tagBDSMA Sub of All Kinks Ch. 09

A Sub of All Kinks Ch. 09


Kisha moaned and opened her eyes. She instantly closed them against the bright light but one look around was enough for her to realize she was in a hospital room. She slowly opened her eyes back up and gingerly touched her ribs. She could feel the bandaging beneath the thin hospital gown. She sighed. She was going to be in a world of pain for a bit while her ribs healed.

The sound of soft snoring could be heard from a little ways down the bed from her head. There, sitting beside her, looking like he'd been up all night, was her sub Jason. Loyal to the end and determined to see she was ok. He was strong but, even the strongest of men have to sleep eventually.

His shoulders slowly rose and fell, showing his breathing was long and deep, his slumber being one that he would not awaken from easily.

Kisha's gaze softened. Her plan to test his honesty had not gone as planned. She had only wanted proof that he had meant those words. She had truly believed Mario, who had never failed her before, would help. She fought back the bitterness that rose in her heart as she thought how he had lied to her and then hurt her in anger. It had been rape that Mario committed for she had not willingly had sex with him. Even when he had punched her repeatedly in the ribs and screamed at her to say she liked his cock in her, she had refused. It wasn't true. She had not enjoyed it nor his body on top of hers.

Jason sighed gently in his sleep, quietly muttering about Mario. A smirk was still plastered across his face however, as he remembered blasting Mario.

In his dreams he idly wondered whether Mario would make it out of there alive, and if so, when their next 'play date' would be.

Kisha grunted and moaned a little in pain when she swung her legs around the side of the bed. She really had to use the bathroom. She stood and felt the room spin. She gasped and grabbed at the bed to keep from falling over.

The noise of her movements and the sudden shaking of the bed, jolted Jason out of his sleep. He looked around bewildered a moment and yawned while looking at Kisha and asking.

"Mistress what are you doing out of bed? You're not well."

Kisha had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. Men! Always thinking women were too delicate to do anything.

"For your information I'm heading for the bathroom. And I feel fine!" she snapped and straightened only quickly hunch over again to keep the room from swimming.

Jason gave her a look that she had given him many times before. "Yeah right and the pope's a Buddhist. I'll help you and I'm not taking no for an answer." He rose from his chair and slipped his arms around her waist, letting her lean on him for support.

Kisha wanted to object but then thought better of it. "Ok." They made it to the bathroom and she was never so happy in life to be able to sit down. Her legs felt like rubber and her head was pounding.

Jason softly stroked her cheek and looked her in the eyes to make sure she would be ok. "If you need anything, anything at all, even someone to wipe your perfect ass, just call me ok?"

She stuck out her tongue at him. "Out, Jason," she said firmly.

He smirked and nodded, gently kissing her before turning and leaving the room to wait patiently outside.

She used the bathroom as quickly as she could and then washed her hands. She knocked on the door. "I'm ready to get back in bed."

Jason couldn't help himself this time and answered back as he opened the door. "Who's bed, yours or mine? I promise to be gentle."

He winked to show he was merely joking and smiled.

"How about a new one and a different state?" she countered as she leaned on him as he helped her back to the bed. She crawled in and cursed her weakness as she realized how hurt she really was.

Jason gently drew the covers up over Kisha and pushed a few stray strands of hair out of her face. "Don't feel bad about what happened. Mario is a snake, even experts get bitten on occasion. But just you know that I'm never going to leave you Mistress. Not ever."

"Oh, Jason. It's not that." she stopped and looked away out the window.

Jason sat down beside Kisha's bed and gently took Kisha's hand, cradling it in his own big mitts. "Then what is it? I'm worried about you."

"What I'm about to say is going to be the only time I say this so you'd better remember. I'm sorry for trying to set up a way to test to see if you were being truthful about your feelings."

He responded with a soft kiss to the centre of the back of her hand and a quiet, almost jovial voice. "Kisha, you don't need to be sorry. If you hadn't then...well lets just say I wouldn't have gotten to play with Mario."

Kisha frowned then slapped his hand hard enough to sting. "That was stupid of you! Do you realize what he will do? You have let him temporarily win and then what will happen is he'll have you thrown in jail or something."

