tagBDSMA Sub of All Kinks Ch. 12

A Sub of All Kinks Ch. 12


Jason lay face down on the small bed in the spare room, his groin aching with the need to relieve his desires. He knew however that if he did so, he would find himself in a world of pain. It was a tough choice to pick which future he wanted to experience.

He was drifting in and out of a shallow sleep, so barely noticed when he mistress entered he room carrying a tray.

On the tray she carried it contained a fruit salad and a glass of milk. She needed him to have quick energy for today's session.

His nose filled with the scent of fruit and gradually he was roused from his slumber. Groaning his eyes flickered open and he took in the vision of his mistress before him. His mind dreaded what lay on the tray just out of sight.

"Rise cupcake and eat breakfast. Can't have you fainting because you have no energy."

He sat up and winced at the ache still lingering in his loins, his eyes falling on the contents of the tray. His face contorted into a mask of revulsion. He had never been one for fruit.

"Eat up. I don't want any left in the bowl." She hadn't filled it to overflowing but it was close.

He hesitated and looked up at her with a pleading look, "But mistress, I don't think I could stomach some of this stuff."

"Better develop a stomach because you will eat them all or you will have to suffer what I choose as a substitute."

He was willing to chance it; exotic fruits made his tongue hate him, "What would the alternative be then?"

"A bowl of piss," she replied.

With visible reluctance he began to eat the contents of the bowl, forcing himself to swallow some of the harsher tasting fruits before gladly downing the glass of milk.

"You may pick one item of clothing to wear and then it is time for obedience training."

His eyes dipped to the floor as he spoke softly, traces of fatigue still in his voice. "Yes Mistress."

When allowed to rise he quietly walked over to the dresser and selected a pair of knee length shorts. This would grant him enough modesty should he be made to go outside wearing only the item, but also grant his mistress easy access to his intimate regions.

She pointed to the door. "Go to my bedroom and take out the items you find in the box. I want you to put them on and meet me at the front door."

He nodded once more and silently headed towards his Mistress' bedroom, slightly fearful of the items he would find within there. He entered her bedroom and his eyes fell upon the items laid out before him.

Kisha followed slowly behind him, a smile on her face. She knew what his reaction would be and she was looking forward to it.

Quietly he picked up the spiked collar, it's supple leather soft to the touch and the glinting chrome spikes contrasting perfectly with the dark leather.

He frowned in puzzlement a moment and looked at his mistress. "Where is MY collar Mistress? The one I have always worn?"

"That collar is worn only by WELL BEHAVED pets. I don't see any of those around. Do you?" She studied him as she waited for his answer.

His frowned deepened, "That was not the case before. I have worn that collar ever since my first training party. Since then I have been worse than this..."

"You are so predictable," she stated calmly. "Are you refusing to wear the gift?"

He shook his head and slid the collar around his neck, fastening it snugly to his skin. "No Mistress, I was simply curious."

He attached the chain to the D-Ring and held it out for his Mistress to take.

Kisha took the chain leash and walked out the room. She didn't look to see if it was choking him or not. She was going to prove a point and he was going to learn a very important point.

Jason fell into step with his Mistress, staying a respectable distance behind her. He smiled for a moment, his eyes sliding down to her perfect buttocks shifting under her clothes.

"We're going to walk around the neighbourhood. And you are going to put on a little show."

There was a slight tug as he slowed his pace down in shock. His eyes shot up to the back of her head, immediately asking in a worried tone. "What kind of show Mistress?"

He was forced to speed back up again as the relentless pulling of the chain constricted his wind pipe. He wasn't sure what she meant by that, he guessed he would find out when they got there.

She took him down the street and knocked on the door. She smiled pleasantly when old lady Miller opened it. The lady wasn't really old. She was in her mid-fifties and very, very horny. Often times Ms. Miller would eye the pets Kisha was training. This was as good a place as any to start.

He kept his eyes to the ground as his Mistress knocked on the door and spoke with Ms. Miller. He idly twiddled his thumbs behind his back as he waited.

Ms. Miller eyed Kisha suspiciously but then brightened when she saw Jason. "You come bearing gifts?"

