A Strict Governess for Richard

byjane marwood©

"That's fine... now once more." Her hand gently squeezed his testicles and pulled the scrotum forward, displaying him to the young nurse. Richard coughed again. He shivered with shame as he felt his penis begin to stiffen even more as her soft cool fingers enveloped his scrotum.

"You can turn your head forward now Richard." She moved back a pace, her hand still cupping the boy's testicles. Richard turned his head toward the doctor, her eyes met his, immediately producing another nervous blush to his cheeks.

Sarah always treated her young patients as if they were even younger. Her words were often designed to belittle their status and sap their young will.

"You seem very well developed for such a young boy Richard." She remarked as she nonchalantly pulled his testicles forward, squeezing them lightly as she took a firm hold of his penis in her other hand.

Richard blushed deeply. Utterly embarrassed, he looked around only to see, to his abject dismay, that both nurses were watching him intently as the doctor held his penis and testicles in her hands.

His attention was quickly tuned back to the young doctor as her fingers touched the sensitive rim of the glans. He jerked his hips involuntarily as her fingers closed together around the tip of his penis.

"Don't worry Richard I'm not going to hurt you."

She spoke gently as she pulled back the foreskin, exposing the tender glans fully. Richard blushed as her gentle fingers pushed the foreskin back even further back down the rigid shaft. To Richard it seemed that his nakedness had been exacerbated by this simple act, he could feel his penis becoming even harder against the softness of her fingers.

"Just relax Richard, you seem very tense." Her voice was soft and gentle, her breath sweet against his skin. Richard began to tremble as her fingers pulled the foreskin up and then back down the shaft of his penis. She could feel the blood pounding deep within the rigid flesh, the pulse strong and firm as she nonchalantly handled it.

She watched the boy's blushing cheeks with delight. His head was tilted upward as he tried to avoid her gaze, or looking at her fingers upon the firm shaft of his penis.

"My, my... little boys seem to have no control over themselves, do they nurse." She looked at Francis who was observing with great delight the humiliation of the young boy.

Sarah looked at Richard's face, which was blushing furiously. His head was tilted back as if to distance himself from this intimate and degrading examination.

"Your prepuce seems a little tight, but otherwise you seem to be all right in that department Richard. Just turn around and touch you toes... legs as far apart as you can manage... there's a good little boy."

She let go of his erect penis and gently withdrew her hand from between his legs. She watched as he turned around and stood with his legs astride. She smiled conspiringly at Francis as they both watched the boy struggle with the emotion of having his penis made erect by the pretty young doctor.

"Over you go, that's it, that's the way." She watched the boy bend forward and grasp his ankles. His firm buttocks thrust upward toward her. Sarah almost gasped in surprise, her eyes widening as she saw the six neat stripes across his buttocks.

"What on earth are these Richard, have you been beaten?" Sarah felt a thrill of excitement run through her as she tenderly stroked her fingers over the welts clearly delineated upon both cheeks of his bottom. She was utterly intrigued with the fact that he had been beaten. Her interest was not in anyway medical, but entirely prurient.

"Erm... y... yes Miss." Richard's humiliation was complete. He felt utterly foolish, bent forward holding his ankles while the doctor brought the memories of his beating flooding back.

Sarah saw how clearly the marks were displayed upon his flesh and felt she had to ask the question that was on her mind.

"Were you beaten across the seat of your trousers... or was it administered upon your bare bottom?" Sarah was still speaking to him as her mind raced ahead.

What must it be like, she thought, to have those beautiful bared buttocks reluctantly offered up for chastisement. She longed to hear more. Casually, she smoothed her hand over his bottom once more, feeling him shiver as her fingers sensuously caressed the firm flesh of his buttocks.

Sarah was utterly enthralled with her thoughts as examined the neat spacing of the stripes. She could see that the boy was straining to stay bent over whilst answering her questions.

"Y... yes Miss." Richard grunted, his cheeks burning with humiliation. He felt utterly humiliated talking about the subject of his caning, he was painfully aware that there was silence in the room as he answered the doctor's questions.

"Yes... you were beaten with your trousers on - or yes your bottom was bared?"

Richard struggled with his embarrassment. "Erm... I mean... erm, I was erm caned... erm without trousers."

