tagBDSMA subbie's Valentine's Day

A subbie's Valentine's Day


I'm rushing to get home, knowing You will be calling soon. Work ran late and I'm afraid I wont make it home on time. The phone is ringing as I walk through the door. I glance at the clock and notice I'm fifteen minutes late. I'm hoping you are too as I grab the cordless and head for the bedroom.

"Hello." Almost out of breath, I'm rushing through the house.

"You're late." Is all You say. Upset with myself for disappointing You, I apologize and explain why. I'm struggling to get my nipple rings on before You ask if I remembered, knowing You are tired of having to remind me. Finally they are on and I can relax a bit.

"I'm thinking I wont tell you about the surprise I have for you, since you made me wait." You tell me.

I'm not sure if You are just teasing me or are serious. So with caution, I ask "What surprise is that Sir?" My voice is a whisper, low with anticipation. Your surprises are always so exciting.

"You'll find out soon enough, my dear. Now, how was your day?" You ask.

An hour goes by before You mention it again.

"Well, my dear since you were a good girl and remembered to put your rings on, I'll tell you what your surprise is."

Even though You can't see my face You know I'm smiling and can think of nothing else but You at this moment. I hold my breath, waiting, wondering what You have in store for me this time.

"You know Valentines Day is this Saturday, don't you?" You ask.

I struggle to answer quickly, "Yes Sir."

"Well, I thought you might like to know I have made arrangements for you to come to me. But, since you were late I don't think I'll tell you." Your voice is light with laughter as You reveal Your surprise.

"What?" I squeal, jumping to my feet. "I'm really coming there?"

I'm so excited I can hardly stand still.

"Hmmm, interesting. She seems to have forgotten she is in trouble." You think out loud.

"Oh Master, I said I was sorry. When am I leaving?"

You laugh and tell me tomorrow evening. My breathe catches in my throat.

"So soon? I hope I can get everything done in time. And I can't believe You made me wait an hour before telling me."

"That's what you get for being late, my dear." You tell me.

Another hour passes as we discuss the details of my trip. I am to leave work and go straight to the airport. I am upset when You tell me I will have to take a cab to Your house.

"Will You be working late again?" I ask, trying to keep my disappointment from showing.

"Yes dear. I am sorry for that, but there is nothing I can do about it. When you get there I want you to take a shower and go to bed. Don't wait up for me. Understood?"

"Yes Sir." My voice showing the frustration this time, but I am too excited for it to last long.

"Now, I want you to get your things done and get to bed early. You will be needing your rest." You inform me.

Knowing the conversation is now over, I say good night and wish You sweet dreams.

"Always my dear, they are filled with images of you." And with that You're gone.

I'm so excited, I do a little dance in the middle of the living room, then rush to get my things done and myself to bed. The night goes by quickly but the next day seems to drag on forever. My boss asked me to stay late and I was certain I would miss my plane. But I rushed through my work faster than usual and practically flew to the airport. Breathing a sigh of relief as I am finally sitting on the plane ready for take off. During the 2-hour flight I flip through a fashion magazine trying to ignore my shaking hands. I read the same paragraph twice then finally give up. Laying the magazine in my lap and looking down at my wrist. It holds the charm bracelet You gave me for Christmas. It's a bright silver chain with one charm on it, Your initials. It dangles from my wrist reminding

me, always, I am Yours.

Just as You promised, there is a cab waiting for me outside the terminal doors. The driver takes my bags and opens the back door for me. He informs me he already knows where to take me and that I am not to worry about paying him. I thank him for his kindness and slide in the back seat. As he takes me through the now familiar route to Your home I sit there thinking how good it feels to be back. I just wish I didn't have to wait until the next day to see You. With any luck I will fall asleep fast and morning will come in the blink of an eye. The driver pulls up in front of Your home then proceeds to get my bags from the trunk. I notice the car in the driveway and knowing it isn't Yours, I wonder who it belongs to. You didn't say anything about someone being here when I got here, but I guess I'll find out soon enough. I walk to the front door with the cab driver, he was kind enough to carry my bags for me. I try to tip him but he refuses, saying he was well compensated already. Apparently you have taken care of every detail not wanting me to have to worry about anything. With a glance down at my wrist, I think how wonderful You are and how special You make me feel. No one has ever made me feel the way You do, like I'm a princess and deserve only the best.