"Oh yes. You see, he's going to get you off. And then he's going to let you find your favourite dildo and fuck him in the ass," Kisha whispered, a smirk on her face.

Ms. Miller hungrily eyed Jason then, her body roving over his body. "Can I touch now?" She licked her lips.

"But of course. Have to preview the goods before using," Kisha chuckled as she jerked on the chain to force Jason to step closer.

Jason promptly stepped forwards, seeming a little too eager for his mistress' liking. He had heard the rumours about Ms. Miller being a sexy nymphomaniac. But now that he seen her up close, he couldn't believe his luck. "I'd personally suggest saving my biceps for last Ma'am, they are said to be my best asset."

Ms. Miller tittered. "You can call me Layla and I'll make sure you're satiated sexy boy."

Kisha handed the chain to Layla. "You get him for an hour Layla. Make the most of it."

"Oh I will. I will," she replied and eagerly tugged Jason inside the house.

Jason walked forwards with a smug smirk on his face, at least he wouldn't have to deal with his mistress' temperament for an hour. He could do with a break, his groin was still aching with a dull pain and he hoped that Layla would perhaps even ride him with her sexy looking body.

Kisha waited until Layla had closed the door before laughing. Poor Jason. He was going to be in for a nasty shock. She pulled out her cell phone. "Ian? Is your friend Corey still horny?" She walked back over to the house to get things ready. Jason was going to have a very busy day.

He eagerly followed Layla into her master bedroom, his eyes flitting across the various pieces of furniture before quietly speaking. "Where would you like me to start Layla?"

"I want you to go down on me. Make me cream," she begged as she pressed her body against him.

He nodded and let his hands work on automatic pilot, flicking open the buttons and letting her dress fall to her ankles. The sight before him however froze him in his tracks and even forced him to step back, whispering in horrified tones. "Holy shit!...how?"

"How what? You know how to stick your dick in the correct hole don't you?" Layla tugged at his shorts.

He stammered a bit trying to get his bearing before nodding and swallowing. "Of course I do."

"You're mine for an hour. Suck me good baby and then fuck me with that nice large dick I can see bulge in your shorts.

He quickly tried to worm his way out of having to taste the worn out looking pussy before him, "I think you are ready for a good fucking without needing any preparation, after all how often do you get a stud fucking you for an a hour?"

"You'd be amazed. You will lick my pussy and make me cream or I'll call Kisha."

Jason swallowed and looked over her body with a grimace before dropping to his knees with extreme reluctance. His guts began to knot and he knew from the aroma wafting from her pussy that he would vomit if exposed to this for too long.

Impatiently Layla grabbed the back of his head and shoved him face first into her pussy. "Lick it boy toy."

His body tensed as the stench overwhelmed his senses and he clawed at her thighs a moment before realising the only way out was by getting her off.

With his guts wrenching and doing somersaults, his tongue snaked out and attempted to set the world record for the quickest orgasm in history, using every trick he knew to get this sagging stinking bat off.

Layla moaned and arched her hips forcing her pussy to smother his face.

"Oh yeah, baby! That's right use that tongue! Working me! Make me cream!"

Once more his hands began clawing at her thighs, his nails digging into her flesh and drawing blood in distress. He couldn't take it anymore; he was going to lose his breakfast all over this disgusting cunt if she didn't let him out.

Layla eased up. "Breathe, slut, breathe. Your mistress obviously has trained you to take everything that comes at you," she sneered. "Since you're so weak you can use your fingers to make me cream. But I will be complaining to Kisha about your lack of expertise."

The first chance he got, he ripped his away from the source of his nausea and promptly threw up on the carpet, wiping at his face in a futile attempt to get the vile taste and stench off his face.

"Now, use your fingers and make me cum," she demanded once he finished vomiting.

His face contorted into a look of revulsion and defiance as his temperament began to rise. He stood up and spat his word out at her. "How about you have a fucking wash first then I'll consider it you filthy stinking crone! There's no way in HELL I am touching you again, fuck it I'll take an hour of punishment over this any day. I'm outta here."

He spun on his heel and had to resist the urge to run as he stalked towards the doorway.

Layla rolled her eyes and picked up the phone. She called Kisha and told her Jason was leaving and she was not satisfied at all. She hung up and pouted. Oh well, there were other men to fill her pussy.


