tagNovels and NovellasA Strong Relationship Ch. 02

A Strong Relationship Ch. 02


As she pumped and did her exercises, Mason cursed under her breath. She'd been an idiot yesterday, an total idiot.

She and Neal had their first fight. It was one of those silly fights that people have over nothing – she could barely remember what it was about right now – but her stubborn pride wouldn't let her back down and Neal had left, angry.

She missed him. In the month they had been dating, he had become a part of her world. They had gone to dinner, on some fun bike rides, she'd gone with him to a Comicbook Convention, he had joined her at a Bodybuilder's Show. They had intermingled their worlds and it felt good. It felt RIGHT.

They hadn't shared all their secrets yet. Neal didn't know about her relationship with Michy, but she planned to tell him soon. Mason figured he'd be cool with it, Michy was so stunningly beautiful, what man could resist the image of her and Michy entwined in passion? But there were variables in any relationship, it was too soon to spill the beans about everything.

She adored Neal. He was secure in himself, secure enough to let her be strong, yet she enjoyed her feminine side with him. She wasn't afraid to be "girly", to dress up and wear perfume, nice clothes, lingerie.

Her workout was nearly over and she still hadn't figured out what she was going to do. She had to apologize, she was certain of that. Mason wanted Neal in her life, but she had to make her apology special.

Her time on the weight machine was done and as she dismounted, Marta came over and said hello. She liked Marta, the pretty girl was from Brazil, it was her mother and father who owned the Fitness Club. She was lean and slim, tiny and beautiful, standing barely 5' tall. Still, the sweet 18-year old was lovely and her personality was warm and inviting.

Marta was adorable. She had long, jet-black hair that went down to her ass. Her breasts were tiny, but in the tight top she was wearing, it was evident that she wore no sports bra. From the way her gym shorts hugged her body, it didn't look as though she was wearing panties either, although a thong was a possibility. Her eyes were so dark as to appear black and when Marta smiled, she showed a row of perfect, white teeth. Her loveliness was truly inspiring.

"Hi Marta, how are you?" Mason asked the pretty teenager.

Marta sighed at Mason's question. "Hi Mason. Crappy, but thanks for asking." She sat down on the bench after adjusting the weights and prepared to do her lifting. "My boyfriend and I had a huge fight last week, we aren't speaking. He's very jealous and possessive, I told him to knock it off."

Mason smiled at her young friend. "I can identify, I had an argument with Neal yesterday."

Marta began her workout, while continuing to talk to Mason. "I think Jay and I are finished. He doesn't respect me. He doesn't listen to me. And in bed, he is the worst lover. When I want it slow and sensual, he wants a quick fuck. When I want to rip his clothes off and try something kinky – he says I'm acting like a slut." Marta's face broke into an angry grimace for a moment, then her beautiful smile showed again. "Oh well – men, what are you going to do?"

Mason smiled. Hearing the sexy Brazilian teen talk so frankly about her sex life was getting Mason very aroused. From time to time, Mason's thoughts had drifted to what it might be like to make love to the young hottie, but she had kept those thoughts to herself. It was getting hard to concentrate while Marta talked, as she moved the weights up and down, her nipples were getting harder and her body glistened with a sexy sheen of sweat.

"Mason, I wish I could just have a boyfriend who is good and kind – but I don't want anything serious, I'm young, I just want to have fun!"

Mason listened and then a thought crossed her mind. She figured out the perfect way to make it up to Neal, she had an idea that would also help out Marta. If she played her cards right, everyone would end up a winner.

"Marta, if I told you I have a solution to your problem, would you trust me? Would you be willing to go along with my plans?"

Marta nodded her head eagerly. She was totally captivated by Mason, she had a small crush on the beautiful bodybuilder. "Oh yes, I need to have some fun. Anything you want Mason, I trust you!"

"Well, then trust me, if you go along with me, you'll have the most fun you've ever had in your young life, baby girl!"

Neal was glad Mason had called. Their fight was stupid, arguing over something so petty. He thought he'd blown it with his beautiful girlfriend and had been so heartsick, he had barely eaten in three days. His pretty blonde assistant, Sunny, had noticed and brought him a hamburger, standing over him and forcing him to eat it. He'd brought her in as a favor to her father, she was his fact-checker, researcher, proof-reader and "gofer". She had also become, over time, his friend.

"Go say you're sorry, dummy!" Sunny told him. "You're never going to get a girl as good as Mason, I know, I've looked." Sunny's preference for women had become quite obvious over the last 3 years they had worked together.

