tagFetishA Stronger Love Ch. 03

A Stronger Love Ch. 03



Donna held nothing back. Her facial expression turned ferocious, even savage, and she poured on the pressure. The clamping power of her thighs was just unbelievable. Despite the burst of energy I'd just gotten from Ashley, I was rapidly being overwhelmed. She was forcing my thighs steadily inwards, and I was exerting maximum counter-pressure just to slow her down. Finally, I did manage to halt her, but half the space in between my knees had been closed.

I was wishing desperately now that I had prepared more for this duel. The playful mock-practice sessions I'd had with Ashley certainly didn't count, as enjoyable as they had been. And now I was a mere 6 inches from Donna claiming her from me... with only my fatigued, aching leg muscles in the way of Donna's victory.

An interminable time seemed to pass... Ashley called out for the first minute... then one and half minutes. I missed the first 30-second callout - I must've been too occupied with holding off Donna's initial burst of power.

It was sheer excruciating agony. Every second ticking past was just brutal. We'd both uncrossed our arms and our clenched fists were hovering in mid-air. Both she and I were tensing every muscle in our bodies, making them stand out starkly. Our faces were set in rictuses of effort. We groaned, and grunted, and gasped.

Two minutes in, and already my legs were feeling like jelly. She'd managed to force them an inch closer together. I hadn't managed to force her legs back outwards at all. And her leg strength seemed unflagging.

"Big win for me," she whispered, through clenched teeth. I looked up and she was glaring at me, her eyes staring out from a sweat-streaked face. "She's mine."

I knew my makeup had long since started to run all over my face, despite the sweat-proof foundation, I was perspiring buckets. The vain part of me was aggrieved at probably looking like a wreck in front of Ashley, even though I knew full well she wouldn't mind one bit how "ugly" I looked at any given time. Still... it wouldn't have mattered so much if I'd been winning, at least, or dominating. But I was clearly losing, and to look this bad while losing...

The adrenaline rush was wearing off. The exhaustion was coming back. I glanced up from time to time, as did Donna, and each time I saw the glee and triumph growing in her eyes. I am sure she saw the frantic desperation growing in mine. I made it to two minutes and thirty seconds - time was now passing far too slowly for me - and already I felt my muscles giving out. My legs started shaking really badly.

"No..." I gasped, softly. "No... no... no..."

"Come on, Katie..." Ashley moaned, and my heart ached to hear her. "Hold on... hang in there..."

Then all of a sudden, the awful squeezing pressure on either side of my legs relented. Donna was finally flagging! I looked up, and she couldn't hide her consternation. My legs went outwards a good few inches, and she had to struggle to keep pressing them in. The relief flooded over my body like a cool shower. Finally, my gamble seemed to have paid off! We were both near enough to the point of exhaustion that she had to take a breather as badly as I did.

But she still probably had more in her reserves than I did. It would be an uncompromising test of our willpower now. She had about slightly under 2 minutes - a tortuously long time - to crush my legs together. She could still do it, if she could muster a sustained squeeze for long enough to overpower my abductors utterly.

The skin of our legs slipped and slid together a bit, as she shifted them slightly, seeking better leverage. The final push was coming. We were both heaving huge breaths, gulping in air to fuel our muscles with oxygen. Then Donna gave an animal growl and it was crunch time.

Our faces turned even redder. Spittle flew out from between our clenched teeth. My leg muscles slowly turned to jelly.

"60 seconds left!"

"30 seconds left!"

"20 seconds!" She sounded more fever-pitched each time she called out.

"10 seconds!" Our legs were trembling so violently that it almost looked as if my knees were knocking together already. Donna began growling for Ashley to call it, I was beaten, my knees were already touching... but she steadfastly shook her head and continued watching that small sliver of space in between my knees with an eagle eye.

And finally, just like that, my strength gave out, and she mashed my knees together. We both slumped in our chairs, our chests heaving, sweat pouring out of every pore. Silently, Ashley held up the phone.

4:43, rounded up. I'd done it. By just one second... less, actually. But enough to make the difference.

Donna hammered her fist into her sore legs and cursed, looking really put out. I parted the strands of hair from my face - my hair was all matted with sweat, I must have looked terrible with all the makeup running down my face, but Ashley didn't seem to care, as she took my right arm and raised it in victory, while giving Donna a meaningful look. Donna's lips twisted, and then she looked away as Ashley plastered herself to me and laid a long, deep kiss on my mouth.

Her lips mashed against mine, her tongue probed as deeply as it could reach, her moans vibrated down my throat into my chest cavity. I clutched her to me like a drowning woman clutching a life buoy. I was a sweaty mess all over, but I knew she loved "wearing" my sweat, as she put it. I also knew she wouldn't mind that my lipstick was now smeared all over her mouth.

It was not the grudging, passive kiss she'd given Donna, for sure, and she was making sure Donna knew it. When she broke apart, I was gasping desperately for air, but I felt galvanized, rejuvenated, refreshed. The three of us sat there for some time, immersed in the raw primal sexuality of the moment. Donna and I locked gazes again and slowly straightened up in our seats, throwing our shoulders back and our chests forward, and arranging our hair, in a wordless display of our sexual assets. Ashley couldn't help but take in hers, of course, as impressive as they were, but she made it a point to fix her gaze on me for much longer, signalling without words where her flag was planted.