A wicked grin formed on Jason's face as he looked at Kisha. He never did have a very good poker face. "Well if I do he'll be coming with me and then I get to play with him, all day everyday..."

She sighed in exasperation. "Fine don't take me serious but you'll see."

Jason smirked and teasingly tongued Kisha's fingertip like a clit. "That assuming he didn't bleed to death. I believe I hit an artery in his leg."

Kisha snatched her fingers back. "Jason, for once, be serious!" she snapped, finally losing patience with his antics.

Jason raised an eyebrow, a sadistic grin still plastered across his face. There was something different about him, something in his eyes, like he was a wild man of the plains. "And who says I'm not?"

She wasn't sure what to make of him now. Their relationship had changed and she wasn't sure if it were for better or worse. "Jason, I just wanted you to know that," but she didn't get to finish for the phone by the bed started ringing. Sighing in frustration she jerked it up. "Kisha," she snapped curtly but then her expression changed from one of anger to fear and then to a neutral expression.

Jason raised his eyebrow once more, however it was in curiosity and he looked at Kisha and softly asked. "Who is it?"

She didn't answer him at first and her gaze slid from him to the wall behind him. "No, I understand perfectly. Yes, yes I know that!" she snapped. She grew quiet again. "Yes, I will be there. You have my word." Tight lipped she put the phone back on the hook and let out a shaky sigh. Rubbing at her eyes she swung her legs over the side of the bed.

"We have to leave. We can't stay any longer. There's business we have to take care of."

Jason gently, yet firmly stopped her and looked into her eyes. "No. Firstly because you need rest, secondly because you haven't told me what's going on, and thirdly because you need REST."

Jason's face was stony, clearly indicating he wasn't going to budge on the rest issue.

"As much as I'd like to let you act the part of the boss, you're not. I am. And I will and can leave without your permission. I was afraid that this was happen if you ever lost your temper around Mario and his gang and now I'm being called to the floor because of it. So excuse me if I don't seem inclined to listen to anything you're saying at the moment!"

Kisha jerked her arm free of his hand and hobbled around him toward her clothes.

Jason gripped Kisha's arm again and turned her toward him. "What do you mean called to the floor?"

"Did you honestly thing that with all the people you've met and all the places we've been and the structure that is in place, that I was the head boss? Sweetheart we have an invisible hierarchy going on and I'm just another chain in the link. There are higher links and those links aren't happy. When you fucked with Mario, you pissed them off and now I'm about to pay for it."

Jason held Kisha in place. "No you won't. I'm sick of other people being punished for my mistakes. That's why I left home in the first place. I'm responsible, I'll take the blame."

His eyes softened as he stepped close to her, his voice almost trembling. "I won't let them hurt you against your will again Kisha, not while I still breath."

She caressed his face. "You are a stubborn lad aren't you?" She whispered. "Look, they won't hurt me. They want to talk. And when they say they want to talk that is all they do. However if they had said, "we're going to have a discussion," then I'd know that I was going to be getting some pain and some other type of punishment."

Jason closed his eyes a moment and gently nuzzled into Kisha's hand. "You'll have to take me with you, because in your condition you'll never get past the nurses."

"Fine but you will keep your mouth shut or they will shut it permanently. They don't kid around Jason so keep a hold of your temper and follow my lead. Do you understand?" she said firmly, some of her old tone creeping in.

A slight smirk crept across Jason's face as he nodded. "Of course, Mistress Kisha. It's good to hear the old tone again. It's been a while."

"Don't mistake my feelings toward you as softness. I may be hurt but I can still put your ass down that floor," she stated grimly as she slid into her pants and shirt. She didn't bother with her underwear or bra. "Go get the nurse and tell her I'm ready to check out."

He nodded once more, with a slight bow added for playful sophistication. "Of course Mistress."

Jason turned on his heel and walked out into the hallway, fetching the correct nurse and working a little charm on her to soften her up.

A few minutes later, Kisha was checked out and the pair headed outside. She looked around and spotted Ivan's tall form next to the limo. "There's our ride," she told Jason and hurried in that direction.

Jason followed suit, instinctively sizing up Ivan, just in case he had no other choice. "Fancy, these people must be pretty well off."