When Mason called today and invited him out to dinner, he had to stop himself from babbling and acting like a lovesick teenager. He stopped by a Florist on his way to meet her at Ma Maison and bought a dozen carnations, Mason was allergic to roses. He had taken the time to put on the gray suit she loved him in and he had also gone to the barber and gotten a shave and a haircut. He wanted nothing to go wrong this night.

When he got to the restaurant, he was directed to the table by the hostess. Neal saw Mason immediately, she looked spectacular in a silver-lame top and short black skirt. But he was dismayed to see his lady was not alone.

Sitting beside her was a dark-skinned girl, Neal would have described her as a "Pixie". She had beautiful black hair, which she wore up, dark skin and she was wearing a short, tight, pink dress. Were he not so head-over-heels about Mason, he would have spent a fair amount of time checking the pretty girl out.

Mason stood up as he handed her the flowers, they hugged each other tight. Neither of them said anything, they didn't need to. Each sensed the other's regret for the incident, there was a silent agreement to let it go. Mason let Neal seat himself, he was now situated between the younger girl and Mason.

"Neal, this is Marta. She and her boyfriend have broken up, I didn't want her to be alone tonight. So I invited her to join us, I hope that's all right?"

Neal knew he would rather be alone with his beautiful lady, but he was not going to be ungracious either. "Certainly. It's nice to meet you Marta, such lovely company is always welcome." The pretty girl smiled brightly at the compliment.

"Mason, is your boyfriend flirting with me?"

"If he isn't baby, he's out of his mind!" Mason said, winking at her new friend, then smiling at Neal. "You're such a hottie!"

Luckily Neal hadn't had a drink of his wine yet, Mason's boldness surprised him. In the short time he had known this incredible woman, she still managed, from time to time, to surprise him with her outrageous, audacious nature.

The evening sailed along smoothly. Neal ordered Chateaubriand and there was more than enough for the three of them, along with a superb Bordeaux. He noticed Mason slipping a sip or two to Marta, the younger girl was enjoying herself. He was glad that Mason had invited her along, she was a lovely little thing, but he wanted so much to get Mason alone for some "make-up sex".

The trio enjoyed their meal, even indulging in a chocolate souffle for desert. Marta was a sweet, intelligent young woman, he could certainly see why she and Mason were friendly. When the bill came, he paid it and helped the women on with their coats. Mason told him that she and Marta were a little tipsy, so Marta would be spending the night at her place. "Great" thought Neal to himself "I guess I won't be getting any make-up sex tonight."

The drive to Mason's apartment was mostly quiet, although the girls chatted animatedly in the back seat. Michelle, Mason's roommate, was out for the evening, Neal and Mason could have indulged in all the passions they wanted. He had been thinking all day of having a sexy shower with Mason in that luxurious bathroom of hers – oh well, there's always another night, he thought. Neal was pleased that his girlfriend was so considerate of her friends, it bode well for their future relationship.

He was going to let the girls off and go home and take a shower – a long, cold shower – but Mason insisted he come up and have coffee or a drink. Marta was equally encouraging, and he didn't have any pending deadlines, so Neal figured, what the hell?

It was nice when they got upstairs, both Mason and Marta fussed over him, he hadn't seen Mason act quite this "girly" before and it was kind of cute. She made a pot of coffee, actually perking it, while he and Marta indulged in idle chatter. The girl was going to make someone a great girlfriend, she was well-spoken, with a sharp mind – and despite himself, Neal noticed again what a hot little body she had under that pink dress.

"Are you two behaving in there?" Mason called out from the kitchen.

"Yes, he's being a perfect gentleman – unfortunately!" Marta said with a mock pout.

"We will soon put a stop to that!" Mason grinned inwardly, thinking of the naughty little surprise she had in store for Neal.

Another half hour passed, Neal was getting tired. He was preparing to leave, when Marta announced she was going to bed. Neal stood up and was going to kiss Mason good night, but Marta kissed him first. "You're a lovely man Neal, it was nice to have met you!" she said as she went into the bedroom.

Mason walked over to her lover and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him hard and fierce. "You ARE a lovely man – and I am so sorry we had that fight. So, I am going to make it up to you, okay?"

Neal nodded, not really knowing what Mason had in mind. From out of the corner of his eye, he saw Marta standing in the doorway of the bedroom. She was wearing a sheer blue bra and thong, otherwise, she was nearly naked. He had been right, she was beautiful. He turned to Mason.

