tagBDSMA Sub of All Kinks Ch. 11

A Sub of All Kinks Ch. 11


He rolled with the slap, glaring a moment but obeying reluctantly. He was as yet unaware of what he had done to deserve this but he would find out soon enough. He stood, facing the wall, his nose a few inches from it.

She paced about irritably. He hadn't done anything wrong, not exactly anyway. But she was feeling bitchy and ever since they had become a couple she had found herself more and more becoming short with him over stupid things. She wasn't sure why but she just did.

He idly rubbed his throbbing ear and adjusted his shirt, pulling it out of his shorts to keep cool, revealing for a split second the ever argued over tattoo.

Her eyes narrowed when she saw the tattoo and her irritation rose but she fought it down quickly. She waited twenty minutes before she finally let him out of the corner.

He stayed where he was, feeling more than a little pissed at the punishment, did she think he was a child? "How about I stay here for a while longer, maybe you can think up some more mystery reasons for it that I'll never find out like everything else these days."

She snarled and with a quick flick sent the whip whistling toward his leg. It wrapped around his leg and with one strong tug, she sent him crashing to the floor. She was on him in an instant and placed her spiked heel against his back and pressed slightly. "What did you say, slave?"

His forehead cracked off the hardwood floors with a thud, stars sparkling in front of his vision as he felt the sharp pain of her heel in his spine. He winced and groaned in pain, arching his back expertly to try and get away from the pain. "I said you never tell me reasons for such degrading punishments anymore...mistress." Even now with spots in his vision, a throbbing head ache and a spiked heel in his back, he could feel the tell tale signs of arousal building.

She leaned down toward him and jerked his head back, making sure her grip on his hair was bruising. "And who said I have to explain anything to you, slut?"

His face became a mask of pain as he tried to arch enough to relieve the pressure in his scalp. "No one mistress...you used to though."

"Yes and look what a nice great big mess that got us in," she spat out.

His breathing was getting harder as felt the pain maintain itself, he couldn't lay like this for long with it doing some real damage. "Please mistress, I'm not this flexible..."

She let go of his hair but kept her heel pressed against his back. "But you should be flexible. You've become lazy. You're losing your shape. Maybe I should get rid of you."

He fell forward with an oof, the air expelled from his lungs rapidly as he tried to clear the pain from his mind. "No, please. I've been lacking and I'm sorry Mistress. I should've been able to find some way to make 28 hours in a day to do some exercise while caring for you when you were injured..." He knew he was being a little heavy on the guilt, but it had gotten him so far as of late.

"So you're blaming me?" she asked right before she hit his ass with the whip.

He hissed and shifted as the pain lanced through his flesh, he hadn't felt it this much for many weeks now. His tolerance levels had dropped significantly. He stared at the floor and quietly spoke. "No mistress, I am blaming myself. I shouldn't have molly cuddled you. I should have left you to your pain while I thought of only my own well being."

"You never did learn when to shut your mouth." She hit him four more times with the whip, each blow landing around the first one on his ass.

Each blow was met with an uncharacteristic yelp of pain and a squirm. His tolerance training seeming like it had never happened.

"You're weak, soft, and pitiful. What kind of slave are you? You're useless. So what are you going to do about it? Hmm?"

He closed his eyes for what seemed like eternity before whispering softly, a hint of fear in his voice. "Retrain me, Mistress." He hated to have to say those words, some of the lessons she had taught him had left him aching for days sometimes even weeks.

Satisified with his response she removed her foot from his back. "Your training starts tomorrow. You have my permission to do whatever the fuck excites that little brain of yours but tomorrow your ass is mine."

With a soft groan he put his nose to the floor and muttered something under his breath. Slowly he pushed himself onto his knees and turned to face her. With overly dramactic grace, he leant down and gently placed a kiss on the toes of each of her boots as a sign of his willing submission.

She didn't move a muscle as she watched his show of obedience. "You may go."

He slowly rose and turned silently, exiting the room as if he was a ghost. At least one part of his training hadn't been forgotten.

The dawn light crept across the floor like a burning tide of destiny, illuminating Jason's discarded clothes. He was asleep in the spare room, his mistress having not permitted him one last night with her before his nightmare would begin once more. He had dug a hole too deep this time and he was now doomed and destined to face the training he endured at his beginning.