Once inside I notice the lights on in the living room. "Hello." I call out, as I walk towards them.

"Well, hello there sweets. We were beginning to wonder when you were getting here." Gabrielle's sweet voice carries from the other room to my ears. I'm thankful she can't see me since my face just went bright red from visions of the last time I saw her. My cheeks burn even hotter when I realize she said "We."

I walk into the living room to see her with two other women. One of them is sitting on the couch with her long legs crossed in front of her. She has long dark red hair and my lips twitch when I see her mouth. Soft sweet red lips, I just want to press mine into them.

Gabrielle's voice shakes me out of my thoughts as she begins to introduce us.

"Come here darling. This is Tiffany and Bridget. I believe you were told about them?"

My hand shakes slightly when I reach for Tiffany's, remember that You had told me about them just before I left at Christmas.

After the introductions Tiffany and Bridget each take one of my bags and begin to walk down the hallway.

"Come with us. You look like you could use a shower." Gabrielle tells me as she takes my hand and begins to pull me along. I try and step back but she is strong and wont let go.

"Umm, Gabrielle. There is no need for your help. I can take a shower alone." My words are stumbling out of my mouth as I try to get free. My mind is full of all that could happen in there but I'm a bit nervous and unsure if You would approve. Gabrielle stops in front of me, turns around placing her hand on my cheek. Her skin is so soft and smells so sweet, it makes me moan.

"It's ok sweetheart, these are His orders." She tells me. I look up at her and smile as she begins to pull me along behind her. All my worries gone now. By the time the two of us get to the bathroom, Bridget and Tiffany have the shower water running and the steam is fogging up the whole room. Behind me Gabrielle pulls at my blouse, trying to free me of it. I look over at Tiffany as she starts to take off her clothes. Her curly blonde hair bouncing around her shoulders. She smiles over at me as she slips her panties down her hips to her ankles. My hands ache to touch her milky white skin. Her breasts are tear drop shaped with light pink nipples and even lighter areolas. She turns and I see her bottom, evil thoughts run through my mind as she climbs in the shower. My mind is soon brought back to myself when I realize Gabrielle had managed to take off my clothes while I was watching her friend. I'm pulled into the shower with three naked women and I can't help but get a little nervous. My eyes roam over their bodies, all so different all so beautiful. Gabrielle and Tiffany have the same blonde hair but different styles and Bridget looks so striking with her dark looks standing next to them.

Gabrielle steps forward, obviously the instigator of the three, and places me under the hot water. It stings my shoulders a bit but feels so good as it flows over my body. Tiffany slides behind me and begins to work the water through my hair. Shampoo is added to my head and worked through each strand of hair gently. Her hands feel so wonderful in my hair, my head is leaning back, my neck almost feels like liquid. I feel hands on my breast so I open my eyes to see which stunning creature it is. I feel like I'm being consumed by the two blondes, their hands all over my body. My hair is rinsed and I feel the bubbles gliding down me. My skin is so slick as Gabrielle continues to massage my breasts, kneading them, tweaking each nipple. Just when I think it couldn't get any better I feel a hand glide over my lower lips. I groan deep in my throat as it does it again and again, then presses forward pushing into my pussy. My eyes fly open to find it's Bridget tormenting my pussy. Then Tiffany starts to run her hand over my ass, my hands reach out and grip Gabrielle's shoulders as I feel all their hands on my body at once. Bridget slides one finger inside me, feeling my wetness. My knees almost buckle under the pleasure she is giving me. Tiffany's hand comes down softly on my ass. Giving me a light slam on my left cheek then my right. Gabrielle has her mouth over my nipple, teeth nibbling on it tenderly. My hand runs up her shoulders and into her hair, holding her mouth on my nipple. The hand on my ass gets firmer, slapping harder. I can feel the heat radiating from my cheeks as she continues to spank me. The two fingers in my pussy become three as Bridget forces herself inside me then reaches up with her thumb to rub my clit. I'm moaning so loudly the water flow can barley be heard. Tiffany's hand begins to roam over my ass, feeling the heat she caused. Her hand starts to explore my backside as she slips her fingers between my cheeks. I groan loudly and lay my head back on her shoulders. Spreading my legs, I allow her better access. Gabrielle has replaced her mouth with both her hands and begins to tweak my nipples, pulling and pinching them. The fingers behind me find my small hole and slowly probe it. She is so soft and gentle and a striking difference to the other hands on my body, which are being wonderfully cruel. As Tiffany slowly forces one finger inside me I cry out, screaming in pure pleasure. I know I wont be able to hold back much longer with both of my holes being assaulted like this. My mind and body have been trained to wait for Your command, so I'm holding my orgasm back as best I can. If they don't stop soon I'm afraid I will disobey You.