"Sh," Kisha hissed and then stopped a few feet shy of Ivan. "Ivan, I humbly request permission to ride in my Master's car."

Ivan leaned down and looked at Kisha then Jason. "You can bring along your pet. Permission granted." He opened the door and Kisha slid in without another word, her back ramrod straight.

Jason silently raised an eyebrow and slid into the limo, his demeanour much more laid back. His voice however was silent. He knew from before that when his Mistress went like this it was time to be very serious.

The ride took an hour and Kisha remained silent the whole time. She had a feeling that things would not go well and what she hadn't told Jason was that slapping, punching and the occasional slam into a wall was not considered punishment nor pain. It was considered a reminder. She was praying that was the only thing that happened when she met with her teacher and current Dom.

The limo slowed in front of a four story house that sat on ten acres of land. It was opulent and decadent yet still gave off an almost sinister vibe.

Jason looked up the house as the limo drew near and a cold shiver ran down his spine. Where did he know this place from? And why did it dredge up bad memories of his past life?

She reached over and casually brushed her fingers against his arm. She had noticed his shiver but did not speak. She would not violate that rule.

Jason closed his eyes a moment and slipped his arms around his chest a moment, taking a slow breath while he sent the memories back from whence they came. Jason tilted his neck to each side, an audible pop heard as he loosened the joints.

The limo stopped and the door was opened. Kisha got out first and stood stiffly as she waited on Jason. Ivan came around. "Your Master bids you enter and go to the first room on the second floor to change into more appropriate attire. Your pet must come with me. He is to be clothed as well," he instructed.

"Yes sir," She said respectfully.

Jason raised an eyebrow an gave Ivan an Iron look before glancing at Kisha in question.

"Do it," she ordered, not looking at Jason.

He nodded and stayed quiet, reluctant however to leave her. He gave her once last long look before turning back to Ivan and shrugging a bit. "Lead the way."

Ivan headed for the house. Kisha walked slowly behind them. She could feel the triumvirate's eyes on her. She shivered. This was not going to be a good day.

Jason looked up at house a moment and froze as he saw someone at the window. Someone who looked very familiar. However, before he could get a good look at the person, the blinds were snapped close.

Jason shivered once more and continued along his way.

Ivan took him into a room that was full of leather clothing and nothing else. "You are to be dressed appropriately. As much skin as possible should be showing," he instructed Jason.

"I'll be back for you in five minutes."

Jason nodded to Ivan and watched him leave before studying the array of leather clothing before him. Shrugging, he slipped out of his clothes, folded them neatly, and slid into a pair of leather pants and a leather tank top. This was as much skin as he was willing to show for an occasion that wasn't fun based.

Ivan returned promptly and lead Jason through a maze of stairways and rooms. Each room was decorated in different styles and had different BDSM themes as well. Finally they came to a large room that had about ten people in various states of undress milling about. In the centre of the room was a dais that held three golden chairs.

Jason stood to the side slightly in the main room and crossed his arms over his chest. He seemed to be the most dressed of the whole room, with only his arms and head showing. At first glance he could have come directly from a Matrix film.

Ivan left his side and joined a female dressed only in a hula skirt. The woman anxiously whispered something to Ivan who shrugged. The woman frowned then looked at Jason.

Jason raised an eyebrow as he watched the woman whispering and glared at her, his natural menace coming through.

The woman simply arched an eyebrow then whispered something else to Ivan who looked at Jason and laughed. He abruptly stopped laughing when the door at the far end of the room opened and three very different men walked confidently into the room. Immediately the others in the room began dropping to all fours and bowing low.

Jason was the only one standing in the room, his body frozen in place as his eyes stared at the centre man. It couldn't be him? But how? Had he been following me? Jason wasn't given anymore time to think before he received a rough shove. "Down on your knees, pet! The masters have entered the room."

Jason glared at the one who had shoved him, his voice now full of venom and anger. "That man is no Master to me."

Jason slowly turned to the centre man he had been staring at and addressed him directly. "Isn't that right...Dad."

The man was burly and had the same features as Jason. His hair was peppered with some grey hairs. "You will obey the rules, Jason, or Kisha suffers. Your behaviour reflects on her or didn't she explain that to you?"

