tagLoving WivesA Stumbling Marriage Pt. 01

A Stumbling Marriage Pt. 01


This is about how a seemingly happy marriage can go wrong with the wrong ingredients. Over competitive people, angry people, jealousy and lack of security and trust.


Shona and Andrew thought they were just a normal run of the mill couple, met at university, started dating, fell in love and got married. This was not one of those cases where they saw the other person and decided within 5 seconds of meeting that they were soulmates, rather as they got to know each other, they found they were falling in love with each other.

Shona, at the start of this tale, was a 26 year old Arts graduate, from Glasburgh and Andrew was a 27 year old graduate in Business Management at the same university. Andrew had finished his course a year before Shona and quickly got a job as a financial analyst at Strathmore International Bank in Glasburgh. This was a highly competitive job, which Andrew loved. Shona was more artistic than Andrew and got a job working with disadvantaged children, using Art and drama to build their self-confidence. When Shona graduated, she and Andrew got married and settled down to life together. They have now been married for 4 years.

Andrew had one weakness, he did get jealous around Shona, and this was because she was beautiful. At work, he loved the challenge of competing with other analysts, but unlike most of them, he was married. Sometimes, when his colleagues would brag about their sexual conquests at the weekend, he would be envious of them, although he would never actually cheat on Shona, because he loved her so much.

Andrew had one major rival at work called Jordan. Jordan had been hired at the same time as Andrew and they were both successful at making money for the bank and themselves. Jordan was more clubbable than Andrew and because he didn't have a wife was out most weekends partying and spending his bonuses. Andrew didn't like him personally since he thought that he would try and get into any woman's knickers. As they competed at work, sometimes, he brought his dislike for Jordan home with him and complained to Shona about him.

Jordan, on the other hand, enjoyed winding up Andrew and loved competing against him. He had met Shona several time over a couple of years and would love the chance to fuck her, but he thought that that was unlikely. His tales of weekend successes were true as Jordan was very successful with the women, unmarried or not.

Then, Shona and Andrew's marriage changed, although they didn't realise at the time. Andrew played football for his local team and in August there was club trip to Germany. Andrew booked the time off and went away for his boys' holiday. Shona was not concerned because Andrew had done this last year. She just stayed at home and went for a girls' holiday in November to warmer weather.

On the Friday, while Andrew was away, Shona went out with some friends, Katie and Amy, for a meal and some dancing. They arrived at The Libertine about 10pm and were having a great time, although Shona was drinking a little too much. Paul, Robert and Jamal saw the three woman and thought that it was their lucky night. They went up and asked them for a dance. The girls, feeling safe in numbers, agreed and quickly got up to dance.

Robert spent a couple of dances with Shona, and started getting touchy-feely with her, just letting his hands stray across her body, to see her reaction. Shona very quickly shut him down, saying that she was married. Amy, who was not married was getting very close to Jamal, and this did shock Shona, as she had never imagined Amy going off with someone who wasn't white. Katie, who was engaged, was dancing with Paul, but he was also put in his place when he tried to get too intimate.

Robert and Paul were not happy with the way the night was going and thought that alcohol could help move things along, so suggesting that they have a drink and a chat. Shona and Katie, comfortable with each other for protection, said yes and sat down. Amy and Jamal were kissing and touching like young love birds together. Robert and Paul went to the bar to get the drinks and discuss how to get into the girls knickers.

When Robert was at the bar he knocked someone and just said "Get out the way", while saying to Paul, "I would love to fuck Shona, she looks so hot, and married." Paul replied "I'm looking forward to seeing Katie's engagement ring on my cock." Then "When are our wives due back?" Robert said "Tomorrow, they are all back with the kids, so one more night of fun."

Robert had knocked into Jordan. Jordan had not realised that Shona was in the club, but just looked over to where Robert had come from and recognised her straight away. He had met Shona at a couple of work meals and parties with Andrew. He thought "I wouldn't mind getting in her knickers either."

Jordan turned around to look at Robert and noticed that he seemed to putting something into a couple of the drinks. Jordan loved fucking women but always made sure that the women wanted to be fucked and fucked by him, so he could never contemplate drugging a woman for sex. Jordan thought that Robert was just scum for trying that and decided to keep an eye on things. He had thought about going to the bouncers but then say Paul come from shaking hands with a bouncer and join Robert to carry the drinks back to the table.

Shona and Katie were talking about Robert and Paul and thought that they might need to get Amy to leave Jamal, if they didn't slow down and listen to them. Amy and Jamal went up to dance again and were quickly all over each other.

Robert and Paul came back with the drinks and started asking them more about themselves. The girls felt safer because they weren't dancing and now keeping a safe distance. Robert suggested that they went up to dance again and so the group got up and were soon dancing. Amy came up behind girls and whispered, "I'm off with Jamal, he rings my bell."