Sarah became further intrigued. Caned! She thought, feeling the sliver of a thrill run through her petite body.

"Who gave you the caning then, was it Matron?" Richard began to shake as the doctor stroked her hand gently over his bottom, her fingertips penetrating the cleft between his cheeks.

"Erm... no Miss.. it was the ladies up at the Manor House lake um.. I was.. erm trespassing."

Sarah felt a thrill of delight. "You mean you were beaten by Lady Rawlings?". Richard felt weak the blood was rushing to his head as he bent over still grasping his ankles. He could feel her fingers gently part his buttocks as she examined his bottom.

"N.. no Miss it was her daughter and another young lady." Sarah smiled to herself. She was delighted with the knowledge she had gained from the boy. Somehow she would get to meet that particular family before long, she thought to herself as she stroked her fingers over the boy's upturned buttocks.

Sarah was too intrigued to deny herself from asking a further question. She knew that her nurses would also be interested in hearing his answer.

Tell me Richard, was it a proper cane, like the ones with a crook handle... or was it something else?

Richard's face was bright red. Not from the fact that he was bending over but from the fact that he was blushing profusely. Somehow he managed to stammer an answer.

"Oh miss erm... doctor... it was a proper cane... erm it had a proper handle."

Sarah's mind was racing ahead again, her imagination exploring the scene of the young boy being caned.

"So you were made to drop your trousers, were you Richard?"

The boy was trembling visibly as Sarah kneaded the flesh of his bottom once more.

"Erm... no miss... I had to take all my clothes off... erm in case they got in the way."

Sarah was delighted with his answer. Reluctantly she knew that further details would have to wait. She moved closer and spoke softly to him.

"Now just relax Richard and try and keep your bottom loose." She bent over the boy and placed her arm around his waist, bringing her hand up against his lower stomach.

"Nurse, would you please?" She motioned to the nurse who was standing behind her. The nurse moved forward and placed her hands on either cheek of the boy's bottom. Gently she pulled the cheeks apart as the doctor took her hands away from the boy and slipped on a rubber glove, lubricating the fingers thoroughly. She placed her hand back around his waist and underneath his tummy.

"Just relax" The words proceeded the doctor's probing as she carefully pushed her forefinger past the sphincter and up into the boy's anus. Richard ineffectively tried to clench his buttocks as he felt her finger push rudely up into his bottom.

"Relax, it will be a lot easier for you if you do as I say."

Richard tried to let his muscles go slack as he felt a second finger enter his bottom.

"Oooo..oh. ..aarghh." Richard moaned as his sphincter was stretched wide. He felt the flat of the doctor's hand move down over his stomach, her fingers brushing his pubic hair as she forced the fingers of her other hand up into his bottom.

Sarah felt his body tremble as she stretched the sphincter wider, her forefinger quickly and expertly locating the prostate gland. The story of the boy's caning had delighted her and somehow she felt a greater sensuality within her as she touched the soft gland.

It was a delicious moment for Sarah as she gently massaged it with the tip of her finger. She slid her other hand lower beneath him until she was able to hold his turgid penis between her fingers.

Richard squirmed as he felt the acute sensation of her fingers stimulating him, his penis began to throb as her hand closed over it.

She felt the erect penis begin to pulse wildly as she pushed the foreskin back over the glans. She knew that the boy was close to ejaculating as she pressed her fingers deep inside him. He was helpless and captive to the sensations she was eliciting from his young body.

Normally she would have made the boy ejaculate copiously. But today she knew that his eventual emission would be far more productive and, she thought to herself, far more embarrassing.

"Hold still for a moment Richard, I've nearly finished." She spoke soothingly to the boy as she gently withdrew her fingers from his bottom, watching intently as the sphincter closed tightly around her fingers as they slid out of his anus.

"There you can stand up now." She smoothed her hand over his buttocks, as the nurse gently released the pressure of her hands on the cheeks of his bottom. The doctor still held his penis as he stood up. He had never felt such an acute sensation. It seemed as if an electric current had passed through him when she had massaged his prostate and the tip of his penis at the same time.