He prayed that this night would never end, however, all too soon the light was caressing his face and he was dragged from the comfort of his dreams.

She stood in the training room and double checked her things. She would be in control. She was mistress here, damnit!

Softly he sighed and pulled the covers up over his head and wished the dawn to go away. Maybe if he stayed perfectly still, Kisha wouldn't know he was there.

Satisfied that everything was ready she headed to the spare room and unlocked the door. "On your feet, slave."

The covers didn't move, his form seeming to still be asleep.

She smirked and then jerked the covers off him. "Strip now. I want to see your nude flesh."

He softly groaned to himself and shivered a moment, knowing that he had no choice. Gradually he stood and slide off his t-shirt and boxer shorts. He stood shivering a moment, the air cold in comparison to his warm bed.

She critically eyed him before walking up and grabbing his chin in a bruising grip. "If you try faking again you will regret it immensely. Do we understand each other, boy toy?"

He decided to try the innocence cards, maybe it would work this time. "Faking what Mistress?"

He did his best to look innocent but the morning wood only lead to ruining the effect.

Kisha shook her head as she let go of his chin. Then she viciously backhanded him.

He was rocked backwards on to the bed from the blow and glared at her. Fortunately for him, he had not cried out as she struck his face.

She did it again. "Your eyes are not to be on my face unless you are told to do so. On your feet, slut."

His lips had begun to bleed with the last strike. Softly he whispered, "Sorry Mistress."

"time to train. go to the training room." she spun on her heel and stalked from the room to the kitchen. training always worked up her appetite.

He nodded in affirmative and moved quietly, almost soundlessly across the hallway to the training room where he slowly took in the sight before him.

She went to the kitchen and fixed her a salad, grabbed a glass of sherry and headed to the training room.

He stood, waiting by the door, hand behind his back, looking out the wide bay windows. Patiently he waited for his mistress to return, maybe she had gotten distracted by something shiny down there...

She opened the door. Ignoring him she walked over to the table and set her food and drink. "Touch yourself. Slowly," she ordered.

He raised an eyebrow at this comment, hesitating a moment before complying with her order, slowly working his fast up and down his solid shaft.

She watched and then picked up a riding crop and circled him. Suddenly she snaked out and the crop connected with his wrist with a resounding smack. "I've seen you do better than that, ho. Do it right!"

He hissed and jerked his hand away a moment when she smacked his wrist. He resisted the urge to glare directly at her. Once more he grasped his shaft and began to tease his shaft once more, putting effort in to it this time.

She watched and then trailed the riding crop up his arm and across his shoulders. "Much better. I knew you could do it."

He shivered as the cool leather trailed across his flesh, biting his lip a moment as the pleasurable feelings built up within him.

She continued the assault, this time going down his back and to his butt where she slowly circled it.

A low moan escaped his lips and he shuddered, the fear of being smacked with the crop across his back and buttocks radiated off him as his shoulders trembled fractionally.

His breathing had grown heavier, a sign that his orgasm would soon be on the way.

"You will not cum until permission has been given."

His hand immediately stopped moving on his member, letting the feeling subside within himself.

The response from her was immediate as the riding crop rose and fell five times hard across his ass. "Did I say you could stop?"

He couldn't hold back the words this time as he jerked forwards a step to escape the blows, his hand moving to protect his ass. "Ah jesus fuck!"

"Jesus has nothing to do with this." She hit him again, this time the blows landed on his hand. "Move your hand."

He jerked his hand out of the way, having to take a few minutes to calm his temperament. His muscles and ass were burning from the strikes that had landed upon them. His breathing was hard again but this time not from arousal, although his erection was straining upwards and aching from the pulse racing through it.

She lightly ran the crop along his welts. "I do believe my pet is angry yet," she reached around him and stroked his hard cock, "he's so hard. What a contradiction."

He closed his eyes and winced as the welt stung as the crop was dragged across them. He moaned loudly as his mistress stroked his length. His knees almost buckling from the intense feelings shooting through his length like a bolt of lightning.

