tagInterracial LoveA Strong White Woman

A Strong White Woman


Right now, I'm having a good time. I'm living a White woman's dream. What is it that I'm doing, exactly? I'm fucking a hunky, well-endowed Black man. How I'm fucking him is the most interesting part. He's on all fours in my basement, face down and ass up as I drill my strap-on dildo into his ass. His name is Paul Brown. And I'm his Mistress. That's Mistress Meridian Jacobs to you. I'm a six-foot-tall, pleasantly plump and big-bottomed, blonde-haired and green-eyed White woman living in the city of Toronto, Province of Ontario. I love fucking big and tall Black men in the ass. With my thick, vibrating strap-on dildo of course. And making them call me Mistress. Is there something wrong with that? I sincerely don't think so. I'm a BDSM Mistress specializing in interracial domination. What kind of interracial domination? The kind involving a White woman dominating a Black man or a Black woman. Cool?

Paul Brown squeals as I work the dildo into his ass. Folks, he came to me requesting to be tied up and butt-fucked. Like a lot of tough, macho Black men, he's got a thing for White chicks. And he likes to be completely dominated. Actually, make that completely dominated by a blonde-haired White woman. Well, nothing can make a Black man feel dominated quite like being tied up and fucked in the ass by a White woman wearing a strap-on dildo. I berate Paul while sodomizing him with my strap-on dildo. I tell him he's my fucking slave, to do with as I wish. I remind him that his ass belongs to me. All he does is scream and whimper as I ram my dildo up his ass. Such a good lad!

I wish all of my submissive types were as compliant as Paul. He contacted me online a few days ago. Yet another Black man with a strange fetish. He's happily married to a tall, beautiful Black woman named Jennifer Simpson or something. He's a civil engineer from Georgia Tech working in the big city and his wife Jennifer is a schoolteacher. They have a son together. He leads a normal life. Unfortunately, he's some sexual needs which aren't exactly mainstream. Translation? He's got a sexual fantasy of being enslaved and sexually dominated by a White woman. I should perhaps mention that he's originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and moved to Toronto fairly recently. I think he's going to enjoy his stay.

Now, you might be wondering why a nice young Canadian woman like myself is into that sort of thing. There are two reasons. Money and power. I am a student at the University of Toronto and it's not exactly the cheapest school in the Confederation of Canada. Also, I like dominating men. I am happily married to a tall, handsome young Black man of Haitian descent named Jacques Raphael. He's a patrol officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. My Jacques is currently visiting family members in the city of Miami, Florida. I love Jacques. He's the love of my life. However, he's not into BDSM. And he's always dominant with me in the bedroom. Hook-ups with my BDSM freaks are the only way I get to express my dominant side these days. And that's okay with me. I'm not going to bring ruin to my marriage by forcing my husband to do something he clearly doesn't want to do.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yes. I was fucking Paul Brown in the ass. I smacked his ass as I slammed my dildo up his booty hole. Lots of Black men dream of fucking White women. And lots of White women dream of fucking Black men. What I'm doing to Paul is just putting a new twist on an old fetish, that's all. With those lovely thoughts in mind, I smacked Paul's big Black balls while ramming my dildo even deeper into his asshole. The big Black man screamed. I laughed at his screams of pain. They're such a musical sound. I can't get enough of them. While thrusting my dildo deep into Paul's ass, I cracked my whip and proceeded to whip him. I love whipping some very willing Black men with my long and wicked Black leather whip.

I whip Paul as hard as I could. And I called him some names I won't repeat here. All with his consent and approval, of course. I'm not a racist. Just a woman who likes to play close to the edge. I fuck, whip and berate Paul until he begged me to stop. Then I made him kneel before me and suck my strap-on dildo. That's what he deserves. And that's what he wants. He loves kneeling before me, his Dominant White Goddess. That's what he's good for. He knows his place. Afterwards, he showers and leaves. And as for me, I find myself twelve hundred dollars richer. Yes, my services don't come cheap, folks. And my clientele is definitely upscale as a result. What can I say? I'm a kinky bitch and a great businesswoman.

After Paul leaves, I meet with my next client. Christina Winston. A tall, gorgeous young Black woman with a stunning physique and heart-shaped derriere. I simply cannot resist a tall, sexy Black woman. And many women and men all over the world feel the same way. Christina is actually quite special. She's the daughter of Jared Winston, a wealthy African businessman from Brampton, a suburb of Toronto. Christina Winston is sexy, wealthy and quite famous. You see, she is a supermodel and a closet lesbian to boot. She is into interracial submission. It's her hidden fetish. Once she told me this, I couldn't resist playing my wicked games with her. That's how she ended up naked, tied up on my table with her sexy legs spread. I inserted a big mechanical dildo into her cunt and another dildo up her ass. I activated the dildos with a remote control and they drilled themselves deep into Christina's asshole. The young Black woman squealed in pain mixed with pleasure.

This turned on me so much it's not even funny. The sight of a tall, sexy young Black woman tied up on a wooden table with a dildo in her pussy and another one in her asshole. I fingered my pussy as I watched Christina Winston writhing in pleasure mixed with pain on the table. To spice things up, I whipped her with the same whip I whipped Paul earlier. I whipped her breasts, her belly, her legs and her ass. She screamed even louder. I laughed and whipped her some more. Man, I love this stuff so much! We went at it until Christina cried and begged for mercy. Afterwards, I made her kneel before me and suck my toes. Then I fucked her with my strap-on dildo while pulling on her hair and berating her. It was truly awesome.

Half an hour later, a very thankful Christina Winston paid me eight hundred dollars and left my apartment basement with a smile on her face. I know the service that I provide isn't for everyone. However, there are millions of men and women of all races with strange fantasies out there. And I specialize in racial domination fantasies. I've met Jewish guys and Jewish women who made me play the role of a 1940-style German Dominatrix. I've also met submissive men and women of Arabic descent with similar fantasies. I'm the Dominant White Goddess and they're my worshipers.

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