Finally, still without anybody saying anything, we knew it was time to finish this. We rose to our feet and walked over to the center of the room... and I had to try and conceal the way I was stumbling on my sore and unsteady legs. That leg wrestling round had taken a fearsome toll on me. The only consolation I had was that Donna was also moving a little stiffly.

We stood toe to toe, but not quite face to face, given Donna's height advantage. She had her hands on her hips, her chest outthrust, shoving her hard round hemispheres into my flatter chest. I copied the pose and pushed my smaller natural breasts against hers. They pushed mine out to the sides, making them look squashed.

Despite knowing that I had my Ashley's complete love and support... despite knowing she much preferred my body in every way... I still felt as if I was coming off worse. We were like red robins, puffing out our assets to display sexual potency in front of a prospective mate. Here in our house, which had grown humid and stuffy with sweat, the raw primal rhythms of life were pulsing.

Donna made the first move, her smug look indicating she knew she was winning the display of dominance. She raised her hands high up, above our head level, and opened them. I raised mine to meet hers, and as we slowly laced fingers a shiver seemed to run through her body. Her eyes half-closed and her hips seemed to tremble. The space between us filled with another kind of scent, familiar and yet alien - and I knew that Donna had just experienced a mini-orgasm, and the smell was that of a rush of fluids from her pussy.

"After I beat you, Ashley will get me off properly," she whispered in my face, confirming that I was right. "Gonna be such a thrill."

"She's mine and you won't get to touch her," I whispered back. "You'll just have to watch."

We waited for Ashley to start us off. She came to stand to the side, and said, her voice shaky, "Ready... begin."

Immediately we braced and pressed against each other. Donna seized the advantage right off the bat, extending her arms even higher up and using her height and limb length advantage. She bore down on me, and began to bend my torso backwards. I was forced to shift my leg foot back for better stability, which didn't allow me to counter her height advantage.

As we struggled on, breaking out in sweat all over again, my makeup in complete ruins by then, I began to feel desperately disheartened. The fatigue was eating into me, especially my legs, and if they buckled then it was all over, I'd have to call out my submission on my knees... and watch her claim my Ashley. But I couldn't straight out overpower her, and she had the leverage, and she was starting to bend my wrists back and make my arms buckle and bend... How could I do it? How could I beat her and prove I was the worthier mate for my strong, sexy, beautiful Ashley?

I turned my head to the side, because Donna's heavy breathing on my face was an aggravating sensation, and I caught sight of Ashley. She was standing with her fists clenched by her side, an anxious expression on her face, and as she met my gaze her mouth opened. She blurted out, "Come on, Katie," even though she was supposed to be impartial. Next she mouthed the words "You can do it".

And then, she reached behind her, and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her pert little B-cups jutted out, her aureoles engorged with her arousal. Slowly she raised her arms, and bent them into a double-biceps flex, displaying her own muscular assets. The lines and cords of muscle stood out on her upper body.

Donna turned to glance at her, and I saw her eyes widen. "She's even sexier than I'd thought," she moaned. "I want her... I want her bad..."

"You can't have her... she's mine..." I replied breathlessly.

"Too good for you," she growled, and shifted, preparing to overpower me with a burst. "Such a sexy little darling... I'm taking her now!"

I braced to resist. "No!"

We grunted, groaned and growled with animal ferocity. We trembled and shook all over with the force of our exertion. Every muscle of hers combatted every muscle of mine.

And slowly, slowly, my knees and elbows began to bend. I turned to the side again, and Ashley was still flexing, fixing her gaze on me, silently willing some of her strength into my tired, aching muscles. I managed to halt Donna's progress but now I was markedly at a disadvantage. I was being outmuscled.

Donna knew that as well. "Give up," she breathed into my face.

"Never," I croaked back, panting.

We both knew, and I think Ashley did too, that I could not match Donna's power. Her muscles, more defined than mine, were just too strong.

But this contest wasn't over until one of us gave up, with a voiced submission.

On and on we struggled, bathed in sweat. Several times my legs gave way, and I went down on one knee, and Donna practically screamed at me to give up already. But each time, I looked to the side at Ashley who kept flexing, symbolically sharing my strain and taking on my fatigue, and I managed to push myself up off the floor. Donna's frustration visibly grew and grew. I just refused to stay down.

As ever, it was never just Ashley alone, or me alone - we were strong together, for each other. During our workouts together, we pushed ourselves to the limit, thinking of each other for motivation. This always made our workouts highly effective. She'd always be able to hold that side plank for an extra few seconds because of me, I'd always be able to squeeze out one extra rep of squats because of her. We were just so good for each other.

And in the end, that was what Donna was truly up against. Not just me alone; if it were just me alone she'd beat me for sure. She would be the stronger and superior woman, no question.

But she couldn't beat me and Ashley combined.