Jordan was still watching this but realised that he could do nothing for Amy since she was just playing the field with a married man.

Robert and Paul started getting closer to Shona and Katie and they now were more hesitant pushing them off. This made Robert and Paul realise that they were being successful. Jordan noticed this and was getting concerned. He decided to act.

Jordan ordered a pint of cider and walked up to where Shona and Katie were and walked into them and spilt his pint over Shona. Jordan acted surprised and then said "Shona, I'm so sorry, I didn't notice you, and I should have done. Is Andrew around?" although Jordan knew he was away on holiday. The spilt drink sobered Shona up and recognising Jordan from Andrew's work said "you dickhead, you have ruined my dress." Jordan said "I will pay for any damage." Shona was furious but also realised that Robert and Paul had again started to over step the mark.

Robert and Paul tried to steer Shona and Katie away from Jordan, but he was switched on to this and said "You two" Shona and Katie "should get home, perhaps you can save some of the dress, I will organise a taxi for you, since it is my fault."

Robert and Paul said "It is okay, we will take the ladies home."

Jordan said "It's okay, I caused the damage, so I should make sure they get home safely" switched on his Uber app and organised a taxi to take them home, directing them to the door, just stopping to collect their coats and bags.

When they got to the door, the taxi appeared and he quickly put them in, getting in himself and the taxi went to Shona's home. At Shona's home Jordan then suggested that Shona and Katie sleep off the night and he took the taxi back into town to look for some fun as the night was still young.

When Shona and Katie got to Shona's place, Shona took off her dress and opened a bottle of wine for the them to discuss the night. They barely finished their first glass and were soon asleep on the sofa.

Robert and Paul, back at the club were livid with Jordan but realised that there was nothing they could do about it now. They decided to watch out for Jordan in the future.

Jordan thought no more about Shona and Katie, and successfully found a beautiful 30 year old account executive, who happened to look similar to Shona, to spend the night with.

When Shona and Katie woke up, they were surprised where they were and could not remember what had happened the night before.

On the Monday morning, when Andrew was back at work, Jordan was bragging about his weekend and talked about sleeping with a beautiful blonde at the weekend. When Jordan realised that Andrew was listening, he thought that he would put him off his game by hinting it was Shona that he had slept with. Jordan bumped into Andrew and said "hello Andrew, tell Shona I had a great time with her on Friday and any damage, I will pay for." "It was a beautiful dress, or at least it was beautiful on her."

Shona had not mentioned meeting Andrew over the weekend, partly because she could barely remember Friday night. When she saw the damage to her dress, she was annoyed about it but forgot what had happened. Katie was none the wiser, the drug that Robert had put in their drinks had made them forget what had happened the night before.

Andrew was furious, because Jordan seemed to be bragging about sleeping with his wife and went to confront Jordan, but he was called into his boss's office. Then he was busy for the rest of the day. His mind distracted with what Jordan had said. His jealousy was breaking through, particularly as Shona had said nothing about meeting Jordan at the weekend and now he was bragging about making him a cuckcold. Andrew had a terrible day, making several really bad decisions, which would have cost the Bank £millions if his boss had not overrode his decisions. Again, this made him more irritable but ready for a confrontation. Jordan had left for the day and he didn't want Jordan to rub his nose in it again, so Andrew left for home and a confrontation with Shona.

Shona had had a difficult day at work, where one of the young men she was teaching had died of an overdose at the weekend. This made her feel very emotional and she was looking forward to Andrew being home and to holding him tight. He did make her feel safe.

Shona was sat in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine, deciding what to phone in for dinner, when she heard Andrew come in. She called out "I'm in the kitchen, getting some wine, would you like one?"

Andrew shouted "Why did you fuck him, you slut. Anyone but him. Why him?"

Shona was shocked by the way that Andrew had started and said "I don't know what you are talking about, I haven't slept with anyone since I met you."

Andrew said "I heard with my own ears how he fucked you, and he then said you were so quick to get into bed, you damaged your dress." "So slut why him?"

Shona said "Who, I haven't slept with anyone, trust me."

Andrew said "well is Jordan right, your dress is ruined?"

Shona was taken back by this because Jordan obviously knew her dress was ruined, but she didn't remember seeing him on Friday and she certainly didn't sleep with him. Shona said "Yes someone seems to have thrown a pint of something over the dress and ruined it. But I don't remember who did and I certainly didn't spend the night with Jordan."

Then said "If you don't believe me, ask Katie, she was with me on Friday and stayed over after we went out.

Andrew said "So what was Jordan bragging about sleeping with you over the weekend for?"

Shona thought and realised that Jordan must have seen her, and decided to wind up Andrew about her. She said "Jordan has decided to play you like a fool, and I bet you behaved like it all day."

Andrew was shocked by this suggestion. He then thought about how he had behaved during the day and realised that his bosses would trust him less.

Yet still Andrew had a little nagging doubt at the back of his head.

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