"Baby, Marta's boyfriend is a shit. He had very little sexual skill. I like Marta, I wanted her to be happy. I know what a wonderful lover my man is, I wanted Marta to know that too."

Neal wasn't sure Mason was saying what he THOUGHT she was saying, but before he could ask any questions, she went on.

"So – I want you to go to bed with Marta. Make her cum baby, make love to her. Fuck her. Whatever she wants. I won't interfere, I am just going to sit in the big comfy chair and watch you and my friend."

Marta took Neal's hand and draped it over her shoulder. "I might add, I had the option of backing out, but after spending an evening with you, I want this very much. Please Neal – I'd like to sleep with you, if you think I'm desirable?"

There was no doubt he thought Marta was desirable, Mason could tell from the slight bulge in his pants. She wasn't quite sure yet how much her lover could handle though, she could almost see the wheels turning in his head.

Neal turned to Mason, sure he was drunk and imagining all this. "You're really cool with this hon?" Mason nodded. COOL with it? The thought of seeing her lover with this adorable little nymph had her thong soaked with juice. She couldn't wait to see the Brazilian sexpot squirming around on Neal's beautiful cock. She wanted to see the exquisite contortions on Marta's sweet little face as Neal fucked her into the mattress. She wasn't going to participate this time, afraid of freaking them both out, but she knew she'd be acquainting herself with Marta's sweet little pussy and tits sometime in the near future.

Marta looked at the smile on Mason's face and wondered what was going through her mind. She hoped the sensual brunette was thinking of her. She longed to take their relationship a step further, she thought the sexy bodybuilder was one of the most attractive women she had ever known. Marta wanted Mason to be the one to initiate her in the ways of bisexuality.

Marta stepped forward and on tippy-toe, kissed Neal. He felt a tad uncomfortable for a second, but was quick to realize what a golden opportunity this was. He was going to make love to a beautiful young woman and his lady condoned it. He felt Marta's tiny little hand fondle the bulge in his trousers. He turned over and looked at Mason, who blew him a kiss.

"What are you waiting for idiot?" Mason chuckled. "Get your ass in that bedroom!"

Marta tugged on his arm and led Neal into the bedroom. He noticed the girl had a scrumptious rear end, round and adorable. He wanted very much to fuck her doggie-style and see that ass bouncing against his dick. He knew the girl worked out, he'd gleaned that from their dinner conversation, but in a much different style than his sexy Mason. Still, her body was no less appealing.

Marta sat on the bed and looked up at him with her beautiful, dark eyes. She looked over at Mason for guidance.

"He likes to be undressed. Go for it, honey."

Marta followed Mason's instructions, unbuttoning Neal's dress shirt and tugging off his trousers. He kicked them away and was standing before the teen in boxers and socks. "WooHoo, get totally naked!" Mason cheered from her chair.

"Turnabout is fair play ladies!"

Both women were getting into the spirit of the moment. Mason wriggled and did a mock strip-tease, lifting her lame top and teasing Neal, taking her skirt off slowly and wiggling out of it. Marta took off her outfit, piece by piece, tantalizing Neal and arousing him. She was getting to Mason as well. Mason could feel her pussy getting wetter as she watched the sexy Brazilian teen strip – and was delighted to find the girl wore neither bra nor panties. As the girl reclined on the bed, Mason was equally pleased to find out the girl's pussy was shaved completely bald!

Had Neal not been there, Mason would have been tempted to ravage the little temptress herself. She had no idea if the little sweetie was into girls, but Michy had taught her that a lot of "straight" girls could enjoy their sapphic side.

Neal's eyes were taking in all of Marta's cute little body. "She's gorgeous!" he whispered to Mason. "She can hear you, she's in the room!" Mason giggled and Marta joined her.

"Thank You, Neal. Why don't you join me over here?" She tugged at his arm and pulled him onto the bed. Marta moved up and kissed Neal hard on the lips, and winked over at Mason, sitting in the chair and watching them lustily.

Neal was a bit hesitant at first – Mason thought that was adorable – but with the sexy teen kissing him passionately, he began getting into it. His hands roamed her taut, smooth body, cupping her firm buttocks as they kissed. Neal's knowing hands moved all over Marta's body, moving up her back, his hands gently lifted her tiny breasts, he cupped them and lowered his mouth to her hardening nipples. He drew each delicate bud into his mouth and sucked them gently, letting her little coos of pleasure guide him. Mason knew from her own experiences that Neal was an intuitive lover, she ached to join the pair, but didn't want to freak either of them out. Her own desires could wait, this was all for Marta's benefit.