Jason couldn't help but smile as he looked at the window a moment and gave his father a hard stare. "Still can't bear the shame of having to punish your own son can you Dad? Always have to punish someone else. Well guess what Dad, you lay a finger on her and I'll do ten times worse to you then I did to that rapist Mario."

The older man of the three stiffened and turned glittering eyes on Jason. "So it was your son, Mathias that did that to my boy."

Mathias sighed. "Bernado, don't go getting excited. Our two sons have been feuding over Kisha for a while now. My boy just happened to be a little more forceful in staking his claim."

Bernado glared at Mathias before walking over to the girl in the hula skirt and roughly jerking her to her feet. He dragged her unresisting form behind him as he took his seat in the centre of the three chairs. He pulled hard on the girl's arm and she stumbled backward on to his lap with a surprised cry which she immediately stifled.

Jason held out his arms by his sides. "So whats it to be Dad? One on one? One on Five? One on Ten? Knife fight? Gun fight? Chain fight? Or are you simply going to run from me like you did mom when she stopped obeying you?"

"You know nothing boy. You were young and stupid and your mother broke the contract she and I had agreed on. Nothing more, nothing less."

"I know this, I had to grow up practically on the streets because mom could barely afford to pay the rent working 3 jobs. I know she nearly broke down from the stress of having to try and raise a child on her own with no time to do it. And I sure as hell know how much it hurt for her to ask for you on her death bed and I had no idea where the hell you had run to. Try knowing that Dad."

Something seemed to pass through Mathias' eyes but was quickly gone. "I know she died asking for me. It was my own private room I had them put her in when I found out how sick she was."

"Yeah, she was sick, and you never showed up to see her, not once. And you lucky Kisha's here. Other wise I'd rip your shrivelled black heart out right now for abandoning her."

Jason was trembling with pent up rage, his fists clenching and unclenching. "So what's it gonna be huh?"

"Always in a mood to fight, isn't he?" The third man said. He was younger looking than the other two but no less imposing. His ebony skin shone with health.

"You have no idea," Mathias said with a frown before snapping his fingers. One of the young men scurried over to his side. Mathias smiled and caressed the man's ass.

Raising an eyebrow Jason shook his head and let out a small sigh. "Still a coward I see, no matter then. Maybe when you grow some balls you'll come take your punishment like a real man. Until then, all you'll ever be is a pansy. Even if you are the most sadistic dom in the world. You know in your heart that you don't have the guts to take responsibility for sending my mother to her death."

"Oh, I know I killed her. You don't think I can let a challenge to my authority go unanswered did you? She was nothing but another two bit whore that happened to give me a son. She was pathetic really. I knew that if I left you alone you would become what you are today. So your mother was unnecessary and I took steps to insure that she died quickly though painlessly. She had been, after all, a good slave for a little while but then she got pregnant with you and she changed. But that's all water under the bridge now isn't it?" He mocked as he and the male he had called over went to his chair and sat down. Jason immediately lunged for his father, fire in his eyes as his legs sprung into action, rage flowing through every part of his body. He never made it for Ivan flung out his arm and knocked Jason aside sending him sprawling. Jason landed heavily on the floor, the air being driven from his lungs as he landed. Spluttering, Jason moved to his feet and glared. "Don't you ever DARE speak of my mother with that wretched tongue. You have no right to speak of her in such a way!"

Mathias looked at his son. "I can talk about the whore any way I choose. I think it's ironic that you would fall into this lifestyle. Of course, Kisha is the sweetest of enticements. She has been kept in the dark concerning our relationship. It will be up to you to tell her," Mathias said with a smirk as he fondled his male plaything's cock.

Jason glared at his father and glanced at Ivan, sizing him up once more. "How about she finds out about it on your tomb stone? She can read it while she reads Mario's. You two would look good together. Two faggot rapists who can't fight their own battles."

"Mouthy, just like your mother," Mathias spat. The African-American man selected a woman and a man and brought them over to his chair. He put the woman in his lap and the male at his feet.

"Drake, go fetch Kisha, she should be ready," he ordered.

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