumb and bringing his head round to face hers.

'We have to kneel on a bench and lean over the desk in Matrons office," Richard muttered.

"Does matron take those awful trousers of yours down?"

"Yes Miss." Richard replied looking into Veronica's eyes. He had never seen such a beautiful face.

"And how about those awful baggy underpants, do they come off too?"

"Yes Miss.' replied Richard as he watched her amused expression."

"So you are in a very good state to have a thrashing right now." Diane said as she placed her hand back on to the boy's buttocks.

Diane stroked the smooth and hairless cheeks of his bottom once more and then took her hands off the boy and sat down on the bench. Veronica followed and sat next to her.

"Turn around and face us." said Diane. Richard turned round and faced both girls seated before him. He still had his hands clasped over his groin. He had felt his penis begin to stiffen slightly while the girl had stroked his bottom, still he managed to contain himself beneath his hands. Diane reached behind her and picked up her riding crop.

"I told you to stand straight once, so do it. Shoulders back, arms down straight by your sides." Diane said firmly, as she turned back from the table to face Richard.

Richard blushed profusely

"B'but I'I don't have..."

"We are well aware of the state you are in my boy," Diane interrupted "but you made the choice to take your clothes off while on someone else's property. So do as you are told and do it now."

Richard felt dizzy; he dropped his head and slowly took his hands away from his genitals. He straightened his shoulders and held his head further back, as he let his hands fall to his sides, but could not bring himself to meet their gaze.

Both girls examined the boy intently. 'He really is something special' thought Diane. Excellent features. A really well proportioned body and a beautiful penis. A large tight scrotum too, what more could a girl ask.

"That's better'. Snapped Diane. "You are in a lot of trouble and we have to decide what to do about you."

"Ronica, why don't you go and feel his bottom, and tell me how many strokes you would think to be an appropriate punishment." Richard could not believe what he was hearing. Suppose he could not control his penis. What would happen if he had an erection in front of them?

These thoughts ran wildly through his head. Veronica stood up once more and moved behind him.

"Now let's have a look at you." she said softly, as she placed both hands on his waist, pushing him forward slightly. Veronica looked down at his buttocks. She noted their firmness and quality of skin. She dropped her hands from his waist on to the naked firm mounds of flesh. Her thumbs parting the deep cleavage of his bottom as her hands moved sensuously over his smooth skin.

"Bend over, so that I can see properly." she said sharply, as she placed her hand round the boy's waist, slipping the palm of her hand beneath his arm. She pushed gently on the middle of his back with her other hand, indicating he should bend from the waist.

"Over you go; that's it." Veronica whispered as Richard reluctantly bent forward.

"Open your legs, you'll find it easier that way." Still holding the boy's waist, she ran her hand down over his bottom and into the crevice between his legs. She pushed the back of her hand against the inside of his thigh, making him open his legs more widely.

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