He dare not look at her as he stood with his erect penis still thrusting out before him. He was trembling from head to foot and felt quite dizzy. The doctor let go of his penis and motioned for the nurse to lead him back to the examination table.

As Richard turned he found himself facing the naked Vietnamese girl who for all her nakedness seemed to have an amused expression on her face as she looked down at his penis thrusting forward from between his thighs. Richard blushed once more as the nurse led him past the girl to the examination table.

"Just lie there and relax Richard." She said kindly as he climbed on to the table and lay down on his back. The nurse stroked her hand gently over his chest and stomach before taking hold of his penis, which was sticking straight up in the air.

"My, we are tense aren't we?" She smiled at him as she stroked her fingers over the bell-like glans of his manhood.

"You just lie there, there's a good boy." She gave his penis one more stroke before turning away. Richard watched as the doctor casually discarded the gloves in a modern looking bin and turned towards the girl.

The Vietnamese girl stood in front of the doctor her breasts thrust out in front of her as she stood with her back straight.

"Right, if you will just jump up and down on the spot, until I tell you to stop."

The girl obeyed instantly jumping high, her firm breasts jiggling up and down as she moved. The doctor let her jump for quite some time, watching her pretty body rippling smoothly. The girl was breathing quite deeply as she came to rest.

The doctor placed her stethoscope to the girl's chest, with her left hand she gently lifted her breast, moving the instrument underneath.

"That seems fine, now push your chest out... that's it arch your back." She placed her hand over the girl's right breast kneading the flesh before taking hold of the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She tweaked it slowly rolling it between her fingers. It erected almost immediately and the doctor drew her nail over the puckered skin of the tip.

"Now let's try the other one she said to the nurse as she moved her hand over the other breast teasing the nipple with her nails. She watched as the nipple also erected. The girl did not seem perturbed but the doctor noticed that her eyes had a glassy look to them as she let the nipple go.

"Place your legs as far apart as you can, there that's it." She spoke reassuringly as her hand slid down the girls stomach and over the newly shaven pubic mound.

She cupped the girl gently, as she spread her legs. The pubis felt smooth and soft, she felt the girl quiver as her fingertips moved delicately over the lips of her vulva.

"Turn your head to the side and cough." The girl coughed as the doctor felt between her legs. "Once more, that's it." The girl coughed again as she felt the doctor's soft fingers squeeze her pubis.

"Turn around and bend over, spread your legs apart as widely as you can, so that I can get at you properly."

The girl obeyed stretching her legs widely before bending right over. The nurse leaned forward and placed her hands on either side of the girl's bottom pulling the cheeks widely apart. The doctor put on a clean rubber glove and lubricated the fingers. She felt the same thrill run through her body as she always did when she was about to penetrate a young boy or girl. Her outward appearance was, as it always was, cool and professional. She bent over the girl.

She slid her arm around the girl's waist and cupped her pubic mound with the palm of her un-gloved hand.

"Just relax and it should not feel too uncomfortable." She pushed her lubricated rubber-covered finger into the neat little sphincter, probing gently until she felt the muscle relax a little.

Slowly, inexorably her finger pushed up into the opening, pushing firmly against the rim of the sphincter as she slipped the fingers of her other hand between the plump lips of her labia.

Annette gasped at the intimate intrusion of her body, but said nothing.

"Now just relax." Sarah pushed firmly with her hand until her forefinger slipped completely through the sphincter and into the girl's bottom. The young girl jerked at the intimate penetration and her knees sagged a little as the doctor explored inside her. She felt the doctor's finger deep within her and an incredible pressure against her sphincter.

She was determined to make no fuss and managed to stop herself from crying out as she felt a second finger stretch her bottom impossibly wide before the relief of the pressure being withdrawn from her bottom.

"There you can stand up now." The girl stood up stiffly, her sphincter felt as if it were on fire. The doctor took her arm from around the girl's waist.

"If you would take her to the behind the table and put her in the stirrups I will be with you in a minute, Jane." She spoke quietly to the nurse who had been holding the girl's buttocks apart.

The young girl looked flushed as the nurse led her away to the examination table at the far end of the room. The doctor took off her rubber glove and threw it in the bin alongside the one she had used for the boy.