Gabrielle sensing my distress, whispers, "He has given His permission for you to cum sweetheart."

Before she can even finish the sentence I'm exploding. As my orgasm hits me full force all three girls seem to speed up their torment, pulling my nipples harder, fucking me even faster than before. This makes me scream in ecstasy. My body feels like it is going to break into a million pieces and scatter everywhere. I can barely hold myself up through the orgasms that rip through me, one after another. Then the girls slow their pace, bringing me down slowly.

I think I must have blacked out because the next thing I know I'm lying in bed wrapped tightly in Your arms. My eyes open to the darkness and I try to roll over and find the clock. Your arm squeezes me tighter, silently telling me to be still. I rest my head back on Your shoulder, not caring of anything else but You. In the morning I wake up alone, wondering if it was all a dream. Sitting up I catch the smell of coffee and begin to climb out of bed when I hear the door open.

"Who said you could get out of bed? Get back in there and get comfortable." You tell me as You walk in with a tray in Your hands.

"Good morning Master. It's good to see You again." I crawl back in the bed, leaning against the headboard.

"It's good to see you too my dear. I trust you slept well?" You ask as You sit down next to me.

"Like a dream Sir, thank You."

"That's good to hear. Are you hungry my dear?"

"Starving, watcha got there?" I ask, peering over at the tray You brought in. Seeing the single red rose in the small vase of water, I smile up at You.

"I've brought you breakfast in bed, my sweet. Happy Valentine's Day" You say with a whisper. Taking the rose from the water You place it under my nose running it softly along my lips. My eyes close inhaling the sent of it. I lower my head, emotions flooding to the surface. I whisper, "Why do You treat me so wonderfully Master? I'm nothing special" My voice is full of emotion and can hardly be heard. Placing Your hand under my chin, You lift my face, forcing me to look up at You. Wiping the single fallen tear from my cheek, You tell me "Because you are special and you deserve only the best. Which is what I plan on giving you." You lean in and press Your lips to mine taking control of my mouth. Then I'm lost in You, Your taste, Your smell, the way Your lips posses mine. My hands roam over Your body wanting to feel every inch of You. Your weight forces me to lay down on the bed as You deepen the kiss. My mind feels like it's going to explode as our tongues dance together. Your hands make their way down to my bare breasts, squeezing them lightly. You pull Your lips from mine whispering in my ear, "Right here, right now, we are no longer Master and sub, just man and women." Your voice is thick with desire as You make Your way down my body. Your lips find my nipple suckling it softly, Your tongue flicks the tip of it making me jump. Your hands glide down to my legs, spreading them wide. I moan loudly as Your fingers enter me feeling my desire for You.

"Hmmm, so wet already." You mumble against my breast. Your fingers push deep inside me, my hips are squirming wanting more. You remove Your fingers bringing them to my mouth, You run them along my lips. My tongue darts out tasting myself. Our eyes meet as You watch me lick and suck on Your finger. I soon feel Your cock pressed against me, I thrust my hips up taking You inside me. You groan as You inter me fully. Your strokes are slow and deliberate as You drive me to the peak of my desire. My legs are wrapped around Your waist, feet locked together, pulling You closer. Your mouth comes down on mine kissing me softly, slowly. It's all to sweet, I can hardly stand it. Moaning into Your mouth I kiss You back with all the passion that's boiling inside me. Your arms lock around me tightly as You roll us over, never breaking our connection. I'm now sitting on top of You, my hands resting on Your chest. Your hands grip my hips forcing me up then back down. I lean back a bit running my hands over my body, caressing my nipples then running them through my hair as I toss my head back. I hear You groan as You watch me ride You ever so slowly. I lean forward, feeling You even deeper inside me. My clit is rubbing against You as I rock my hips back and forth. Your hands are now on my breasts, pinching, pulling at my nipples. I begin to move my hips faster, squeezing Your cock with my pussy. I feel my orgasm coming on quickly as I sit atop You enjoying my brief roll of power. Your hips are thrusting up forcing Yourself into me deeper. I can't take it any longer and I explode in wave after wave of ecstasy. I'm squeezing You so tightly You begin to erupt within me, losing all control. It feels like eternity before I collapse on Your chest. Our breathing is deep and ragged as we lay there wrapped up in each other.

