tagBDSMA sub's Morning

A sub's Morning


I awoke on my knees with my arms painfully tied above me. I tried to move my legs and realized they were stretched between a pair of bars. I couldn't stand with my knees strapped together. I sighed trying to stretch at least parts of my body, it was unfortunately not working.

I leaned forward stretching my back, pushing my nipples out forward, that's when I heard him, his heavy footsteps on the floorboards. Dear goddess, what have I done this time? The door opened and I saw a bit of light flood the room. I looked around trying to assess where he had me in the house. The door shut behind him and once again the room was dark.

I looked up at him as he stood in front of me. "You're pouting little one."

I hadn't realized I was "Yes, Daddy." I looked at the floor.

"You know better don't you?" his voice was calm.

"Y..yes Daddy," I stammered over the words this time.

The room was too dark I wasn't prepared for it, I felt the back of his hand sharply across my cheek. Tears came to my eyes.

"I'm sorry daddy, please forgive me." I try hard not to sob. The words came out breathless.

I heard him laugh beneath his breath and say one word, "Soon."

The fear that word brought caused shivers to run up my spine. I may be here for awhile yet.

"Daddy?" I call him softly.

"Yes, little one?" I feel his hand on my face his fingers tracing my jaw he just bruised.

"Daddy what did I do? Why am I here?" the words are soft.

"Because it's where I want you," his voice sounded amused like I should have known that answer.

"Yes, Daddy." I didn't mean to sound so disappointed.

"You're questioning too much little one." His voice sounds so calm.

"I'm sorry Daddy." I sighed as I spoke and instantly regretted it.

"You will be punished now." His voice still never changed. "Please Daddy, no don't," I begged, " Please don't." Even I could hear the desperation in my voice.

"Begging doesn't always get you what you want."

Little did I know what would come next. I heard the whistle then felt the sharp sting cut across the naked flesh of my back. I yelped.

"You are mine to do with what I want." His voice was stern.

"Yes, Daddy." I cried.

"Say it." He ordered.

"I am yours to do with what you wish Daddy." I cried as I felt another lash come down.

"Again." His voice was so gruff.

"I am yours to do with what you wish Daddy." I cried again as I felt the leather cut into my skin.

"Don't stop saying it until I tell you to." I could hear him breathing faster as I tried to brace for the next lash.

The lash came down I could feel the trickle of blood it left. I screamed, "Daddy please you're hurting me, please Daddy stop." The tears flooded.

"That's not what you're suppose to say." He nearly laughed and brought the whip down again.

I screamed, then bit my lip trying to bring myself back to calm. "I am yours Daddy to do with as you wish." I cried between the words. He chuckled beneath his breath as he brought the whip down again and again. I could feel the wetness from the blood and the sweat flow down my back and over the cheeks of my ass before he ever slowed. My back was warm and burning like hellsfire. I couldn't control the sobs and the screams anymore.

"Now, little one would you like to come?" the sincerity in his question surprised me.

"I don't think I can." I was blatantly truthful. The question was at the wrong time, the pain so fresh my body wasn't at all ready for such a thing.

"Come for me little one." His voice was soft and very close to my ear.

My body responded without me even thinking about it, as the whip cut my flesh one last time. I screamed this time in pleasure more than pain. "Was it exquisite baby?" I could hear the smile behind his words.

"Yes Daddy." I panted trying to catch my breath.

"Stick out your tongue." The words came very stern. I knew better than to object or ask to be released even though my arms ached terribly.

I stuck my tongue out and felt the head of master's cock press against it. I moan softly as I lick the sweet taste of precum from the bulbous head. As I move my head closer he backs away only letting me taste just the tip.

"Daddy please let me," I begged now hungry to please him.

"You, hate it when I deny you don't you?" he laughed.

"Yes Daddy, please let me suck you." I begged for the nectar of his come in my mouth.

He grabbed my hair twisting his fingers in it tightly as he shoved his cock to the back of my throat. I gagged. He didn't stop I tried to fight against him to no avail. I gagged more and more each time he shoved his cock further down my throat.

He kept shoving deeper and deeper I had no choice but to swallow his cock down past the gag point.

"You are such a good little cock whore aren't you baby?" his voice rasped nearly breathless.

I moaned around his huge cock choking me as I tried to answer. I felt his pulse against my tongue as his cock moved against the inside of my cheeks.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth smacked my cheeks with it. He finally released my arms. I rubbed my wrists where the rope burnt into them. I felt him press against me as he released my legs. I tried to stand and I couldn't, too long in the same position. He pushed me down onto my back. I muffled a scream from the slashes still fresh from the whip.

I felt his large hands on my knees as he pushed them back towards my shoulders his large cock pressing against the entrance of my wet pussy. He shoved in, his heavy body pressed down against me.

I moaned when I felt his huge cock stretch my pussy wide. I bit my lower lip as I tried not to let my body come until he told me to. His cock felt so good, I couldn't help it my pussy started to twitch around his huge staff. I moaned loudly as the pleasure surged through my body over and over.

Each stroke got harder and deeper my master sent my mind over the brink of pleasure. My body finally relaxed. "I didn't tell you to stop." I heard him growl in my ear and felt his teeth bite down on my lobe. "Come for me little one." His voice was barely a whisper as my body reacted to his words.

I screamed as my body started to twitch again his hard staff throbbed inside my honey sweet walls.

He slid out and I whimper in protest. I felt his hand strike my pussy lips telling me he heard.

"Roll over." He commanded.

I did as I was told knowing all to well what would happen next. I felt his large hands spread the cheeks of my ass as he pressed the huge bulbous head of his cock against the tight hole.

I pressed my face against the floor to muffle the scream that was going to emit from my body when he pressed into me.

As he pushed his cock past the tight ring of my ass he entwined his fingers in my hair pulling my head back. The pain was overwhelming I tried to hold back the scream but I couldn't.

"That's it, I want to hear you scream baby." His voice was so low I hardly recognized it.

His thrusts were fast and hard and seemed to be splitting me in two. At first the screams were of pain.

"Daddy, please stop, Daddy you're hurting me." I begged trying not to sob.

"It's not an ass raping if it doesn't hurt is it?" once again I could hear the laugh behind his words.

His thrusts did slow down, and finally turned to intense pleasure. My moans turned deeper and my begs changed.

"God yes Daddy, more please, harder Daddy I want to come." I giggled as he assaulted my body.

I felt his hand slap my ass hard, and this time I didn't even yelp.

"You're not allowed to come yet so you better not." He growled.

"Daddy, please pretty please I need to." I couldn't hold back much longer.

The pleasure flowed through my body I could feel the sensation behind my clit, my body starting to throb.

I could hear Master's breathing change faster and faster near panting. I felt him push me down flat as he shoved his cock into me hard and deep.

"Now, little one." He groaned.

I screamed when I was able to finally release the pent up pleasure within me. His thrusts slow and deep driving me over the brink further than I thought possible. I lay there just trying to catch my breath even after I felt the comfort of his body move away from mine.

"Come here little one." His voice was soft nearly a purr.

I pushed up to my knees and finally looked at him. His hand once again entwined in my hair as he pulled my closer. I opened my mouth taking in his cock I licked and sucked it clean of our sexual play. To my surprise he released my hair allowing my control of my head. I pulled back to look at him as he pressed his lips against my forehead.

"I love you little one, lets get dressed there are things to do." He whispered softly. I nodded and happily followed him from the room.

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