Sarah was undecided about what to do next, she had an idea forming in her mind that she felt would be pleasing to the committee. She looked across at Richard lying face up on the table. His young body lay supine; his penis had not yet subsided fully as it lay along his hip.

She walked over to the boy and gently rested a hand on his stomach. She felt his muscles twitch beneath her fingers as he reacted to her touch. She delicately lifted the boy's penis with her other hand, holding the tip between her thumb and forefinger. She beckoned to the nurse who was standing at the foot of the table.

"I think his foreskin is a little tight, although he has been circumcised I think he might have some difficulty in the future, what do you think?"

The nurse looked up at her and smiled.

Sarah had a twinkle in her eye as she looked across at Francis her young nurse. She could not help the gentle sardonic smile playing across her pretty lips as the nurse spoke.

"Perhaps a little therapy might help, he will have to have some for his bottom so possibly this could be done at the same time."

Richard looked up dumbly as the doctor and nurse discussed his penis. His face was bright crimson. He felt his penis begin to stiffen once more as the doctor casually pulled the foreskin down over the rim stretching the skin as far as it would go.

Sarah knew exactly the kind of therapy the nurse had in mind. "I think you could be right, I'll recommend something in his notes."

Sarah took a firmer hold of the penis and pushed the foreskin back up over the glans, it stiffened fully as her fingers stroked over it once more. With her other hand she pinched the very tip and pushed the foreskin over her fingers.

"There seems to be enough skin so I think therapy should be fine." The nurse was smiling as she placed her hands on the boy's thigh, her left hand stroking down over his knee.

"I'll just pop your legs in the stirrups." The nurse smiled down at him as she spoke.

She placed her hand beneath his knee and lifted his leg over the stirrup, laying it so that the leather strap supported his ankle.

The doctor let go of the boy's penis and lifted his other leg, placing it in the stirrup. Richard felt utterly humiliated as he lay there, his legs spread widely apart and high above him. The doctor moved around the table and stood at the end between the boy's legs.

Only the small of his back was in contact with the table, his buttocks were splayed apart revealing the small neat sphincter. The doctor took a long tube of about an inch diameter. One end had a flexible opening made up of multiple fingers that ended in a smooth point. Attached to the other end was a lemon shaped rubber bulb, which when pumped would widen the opening by distending the fingers outwards. The tube ended in an eyepiece.

The doctor took a small amount of lubricant from a jar on the trolley. Gently she smeared the puckered sphincter of the boy's bottom.

"Just breathe deeply now will you Richard. I am just going to have a look inside your bottom." Richard did not answer but began to breathe deeply as he had done for his enema. Sarah gently pushed the end of the tube up into his bottom. It slid in easily as the flexible opening was tapered to facilitate an easy entry into the anus.

"Right breathe deeply.. in.. out.. in.. out.. That's the way." She watched his chest rise and fall as she began to pump the rubber bulb. Richard tensed as he felt his sphincter being stretched. He began to gasp as he felt an incredible pressure against his bottom.

"Just relax.. there's a good boy." Sarah continued to pump.

"Oooo.. aaaarggghh.." Suddenly the boy lifted his buttocks from the table, his legs flexing wildly in the stirrups as he tried to escape the incredible pressure in his bottom.

"All right Richard, I've stopped pumping now try and relax.. put your bottom down .. there that's it."

She watched as Richard warily let the tension go out of his legs. She placed the eyepiece to her eye and twisted the lens round, switching on the lamp in the lens head. After a few minutes she took the eyepiece away and unscrewed the valve on the end of the rubber bulb.

Richard felt the pressure in his bottom ease as the end deflated. Sarah stroked her hand gently down the inside of the boy's thigh.

"There it's all over now... and you seem fine. Your bottom is a little tight but I think we can do something about that for you."

At this juncture of her examination, Sarah would normally have taken at least one sample of semen from the boy, but today she had other ideas.

"Nurse, I think it would be a good idea if you were to see what you think about his bottom, you might have a look at the foreskin too, and would you ask my secretary to take the details of his previous illnesses?"

Sarah had not forgotten the favour she had promised to her young secretary Miss Watts, who was in the outer office. The doctor ran her hand along the inside of the boy's thigh once more before moving away from the table. She walked over to the girl who was laid on the table behind Richard.

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