"What would you like to do, Marta?" Neal asked the pretty teen.

"Everything!" she said with a tiny giggle. "But first, I'd like you to eat my pussy. My old boyfriend wouldn't do that, he said it was nasty!"

Neal thought her boyfriend must have been out of his mind as he zeroed in on Marta's sweet, delicious little snatch. This baby-soft pussy, clean and smooth, was one of the most edible, fuckable little things he'd ever seen. He applied his lips and tongue to the task at hand, Marta's hands pushed him deep into the recesses of her cunt. She had never felt anything as good as Neal's searching tongue exploring the folds of her snatch, never felt such exquisite bliss at the hands of a lover.

"Oh, my fucking Godddd!!" Marta squealed as Neal licked and sucked at her pussy, tantalizing her with every sensual caress. If she thought Mason would do it, she'd be borrowing Neal every night. Her pussy hunched upwards for more of his licking tongue.

Mason's fingers strummed in and out of her own pussy as she watched her lover entertaining the sweet young thing on her bed. She heard the girl's slightly-accented voice cry out as Neal tasted of her body and she envied him. But there was plenty of time for her to know Marta, if the girl proved to be interested.

Neal was buried face-deep in Marta's pussy, eating her for all he was worth. From the flow of her juices, she was enjoying his efforts, she was practically gushing onto his tongue.

"Eat me, eat me, ooooo, eat my pussy!" Marta was squealing, her dark skin shining in the light of the bedroom. Neal was intent on making the little sweetie orgasm on his licking tongue, but Marta had other ideas.

She pulled Neal's head gently from between her thighs and kissed his mouth, softly, yet hinting of increased passion. "You were so wonderful!" she said, practically gushing. "My turn, okay? I haven't had a lot of experience, but I want to try and suck your cock. Is that okay?"

Both Mason and Neal thought the girl's asking permission was very cute, so Neal moved to the top of the bed and let Marta inspect his cock. "Ooh, it's so big!" she said, hefting his balls and stroking them with her tiny hand. "I hope I can suck it all!"

She formed her soft lips into a round "O" and took Neal's cock in her mouth, licking around the crown, then sliding her lips down on it, gagging only for the briefest of seconds. Her mouth was soft and she licked slowly, her tongue slithering all over his shaft. Mason watched, pleased at her young friend's talents, she seemed to be enjoying the sensation of having a hard cock in her mouth.

Marta's head was bobbing up and down on Neal's cock, it glistened with her saliva, hard and proud. She was a noisy little cocksucker, Mason thought, but it was turning her on. She squeezed her own breasts and licked one of her own hard nipples as her dark, beautiful eyes took in the spectacle on the bed.

She could tell from the grimace on Neal's face that he was concentrating hard on not cumming, wanting to save it for Marta later on. "Marta hon, slow down. My baby seems to be enjoying your work, but too much of a good thing, perhaps?"

Marta took Mason's less-than-subtle hint and slid her mouth off of Neal's cock. He was bigger than anything she'd ever seen, she didn't know if she could take all of it in her tiny little pussy, but she yearned to find out.

"Okay little one, this is still your night. What would you like next?" Neal deferred to the teenager.

"Hmm – why don't you put your cock in my pussy and fuck me slowly, I want to wrap my legs around you!" Marta said with obvious delight.

"Anything the pretty lady wants!" Neal said as he slid his cock into her. She gasped at first at his size, but in a few minutes, she had her legs secured around his back and was pulling him in, he was moving in and out of her pussy and her little yelps of joy made it obvious that Neal's lovemaking was what she had been needing.

Neal was enjoying making love to the beautiful teen, but he was also concentrating harder on pleasuring her than he had with any woman before her, even his Mason. He knew her previous experiences had been horrible, as he stroked in and out of her wet pussy, he wanted to make this experience as memorable for Marta as he could.

He needn't have worried. Marta's entire body felt like it was glowing, she was moving with him, her pussy taking full measure of his lovely cock, it fucked him back and wanted more.

Mason's fingers stroked all across her own heated body, from time to time she caught Marta's eyes watching her movements. She smiled at Marta, who licked her lips and then looked away. Mason was pretty sure Marta was interested in some play-time, she'd bring it up another time. This was Marta's night.

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