It seemed so interminably long... but at last, we were both slumping against each other, and her eyes were as glazed as mine, but gradually her chest slipped below mine until my breasts came out on top, dominating hers at last, and her knees seemed to go soft and she went down on them, I pushed her arms out to the sides, my hands on top of hers and bending hers down...

And she looked up into my eyes and we both knew in an instant that it was over, she just couldn't take anymore.

"Submit," I said, my voice wheezy and unrecognizable.

Tearfully she nodded. "I submit."

And finally it was over. I'd won. Through sheer bloody-mindedness... with Ashley's own stubbornness bolstering my willpower, with her mentally infusing her strength into my muscles... I'd just plain outlasted Donna.

We were both on our knees, still face to face, slumped with exhaustion. But Ashley was hugging me from the side, tearing up a little herself, showering my sweaty face and body with her sweet soft kisses, covering herself with my sweat. She'd stripped off her bottoms too, so she was naked as she plastered herself pleasurably to me.

Then she pulled back, giving Donna a meaningful glance, took my right arm with her left, and raised my arm high in victory. I flexed my left arm to complete the pose.

Donna looked resigned and downcast, but she nodded. "Enjoy her," she said. "Enjoy each other. You both really deserve it."

Ashley was all over me again, moaning and kissing with wet kisses, her hands running all over me. I couldn't blame her for not being able to restrain herself - I was the same way. My animal print thongs were torn off and cast aside. She grabbed my wrists and rolled onto her back, guiding my body in between her open legs.

"Take me. I'm yours, take me."

I pinned her wrists down and melded my pussy to hers, while she wrapped her legs around my torso. With an ease born of familiarity we matched our clits, and we began the synchronized humping tribadism we both loved so much. Donna watched, fingering herself, but we were both focused on each other almost exclusively. She could watch if she liked. Consolation prize for the loser.

"You were so strong... so tough..." Ashley moaned, her voice tremulous with pleasure.

"Because of you... you made me strong," I moaned back, sounding every bit as shaky.

She raised her shoulders off the floor with only her abdominal strength, and did another biceps flex pose for me, despite me holding on to her wrists - in my weakened state she could easily outmuscle me that way. That did it for me, I froze as the orgasm washed blissfully through me, and she followed soon after, her thighs squeezing my body like a vise.

I collapsed, but she was still not done. Roughly, she pushed me off her and onto my back, then adroitly turned her agile yoga-trained body around and wrapped my head with her legs. The heavy musky scent of her honey filled my nostrils, and I filled my lungs with them, breathing in the heady scent of her love and our victory.

Ashley moaned again, drove her face into my crotch, and took in a deep, full breath. I found myself opening wider for her, and despite my light-headedness and muscle fatigue I felt my clitoris throbbing again. When she latched onto it with her lips the pleasure was so sharply exquisite that I almost screamed. As payback, I plastered my lips around her clitoris as well, and tongued it mercilessly. The reaction was gratifying. We both clutched at each other, shaking and screaming softly into each other's pussies as we stimulated each other's swollen, sensitive clits.

But neither of us wanted to stop. We weren't usually capable of multiple orgasms, but we were on a high after our shared victory. My sore muscles would pay me back with a vengeance the next day, with extreme DOMS - delayed-onset muscle soreness - but Ashley would be there, to rub it out of my muscle fibers with her strong, deft fingers. And I was thirsty, and Ashley was flowing with her milk and honey, and I was lapping up as much of it as I could, even though much of it got all over my lower face.

She was fresher than me - she came first, her back arched, screaming and yowling for all she was worth, which didn't happen often. And right after, she dove back in, giving my pussy only that brief respite. It took a while longer in my drained state, but she did it - she brought me off again to another orgasm so intense that I passed out.

When I came to, she was cradling my head and holding a glass of water to my lips. I gulped it down gratefully, and looked around. There was no sign of Donna or her bag of toys.

"She left after you went to sleep," Ashley said, quirking her distinctive smile. "I was straddling you reverse cowgirl style, and she had just had an orgasm herself as well. She said she was really impressed with how unbelievably strong you were. I said that's why I'd always belong to you, because we are strong for each other. She got a bit quiet, then she said she really admired how strong our love was, and she hoped she could find something like that for herself sometime. Um... I may have given her a hug right before she left, because I thought she seemed a little sad. I may have still been naked at the time."

I made a face and sat up. "So is that her sweat you're wearing on you right now?"

"I had a shower," she said, smiling impishly again. And indeed, I noticed her hair was wet.

"How long was I out?"

"Maybe half an hour?"

I leaned back, propping myself up on my forearms. "I am so tired..."

"You gave it your all for me," she said, kissing my lips. "You fought so hard, and you won."

"We won," I told her, and we kissed hungrily.

"I'm going to take it easy tomorrow. Not going to go looking for more adventures like this one for a while! Not until I get stronger at least. Tomorrow, you do all the flexing."

"With pleasure, my love."

And we went to bed snuggling and kissing. Our love had grown stronger for being tested, and when I drifted off to sleep that night, I had no inkling that very soon, it would be tested further still...

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