Kisha sat the phone back down. She knew he wouldn't be able to handle it. It was sad really that he was so predictable. She went to her room and got a pair of handcuffs, her favourite bullwhip and her electric prod. She sat them down on the table next to the door and waited for Jason to come home.

As soon as he was through the front door, he dashed for the bathroom, another noisy session of gut wrenching vomit erupting from his stomach as the stench on his face penetrating his senses again.

His hand flailed up for the flush, grateful for the sudden rush of clear water rinsing his corrupted head. When he finally lifted his head from the bowl, his face was white as a sheet and looked as if he had been suffering from the flu. His groans and the minor convulsions that followed were triggered by the all too recent memories of that disgusting pussy.

Kisha let him rush by. She listened as he lost the contents of his stomach and she smiled. His day wasn't over yet. "When you're finished you will return to the front door," she announced. She knew that he could hear her since the bathroom was only a few feet away from the door.

There was silence, other than the rhythmic panting as he tried to keep the contents of his stomach down. After a moment he quietly called out with a mixed in groan. "I think that woman could have been classified as a weapon for biological warfare."

Gradually he felt his stomach settle and he quietly, with increasing paranoia, made his way to the front door.

"I want you to remove your shorts and then get down on your hands and knees," she ordered once he rounded the corner and was five feet from her.

He took a moment to predict any more potential health risks before complying, sliding his shorts off and kicking them away from himself and lowering himself to his hands and knees, looking down at the floor.

"Crawl to me like the dog you are." She watched his every move. She hadn't yet picked up or used any of the items she had brought from her room to the front door.

He shuffled forwards quietly, stopping just in front of her, still on his knees, awaiting the next order from his mistress.

Ms. Miller was very disappointed with your performance. Because I always guarantee satisfaction we will be going back over there and you will give her the fifty minutes you owe her. I'm taking my handcuffs, whip and prod to insure that you do the job right. You will crawl over there and you will beg her to let you eat her pussy."

Softly he spoke with a hint of defiance but satiated with determination. "I'd rather take three hours under the whip mistress. That woman cannot have had a bath in weeks."

"Doesn't matter. You are a dog. Dogs love nasty filthy scents. Now that your stomach is empty of things to vomit you should be fine lick that pussy."

He stayed perfectly still, staring at the floor in front of him and said only one word, firmly and in a commanding tone. "No."

"Wrong answer," she replied as she picked up the electric prod, thumbed it on and pressed it against his left ass cheek hard.

He cried out in pain as the electricity flowed through buttocks, making him jerk. Once again he replied with only one words, "No."

She shook her head. She applied the prod to his balls next.

The cry was louder this time and his body jerked forwards involuntarily. But still he persisted in his refusal, his voice quivering now. "No Mistress."

"Wrong response." This time the prod connected with his penis and she held it a few seconds longer than necessary.

Again he cried out, his fist hitting the floor as the pain lanced through his groin. His voice was still clear but sounding less defiant. "No Mistress, I will not go back there."

She circled back around him, picked up the whip and then did two things at once. Touched his balls with the electric prod and then began whipping him severely across his ass.

He cried out louder this time, his body falling forwards onto his elbows to escape the pain. His eyes squeezed shut and muttering through clenched teeth. "No Mistress."

"No? Hmm, stubborn today, aren't we." She left the room for a moment and came back. She dumped a bucket of water over him and began shocking him on his back, ass, and balls. In between prods she would give him six lashes on various locations on his body.

This time Jason was forced to scream as the pain arced through his wet flesh. He could only take this sort of punishment for a few moments and finally gave in shouting, "Alright, alright, I'll do it."

"Good boy." she patted his head and picked up the chain. She kept the whip in her hand as well as the prod. "Start walking. You'll dry off on the way over there."

He was breathing in ragged pants as he once more rose to stand. "Can I put the shorts back on so I don't get arrested for indecent exposure?"

"No. I'm not an owner who walks a dog in cute little outfits. You may stretch for a moment but then back on all fours."

He sighed for a long moment before doing the stretches he could remember, thankful that this neighbourhood was populated by fellow slaves and dominatrixes. Quietly he got back onto all fours, not saying a word.

