tagBDSMA Submissive Librarian Is Spanked

A Submissive Librarian Is Spanked


Mrs. Jackson continued stamping the dates on the charts and returning the bar code scan to the proper place. These types of things were very very important to the stable order of her world. It was a clean well-lighted place that she craved where she could lose her (just married at 26 years old) head in a good read.

Today she had desk duty and when the handsome older man (he looked ancient-almost 38 years old, she thought) asked for some help, she was only to happy to oblige.

Johnson followed the pert pretty hair in a bun up the stairs to the fourth floor alcove where the precious historical documents and blueprints were kept behind lock and key. As Mrs. Jackson removed the docs from the glass case, she noticed Johnson was closing the door and locking it. He turned to her smiling, and said "I just want to make sure I understand how to retrieve the documents I'm interested in" he said, re-assuringly.

Mts. Jackson felt her quim shiver, as she felt the power of this handsome bearded stranger radiating off of him and onto her.

"It's a little warm in here" she murmured as she took of the tight band holding her hair up in a tight bun. Her armpits were damp and she unbuttoned just the collar button of her librarian's blouse, letting in some sorely needed air. She was getting aroused yet she did not know why. "We have sex every night" she thought to herself about her husband and her's sex life. Yet she knew she needed more. She needed someone to take control of her spirit and guide it, channel it, use it, as she had so much to give, she thought to herself (unconsciously, no doubt).

Johnson calmly said to 'take off your clothes" and she grew flustered, reddening in her face as she almost buckled over the chair with the power of his words. She was dizzy and almost fainted as the blood raced to her head and her body throbbed with excitement, though she didn't yet understand why she was having this strong reaction to the bearded stranger.

His beard was quite short and his eyes reflected an old soul and she did as she was told unbuttoning her blouse, and stepping out of her pert skirt, just standing before his majesty in bra and panties (she muttered to herself "Please take me, I'm yours") she grew damp between her legs. His masculine firm hands held her tightly against his body as he lightly pulled down her panties and unclasped her bra, freeing her bountiful beautiful tits. He kissed her on her mouth, biting her upper lip in such a way as to invite her molten juices to hurry in their free flow moistening her slick pussy.

He kissed her throat and neck lightly and then licked and sucked her nipples till they stood straight out and erect speaking to him (saying bite me, suck me, pinch me).

She reached for his trousers and tentatively unbuckled his belt letting the trousers fall to the floor and he stepped out of them.

His manhood was quite visible, large and hard; it spoke to her saying 'I'm going to please you, young lady" and she dropped to her knees in silent worship fellating his cock and almost gagging on it several times, as she bobbed her head up and down like she had seen the women do that time they watched that x rated movie.

His balls were taut and like leather, wrapped in silky orange colored pubic hair and she made him come on her face shooting his first load of hot white jisz on her tits and face and lips. It went off like a rocket again and again shooting its load of hot white sperm seed on her throat and tits and she continued sucking his tool till it twitched again shooting still more hot seed in her mouth and on her forehead.

Johnson smiled and purringly said "good girl" before standing behind her tight little ass and bending her over the little library desk, tits flush against the glass, face cocked to one side. He slid his massive man-sized cock (he was over ten thick long wide inches) stretching her little librarian's pussy wider and wider till he finally got a beach head and was inside her about an inch or two. He advanced slowly as she gasped in ear-splitting pain/pleasure, sweating and moaning as she enveloped his enormous cock inside of her. he held her small hips and asked "are you ready?" and she quickly answered "yes, do me, do me hard, do me fast, fuck my cunt with your horse-cock, make me your cum slut, your piss-whore, your librarian slave who you can come and fuck anytime you have the manly need to!"

He slowly started to move inside of her as she continued to moan and gasp at the awful size and width of his tool splitting her seemingly, in two. She flooded his cock with her warm salty juices and as he began touching her clit with his callous-tipped fingers, she erupted (seemed like her first time ever!) in orgasm coming all over his hard cock and bucking and shaking as her little feminine muscles contracted and convulsed bringing her off again and again in his masculine hands and on his pleasure-providing penis.

She increased her motion now shaking her hips up and down on him as he fucked her hardy and rough exploding inside of her filling her cunt with his warm salty seed while he squeezed and spanked her tight ass.

Her ass grew redder as he spanked her and she cried like a baby in grateful thanks for her bearded stranger.

"She would know what to do with him the next time he paid her a visit" she thought to herself, blushing.

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