tagBDSMA Sub of All Kinks Ch. 04

A Sub of All Kinks Ch. 04


Kisha opened the door. Inside everything was tiled. It looked like the inside of a football locker room except no lockers. Plenty of showerheads and knobs. There were dangling shackles, ropes and plastic elastic bands for tying. A small sink was filled with assorted toys for play. "Come," Kisha said simply as she twitched the leash and stepped inside.

Jason looked over the room and shivered at the memories here. Some good others bad. He felt the leash twitch and pull forwards, his legs automatically following the pulls of the leash. Jason followed his Mistress Kisha inside the room, stopping where she told him.

Kisha noted his shivers and frowned. Maybe she shouldn't have let Bryon practice on Jason. She knew that both had cum that day and she had believed Bryon when he had said that Jason had not been harmed. Now Kisha wasn't so sure. "Jason, can you handle this?"

Jason looked at Kisha, his eyes avoiding the shackles, remembering what Byron had told him and the story he had to make up for his limp. As Kisha inquired as to whether Jason could handle it, he swallowed then nodded. "I would walk through the fires of hell covered in petrol for you Mistress."

Kisha dropped the leash and cupped Jason's face in her hands. She looked deeply into his eyes. "What are you not telling me?" she demanded.

Jason's eyes looked back into his Mistress', fear from both sides of his mind welling up. He wanted to tell her but the chilling threat from Byron roamed through his mind. There was however an immediate threat before him now, his Mistress was a terrifying sight when she was in a rage. Jason's eyes dropped to the floor. "I...I can't mistress."

"What.... did...Bryon.... do...to...you?" she ground out, her eyes growing cold.

Jason swallowed again, his bottom lip trembling a little as he chose to please his mistress. "He...tore something inside me, I told you...I had caught something but." A tear slid down Jason's cheek as he remembered the pain. "He put too much in Mistress, too much to fast. I begged him to stop but he wouldn't." Jason sniffed quietly. "Forgive me Mistress, I couldn't break free to stop him..."

Kisha's eyes went from cold to furious. "He violated the safe word?"

Jason nodded, trembling before his Mistress. "Yes Mistress. Forgive me Mistress."

She stroked his face softly. "It is not your fault. Bryon will pay. NO ONE damages my subs. If you do not feel up to this room we will pick another," she told him, deciding to allow him to choose.

Jason relaxed as his Mistress clarified that he was not in the sights of her fury. Shaking his head Jason spoke in an almost commanding tone. "I would do anything for you Mistress, I trust you with my life Mistress Kisha."

Kisha nodded as she picked the leash up and led him to the center. "Then play we shall and I will show you how it was meant to be done."

A smile of trust came onto Jason face as he walked to the center. "Your wish is my duty Mistress." Jason raised his arms as he reached the center, waiting for his mistress to apply the shackles.

Kisha shackled his wrists and then put him into the body harness that would pull him off the floor and let him hang horizontal to the floor.

Jason took slow breaths as Kisha raised him, his body becoming aroused at the feeling of being helpless to his mistress.

She grabbed more rope and bound his feet and tied them to the shackles so that his legs and arms were both behind him, leaving his penis hanging down but very hard. "Does any of this hurt?" she asked as she checked the ropes.

Jason shook his head in response, feeling as comfortable as the shackles would allow. "No Mistress, it feels perfect."

"Good, now I'm going to turn on the water, and it's going to hit you on the face and then the rest of your body. Are you ready?"

Jason nodded and closed his eyes and braced himself for the impact. "Warm or Cold Mistress?"

"Cold and if you're good then we will warm it up."

Jason nodded and steeled himself. "I'm ready Mistress."

Kisha turned on the water so that it slowly hit him in the face. She gave him a minute to adjust before turning on a different jet of water, which hit him across the back.

Jason jerked at the initial blast but held still after that, turning his face away a moment to take a breath before turning back to it.

"Still doing ok?" she asked as she turned on a third jet.

Jason nodded as he felt the third jet hit his chest, a slight moan escaping his lips as the spray hit his sensitive nipples.

Kisha walked over to the sink and grabbed some clamps. She came over and put one on each nipple. She watched in satisfaction as the water hit the clamps, which jiggled back and forth on his nipples.

Jason gasped as the clamps jiggled, his mouth filling with water. Jason turned his head away and spat out the water, panting now, a long, loud moan being heard from him.

Kisha turned on another jet that struck him in the balls and cock. She smiled as she caressed his ass.

Jason moaned louder now, a soft cry of pleasure heard from him. Jason ass cheeks quivered as his Mistress caressed them. Jason arched his back as much as he could, his cheeks parting for his mistress, yearning for her to penetrate him.

"Ah, my baby wants me to play," she purred as she leaned down and bit him on the ass.

Jason hissed softly as Kisha bit into his ass. "Ooohhhh Mistress please....mmm I need it."

"Yes, you do need it," she told him as she turned on another jet. Every inch of his body was being hit by water. Kisha walked under him, the water running down her face and her hair, soaking it and plastering it against her head and body. She started sucking on his cock.

Jason moaned extra loud as his Mistress began to suck on his hard cock. Jason's fists clenched and his muscles tensed at the intense feelings he was feeling. "Aaahhhh Mistress." Jason almost whimpered with lust as his mistress serviced his erection with her perfect mouth, the hot wetness tantalizing his skin.