She opened the door and led him back over to Layla's house. She knocked on the door and smiled when Layla opened it.

"I'm sorry my pet behaved poorly. He's ready to try again. You know what they say, practice makes perfect."

Layla hungrily eyed Jason's nude body. "No problem. I'm ready for him."

He muttered quietly but still clearly heard, "Better have cleaned up this time or a'll vomit on your face this time..."

Layla's eyes narrowed and then she backhanded him. "Maybe we should wash his mouth out with soap," she suggested.

Kisha smiled. "I haven't tried that yet. It has merit," she mused.

His head rolled with the back hand and his temper snapped. He roughly pushed Layla back at the waist, forcing her backwards to the floor, the words flying from his mouth before he could stop them. "Slap me again an I'm gonna throw you a beating. No one but Kisha touches me without permission."

Layla hit the floor and the whip sang through the air and landed hard on Jason's back.

Another cry erupted from him and he fell forwards onto his hands once more, his back feeling like it was on fire.

"Pets do not attack visitors or friendly strangers who are attempting to train them. She will strike you if she chooses. She will discipline you as she sees fit and you will accept it all," she ordered, her voice harsh. She grabbed him by his hair and jerked his head up. "Do you understand?"

He grunted and winced as she yanked his head upwards and spoke in a growl, "Yes Mistress..."

"Layla. He's all yours. If he doesn't perform this time I'll give you front row seats to a gangbang involving my pet."

He continued to stare at the floor, trying to block out the pain that was searing through his flesh.

"Thank you, Kisha for another chance," Layla said as she stood.

Kisha handed her the chain. She gave Jason's ass a hard slap that left the imprint of her hand visible. "Be a good boy and play nice," she said and then left the two of them alone.

Layla waited until the door closed before she got a good grip on Jason's hair and jerked his head up.

"I'll teach you to make a fool of me in front of Kisha!" she hissed and began slapping him hard several times.

He let his head move as much as it could with each stinging slap, however with her hand gripping his hair there was little movement available.

"Now, come, dog, you have some licking to do."

He merely grunted and followed his temporary Mistress once more up to her bedroom. The vomit had been cleaned up and thankfully the gut wrenching smell from before had disappeared.

She took him to a different room that was full of lavious furniture and she sprawled herself on a nearby divan. "Now suck me!"

He sighed softly and muttered something in audible before crawling over to her. His head dipped between her now clean and fragrant thighs, however no scent could possibly make up for the sagging stretch hole before him. His tongue darted out with basic licks, enough to cause a decent pleasure but with minimal effort on his part.

"Harder!" she ordered and pushed his face closer. "I know you lick better than that. If you didn't Kisha wouldn't have kept you."

He pulled his head back a moment to speak, "Who said she kept me for this?"

He was cut off as she forced his face in once more, keeping to the basic tactics.

Layla wasn't satisfied at all but she decided to let him do it his way. After all, she did get to report to Kisha. That prospect made her smile.

He continued with the lazy strokes of his tongue, patiently working away like a carpenter whittling away a sculpture till he sensed Layla begin to tense in pleasure.

Yep she'd had better but she did give the obligatory moans even as her body tensed and she felt the coming of a rather tame orgasm. She'd had harder orgasms with her dildo than she was getting from this reluctant man.

When he felt the wetness of her orgasm coat his face, he slowly drew back from her and wiped his face with his hand. He looked up at her with a cat like stare, blank and emotionless.

Layla looked at the clock. Time was up anyway. She heard the doorbell ring. "Your mistress is here. Let's go." She picked up the chain leash and led him back out to the main room. "Come in!"

Kisha walked in and looked from Jason to Layla. "Pet you may take yourself home and get a shower." She unclipped the chain from his spiked collar.

He nodded promptly to his mistress and silently left the house, running quickly back to the house, the tarmac on the ground had now become quite hot and threatened to burn his feet. When he finally got in, hopping from the heat in his feet, he immediately headed for the shower, turning it on to a strong cold. He groaned in relief as the chilly waters washed away the heat of the day.

"He didn't do it right, did he?" Kisha asked as she picked up the chain.

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