Later that night we enter the restaurant where Gabrielle works, to meet her for dinner. She's already at the table, waiting for us. She looks breathtaking sitting there sipping her Champaign, long blonde curls flowing over her shoulders almost touching the tops of her breasts. With Your hand on the small of my back, You guide me in the booth next to her.

The three of us spend a great evening together. You keep the Champaign flowing and my head spinning. While sitting in the middle of you two, my body is in a constant state of arousal. Gabrielle's hand seductively stroking my thigh, Your fingers tracing over the back of my neck sending little lightning bolts of pleasure down my spine. I feel Gabrielle's hand slide between my thighs, parting my legs. Her soft hand glides over my smooth lips, making me practically jump out of my skin.

"Control yourself, my dear." Your hot breath so close to me, creates clouds of desire in my head. The exquisite fingers under my skirt have finally found their target, which is throbbing like crazy.

"She is so wet." Gabrielle announces with a sinful grin.

"Is that so?" You ask. "Well, I guess it's time to go home then."

You proceed to climb out of the booth gently pulling me along with You. Once in the parking lot You instruct the two of us to sit in the back seat.

The lights go by outside the window like fireflies on a warm summer night, while the butterflies flutter in my stomach. Gabrielle, obviously not content with sitting next to me, climbs in my lap. In a matter of seconds I seek her mouth as the passion explodes within me. Her hands seem to be everywhere at once, roaming over my entire body.

I feel the car sway slightly and I try to keep the giggle from escaping my lips. Knowing You are watching and enjoying the show in Your back seat gives me such great pleasure. But it's cut short as we pull up in front of Your house. Breathless, I climb out of the car behind Gabrielle. As the three of us enter Your home, I suddenly feel incredibly nervous. Without having to voice my feelings, You pull me into Your arms, soothing all my worries.

Pulling from me You ask, "Would you like a sundae, my sweet?"

Before I can stumble out an answer, You pull me into the kitchen. I notice, for the first time, the ropes wrapped around the legs of the table and my mind begins to search for the reason they are there. I look at You with question in my eyes but Your only answer is that evil grin. Gabrielle stands in front of me and places her hands on my hips. She pulls me close and kisses me softly on the mouth. Her lips are like smooth satin as they press into mine. Her tongue glides in as she samples my mouth. I moan deeply, losing myself in the kiss. I feel Your hands on me as they make their way down my back and under my short skirt. Strong, firm hands press into my thighs as Your mouth begins to nibble on my earlobe, biting it lightly.

"It's time for this dress to come off, my dear." You say as You unzip the back, gliding the dress down my quivering body. Completely naked now, I'm guided to the table and with Your hands under my arms, lifted onto it and told to lie down. With curious eyes I watch You and Gabrielle move around the table swiftly and in mere moments I am bound. Gabrielle places the blindfold over my eyes and gives me a quick kiss before she disappears. I jump a little when I feel the cold on my skin. It flows over my left breast then makes it way to my right. Then the heat, "Ohhh." I moan, it's so hot it stings my skin as it trickles over my stomach and down my sides. For the next few minutes the sensations alter from cold to hot leaving my mind and body in a constant state of the unknown.

"Now that's my favorite kind of ice cream sundae." You say with laughter.

Finally, I realize what is covering almost my entire body and I begin to giggle.

"So, you like the idea of being our subbie sundae, do you?" You ask just before You mouth clamps down on my breast, sucking what is I assume whipped cream from my nipple. I shudder as Your warm mouth devours the chilled cream. Before long Gabrielle joins You at licking my nipples clean. You leave my breast and place Your lips to mine. Seductively, You massage Your lips over mine. My tongue darts out sampling the sweet cream from our lips. I moan softly as the two mouths begin to lick and suck all over my body, I lay there, for what seems like an eternity, as my desire is steadily built up. You allow me a quick and extremely intense orgasm brought on by Gabrielle's lovely tongue. After more teasing, I'm permitted to return the favor to both of you and savor every moment of it.

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