tagBDSMA Sub at Work

A Sub at Work


We have been exchanging e-mails and chatting on line for too long. You claim you are interested in exploring a D/s relationship but have not yet got the courage up to meet me. Thankfully you have given me enough information for me to figure out where you work, and you have sent me enough pictures that I will recognize you.

Without asking I decide to pay you a visit. When I manage to track you down you are standing alone sipping on a coffee. Having never met, you don't recognise me. But when I say 'Looks like you have a break Sub, why don't you lead me to some quiet corner. I need to cum and I need to cum now.' you know immediately who I am and what I want.

'Yes Sir' you reply, and walk quickly to a darkened stair well. 'No one ever uses these stairs'.

'Good. Bend over.' I lift up your skirt to reveal your pretty thong as you bend over. I quickly slide the thong down your legs. As you step out of it, I unleash my cock and approach your ass. A few seconds of humping against you has me hard. I lower my hips and enter you roughly. You gasp loudly as I begin fucking you. I smack your ass hard and tell you to be quiet.

My smack on your ass excites you and you become much wetter. I am now able to pound hard into you. I reach up and grab your tits, pulling you back on to me. As I continue thrusting harder and harder into you, and squeezing hard on your tits, I feel your body start to respond and finally your pussy shudders in orgasm. Before you come down from your high I reach my conclusion shooting stream after stream in your hot cunt.

I bend over to pick up your thong. 'You are going to meet me here again in 3 hours. If you are able to suck another load out of me then, I will give them back to you. And don't even think about cleaning yourself up. Let my cum leak out down your legs as you walk around today. I want to see it dried on your thighs when I come back'...

I am already in the stairwell when you show up 3 hours later, 1 minute early. 'Nice, you showed up and exactly on time. Very good' I comment.

'Yes, Sir. I have been very excited about sucking a load out of your cock, Sir. May I begin?' you ask.

'In a minute. Show me that you haven't cleaned up from earlier first.' I say.

'Of course Sir. I hope you don't mind, but I wiped just a little up with my finger. I just needed to taste it. I thought you would approve. The rest is dried now.' you say.

'Very nice, that is fine, you may begin. No hands to start and maintain eye contact please.'

You drop excitedly to your knees a big smile on your face. You fumble with my zipper a little because you are staring so intently into my eyes. You get my pants open, pull my underwear down to my knees and begin licking and sucking as if it was the world's tastiest lollipop. You hold your hands together behind your back to ensure you are not tempted to stroke me.

You begin bobbing up and down nicely, alternating between taking it in deep and then swirling your tongue around the head. I open my shirt and ask you to flick at my nipples with your fingers while you suck. You feel a jump in my cock as your fingers find their mark. My cock is as hard as ever while you continue working away.

Having cum quite hard only hours earlier I am not going to cum easily again. You sense you are really going to need to work for this load. You take a chance and move your hands from my nipples and move them to my hands. You pull your head off for just a second and say 'Please Sir, Hold my head and facefuck me. Fuck it all the way down my throat'. I grab hold of your ears and begin fucking into your face. Slowly at first, deeper and deeper with each stroke. Each time I get near your throat I pause and hold it there. I feel you swallow, this feels wonderful on my head. I start to pound away again, you choke and gag a little as I enter your throat.

'Please shoot your cum down my throat' I hear you mumble between thrusts. I finally sense a load begin to form in my balls.

'My nipples ' I say.

Your fingers return and the tightening in my balls begins. I see tears building in your eyes as each thrust is deep in your throat. I finally erupt and you choke and sputter as you struggle to breathe while swallowing every drop. When my last shot is spent you take hold of my cock and pull another few drops from it which you suck hungrily into your mouth.

'Thanks you Sir. That was amazing. Please keep my panties. I have become used to not wearing them today. I am so happy you found me. I should have met you much earlier. I look so forward to being allowed to please you again. I hope that is soon. I love being your slut.'

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