"That's right, my little slut. You are mine and I will take care of you." Kisha sucked some more then began nibbling her way up his chest to his nipples where she licked around the clamps.

Jason bit his bottom lip as he felt Kisha kiss up his abdomen to his nipples, moaning once more as she licked around the still bobbing clamps. "Mmmm yes, My Mistress, My Keeper."

"Yes, your keeper. The one who loves you most," she told him as she turned off one of the jets.

Jason sighed softly as the jet was turned off, a soft growl of frustration emitting from his lips a moment later as the stimulation on his ass ended.

"Oh? Didn't want it to stop?" Kisha asked and then she reached up and slapped his ass hard.

Jason gasped again, his eyes still closed as the water hit his face. Jason ass clenched as a sting went through it when his Mistress slapped it. "Ahhh, please Mistress, so good, mmm."

"I didn't say you could talk," Kisha growled and moved to his face where she covered his mouth with one hand and his eyes with her other and forced his face up into the jetting water so that it was hitting him in the nose.

Jason's limbs jerked as the water filled his nose, slurping noises heard from his mouth beneath Kisha's hand, making it difficult to breathe. Jason's cock jerked at the vulnerability and the thrill of the situation.

Kisha held him that way for twenty seconds and then let him go. "Breathe," she told him.

Jason gasped in a long series of breaths, panting hard. His head facing the floor, the spray hitting his scalp.

"Still want to talk?" she asked circling him. She picked up a ruler from the sink and systematically gave him little swats with it on his ass, legs, his feet and his back before stopping in front of his face.

Jason gasped softly with each hit, his muscles jerking as each stinging blow landed. Clenching his teeth with the sting, Jason shook his head in response to Kisha's question, staying quiet.

"Good boy," she told him and then reached under him and began stroking his cock.

Jason moaned as his mistress began stroking his throbbing member. His body began to shiver, both from the pleasure he was feeling and the chill of the water.

Suddenly the water began to warm up. "You will not cum," Kisha ordered.

Jason nodded and clenched the needed muscles, resisting the urge to cum. The warm water relaxing him and making it more difficult.

Kisha started stroking faster. She wanted to see how long he would last. If he was good, she might let him fuck her.

Jason squeezed his eyes closed and his toes began to curl. His breaths were coming in long pants as Kisha stroked his pulsing cock faster. Jason's cock grew harder in his Mistress' grasp, the head becoming slimy with precum even with the water rushing over it. Jason moved his hips trying to part his cheeks in an attempt to communicate his desires to his Mistress.

Kisha swatted him hard. "No moving."

Jason whimpered in frustration as he held still, clenching his eyes shut and biting his lower lip. He could feel his orgasm building, forcing all the concentration he could on not cumming.

"Would you like to fuck your mistress?"

Jason nodded and let out a soft cry of restrained passion as the nipple clamps jerked back and forth in the water. Jason's cock was throbbing now, eager to erupt its active load.

"Since you conquered your fears and you've been such a good boy, I'll let you down and you can take me here on the floor." She turned off all the jets, removed the nipple clamps, untied his feet and then lowered his body down so that his feet touched the floor. She left his wrists shackled. "How hard are you?" she asked.

Jason, soaked from head to toe, his long hair plastered across his face and shoulders sighed softly as his feet touched the floor. Looking at his Mistress he licked his lips, speaking softly. "Harder than I have ever felt my Mistress."

Kisha lowered his shackled wrists. "Get on your knees. I want to see if you can fuck me without using your hands."

Jason nodded and slowly descended to his knees, his wrists held high above his head as he looked down at his throbbing hard cock a moment and looked up at his Mistress, a look of playfulness in his eyes now. "Which hole does Mistress desire I take?"

"You may give it to my mouth, sexy ass." Kisha told him as she kneeled in front of him.

Jason's eyes lit up as he heard this and his cock twitched in anticipation. As Kisha kneeled in front of his Jason pushed his hips forward slowly towards her perfect mouth, the head of his cock just touching her lips.

Kisha opened her mouth and took him in. She held him in her mouth for a moment before licking his cock.

Jason closed his eyes and moaned as he felt Kisha's sweet tongue on his cock. Jason began moving his hips back and forth, eager to feel his mistress milking him with her throat.

Kisha began sucking harder knowing that his release was soon.

Jason groaned and let out a deep grunt as he tried to hold back his release, wanting to make this last. Jason pushed his hips further forwards, nudging at his mistress' throat.

Kisha swallowed him deep, sucking and licking. She tapped him twice on his leg, which was her signal for him to cum.

As he felt the double tap on his leg Jason let his muscles relax. Letting out an almost strangled mixture of a grunt and cry, Jason climaxed. Jason's cock erupted as his cry began, flooding Kisha's mouth and throat with his thick sticky seed. His cock jerked violently within her mouth as each blast rocketed out of his tip and hit the back of his Mistress' throat.

Kisha drank it down and slowly slid her mouth off his cock. "Good boy," she said and released him and removed the body harness. "Now, we shall go rest and then go shopping."

Jason was panting hard, his cock still occasionally jerking as water dripped off him and struck the hyper sensitive head of his cock. Jason fell forwards onto his hands and knees, taking deep breaths and nodded. "Yes Mistress, once we rest." Jason looked up at his Mistress and took a chance, gently kissing her full lips.

Kisha kissed him back and stroked his cheek. "You can lay on the bed with me," she told him as she led him from the room.

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