A Strict Governess for Richard

byjane marwood©

She worked diligently, ignoring the moans and groans of the naked boy. Abruptly she let go of his testicles and slid her fingers up between the crease of his buttocks covering them with gel.

Locating the sphincter, she teased the delicate membranes around the opening. With great care she inserted her finger into the orifice, insidiously probing until she felt the sphincter dilate. Without warning she pushed her finger firmly up into his bottom at the same time pushing the foreskin of his penis back, fully exposing the glans.

She ignored the boy's gasps as she quickly located the prostate gland. Curling her finger inside him, she stoked the prostate, feeling his penis throb between her fingers.

"That's a good boy, just relax it will take the pain away."

Richard's whole body was trembling, his body wracked with emotion as his mistress expertly brought him to new heights of sexual sensation. Feeling his penis throb uncontrollably Jane quickly pressed her finger deeper into his bottom, increasing the tempo of her strokes as she squeezed his penis as hard as she could.

She smiled with satisfaction as the boy moaned. A jet of semen erupted from the tip of his penis on to the carpet below. Jane moved her hand up and down the shaft of his penis with increased speed, her nails gently grazing the rim of the glans as her fingers moved down over the tip.

Richard shook with emotion as she relentlessly milked him of every last drop of semen. He felt drained as her fingers slowed and her grip relaxed. With a sigh of deep satisfaction, Jane extracted her finger from his bottom and took hold of his scrotum. She squeezed firmly watching the last drops of milky white semen escape from the tip of his penis.

"There.. there, just you relax, while I fetch the maids to attend to you."

Richard was beside himself with emotion. He could not have believed that he could feel any more embarrassment and yet he was to be subjected to even greater indignities.

Jane knew her job well; after all she had been trained by the best. Richard was her charge... and she had made but a small start.

He would over the next few years be subjected to humiliation, pain and sexual pleasure. He would be trained to associate pain with pleasure and humiliation with adoration for his mistresses. This for Richard was just a beginning.


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by Anonymous

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by JulianWinslow10/10/17

A masterpiece of Fem Dom

Jame Marwood is the queen of FemDom literature.We can only feel for the poor lads (or lasses) who find themselves in the exquisite grip of those grimly determined fingers.

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by Ashesh906/27/17

how many Marwoods are there on


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