"I don't like contradiction and I don't like angry slaves. We'll have to cure you of both of those traits." She brought the crop around and ran it along his length, her eyes on his.

His eyes were ablaze with passion, the trait that he was famous for and a trait the mistresses and masters he had been loaned out to, loathed with the utmost hatred.

His eyes fluttered closed for a moment, the pure erotism of the crop tracing his shaft making him shudder, on the edge of climax, "You can try mistress...but I doubt it will work...after all, how much fun would I be if I did not have contradiction...?"

Her smirk was the only answer before she gave him a hard enough tap with the crop to sting but not to wound.

A partly strangled gasp was heard and his fists clenched tight. On the tip of his cock a drop of pre-cum formed and slowly began to slither down his shaft. His breathing was laboured now...it wouldn't take much to push him over the edge at this point.

"Are you horny?" She ran the crop up his abs to his throat and stopped.

He swallowed and nodded the affirmative, his voice strained as he spoke, "Yes Mistress, very."

"That's too bad. You won't be getting any relief today." She left his side for a moment and returned with a collar and a cock ring. "Put them on."

A pained look of almost pleading crossed his face and after a moment of hesitation did as he was instructed, securing both properly upon himself, very carefully putting the cock ring on so he did not cum.

"You may go sit in the corner and every ten minutes you will stroke yourself five times. You will not cum."

A look that suggested he thought his mistress had lost her mind crossed his mind a moment before he nodded and softly replied, "Yes mistress..."

He quietly made his way to the corner and sat down facing it.

She started a timer. "I'll be watching you." Turning on her heel she went back to the table and start eating her salad. Ten minutes went by and the timer beeped.

With his back to his mistress he smiled slightly and gave himself 5 light strokes. Knowing she couldn't see through him.

Suddenly he received a shock from the collar.

He cried out in pain, his head arcing back as the electricity shot through his neck. How had she seen? there was no way she could have seen. He gripped his erection firmly and stroked as hard as he could.

"Never try to repeat tricks you've done before. I have an excellent memory," she drawled in between bites of her salad.

He groaned out loud and muttered something under his breath as he put his head against the wall, closing his eyes.

The timer resumed it's ticking as it slowly countdown the next ten minutes.

Once more he gave his shaft 5 firm strokes, a long groan heard as he tensed his pc muscle trying to hold back his climax. He was trembling with effort. He hadn't had relief in almost 3 days now, it was not a pleasant feeling.

"You will continue to do this for an hour and then you may rest. If you slack off or cum you will be punished."

A loud moan and groan came from the corner, knowing this would be an absolutely horror to accomplish, he was on edge as it was. Surely he would come before the hour mark.

She heard his groan and chuckled. "Find some way to endure, my pet. I'll be back."

When the final hour mark had passed, his entire body was on edge as the final stroke finished. His breathing was coming in ragged pants and sweat was pouring off him in concentration. He definitely wouldn't manage another time.

She re-entered the room and looked at him. "Take off the collar and cock ring. Go take a cold shower and rest. If you jack off you'll be punished. You may eat something after you sleep."

He shook his head a moment, knowing that if he touched himself right now he would erupt like a volcano. "I can't mistress...too close."

"Better find a way." She stroked the riding crop and eyed him.

He swallowed a moment and knew he had no choice. His hand reached down and grasped his shaft, his muscles tightening immensely. With steam engine breathing rhythm he got the cock ring off, however the sudden release of pressure caused one singular, but large rope of cum to shoot forth from his tip on to the floor.

The punishment was immediate as the crop landed hard on his arm.

He cried out as the harsh blow broke the skin. He moved to cover his arm a moment before stopping himself and straightening up. He extended his arm and stood firm, defying the pain he felt, blocking it out as his past had taught him.

"Good, very good. But useless. You have shown you have no self-control." She grabbed his arm and forced him down to his knees. "Clean it up with your tongue."

His eyes slipped into a deep glare for a good minute before he leant down and licked the cum expertly off the floor.

"Now go clean yourself off, I'm tired of looking at you."

The words struck home and the look in his eyes changed visibly, he looked down at the floor and nodded. Quietly he slipped the collar off and laid it down with the cock ring before silently exiting, heading straight for the shower.

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